In Denial About Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

Heartbreak is the only word that comes to mind, as we who have depinked, watch the parade of our friends going over the cliff, pursuing the MK “dream.” I still care about my senior director, my offspring, my fellow directors and unit members. The jury is still out on my national. I still believe that while being in the fog, she is well aware of the financial wreckage of all of her current and past downline, and it is hard to believe that “denial” is a big enough word to cover it. We remember what it was to be fogged. PinkTruth was the demon site. Women who were lazy, negative, hostile, ignorant, probably “c” personalities that always gave us the most trouble ‘cause they just never were satisfied with our answers. Good riddance. But one day, we read some more. We came back. We started seeing scenarios that we understood all too well. The beginning of the end had commenced. Today, far from the hoopla and hype, we can clearly evaluate what happened. We are watching our friends who are too afraid to look long and hard at this so-called opportunity, make stupid decision after stupid decision because they still “bee-lieve”. We just can’t reach them. They won’t let us.

My senior is now paying for her Cadillac. She has motivated my friend who stayed in, to become one of the “big girls.” My friend thinks she owes me “success” because I believed in her for all those years. She had been told I went “negative.” My cautionary tale fell on deaf ears. She is going to be a top director. She is now $9,000 more dollars in debt in the last few months just from her wholesale purchases… not to mention seminar, and other events which likely went on a credit card too.

So a woman who looks sharp and is willing, and wants to matter and be accepted and important, is slowly going into financial ruin, just to wear “big girl panties.” I cannot reach her. I know my national and senior director see exactly what my friend’s limitations are, and happily take the wholesale from her anyway. I wonder how they think she will ever catch up from $10,000 of debt last year and $9,000 this year so far?  She hasn’t a chance in hell to move $38,000 worth of retail product, and nobody seems to want to face this level of opportunism.