Missing Production in Mary Kay

This is the story of a new director who felt a lack of support and training, and who was topping off production to meet the $4,500 wholesale minimum.  Lest you should think that is unusual and not the “Mary Kay way” …. think again. Many, many directors buy production every other month.

I don’t even know where to start. I’m so confused! I have been reading everything on your site for about a week or so. I know it’s ALL true! I was asked to “step down” as a director after less than a year as a director. My unit couldn’t seem to make production every month. We would fall short and I would take care of it. I charged up all my credit cards and not because I have a “flawed personality”.

I did it because I Believed in the dream. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Right? I thought my “love checks” would get bigger and it would all work out. The only thing I achieved is about to file bankruptcy. I have an appointment with a lawyer today.

I am so sad for many reasons. Not just because I had perfect credit not so long ago. there’s many other things that hurt me. During DIQ, I was working full time as a nurse and I always showed up to go up. I believed in my senior director too. She pushed and I was her first offspring. Debuted at my first seminar. During DIQ she told me I was on target for my car. They announced to everyone I was a free car driver.

I planned to take the cash compensation and work for the next car. My senior director and her senior direction put it on Facebook.  Then when I went to DIT, I asked questions because I still hadn’t received any money for the car. I was informed that I had fallen off target and there was no car. I cried and cried and was upset with my senior. I didn’t get mine but me being in DIQ put her into her first pink Cadillac.

Here I am a brand new director not feeling like I know how to run a unit and my senior says its time for me to fly on my own. My unit that really consisted of myself and 4 or 5 consultants had to leave her unit and go find our way. I stopped “feeling the love.” Resentment started creeping in. I felt very used. I didn’t care for a lot of things she did.

Several times when my unit met with hers, it was like I didn’t exist. My anger and hurt kept growing. Then we had a party at my Senior’s new DIQ’s house. Her senior and unit was there also. They did their little talk about how they both are “the movers and the shakers” blah, blah and didn’t acknowledge me at all. I was embarrassed. I was a director too! Right? I had consultants there.

I just couldn’t bring myself to speak to her. She would call and I wouldn’t answer. I know that’s immature. So the next time I answered when she called. We talked for a few then she asked was I mad or upset with her. I took a deep breath and started to tell her how I felt at our party and she cussed me out and hung up on me. I started crying! I thought I don’t ever want to talk to her again. Yes, she emailed me with her apology. Things were never the same!

I have been struggling since day one being a director.  I feel there wasn’t the support I desperately needed. I had great sales and wanting to be successful, I would reinvest 100% back into my business. I started out with an emerald star order because my director said I needed it. I have tons of product on my shelves and several maxed out credit cards resulting in a lot of debt today and now not sure what to do. Past due on my other bills like car and house. I’m a single mom!

Oh yeah! About eight months ago, I lost my J O B as a nurse guess why! I talked too much Mary Kkay. I was so excited and I lived & breathed Mary Kay. I would invite to our weekly meetings, talk about that free car I was getting etc. With no job, I was encouraged to work Mary Kay full time. I gave it a try! Figured I could move on up that ladder a little faster. What a joke!

I couldn’t get my unit to recruit. I was the only one working and I know my senior and her senior will say that I didn’t work hard enough. because “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. Gosh, I heard that so many times! Plus, I heard them talk about other directors not making it and it was because they didn’t do what it takes.

I received one commission check for $1,500. I was so excited & I knew that was just the beginning.
That’s the highest I got. Sad huh?

Stepping down has forced me to think about a lot of things and really take a good look at what’s going on here. That’s when I decided to come on this site. I was told to NEVER read this stuff because it was a lot of negative women that weren’t successful with their business. Yet, here I am! Wow!

Good news is, I’m working at my new job as a charge nurse for about two weeks now an I love it. I thought I might want to continue to sell because I have at least $10,000 in product. I just don’t know! I’m confused of where to go from this point. Not sure if I believe in it at all anymore. I do know that I have tons of debt, more than likely bankrupt, close to losing my house and car. I was close to losing my sanity. I can’t put into words how stressful making production was and the fear of failure.

I stayed depressed. I feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted and thank you to all the awesome women on this site!


  1. Lazy Gardens

    me being in DIQ put her into her first pink Cadillac.

    Yup … encouraging people who don’t have a strong enough unit to go into DIQ is a sure-fire production boost. And when she fails, you get back all the recruits she made.

  2. BestDecision

    I sent my product back because I realized I couldn’t stand behind a brand that treated their sales force like they do or be a part of people that are outrageously egotistical, unethical, and mean. To me, selling the product would be hypocritical. So, I sent it all back.

    I enjoyed getting back to my career, having benefits, not having to worry or strategize about things on my vacations (which were always planned to avoid Seminar, month-end, etc.), and being able to wear other brands of my choice. I love not having to make deliveries anymore, exchange lipstick shades for a customer over and over again, and being “on” when I’m out and about. I’m using my degree again, which I never used in MK. I’m not embarrassed to be around my colleagues because they’re not wearing house slippers to work, gaudy pins and enormous fake rings, or act like something they’re not.

