The Pink Truth Hater Hotline Rings Again

Even after running Pink Truth for over 11 years, I still never tire of the nasty comments left (or emailed) by Mary Kaybots. Check this one out:

This site is Hilarious!!!!!!! I never knew someone could become so crazy obsessed with bashing anyone or any company! hahahaha

Grow up! Stop whining because YOU decide to blame your lack of success on someone else! If you put 1/2 the effort that you have with this site into a REAL hobby or career, I bet you’d end up HAPPY.

OMG this is sooooooo priceless!!!! I wonder what the rest of your life is like! So sad!

For the record, I don’t have an obsession with anything, other than the truth. Pink Truth is a public service to any consumers who have ever been involved with Mary Kay or are considering getting involved. It is not meant to “bash” the company… rather it is simply to provide the TRUTH about Mary Kay Cosmetics (which the company will never allow to be told).

I don’t have a “lack of success.” In fact, I have a rather successful REAL business, from which I make an honest living. No lies are told to reel in customers or recruits. I don’t swindle anyone into spending money they don’t have or simply shouldn’t spend.

Mary Kay is dishonorable. I, on the other hand, have an honorable (and honest!) business in which I make an excellent living. I love my career, and I make more than enough money. That, my friend, equals HAPPINESS!



  1. BestDecision

    Oh, I’m so happy I don’t have to act excited about the new mauve Director suit.
    Or beg unit members to register for Seminar.
    Or hurry up and sell through my existing TimeWise inventory to afford stocking the new version.
    Or work evenings and weekends.
    Or have to look pristine when I just want to wear comfortable clothing and little to no makeup for errands.
    Or carry business cards with me in prep for warm chatting someone who then avoids me when I call.
    Or put every ounce of energy into a unit meeting or event and have poor turnout or the same, stagnant Consultants coming purely for the girlfriend time.

    And that’s just what I feel this very moment in my real career, making solid money, having health/dental/vision benefits, and PTO where I make more than I did on those reorders that might come through while on vacation.

    You’re the sad one, actually.

  2. Char

    ” I never knew someone could become so crazy obsessed with bashing anyone or any company! hahahaha”

    I have. In fact, it’s a whole group of women. Clearly you’ve never heard of MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving

    You women MLMers whose product of choice is comparable to cheap Boonesfarm Tickle Pink will be stopped from driving into the path of others. It will either be sites like this, legislation, or you’ll eventually crash on your own.

    What a wonderful public service this site is! No doubt it has saved many from committing the act of MLMing.

  3. Lily in NYC

    It’s tough to take someone seriously when she writes like a child and abuses exclamation points.

    Yet another red jacket who will find out the truth soon enough…

  4. Lindsay Ameye

    It’s funny that they tell you to grow up when their writing style is that of a ten-year-old who’s making fun of a classmate for not liking Justin Bieber as much as they do

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