Women Don’t Join Mary Kay to “Have Fun”

One of the common “defenses” of multi-level marketing and the fact that 99% of people lose money in it… is that people just joined to HAVE FUN! They didn’t really want to make any money. They just wanted to meet people and have fun.

In this clip from an appearance I did a few years ago on HuffPost live, I debunk the myth of joining to “have fun” with the help of Robert FitzPatrick, founder of Pyramid Scheme Alert.


  1. Peaches

    I agree. A woman can even go to Hell and take the hand-basket with her and find a few poor souls to make friends. Mary Kay is NOT for fun. Nor is it for making friends. Mary Kay is a Money LOSING proposition. Run Away, Very Fast. Hide your check-book, credit card, bank statement and loose cash. Hide the piggy bank, penny jar and hide those savings bonds and stock certificates. Cry Broke. No Money, No Credit. No Nothing.

  2. Jamming Berry

    Oh yes! It’s so “fun” planning all those skin care classes and holiday open houses where no one comes and you make no $$. It’s so “fun” placing that $250 order that no one will buy any of that inventory! Oh yeah! It’s so “fun” going to the meetings where you learn nothing except to RAH-RAH for whoever had the biggest order.

  3. PurpleH

    Even if you do sign up for fun & friendship, the full court press is soon on to order, order, order. “Be your own best customer” “Give gifts to family-friends-teachers-coaches.” “Get the seasonal product before it sells out.” They are alienating many personal-use IBCs who would be happy to order once a year and pop into a meeting to see new product on their own terms. Not everyone wants to or should go DIQ but the Directors can’t hear that.

    1. Jamming Berry

      Oohhh– The gift giving!! When I figured out I’d have to pay for the skin care class gifts/prizes I was so livid! And then once I gave my kids’ teachers my leftover open house snowman lotions as holiday gifts, and my MK recruiter asked me if I included a business card. Seriously? I told her I was giving the gift as a gift, not as a “be my customer” FAKE gift.

  4. Emma

    Any chance of getting the whole thing posted? I couldn’t find it online anywhere and would love to see the uncut discussion, especially considering Robert Fitzpatrick is also on the panel with you.

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