You Get Out of Mary Kay What You Put In!

From a Pink Truth critic:

If you spent as much time and effort in your own business rather than running down Mary Kay you may find yourself as successful as the many thousands of women who do direct sell Mary Kay products. The company has changed my life and many other womens lives I know. I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.

Why have I been so successful, because I believed in myself, and the products. I find many of your comments are obviously coming from bad experiences resulting from no self discipline, effort and time that is required to successfully manage your own business. Mary Kay do not suck people in, you are all criticising something you really dont seem to know alot about. With any Independent business you get out of it what you put in. Maybe you should look at yourself rather than the company!!??


  1. Peaches

    If you get out what you put In, why is it that they only give you a 90% buy back?

    If you get out what you put in, why is it that many people end up thousands of dollars in debt, lose their professional credentials because they too “believe” in this business, and are then left out in the cold, without out a job or the wherewithal to continue this “business”?

    If you get out what you put in, why do you feel the need to try to prove it when we really don’t give a good flying damn because we really know and have experienced the truth of Mary Kay?

    Just sayin’ or askin’

  2. BestDecision

    Maybe you should take a grammar lesson. After that, you need to know who is on here.

    I drove Cadillacs, so obviously I didn’t “rest on my laurels”. I worked every single day to build my business, holding business debuts, not just my personal team, but for my entire unit. I held unit meetings every week and even when I was sick or frustrated, stayed positive around everyone, swallowed my anger over chargebacks, kept myself calm & cool when the company slighted us over car payments, new products, or more fees (Did you know Directors PAY for a Unit Support Package which launches new quarters–all for MK’s benefit?), created and produced a newsletter every month, and I sold and delivered products to my own customers.

    Bottom line..the vast majority of Directors aren’t in Cadillacs, so they’re making less than $48K/year and claiming an “executive income”. With the outrageous expenses we had as Directors (including the hideous suits we had to act excited about), even those of us in Cadillacs weren’t profiting what we should have.

    When is the last time MK increased Director commission percentages? That alone tells you the heartbeat of MK. Wake up!

  3. Lily in NYC

    Yet another Red Jacket who is lying about her success! OP, you are not as original as you think you are – there have been many other fibbers here before you who wrote pretty much the same exact thing. And somehow not one of you amazingly successful women has ever been able to prove that they are actually successful. It’s not difficult – just post your schedule C with your identifying info blacked out. Or you could just be honest and let us know how much credit card debt you are trying to pay off.

  4. Kiki

    I recently saw a video of my former director talking about her successes with Mary Kay. Mind you, she just dropped from a Cadillac unit to a Chevy suv, not sure what the car is, tbh. Her sister directors are the same way, proudly talking about how successful they are. My director was a public relations specialist for a non profit agency, a position I would love to have. She gave that up for Mary Kay. One of her sister directors was a school teacher and she gave it up for Mary Kay to be home with her kids. I never saw them or my director’s kids.
    I just wonder if they are really as successful and they say they are or completely lying? If the latter, that’s just sad…

    1. BestDecision

      Simple math: If they’re not in a Cadillac, they take home way less than $4,000/month or $48K/year. Their expenses will be downplayed, but I can tell you from experience, it’s very costly to be a Director.

  5. Lindsay Ameye

    You know what, I’m just going to address the white elephant in the room:

    Mary Kay preaches to be A Christian company.

    Yet everything they do and teach from the top of the piramid, all the methods they use, the hunger for money and power by all means available, using people then tossing them aside withouth remorse (psychopathic trait) not only scream cult, it screams SATANISM.

    Let that sink in.

      1. Juliet

        Erska, how is what Lindsay wrote NOT satanism? Greed, lust for power and control, disregard for the care and keeping of another spirit, yes – definitely sociopathic, but the origin of sociopathic traits IS satan. She may not have phrased the exact activities of a satanic cult but she nailed the satan part, she didn’t really need to be told to do more research when it was mere phrasing that led the statement a different way. You don’t fight what you don’t fear and recognizing the evil that lays beneath mary kay’s processes – that’s relevant.

    1. Shay

      Copycat from NBC “the more you know” commercials.
      Rodan & Fields is a doozy. Horrible MLM. They still sell their stuff on infomercials. The MLM stuff is the same stuff as Proactive- just more expensive.

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