Become a Mary Kay Sales Director in One Month!

Ridiculous.  This entire document is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be an instructional document on how to become a director in one month. There is absolutely no instruction to it. There are no “how-to” hints. All it does is tell you that you should want it enough, believe in yourself and work hard.

Really? Gee. Work hard. That’s all? Because the thousands of women who visit this site each day worked hard. But they didn’t make director in one month.

Why isn’t there any real instruction to this? Because the real way to make director involves only three things:

1. Recruit

2. Frontload

3. Use your own credit card to “finish” whatever production you nee

So here it is…






  • Finish fast for someone else like your family, your director, to help make your director an NSD, to help make your national #1.
  • You want to be on seminar stage and debut with our national area.
  • You really don’t want to wear the red jacket, you want to be in the suit.
  • You don’t want to have to decide what to wear at seminar / conferences.
  • You get the new products and promotions early and can sample new items as test marketers.
  • You have special access to the company
  • You get to order for you and your consultants on the last two days of the month.
  • You get to encourage and assist 24 women to achieve their MK goals.
  • Maybe your director has some other incentive, a trip or day at the spa.
  • You can have special recognition at conferences and seminar.
  • You want to quit your job!!!
  • Have you thought of the necklace? Also can get director unit jewelry.


  • You earn 13% on your own personal wholesale orders. We make 63% not 50%.
  • You make 13% commissions on your recruit’s recruits.
  • You can make bonuses of $500 to $5000 per month and $1500 quarterly bonus.
  • My last DIQ check was $1,500 but if I was a director, I would have made $5,000!!


The production of $18,000 in one month sounds intimidating, but look at this:

3 – $3,000.00 = $9,000
1 – $1,800.00 = $1,800
2 – $ 600.00 = $1,200
Lots of $200’s (25) = $5,000
Your Personal $1,000
TOTAL $18,000

If you are going in with eight personal recruits, you still need 15, so the above numbers will be perfect. Just work the production backwards. Start with $18,000 on paper, and keep a tally as you go. Getting $3,000 the first week, really helps keep you motivated. Strive to go in with at least 12 active, aim for 15 active.

You just need to spend at least 10 to 20 hours a week and you can get this done in a month. Plan to take some time off from work, especially the last two days of the month. This month is not going to be a fun month recreationally. No TV, no movies, no shopping, unless your intention is to warm chatter.

Run with someone else. Find the one or two consultants in your group who have goals. If they want to DIQ, help them. Finishing with a DIQ makes it easier.

Strive for 50 interviews within your unit. You must do them with your director and have your consultants also set up interviews with your director. By the end of the month you will be ready to do them yourself. Actually by the 10th one you should be pretty good. Let them know this is a part of your training and that they are not under any obligation, but just to listen. Offer a gift for doing the interview. Use the personality sheet. Laminate it, use a washable marker and mark of their identifying marks, you will know how to appeal to them.

You and your consultants must bring guests to every event and unit meeting. Let them know that the meeting is not long. Tell the guests that they will get a gift for coming. If someone does not go, set up an interview with them. Offer them a gift for the interview.

Listen to your director!!!! Do whatever she tells you to do. She knows how to become a director, she is one, and you are not.

Go to your unit meeting, every week. Book your classes and have selling appointments. Make sure you and your consultants bring guests to each event. These keep you motivated. YOU NEED THEM. YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU TO BE THERE. IF YOU ARE NOT THERE SUPPORTING YOUR DIRECTOR, WHY SHOULD SHE SUPPORT YOU?

Tell everyone about your goal to become a director. Your director needs to know so she can help you. Tell the consultant  in your group and your fellow consultants. If you work, your workmates should all know. Your family and friends also need to know. Ask them for referrals. Offer them incentives to get you interviews. Literally talk to every person you know, and ask them, “Have you ever thought about doing something like Mary Kay?” DON’T PRE-JUDGE!!!

The women you hesitate to ask are probably the ones who would sign up.

Be excited about it!! Be Happy!! People will want to help you or be a part of what you are doing. Don’t be obviously stressed. No one wants to help you be more stressed. When you are stressed call your director, do not vent to your family, friends or fellow consultants, when you are down talk up to your director. Communication with your director is important. Talk to her everyday. She will keep you going.

