Can Mary Kay Cosmetics Face the Truth?

Written by Raisinberry

You know, when you are blind… you’re blind.

We all know people (including ourselves) who hold to deep beliefs and are adamant about defending them, until they get new information. That’s how Pink Truth works. Women come here adamant to defend Mary Kay, shocked that young and old timers would anonymously band together and spill their guts about the inner workings and reality of the world of Mary Kay.

If you read Pink Truth for any length of time, your “shades” begin to de-fog and the truth spoken here becomes something you can no longer deny.

Some have asked us why don’t we just move on? One wonders why they ask? We will move on eventually, and others will take our places. There is a huge motivation to stay, independent of our own personal healing, concerning this grand, most elaborate, full scale manipulated money scheme disguised as a life affirming “opportunity.”

Mary Kay Cosmetics despite all our efforts, and the fact that corporate reads this site regularly, has not faced the truth. They have not come “clean”.

If my former area is any indication, the production in the U.S. is dropping, and since they have weathered similar production downfalls in the past, they believe if they ride it out it will come back up. That, of course, was before the internet.

Husbands are finding Pink Truth, new possible recruits are finding it, consultants are finding it, NSDs already read it, and warn about it, directors at both high and low ends are questioning the tactics they, themselves, have used because they are now exposed here, and the company marches merrily along as if this down turn is only temporary.

When you are blind – you are blind.  Corporate looks to international markets like India and China to grow since the U.S. activity is shrinking. How simple it would be to stop the bleeding, by simply admitting past mistakes, and confirm a commitment to change “the system.” Within 6 months, Mary Kay could have consultants proud of the company’s integrity in which they once believed, and maybe they could grow again.

But Mary Kay cannot do that. And here is why.

The entire operation depends on NOT facing the truth.

  • How simple would it be, to have consultants record their sales tickets online?
  • How simple would it be to have a new recruit list on her application whether she has/had a different consultant than the one who is introducing her to the opportunity?
  • How simple would it be to reward new beauty consultants with free product bonuses after their first 90 days sales come in? Imagine getting $600 in free product because YOU SOLD $3,000 worth?
  • How simple would it be to confirm a reinstatement of a previously terminated consultant by calling the consultant?
  • How simple would it be to check credit card numbers against orders, to see if the name on the credit card matches the name of the ordering consultant?
  • How simple would it be to re-interview every signed consultant and CONFIRM that no erroneous information was given and no false promises made, before she gets too deep into believing a lie?
  • How hard would it be to stop the practice of mentioning a director’s “high check” at guest events, in favor of an “average check” that included chargebacks, and normal expenses – in other words, a TRUE profit picture.
  • How hard would it be to send directors through sales training in EARNEST, so that they could catch up with what they should know about creating a selling unit… not platitude spewing – recruiting/ordering for prizes only unit.
  • How hard would it be to have a yearly unit evaluation where consultants could go online and share on the ability and responsibility the director shows in leading the unit. Only those afraid of feedback would complain.
  • How hard would it be to stop the practice of calling a this a “business” for a consultant, when it clearly is not! Since Mary Kay is concerned about brand purity and image, and will not let a consultant advertise her “business,” sell from a retail location, sell her “business,” pass her “business” on to family, can terminate a consultant and keep all the residual business (profit) ad infinitum. The consultant simply does NOT “own” a business. It is a lie.
  • How hard would it be to have Awards Seminar actually be an event that awards selling activity? With verified sales receipts that have been collected over the entire year, the winners, the Queens, would be legit in all categories. It wouldn’t be a matter of who had access to the most credit card space.

How hard would it be? Devastatingly hard. The entire scam would crumble.

Instead of 400 women in the Court of Sales, you would have 50… maybe. Unit clubs would disintegrate. No big sha-bang for the top of the top… No million dollar units. No Trip units. No massive recruiting events where 60 women sign up.

The truth would weed out the impulse recruits. The “real” earnings figures for Premier Club and Caddy Directors would expose how little “executive” income is made.

