Mary Kay Directorship Production = No Problem

A critic of Pink Truth thinks that we don’t take responsibility for our own actions. She’s upset because we call out women who finish directorship with fake consultants and products purchased in their names. The sad truth is that everyone in Mary Kay finishes directorship this way, and they’re taught to do this by their upline.

It is important to note that this consultant believes that doing “30 faces per month” for half a year will sustain director production for the year. It won’t. And you should also know that she says “because I do it”…. yet she is NOT even a director.

This is a great look into how someone can create a mess in Mary Kay if they try to buy their way into leadership? How about doing the faces and having fun!! If you did not make a goal oh well? Mary Kay is first about the product and the customers. If you loved that part so much you should have not had this much trouble.

You forced yourself and your will into directorship by “buying” in 7 consultants to finish? That is crazy? how about continuing to grow your unit until you can meet the qualifications on your own. Sounds like you made very stupid financial decisions to buy yourself into leadership! That was you fault not Mary Kay’s fault!

Funny how all of you ladies conduct yourself in non business like ways and then blame it on the company! Really where is your honesty, integrity, and work ethic? If you work your business 1/2 of the year 6 months at 30 faces per month that is enough to sustain directorship production no problem! I know because I do it!! Your fault! Don’t buy it if you did not sell it period!! My director and I do not have a bunch of inventory laying around because we work our businesses the RIGHT way!!


  1. BestDecision

    30 faces x $100 each = $1500 wholesale and not meeting unit production requirement. I’m betting you aren’t in a Director car, either. Nor do you have offspring.

    If MK’s focus was on the product as you believe, they wouldn’t have $70 sheet masks that no one can sell. They’d reward Directors for Court of Sales achievers from within our units, and they’d link cars to actual retail sales instead of recruitment to a certain size and wholesale ordering. If the business model was solid with sales alone, you could earn a car based on your sales.

    While I’ll acknowledge not every soul in Mk is cheating or doing shady things, they’re the minority. Most you see in line at Career Conference are buying, lying, and trying too hard with no promotion in sight.

  2. raisinberry

    Women still are not thinking clearly about how and why the “qualification period” is set up the way it is. If all you had to do to win a car was sell 18,000 retail, you could do it over a year’s time, couldn’t you? If all you needed was 22 recruits to run your own unit, the day you got to 22 active would be the day you were a Director.
    Why the tight time frames? In that vein, you get over 700.00 retail in freebies when you come with a Emerald/Pearl/Platinum whatever “star” on your first order. Why not earn the freebies within the quarter for accrued SELLING in the quarter?

    Ya see they have a very good reason for attaching the 3-4 month window on earning a Unit or car. They get you to S-t-r-e-t-c-h by making up the production shortfall, because IF YOU DO NOT, you lose ALL OF IT!

    These are THEIR rules. The system is SET UP to get you to make up production if you have to, in order to not lose what you have gained so far. The writer of this criticism piece is just not thinking it through.

    SO let’s say she’s “on target” for her car, and 3 months are done. It’s the last day of the 4th month and she needs 3 active and 1400.00 to finish. IS this young lady going to say, “Oh well”? Is her Director? Fat chance. She’ll lose 16,600 in accrued production and have to start all over for the sake of 3 people, that she could easily find in her customer base to get their own product at a discount. ..but who do not want to be consultants in reality. That’s also another 600.00 added to her production, leaving her just 800 of her own order to “win” (Joke) her car.
    And all her Director has to do is point that out…

    “Are you really going to let it all go for just 800 bucks??” says Miss SD.
    “You’ll sell it!”

    SO Miss IBC will call through again, using the pressure hype of “I only need one more!” and some customer will fall for it, maybe buy her kit, but not the activation order…only now Our IBC is CLOSER to accomplishing it all. Is she going to quit now?!? Hell no, she’ll make up the $200 activation, and try and get those last 2.

    Getting ever closer to both production and recruits required, NO WOMAN IN ANY ARENA OF LIFE, faced with the same construct will “let it go” with “oh well.” And neither would this 30 faces a month wonder.

    Mary Kay’s qualifications with time limits are set up to create “stretching” women for the duration of their IBC/SD/NSD lives, when “letting it all go” would be increasingly more painful. Figure it out.

  3. MLM Radar

    I want to know where she’s finding enough women to call so that she gets 30 facials per month for 6 months.

