I’ll Match My Time With Your Effort

Written by SuzyQ

This is a favorite line from directors to new consultants.  I love this line.  It’s used so frequently, and it has sort of moved from myth status to urban legend. Gee, it even appears on some top director’s web sites and Facebook pages, so it must be true!.

And it only makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course the director will want to work with those who are really working. It sounds so logical, yet we know that in the Mary Kay world, nothing is quite the way it seems.

What the phrase really means is this… IF, you as a new consultant agree to:
1)    Attend all weekly meetings, with recruitable guests
2)    Attend all area events and retreats
3)    Attend all company sponsored events (unless, of course, you are dilating or dead)
4)    AND order a decent amount of initial inventory (meaning at least a STAR order, $1,800+)

THEN, as your director, I will match my time with your effort.  Sort of. 

If you order more than $1,800, I may actually attend, and perhaps, “do” your business debut for you.  At this gala event, I will attempt to recruit every guest you have invited.  Please understand that I absolutely know that I am trashing your warm market and easy sales, but this is in your best interest.

As you will learn, your sales (even to your warm market) are like an ATM in your basement.  BUT, recruits are your retirement and YOUR national area!  And recruits are so much better.  I understand about the 4% commission on recruiting ordering thing vs. the 50% profit thing, but really, trust me.  As you go up the career ladder, you will understand this concept better.

My matching time will probably consist of emails or text messages that I send out to you on a weekly basis.  It is so very wonderful, really!  Sometimes I have my assistant send them out, but they sound like I sent them myself!  Anyway, I have everything set up so they are sent out on a timely basis.  You will get special attention during your 7th week, because MKC has told us about this being kind of a rough week for you, so watch for those special messages, okay?

My matching time also includes special attention at my meetings.  Some people call this “Love Bombing,” I call it special attention.  Much hugging, clapping, winking, smiling.  Wow.  You are secretly thinking you are the next best thing, and you WILL be, until the next next best thing comes to the meeting.

My matching time also includes phone calls and messages left for you.  This is so strange, because it will seem like I never directly talk to you, but I will leave great messages on your voicemail.  It’s just that I call when I am pretty sure you are not going to answer, and I don’t really have to talk directly to you to let you know that I am matching my time with yours.

My matching time sometimes includes phone calls that you actually will be able to answer.  When you call and leave me a message that you had a class cancel, or someone ordered something you don’t have, or your new recruit won’t take your calls, this special time on the phone together will bring laughter (I have been there, too, but my disappointment was greater than yours) and some tears (You know, if MK was easy, everybody would do it, and I believe in YOU) and some concrete plans (When this happened to me, I talked to my director and she told me to get on the phone and book 3 classes and it changed my business, and by golly, it will change yours, too)  And guess what?  I will send you another email or text message!  Watch for it!

There is a limit though, after you do your initial star order, and I do your debut or not, and send that message and return one of your calls, my focus will have to be directed towards someone else.  It’s the nature of the business, it’s not personal.  We work the numbers.  You were a number, and took some of my limited time, and as you may or may not know, I have a personal business to run, in addition to being your director, and I have to attend to that, too.  And that’s the excuse I will use, you will think I am really pretty wonderful, and hopefully will have at least a little tinge of guilt for bothering me in the first place.

My matching time may, however, include a lunch with me (wow) if you decide to go into DIQ.  This is music to my ears.  I am torn though— it you actually make it, I get an offspring and a step closer to becoming a National.  On the other hand, if you don’t, I get more people in MY unit.  And am I pumped about you being on target for a car?  You betcha!  That’s $4,500 I can count on for my unit production each month.  Whoo-hoo.

But remember, I only meet my goals when I “help” a lot of other women meet their goals.  And I will match my time with yours (at least on the phone) as I explain how to be “A make a way, find a way kind of woman.”

So, I will match my time with your effort so long as it is helping my bottom line, increasing my unit production, getting more attention from our NSD and I have some time to kill.  Pink Hugs and HUGE BEElief in YOU!


  1. TRACY

    Yes, I’ll match my time with your effort, but only if you show me you are SERIOUS. And seriousness can only be shown by placing a big inventory order, of course.

    1. BestDecision

      Or the ones that come to everything, order Stars, but don’t sell anything. How is it anyone takes Directors and NSDs seriously when they’re promoting bad finances with their attention?

      1. TRACY

        Oh no no no BD…. It’s not the director’s fault that the consultant didn’t sell anything and ordered more. She TOLD the consultant to only order if she was selling. WINK WINK. She assumed the consultant was selling. How was she to know? WINK WINK.

      2. Enorth

        And how do you entice people to place Star orders? Offer incentives. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to incentivize people when you, yourself, are struggling. A certain SSD was giving prizes for Star orders, but she must have cleaned out her closet full of hand-me-down pink clutch-bags, caddie keychains, and glittery travel mugs. Her recent “Star order” prizes have been two-night sleepovers at someone’s home. And you can bet they bring their own food, beverages and bedding.

  2. Jamming Berry

    My SD has been known to text us all and ask if we can squeeze in some ordering and to text her and let her know how much. She has the car, but I often wonder about her co-pay. Hahahaha—

  3. Kiki

    I love how the incentives and gifts from the directors are almost always from the dollar store. It’s made to look like a big deal, you place a certain number of an order and this is the gift you get. Wow! A prize from the dollar store! So sad

    1. All Done

      My NSD offered people a trucker hat as a prize ( among other “fancier” prizes the higher your order was). I looked at that trucker hat and laughed. I’m supposed to work my ass off and you’re going to reward me with a trucker hat?! I found PT not long after that, since there were several red flags I was no longer willing to ignore! I felt so much relief when I quit, and did a little happy dance when I shipped all of that inventory back!

  4. Autumn

    All Done, wow! a Trucker hat? I’m still trying to figure out why that 1970’s relic got dragged out in the first place, but to offer it as an ordering incentive? Something you could probably go buy in Dollar General?

  5. Kiki

    Wow! A trucker hat is really sad. One gift I got was a little makeup bag that I could find at a dollar store. Another was a little makeup bag filled with dollar store candies. I was all, wow….

    1. All Done

      Autumn & KiKi, I know right?! All the gifts were a little insulting , but that one took the cake. I also caught the NSD in a flat out lie when she proceeded to make a statement at a skin care class that I originally found really interesting , then when I looked within the medical community for documented proof on the matter, there was nothing to support it. Shocker. All to sell some overpriced products!

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