Why Are You Blaming Mary Kay?

Another uplifting email from someone who is desperately in love with Mary Kay…

It breaks my heart to see this many angry women who could not make it in the Mary Kay world.

Why are you blaming someone else???  It sounds like you are the ones to blame for your failure!!!  All you had to do is work your business smart!!!

I have been with the company for 2 years and I have no debt!!!  And I carry a $4000 inventory!!!  If something is going to hurt me or my family financially and emotionally, you know what… don’t do it!!!  (interesting concept!!!)  (are you ladies that gullible???)

There have been some very successful women in the Mary Kay world!!!  Women retire with $60,000+ a month!!! Will you make that at retirement???

No, it is not easy, but you know what???  It is probably worth every sweat and tear!!!  The amount of women that you have touched by that point!!!  Yes, there are women who don’t have what it takes.  But do you think that anyone holds a gun to their heads and said that ‘you have to purchase $3000′???  NO!!!

Every single women here posting their displease for the company, had every right to say…’you know what???  I’m not comfortable in investing that much into my business right now, this is what I can do’.  I think you have forgotten that this was the opportunity for you!!!  Did you forget that you were starting a business for yourself????  Not Ann….  Not Dacia…. Not Auri….. but for yourself!!!  NO ONE MADE YOU PURCHASE ALL THAT INVENTORY EXCEPT FOR YOU!!!  Dacia and Auri and every other Director and NSD are selling you an opportunity!!!  What you do with that opportunity is or was up to you!!!

Yes, I have seen some bad apples in the bunch that have made it very hard on the rest of us to run a strong business…..  but I have seen more successful women that just want to do it the right way!!!  The way Mary Kay taught us to!!!  With integrity and truthfulness!!!

So to all you women that have bashed Mary Kay because you have had a bad opportunity that couldn’t find a way to turn it into a wonderful opportunity…..  look into the mirror and decide if that gun was pointed at your head!!!  If I were a betting woman…..  I’d bet that it wasn’t!!!  So start blaming yourself for your failure!!!  Not a business that has been extremely successful for 50 years!!!

This site makes me sick!!!  You aren’t giving women a chance to see what it could be like.  Are you scaring everyone off that sells AVON????   Or any other Direct Selling Company???  I’m sure that those companys have had their ups and downs!!!

So to close I just want to say that I feel that everyone of you women that are sitting there waisting time keeping this site running….  are you making the $40,000 a month???  Probably not……  because you are waisting your time bashing a company that could have made you a millionaire by now…..  I am proud to be a Mary Kay Consultant!!!  Thanks to you……  I have a better chance of touching those lives that need to be touched the right way!!!  And I am so excited to have that chance!!!  It’s better than what your doing!!!

Feeling sorry for you…..


  1. raisinberry

    “The way Mary Kay taught us to!!! With integrity and truthfulness!!!”

    Ok then. So you and your Director tell new guests to meeting that after she signs up and goes through her friends and family, she will struggle talking to strangers using a script and various contest strategies to get new appointments.

    You share that most of the Unit are personal use consultants.

    You tell the new target that while start up inventory is not required, she will be baited with freebies on large packages that are only good on the first order, thereby pushing her to “invest” in a star order.

    Your Director and yourself routinely show your Schedule C so the Unit understands real profitability, instead of “Doubled Wholesale”, 60/40 nonsense, and actual earnings over costs.

    Cause see, that would be “with integrity”.

  2. coralrose

    Are YOU, Mary Kay consultant, making $40,000 per month?
    How many of your unit members are making that? Or close to that?
    You mention that there are some very successful women in Mary Kay, and that’s the problem *some*. There are very, very few making a lot of money. Most make below minimum wage. That is a problem.
    “Acting with integrity and truthfulness”, so you mean when you share your hourly wage in MK with a prospect or fellow consultants at a meeting, you include ALL the time spent pre-profiling, time on the phone, time ordering products, not just the time you spent in class and you subtract ALL of your expenses? That would be acting with truthfulness and integrity.

    1. enorth

      “every other Director and NSD are selling you”

      NSD Lara McKeever is at Career Conference and posted, “I will stand on stage as the #3 National Sales Director.” #3 in all of Mary Kay? #3 in her division? #3 in the Mid-Atlantic states? What exactly does that mean? Are her commissions high?

        1. Enorth

          That’s what I thought. But the way it’s phrased, outsiders think she’s much more successful and important.

          So, dear readers, don’t be fooled by the clever use of words. Keep your credit cards in your wallet, because it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    But do you think that anyone holds a gun to their heads and said that ‘you have to purchase $3000′??? NO!!!

    Did Bernie Madoff hold a gun to anyone’s head? Did Martin Shrkeli? No, but they went to jail anyway.

    Because lying to get money from others is fraud.

    1. PurpleH

      I hate that they keep using that excuse. No, nobody held a gun to a recruit’s head; they just threatened to withhold training and time and attention and friendship. They just insinuated that there is only one way to make a profit, which is by having a full store. They just omitted information about products that would soon be discontinued. They just lied about the average class sales to make her think it would sell. They just forgot to mention that you can’t advertise anywhere or sell right from the table at a trade show or ever accurately know how many competitors are in your city. That’s all, though, no guns were involved.