You are going to be so busy this month, have at least 30 recruiting packets ready. Also, discuss signing bonuses with your director. Have copies of the bonus that is offered for recruiting and for inventory. Being prepared will help you to close the prospective consultant. Keep a schedule and stick to it  you need to spend a lot of your time doing MK this month. Just plan on taking a month off from doing all the tasks that add to your day. Make sure your family and friends understand that you will be very limited in your time.

Be confident that you will finish in one month and you will. Decide that this will happen, decide that there is not alternative, you will finish with 24 and $18,000 in one month.


  1. BestDecision

    I just realized the precise feeling I had as a Director: resentment. When you work hard at anything, you expect to get paid. No matter how much I put into a skin care class, a unit meeting, a workshop, or the days at Seminar, I’d have NO guarantee I’d get anything in return for that time, money, and energy invested. The years I spent building my personal business gave me some control, but I could never rely on $x to come out of the 3 hours I devoted to that appointment. The years I spent building and operating my unit never gave me ANY control because I was working with volunteers. They could do as they wished, and I could never discipline, fire, or hire who was coming in and out of my reports.

    Now when I devote 3 hours to my career, I get guaranteed pay. I don’t hold my breath anymore like I did at Seminar, hoping a unit member or two weren’t going to catch a negative vibe and come home quitting. I don’t spend hours creating, copying, printing, and packing for a unit meeting where seats aren’t going to be filled–or are filled with stagnant, energy-draining people who cannot be motivated no matter what I say or do.

    That’s what the “1 Month Wonder” idea is based on. Pure hope. Hope may light a fire under someone, but I think it’s accurate to say the reason people get so disgruntled and disenchanted is that they never see their hope result in anything. Even those saying they’re thankful for their MK “sisters” and “friends” are privately hoping for a miracle and are hanging on for the chance that things could turn around.

    There are far greater odds I’ll never lose my job than go month after month wishing, hoping, and praying the numbers will land in my favor and bank account in MK. And for that, my resignation was the BestDecision I’ve made in a long, long time.

    1. ThinkPinkThinkAgain

      BestDecision, this makes so much sense. As a consultant I worked very hard. Last summer I spent two nights per week on Mary Kay–Mondays for my unit meeting, Tuesdays for holding a party. I ended up working with a group of referrals who lived an hour and a half away from me. Of course they weren’t going to come to me or attend meetings as guests, so several times I drove two or three additional hours to hold appointments. I booked, coached, partied and interviewed. I was a seasoned consultant with over four years of experience who attended Seminar every year, never missed MNL, made sure she had a full store, and basically did everything as she was trained. Here’s what happened last summer, as tracked in my Weekly Accomplishments:

      – I held 9 parties between July 12 and September 2
      – The parties themselves took 18.95 hours (not including driving time, which was significant, or booking or coaching)
      – I had 23 guests, all of whom were drawing winners or referrals
      – 12 of them purchased a total of $531 before tax ($265.50 wholesale).
      – I gave away $397.50 ($198.75 wholesale) worth of product in hostess credit, discounts and raffle gifts. From those giveaways, I lost $29.87 in sales tax that I’d already paid when ordering product. Let’s be generous and say I only spent $50 in gas to get to these parties, and that the supplies and samples for 9 parties only cost me $20. This would include all trays, towelettes, wrapping paper/ribbon, color samples, and the accumulated use of my full-size demo products. Since I had everything on my shelf, I did not have shipping expenses. If I replaced all of the product I sold or gave away, my expenses totaled $564.12.
      – Net profit: $531 – $564.12 = -33.12.

      In September I decided to take a break from holding Mary Kay appointments. I was tired of the hamster wheel and the lack of money I was making–in fact, the money I was LOSING and subsidizing with my 9-5.

      Sometimes I can’t believe I did this for four and a half years before realizing something was seriously wrong. I thought *I* was doing it wrong, that I wasn’t being careful with my money or that I was giving too much away. And maybe I COULD have given less away, but I do believe I would’ve had fewer appointments because free products generate bookings.

      1. BestDecision

        That’s the exact way I felt. We kept getting told “if it is to be, it’s up to me” and blamed (and even shamed in some places) for why our businesses weren’t thriving.

        Go look at the new Applause magazine. The numbers are clearly and dramatically lower than just a couple of years ago. Hanging my hat on the hope I’d make it to NSD and then to Inner Circle was fruitless and caused me more stress than any I’ve encountered thus far.

        The numbers don’t lie, and the odds are way against people.

