Debt and Deceit as a Mary Kay Director

This is the story of a Mary Kay sales director with a relatively short MK “career,” but very large debt when she quit. It’s so easy to quickly fall into the trap.

I started MK about 16 months ago and reached Director level. I was a Director for 6 months before I was terminated, after an extension for not meeting Quota.

I had been unemployed for 2 years when I started MK. I met a wife of one of my volunteer buddies that was on a board with me.

I haven’t totaled it all up yet. I know I depleted $20,000 from my no tax IRA paying off credit cards, I have about another $18,000 in credit card debt I am working on. I earned the Chevy Cruze  in April as a consultant and debuted as a Director on Seminar stage July 1st. I sold my car that was paid off and when they pick up the Cruze at the end of this month I will have no car.

I should be able to get about half back of $17k from my inventory for the credit card.

I gave my credit card to my sales director and she placed orders under inactive consultants. I don’t think I realized what we were doing. I have watched an NSD and very high level director do unethical things in regard to recruiting and inventory purchases by the recruits.

I believe the company turns a blind eye and probably knows all this goes on but I think they are so smart as to not get caught.






  1. cindylu

    This is just sad. It reminds me of those telemarketing scammers from overseas that prey on vulnerable Seniors. Hopefully 2019 for this former MK Director will be the start of a whole new episode in her life. I’ll pray that she gets a real job with real earnings to replace what this pyramid scam stole from her.

  2. Caligal

    I can totally relate! I was embarrassed when my director put enough orders on my credit card for ghost consultants to “help me” finish becoming a director. I thought I was the only one that did this shameful practice. In reality, it my dear “friend” who did this to me. I will bet her director passed on this shameful practice.

    Mary Kay for the God first, family second, work third practiced the worst kind of abuse–financial abuse. I spent years overcoming the shame of what I did. Every time, I got up at a Mary Kay meeting and talked about my “success”, I felt like a fraud.

    Eventually, I found Pink Truth and realized that I was one of thousands who had been duped into joining an MLM. I am so grateful to the eye opening posts at Pink Truth. Thank God, I left in 2012.

  3. Ihatepink

    I’m sorry you had this experience. MK is a deceitful, dishonest company, and leaving it was one of the smartest things I have ever done. My director insisted I buy an $1800 inventory package, but I insisted on buying the bare-minimum package of $200 instead. I included in the inventory products I could either personally use or give as gifts because I knew I wasn’t going to stay in MK, and I didn’t want to create further ugliness by sticking my director with a chargeback when the time came for me to leave. Leaving MK was glorious.

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