    Personally I’m thinking she’s done 30 faces in 30 days for about one month, and is imagining the rest.

    Of course, she’s getting LOTS of attention from her Director. Starry eyed cash cows gets lots of nurturing. Until the milk dries up.

    1. Bethany

      My question is how many people do you have to talk to for a booking that holds for one face? 5? You ask 5 people, two book, one holds?

      I wonder what the average is.
      How many people do you have to talk to in order to see 30 faces a month for 6 months?

          1. MLM Radar

            Book 3 to hold 1, ok. But how many did you have to call to book those 3? Particularly when those you were calling weren’t in your warm market?

            My experience in legitimate sales (not MLM) was that, unless the potential customer approached the company first, the chance of setting an appointment was almost nil.

            Of course, when you’re in MLM you’re not allowed to use any of the normal methods to attract potential customers. No advertising, no storefront, word of mouth only. You’re set up for failure from the start.

    1. MLM Radar

      Once she’s called everyone in her warm market and starts reaching out to strangers, that 3:1 ratio of calls to appointments will quickly go to 10:1 or 20:1. If she’s lucky.

      Bye-bye 30 faces in 30 days when you hit that cold market. We all thought that was reasonable, once, but now it’s just a distant fantasy.

  4. morningstar

    Some quick statistics for the consultant to sustain her 30 faces per month for 1 year at a ratio of 3:1 or 90 people to get 30 faces for facials.
    A scenario for you to consider in one year assuming 50% profit:
    90 x12 = 1080 new people you must find to have a ‘yes’ facial for 360 people. Let’s be generous and claim that 10% become a customer, means 36 new customers. And they purchase 200 per year = 7200.00 (3600.00 wholesale). Let us now double the new customers to 72 = 20% per year = 14,400 (7200.00 wholesale).
    Then lets’ step over to the inventory side where the star consultant must have the exact product for the customer. No way, so the consultant must purchase enough to have “overhead”.
    Easily to get excited along the way and purchase 10,000 wholesale product (over the year in needed product types) to cover the 3,600 wholesale (or 36% more product, samples etc.) and 20,000 wholesale (36% above the 7200.00, samples etc.) for a year.
    She gets the company recognition, that keeps up the ordering momentum. Then on year 2 she must deal with customer drop out (attrition) and continue to get the new faces and manage the inventory glut.
    It is easy to see that this is not sustainable in small towns and over time unless you are a machine. It also becomes obvious that the inventory glut is to the MK corporate advantage. And recruiting is the cash cow; well aren’t you doing that in your spare time, while you are doing 30 faces?
    Now compare to Ulta and Sephora, Walgreens etc. and how they do business. 1080 women walk in the store in 6 weeks (45 days) which is about 24 per day. They each purchase 15 bucks of cosmetics. 24X15 =360 per day. 360 x 45 (days) = 16,200 retail.
    In 45 days at a store, they can easily pull in (16,200 retail) and it takes a consultant 1 year to pull in 14,400 retail using MK 30 faces technique.
    There just are not that many women privately purchasing cosmetics via MLM to sustain each consultant in a town and/or city. And you must recruit among the 30 faces per month. What a joy to shop and test products at a store. Lurkers’ send that product back now for 90% refund, that is the best deal you will ever make. Your MK friends’ are your friends because you are all rowing the same boat – titanic.

    1. MLM Radar

      Let’s not forget that while she’s trying to set 1,080 appointments to hold 360, and having to reach out to 10x that number to set those appointments…

      Each and every OTHER woman in that weekly Suck-cess Meeting is doing the same thing, in the same market. Plus every customer she recruits will ALSO be doing the same thing, calling the same people she knows, prowling in the same places, trolling the same church and school directories.

      And Mary Kay NSDs still tell you, with a straight face, that there is no market saturation. They’re lying. They know they’re lying.

      1. enorth

        “she’s trying to set 1,080 appointments to hold 360, and having to reach out to 10x that number to set those appointments”

        That’s an astronomical amount of UNPAID time.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        “1080 new people you must find to have a ‘yes’ facial for 360 people”

        With 8 consultants in this town, that has exhausted the market in the first year, but they’ve been here for more than a year so … who knows where they are selling.

        the only reliable seller is the lady at the flea market, who is selling MK, LLR, Arbonne and other stuff. I haven’t approached her, but I bet she buys from consultants going out of business.

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