        1. Char

          “We kept getting told “if it is to be, it’s up to me” and blamed (and even shamed in some places) for why our businesses weren’t thriving.”

          That’s where they get you, twist things, and confuse you. It’s not even a business – so it can not “be”. Yet they convince people that it somehow is, and then blame them when it fails but it never even existed. Such a clever con game.

  2. enorth

    “hostess credit, discounts and raffle gifts, free products”

    What an awful, awful trap. I just saw a SSD on Facebook advertising a drawing for $500 cash and a Kate Spade handbag. Things are desperate and getting worse.

    Years ago, Mary Kay and Avon were just about the only game in town. Now, MLMs are rampant, with new ones popping up every day. Even more competition for MK.

    In addition, people have become wise to the Direct Sales game…they now KNOW that to build a team and make money, they MUST get in on the “ground floor.” They are more apt to sign on with a brand-new Direct Sales company that has few consultants and no saturation, and they think nothing of jumping from company to company in a heartbeat.

    1. eileen

      I have found on my FB feed women who sell “Younique” cosmetics. They hold live ‘parties’ with links to their pages. I’m surprised I don’t see MKay consultants using this type of hawking; or do they? The person I have watched has many “followers” and treats them like they are family, as she slips her hand into their collective wallets.

      Oh, another company I keep seeing lives shows are the pearl companies…those are sometimes a hoot to watch as they slice open oysters and run all their “games” to “win” free schucks…but sad, too, as I see the manipulation of those watching and “playing” as they spend over $20 to “open an oyster.”

  3. Char

    The revelation that one is actually only a glorified customer instead of a real business person, who is volunteering her time working to find “the company” other customers, being told how to dress and how to act – like some child; time away from your own children only to be surrounded by “mean girls” in some popularity contest wearing too much makeup in ugly suits (see pic), charging your friends/family double retail who will soon avoid you, and embellishing success in a scam of all things, should absolutely be disheartening and infuriating.

    Can’t believe you fell for this? Don’t fret. MLMing is a very well disguised scam and has had over 50 years to perfect it. Plus, the government hasn’t done enough to protect and educate us. Times are slowly changing though.

  4. Jamming Berry

    When I figured out the “Interview” was just a sales pitch, of course I figured this out very early on, and asked my SD about it and she, of course, denied the sales pitch aspect…. I knew I was out. And at that point I was only 1 month in! UGH! I played the game, doing the sales only for a year or so, until my warm buyers tired out. I’m almost out! I’m so excited!!

  5. SisterHavana

    The document claims “You just need to spend at least 10 to 20 hours a week and you can get this done in a month.” Yet just two sentences later: “This month is not going to be a fun month recreationally. No TV, no movies, no shopping, unless your intention is to warm chatter.” But if you only have to spend 10-20 hours a week, wouldn’t that leave enough time for TV, movies, and shopping? WHICH IS IT?

    1. BestDecision

      You figure it out. Contradictions everywhere you look!

      And I as one of those sitting at Seminar Director classes being shamed for watching movies with my family or going to the grocery store and leaving without getting any new names.

  6. enorth

    “Finish fast for someone else like…to help make your director an NSD, to help make your national #1.”

    Enriching women’s lives. (Your up-lines’ lives.)

    I’m watching several women now in Red Jackets and DIQ. The up-lines and NSDs are gush, gush, GUSHING with syrupy praises. “God blessed you because He knows you an do it! You set goals and crush them! I’m so proud! I’m so proud of you for leading the way and setting an example for your children. You’re a woman of excellence! ”

    No. You’re a woman who is being used.

  7. 50 interviews in one month = 12 per week.
    30 minutes per interview = 6 hours per week

    That’s 33% to 60% of the “10 to 20 hours per week” she’s lying to you about. Now you have 4 to 14 hours left to attend meetings with your guests. Attend a 2 hour unit meeting once a week… now you have 2 to 12 hours left in your week to call your SD, prep recruiting packets, go to other meetings and events, dress, do your make up, call/confirm all your guests, classes, selling parties…

    Basically, it’s all lies.

  8. Alice

    This is my 5th go round at this! Its personal this time for real! It was stated by someone concerning me! “that Mary Kay is not for you” but is for someone else. They can do it better than you! Those words spoken played on my belief but howbeit those words spoken haven’t trampled my faith! So this time my goal with Mary Kay is to be and become that one month wonder!

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