Truth in Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

Look, I am nobody… I was never one of your Seminar Stars. I was just a trudge-thru-the-murk “Premier Club” Director, of which, there are hundreds! Maybe thousands. There is absolutely no reason for you to listen to me, especially since you have already been warned that I was either a 1.) Loser, 2.) Negative 3.) Lazy Sales Director.

But, knowing all that, could I ask you to just stay with me for a second? Could I ask you to evaluate your Mary Kay experience against mine, to see if perhaps, you see what is tragic about this experience? Are you willing to embrace the idea that you have not been told the truth?

You think the NSD stories are true, right? It never occurred to you that their I-Stories are false, or embellished. Yet, what do they tell YOU about coming up with your  I- Story at skin care classes? Are you not supposed to exaggerate your results and or story? Sell it for its best possible influence? Borrow someone else’s till your story is ready?

That’s what I was told . So you are told to say “I am in my first year” as a consultant… presumably to teach your new potential targets that you are “knowledgeable” and also to set the stage for your recruitment status. After all, nobody wants to recruit in, under a rookie.

This is Mary Kay Ash’s own wisdom.

But when you join, you rationalize that this is okay. You know it is a manipulation of the facts, but the the founder gets a “pass.” She’s a hero! She is an icon! Surely you are just not as business savvy as She was, so stuff your ethical radar and move on.

I have mentioned how little white lies give birth to true deception. You can pretty much believe that any income earnings from your director are hogwash. First, you won’t get any picture of her costs and expenses, PLUS, you wont ever really learn what she has sold, her commissions, and here’s the big one, her DEBT.

No secret on this site, but let me reiterate: Directors add in whatever shortfall for the minimum production ($4,500 per month) your unit did not produce. Not like they want to. It’s more like they HAVE to. To keep their unit! THAT’S why she bugs you monthly for your “order”! She’s tracking to hit the magical number or above. Either YOU pay it, or she has to! And for your lovely unit pride contribution you’ll get a locket or a pencil or a charm.

Up to now, you thought this was all innocent. Sorry to tell you it is not. Mary Kay is a heavily contrived MLM that is the master of sales manipulation and financial abuse. Yes, it masquerades as all sorts of positive women’s movement ideals, but ladies, it is none of them. All the domestic abuse grants will never compensate for the financial abuse of hundreds of thousands of women who trusted Mary Kay to be the support of their businesses, and the remedy of their economic struggle…and in fact, became the worst abuser of them all.

These are the sad truths about Mary Kay.


  1. enorth

    “it masquerades as all sorts of positive women’s movement ideals”

    Like “enriching women’s lives”? So, why is it that many turn to pleading on social media? It’s not positive, cute, or funny. It’s degrading and undignified.

    I just came across a SD who’s about to give birth. She wants to “…bring baby home in a pink Cadillac.” Over the years, I’ve noticed that “bring baby home from the hospital in the Caddy” is a recurring theme for desperate women trying to earn the pink car. Ya’ gotta use any hook, right?

    Get out your credit cards so she can drive a pink, leased behemoth (until she loses it and has to go through the begging cycle again.) Yeah, it’s great for “success” photos. Like the one of a certain NSD with her new baby on the hood of her Caddy.

    Don’t be fooled by all the pretty pictures.

    1. BestDecision

      Not one second of driving a baby home in a Cadillac is worth its $900/month payments. You’ve got to be doing a solid $20-25,000 wholesale/month to cleanly avoid those.

  2. coralrose

    “No secret on this site, but let me reiterate: Directors add in whatever shortfall for the minimum production ($4,500 per month) your unit did not produce. ”
    ^ This ^ is what opened my eyes to just how predatory MK is. And once you know this, so MANY odd things about MK suddenly make sense. As a consultant, I was so puzzled by why my director would e-mail us EVERY MONTH to say “I’ll be staying up ’til midnight on the last day of the month, so if you want to place an order on the last day of the month, just call me!!! I’d love to help you place your order!!!!” Notice the “!!!!!” ha 🙂 As a consultant, that made no sense to me. Surely an order on the 1st is just as good as an order on the 30th, right? And, did she really expect some consultant to call her at 11:45 pm just to place an order? The rule that only directors can order on the last day of the month made no sense either.
    I also wondered why my director kept telling us, ” Get the limited edition products on your shelves, girls!!! I know they’re going to go FAST!!!!” Yeah, They never sold out in my memory. For a long time, I thought that was an honest mistake on my director’s part. Surely, she wouldn’t lie to us, right?!

    1. BestDecision

      We were given the last day of the month to ourselves so that things were cleared out of our way to finish things off. Many Cadillacs, diamonds, and trips are finished on the last day of the month. No coincidence!

      1. raisinberry

        Ain’t that the truth. It is the very definition of “stretch”. I can remember my Senior telling me that one of her latest DIQ’s was likely not going to make it because she wouldn’t “stretch”. And once you’ve done it, you will be called upon again and again to “help” the Unit, by “stretching”…which always coincides with the 30th or 31st of the month!

  3. Jason Houston

    You can bet the financial sociopaths who run scam programs like Mary Kay are reading every word of every negative blog they can find. That’s actually good for them, because it gives them early admission to where all the future landmines are going to appear. And these crooks have been doing this for – what, 50 years at least? – and they know how to dance the Mark Kay Twist.

  4. Morningstar

    I remember a director told me it was an acting job. That you have to be in character for the meetings and events. She said unless you like it, then it is very tiring to have to be “on” for this role. She eventually quit of course.

    1. BestDecision

      Always being “on” was exhausting as a Director, and it worsened when you moved into a pink Cadillac. All eyes were on you. For me, the worst was playing happy, excited, and hopeful when I knew things weren’t so. I felt like a hypocrite when I acted like all was well to my unit who were venting their frustrations but was frustrated myself internally.

      1. pinkpeace

        AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! We had to be positive and excited all the time. God forbid that you let anyone in on the dirty little secret of the unrelenting stress of being a director in Mary Kay.

  5. enorth

    “you have to be in character for the meetings and events.”

    Yes, and it’s obvious in their photos and videos. They need acting lessons.
    Plus, underlings copy their uplines’ written messages word-for-word, and some try to emulate mannerisms and intonations.

    It’s very entertaining.

    1. raisinberry

      I think I finally figured out why that is. The results simply never materialize, no matter what latest strategy you use…so since you can never actually speak from experience with real results, you have to borrow the class close, the look, the words , the energy, the prize promo’s of any or all other Director’s bantering about how successful they are.

      The idea-if you LOOK LIKE Mz. Successful Director, surely something will work! How many of us wandered around wondering why the heck it wasn’t working, how the heck is “she” getting bookings, guests, recruits, etc…

      And the truth is, she wasn’t! She had an angle. Usually a newly recruited “racehorse”…excited and credit worthy…

      Such nonsense. If you stopped acting and actually let your guard down, you were advised that your Unit would lose momentum, motivation, etc…
      It’s one giant Pink Stage Play.

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