    You know in your heart what to do. Repurchase Department.

    1. Lindsay Ameye

      That’s just it, you are NOT their sales force, you are their customer. They want all their customers to become distributors, so logically there is no sale force whatsoever, only customers who are pushed into buying, buying, buying (wholesale)

  3. morningstar

    The reason the directors above her seemed mean is because they lack compassion. They noted the nurse’s professional/personal compassion for others and really did not know how to handle it. The women who go up in MK and chastise others are cut of the same cloth. In other words, they do not care at all for the person behind the wallet they are vying to pick. And the goal is to pull in orders via meeting a ton of people, emotions just get in the way and are messy. They are looking for people exactly “like” them to play along with the con game. I saw much of this as a consultant, which deviated from my corporate setting. The clawing at each other all to support and compete for that commission, whether it was money and/or the car. I was looking to get out of a male dominated culture and couldn’t wait to get back and focus on an actual career. My director quit and was in a depression for a year prior, her husband paying for he inventory to make the production. She felt guilty and sad. So glad she quit and this signaled the rest of the group. We all hung it up, and those who stayed are at the same echelon they were 15 years ago. The rumor is that the NSD above the director has stated she retiring this seminar and she is “going for it” with the inventory pulling, her retirement package depends on it.

  4. ran4fun

    ^^^^^^^what she said^^^^^^^^

    You’ll get 90% of the whole sale plus 100% of the tax on retail for anything you purchased within the most recent 12 months! So get on that right away! Think how much debt you can pay off with that refund check!

  5. Char

    Most importantly, YOU DID NOT FAIL. You were duped into an MLM scheme that in and of itself is inherently flawed. The only people who succeed in MLM are liars and cheats. I can tell you don’t want to be one of them.

    The only mistake you can continue to make is to believe the brainwashing and keep or continue to sell the product. That would be on you – now that you know.

    We all make mistakes and learn. This is not a reflection on you “failing” in MK. I’d take pride in the fact that you figured it out so quickly. Good for you. Now spread the word and save the next woman from making the same mistake if you can.

    1. BestDecision

      See? MK is COMPLETELY at fault again. Saying 55% “earnings” is a lie because you don’t keep all of that. Expenses!! My earnings in my career are MINE and don’t have ANY expenses taken out of them. Just awful!

      Thank you for sharing this.

    2. MLM Radar

      Yes, ma’am, that’s a bundle that has everything you need…. if you’re the seller. When you’re the buyer, not so much.

      Eight eye makeup removers.
      Zero eye makeups (must make additional purchase).

      Eleven (count ‘em!) mascaras. ‘Cuz everyone knows you can’t get enough mascara. That will last you… 2 years? If they don’t dry out first? Or maybe that’s what goes with the eight eye makeup removers.

      But only three itty bitty overpriced Vitamin C squares. That’s, like, enough to be a sample. ‘Cuz doncha know they’re so popular that anyone who just samples a few is gonna order a case, right?

      The rest of the stuff…. at that price? Well, that’s the best reason to sign up as a Personal Use Consultant, meaning that the now- frustrated consultant who bought that bundle to sell now gets 0% profit instead of 55%.

      Can you get excited about that? Can you????

  6. BestDecision

    Cindy Machado Flippen, a Million $ Director, added only 7 new Consultants to her unit last month. Only 4 were qualified, according to NSD Pam Shaw’s social media posts. If a unit that big only added 7, imagine how bad things are for smaller units. Production is down, as seen in EVERY issue of Applause, and so are commissions.

    Glad I jumped off that sinking ship!

    1. enorth

      So many women with the “this is our year to be a national area” mantra. Year after year. Even NSDs’ daughters seem stuck.

      MK’s ship may not be sinking, but a lot of personal ships are sinking. At this point, some of the “higher-ups” seem be using MK as a spring-board to something else.

      Will women finally wake up and leave MK for a more stable, lucrative career?

      Stay tuned.

      1. BestDecision

        A key argument for “anyone can do this”. When an NSD’s daughter has watched her build to NSD and still can’t make it there herself, it’s not repeatable or duplicatable. A better chance at winning the lotto.

  7. jeannette chirinos

    Wow, your story is so sad. I am so sorry, I can feel your pain thru your words.
    I returned my inventory a few years back, my “best friend” and director never spoke to me again, go figure we were sooo “Closed” apparently.
    I was never as high as DIQ, I made it to red Jacket but that is it. When I left, none of my consultants stay active.
    I remember exactly the moment the whole thing fall off the wagon for me, when my Director told me I needed to be obedient and order more inventory! Obedient??? I am a christian woman, i know who I am obedient to and it was my director or Mary Kay. Sweety, I am happy to hear that you are working again, and if you are really done with it, return your $10k in inventory and get at least $9k back, don’t get stuck with all that. I really hope the best for you.

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