Why Recruiting Mary Kay Customers Is Bad

Written by Lazy Gardens

Did Mary Kay Ash say, “Nothing happens until someone sells something”? Or did she say, “Nothing happens until someone recruits someone.”? She said nothing happens until you sell something. Yet the company focus for decades has been on recruiting.

Your director will tell you it’s a good idea to turn your customers into your competitors (i.e. recruit them). Here’s one director telling you why you should do this:

Misconceptions of Team Building

Just wanted to clear up a few misconceptions of Recruiting or Team Building …

1. You will not lose money. Yes, 50% seems to be more than 4, 9 or 13 % BUT I guarantee you that she will work harder to build her client base then she would to help you. She will reach women that you never knew about in her life…even if she’s your sister. Look at this … if she is a Star Consultant … your 4% is $72, 9% is $162 and 13% is $234!! The average client buys $50 in a Star Quarter—that’s only $25 profit. So which is mo’ money?

2. You are too busy to do more Mary Kay. Precisely, why you should recruit. She works…you make mo’ money. If you aren’t heading for Directorship then it’s your director’s responsibility to train her. You have a few things to do to help … but #1 is to hook her up with the Director!! You can dovetail for 15% of the appt sales to a team member and you make that fee plus when she orders, you will make a recruiting commission too. Perfect … no extra work for you…but mo’ money for you.

3. You are not too new. You don’t have to know more about the business to bring someone in the business. You don’t have to do anything but bring a potential to your director and ask her to interview her for you. Who are the potentials … anyone who buys MaryKay from you and you like her!!! Remember that you are NOT giving her YOUR job but the potential of the MK business for HER. She might want a free car and you don’t. It’s the director’s job to train. If you know enough to say, “yes’ to MK…you know enough to recruit. Need mo’ money?

4. I am afraid if they say no to me then my feelings will be hurt. Ok, that statement sounds just silly enough to not warrant more opinion on my part. It’s just ‘no-for now’ … not even forever!

5. Will they think that I am some pyramid scam artist? No, they will think that you love what you do and proud to share this others. That is even more of a reason why sharing all the facts about a MK business is so important-once they understand the truths of MK … they could never think poorly of you. Oh contraire, they will respect you more even if they are a ‘no-for now’. This business is very impressive.

6. If you don’t think you know anyone who would be interested, because she has asked you or you have pre-judged them … then think again!! Did someone ask you to listen to the facts or did you ask them? 95% had to be asked first before joining MK. Chances are they are waiting for someone to believe in them enough to ask them, or they don’t know the truths and have made their own prejudgments about what we do. Don’t wait for someone to recruit one of your clients before talking to them … if you don’t ask them … eventually, someone will.

Here’s what I think about these things…

ITEM 1: I got news for you lady, 50% IS more than 13% everywhere outside Mary Kay Math class.

To me, recruiting looks like a way to end up with no money because you are chasing the mythical more money. She is asking you to give up a steady $100 a year profit from a loyal customer by converting her into a consultant. If the customer becomes a personal use consultant, as most of them do, your $100 a year profit shrinks dramatically. To get the commissions she is dangling in front of you, you not only have to turn customers into competitors, you have to get them to order “stars.” Look at your shelves, look at your “star orders.” How much money do you want to spend chasing this dream, and how many more women do you want to drag into the pink swamp?

ITEM 2: If you are too busy to book parties and sell, how the heck are you going to find the time to warm chat and recruit?

ITEM 3: If you don’t get them recruiting fast, they will start to realize that this is a flopportunity. It results in units and teams filled with untrained consultants.

ITEM 4: Learn to ignore your feelings, and just keep on working your business the “Mary Kay way”.

ITEM 5: You might not be a pyramid scam artist … yet. But the senior Directors and the NSDs are certainly Picasso-class pyramid scam artists. They wouldn’t be where they are today if they were 100% honest about the Mary Kay way.

ITEM 6: Don’t wait for someone to recruit one of your clients before talking to them … if you don’t ask them … eventually, someone will. This page gives Anita Garrett Roe’s rationale for this.


    1. Char

      “Do MK” implied definition by scam founder and upline – A consultant’s business

      “Do MK” actual definition – find customers to place large orders, call them consultants to make them feel special and appear to have a vested interest so they’ll keep buying

      Double retail customers buying from consultants who pay fake wholesale (retail) are few and far between, hence the $50 if lucky and the push for “team building”.

  1. MLM Radar

    Item 6 Don’t wait so long that someone else recruits your clients:

    Aren’t ethical MK consultants supposed to stay “hands off” with another consultant’s customers?

    Anita Garrett Rowe obviously rationalized that ethical breach a long time ago. Apparently Mary Kay ethics are only for face value, and only hold up until the 29th of the month.

  2. morningstar

    There is not enough demand for the product to recruit enough people and expect them to continue to order take the chance they will not return it and you get strapped for the chargeback. If you become a recruiting expert ,it means that you are great at selling an illusion, have no emotional vestment in the people who are paying your way to the top so your team can be inner circle, etc – ugh!
    Think about HOW much unused product there is sitting around the earth rotting and taking up space all so your up line can bask in the glory.

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