Mary Kay Lies: The Golden Rule

Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded on our belief in the Golden Rule. We strive to provide opportunities for women to achieve their maximum potential. And we tell all our consultants and directors that God and their families come before our company – and that whenever they experience a conflict, the company should be put in third place. (Mary Kay: You Can Have It All 1997 Calendar)

Unfortunately, Mary Kay consultants, directors, and corporate employees do not believe in the golden rule. Rather, they believe in (and use, teach, and promote) dishonesty on a regular basis. It begins with the recruiting talk, in which you will be provided select information. You will be told lies of omission, you will hear false earnings claims, and you will be told many other lies to convince you to sign up.

The lies continue with the inventory talk. New consultants will be told they “need” inventory because you “can’t sell from an empty wagon.” They will be given false figures for the sales they can expect, and they will be given false statistics like “women purchase an average of $___ more when the consultant has inventory on hand.”

Continuous lies are the Mary Kay way, which certainly is not in line with the Golden Rule. The lies you hear are related to your upline’s desire for you to order more (even when they know you won’t be able to sell it), recruit more (even when they know you are uncomfortable with the tactics used to recruit and you feel bad for luring women into an opportunity in which you are losing money while you tell the recruits they will make money), and try to move up the career ladder (even when they know you are almost guaranteed to fail and lose more and more money as you try to move up).

This is what makes Mary Kay so insidious and makes it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The company has established itself as one that helps and empowers women. They use quotes and phrases that are uplifting and motivating. It sounds like they are doing the best for women. At the same time, they are out deceiving women about their chances of making money, lying to get them to sign up as consultants, and coercing them to buy inventory they’ll almost surely never sell. That is pure evil.


  1. BestDecision

    And don’t think you won’t have customers or recruits stolen from you. The Golden Rule then gets twisted into “Well, I was just trying to help her and filler need…”

  2. Kelly

    In response to BestDecision’s comment that customers and recruits can/will be stolen:

    I used to be a MK customer. I bought from a friend of mine who had become an IBC. I always appreciated the fact that I could buy product from her without her trying to recruit me. Then she moved several states away. I still ordered from her sporadically, but I no longer had the ability to try products first. Then another friend became an IBC. I told her that I would split ordering between her and my other friend, thus supporting both of them. However, she wasn’t content with me being just a customer and tried very hard to recruit me. I told her that I had been Friend #1’s customer for a long time and if I were to become a consultant, it would be under her unless she gave her blessing for me to join under Friend #2. Friend #2 then began pressuring me to discuss this issue with Friend #1. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, which told me all I needed to know about how much I actually wanted to be a consultant myself. I lost a lot of respect for Friend #2. Even though she is no longer an IBC and I no longer use MK, the friendship never recovered.

    1. Raye Mckinnon Fowler

      In response to Kelly. Friend #1 that moved away sounded like a grounded, not greedy person that happened to sell a product you liked. Friend #2 was greedy selling the same product and valued money more than you. MK is simply a makeup company. I don’t think they or the structure is evil. Peoples hearts and motives are evil or good. I actually sell MK and have for a few months. I am careful not to “steal” costumers. I haven’t tried to recruit a single person. I will say I think I am in a good group but the group excitement sometimes is annoying to me. I believe MK is an affordable, quality product line. I don’t want to pressure anyone but inform where I can and help. Beyond that, I pray God will provide there and my needs. Greed is a nasty thing. I hope no one sees me as a minipulative sales person.

      1. TRACY

        Well, the “structure’ is set up in a way that nearly everyone is guaranteed to lose money. People are recruited into a pyramid in which they have almost no chance of success, yet they are sold on the success of this opportunity. Sounds pretty evil to me.

      2. BestDecision

        $70 for 4 sheet masks is “affordable”? If you also don’t think the “structure is evil”, go look at the car program where MK charges up to $900/month for a car payment. If they’re so innocent, how can they justify a payment that is higher than you’d pay straight up for your own Cadillac?

        And then, we can talk about the abuse of scripture and God by VERY influential people in NSD and Director suits.

        I’ll cut you slack because you’ve not been in for more than a couple of months, but it won’t be long that you discover what I did. And what so many others did. The products are outdated and overpriced in many instances, the company leeches off its sales force (Sample bags. How much are they again?), and the sales force is full of egotistical, fake people (MAC cosmetics are in some influential NSDs’ posts). Just wait…

      3. MLM Radar

        A company is not a neutral entity. A company is run by managers and directors who make decisions every day to do things ethically or greedily.

        Turning a blind eye on internal corruption isn’t ethical. Promoting a “no negativity” blind faith in its membership isn’t ethical.

        When management and directors act in an evil way, the company acts evil too.

  3. LD

    I just got a text from my “director”, and it looked familiar-why? Because I am pretty sure it was posted on this site from someone else. It’s comical, really-if you look beyond the sad truth that it sits on. It starts with “Hey! This is Brea, I am your Director with Mary Kay” well- no sh*t. Remember 2 years ago when you would VOX me daily because I was “ALL IN”? I do. Because I thought I was really on to something. I thought I was starting something great. You would text me, call me, you were my “new best friend, my support, my cheerleader”, you knew my kids names, you knew my husbands name and what he did for a living. You had me believe HE could retire due to my new life that I just came into.
    You were there when I couldn’t even sell this overpriced crap to my own mother. You encouraged me that it was ok, I was going to make it. You would even come to my state and be there when I made Director.
    But the truth is-you just read off a script.
    You could care less about my kids (did you miss the Facebook post when my teenage son was having serious problems? Come on you FOLLOW ME) or the fact that my REAL career was taking off(well ok, you always would say its just a J-O-B so maybe you realized I wasn’t worth being the BFF too when what actually supported my family and my livelihood was doing well).
    So, my piddly orders that kept me active (as a favor to the woman who recruited me not you btw) meant nothing other than $$ for you.
    I just was another number-and when you got the message that FINALLY I am coming close to being terminated, you chime in….
    You knew this was coming-and I have been waiting for it. I wanted to kick myself nearly a year ago when the girl who recruited me NEEDED me to be active-she paid for my order. I was ready to scream-I was so close to being terminated THEN-
    I digress.
    The Golden Rule is to treat others how you want to be treated. If that is the case then the directors and everyone else only want to be treated as a number, as a reminder on a spreadsheet. Because that is how they treat others.

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