  4. PrettyInPunk

    Ahh Mary Kay Troll. You have 4k of inventory, but you are bringing in 40k per month? You surely don’t have enough inventory! You can’t sell from an empty wagon!
    My guess is you don’t have debt because you have another source of income. If you want to sit at the big kids table and talk business, show your P&L sheet.
    Also, don’t sully my screen name.

  5. BestDecision

    I feel more sorry for you, dear. Do you realize how FEW people make $40K/month in MK? And can you not have a conversation without using 3 exclamation points on everything?

    I really can’t take you seriously with all that. Nor do you look credible without acknowledging how FEW make it to NSD or even Trip. I was a Director, with offspring, in a Cadillac, and I was VERY happy to step out of all that hype and into an authentic life.

    1. BestDecision

      To elaborate on this, there were only 19 people nationwide finishing Cadillac in Dec. If that were multiplied x 4 quarters, that means there’s about 80/year. Less than 100 Cadillacs on the road? Could it be??

      1. TRACY

        No, it’s a 2 year qualification, so you’d have to multiply that by 2 years. You’d also want to see how representative 19 is, or whether that’s an unusually low month.

        1. BestDecision

          It’s a 6 month qualification for Cadillacs. So, saying 19 in December, which I’ll admit is always a tough quarter to finish anything in, could point to a generous total of 100 finishing for the calendar year. 200 grand total on road, maybe??

  6. MLM Radar

    So she’s been “IN” for two years and carries a $4,000 inventory. Her Director is so proud of her.

    I noticed a few things:
    1. She makes wild comments about OTHER people making BIG BUCKS. That’s a diversionary tactic. She’s counting on you not noticing that she never says SHE makes big bucks. Or any bucks.

    2. The best things she can say about her own success is that she has no debt. That means one of two things: (A) Whatever she’s selling (if she’s selling, she doesn’t say) gets her enough profit to cover her expenses for Leadership, JumpStart, Seminar, Advance, Success Meetings, and whatever else. Or (B) she’s not tracking her expenses.

    3. If she’s not making a profit, or she’s still generating “tax losses” that means she’s working for free. And in Mary Kay, she’s working pretty hard for free. But her Director loves her.

    4. The easiest way to be in Mary Kay and have no debt is to start with a big savings account. Two years later you have no debt, but you also have no savings. There is that little detail about needing to replenish your savings account… and she thinks she will… just as soon as Mary Kay really starts to pay… which is won’t.

    5. After two years she’s still just a consultant. That means she’s not very good about “sharing” the “opportunity” she’s so proud of having.

    6. She’s steaming mad about Pink Truth. I wonder why. It probably has to do with a hot recruit she persuaded to purchase a big Star Inventory, and the chargeback she just ate when her Star Recruit read Pink Truth and returned that whole inventory purchase for the 90% buy-back. Bye-bye.

  7. onelessSD

    Cough up the proof…. it’s called a Schedule C. Show us how profitable you actually are… because that would be having integrity. If you aren’t willing to show us actual proof- you are nothing but smoke and mirrors, trying to be something you are not. I worked MK hard for many years- especially as a SD. To stay a director – you have to maintain a certain level of wholesale production- each month. AND, if your unit isn’t producing… the balance falls to you… if you want to keep your status. The pressure to keep it is big and it’s real. I worked hard to get to that level- and by golly, I wasn’t going to give it up easily. So I made up the difference. I can’t even tell you how many months I did that- but I did… because I didn’t want to go through DIQ again..(and lose face that I failed). I worked my tail off to sell the products to make up that difference.. so you see- I was working harder as a director just to keep my level.

    So you see, the ladies here have learned the value of hard work… but we regained our integrity when we chose to stop the insanity of deceiving others in believing this was the greatest opportunity on earth… because it isn’t. I was in MK for close to 20 years total- 7 as a SD… so I’m not just a newbie spouting off rubbish. MK had a dark side, and it’s real. How does the saying go?… “you can put lipstick on a pig.. but it’s still a pig.” that is how I would describe Mary Kay- it’s still a pig.

    Show us the proof.

  8. Mel

    I read these posts and have to laugh. I almost killed myself with work working this stupid business. I had 30 people on a team and I still couldn’t complete the second month of car qualification. You know why? Because you can’t control other people no matter how much you try. I didn’t sacrifice my God and my husband and children to succeed at this business which I see done by so many other women. I thank God every day that he closed this door in my life. I surely regret the time waisted holding facials after working my full time job and missing out on my kids. What a joke. Stop drinking the kool-aid. The system is designed for you to fail….

  9. Princess Lea

    Most consultants who accidentally “stumble” upon Pink Truth come back. I did. I even thought about writing a letter JUST like this one!!! But I’m SO glad I didn’t!!! Would that have been embarrassing??? You betcha. Will Pretty in Pink be back to eat crow? Only time will tell…

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