Coming down the stairs being helped by tuxedoed gentlemen for creating five maxed credit cards would be a thing of the past. The illusion that anyone can do it would be gone.

The day Mary Kay faces the truth, will be a day of freedom for over 1 million consultants worldwide. It may take Seminar down a peg or two, to more like a local high school sports banquet… but the results would be real. And honorable. And right. And every woman involved could hold her head up and know she deserved her award.

And Mary Kay for the first time in decades, could claim in earnest that old motto… ”enriching women’s lives.” Up to now, knowing the fraud that goes on, and doing nothing to curtail it, and in fact doing every thing to encourage it, means the only “enriching” that Mary Kay Cosmetics actually cares about, is its own. That is the blind truth. We have been exposing this truth for years.

Unfortunately, it is the 1 million consultants and directors who are blind as well.

And the sad reality is, that Mary Kay will not admit, or come clean, because the embarrassment is too much and their culpability, too great. They have presided over and looked the other way on, abuses of the sales force, at the hands of their own NSDs and non-monitored sales directors, because the money generated is just too great! They would be financially liable under any other “system” of employment, for this massive fraud.

Hiding behind the safety fence of the independent contractor system, they march merrily along, baiting the new recruit with her “clock is ticking” 15 day free color compact and $600 plus dollars worth of freebies… knowing full well she is likely never to sell it, and will be tricked by her “warm market” initial sales to order more.

What happens when Mary Kay faces the truth? The same thing that happens to us: humiliation, shame, embarrassment. Disbelief that we could have go on so long in utter denial. Watching our financial “house of cards” crumble, and having to stuff that truth down and suck others in, just to maintain. Trapped. Needing the money, and unwilling to face what we have become. Which is exactly what Mary Kay is doing in India…  just “moving on.”

Seems like the day someone faces the truth, they stand the ground they are on.

Those last bits of integrity they possess, rise up. And they find themselves saying, “no more.” They come clean, and face the truth in it’s entirety, unwilling to spend one more day denying the reality of what they have become.

For Mary Kay Cosmetics, that truth is apparently, impossible. It would require a level of integrity that risks financial fall out, and a length of time “healing” that is both uncomfortable and time consuming. They must “move on” and replace that production, without taking the time to create a more noble Mary Kay.

As with all of us, those who are pursuing integrity and introspection have to allow the process to take it course. For some, “moving on” in haste, provides that last bit of denial that says I don’t really want to look at the truth. Like the Pink locust in India, they will not process these words, nor face, that the truth, while painful, really does set you free.


  1. ww1971

    in this day and age, noone needs a consultant. I can order something off of sephora online in literally 2 minutes without going through an IBC. It seems IBCs are obsolete. And if you need advice, u can book an appt in store with people who have actually had some training in cosmetics, and they wont try to recruit you.

    1. Char

      In the context of Mary Kay, we also have to remember the true definition of “consultant” = Mary Kay MLMer.

      Being known as an MLMer isn’t too flattering due to its scamming reputation. So the scam companies got clever and dubbed people with different titles such as consultant, independent business owner, affiliate, entrepreneurs, direct sales assoc., etc.. in reality, all nothing but low life MLM scammers or “willing victim” MLMers at the end of the day.

  2. I don’t think it’s the embarrassment that keeps MKorpse from making the changes; it’s the liability. Making those changes could be interpreted as some sort of admission of fraud and the lawsuits would fly.

    1. Char

      Yes, and it would be suicide for their existence. MLMing is what it is and not fixable. They’d have to go traditional sales and compete with normal companies for product innovation, pricing, and image. Let’s see how many ladies buy MK without the income opportunity dangled. Not enough to keep the company afloat for sure – and they know that.

      “How hard would it be? Devastatingly hard. The entire scam would crumble.”


    2. Barbie

      Not only the liability, but… if they stop doing things the way they do them, those at the very top will stop making more money. Is that really a sacrifice we can ask them to make? /s

  3. Jamming Berry

    OMgosh! THIS whole article! YES!

    But then as WW1971 pointed out — who needs an IBC anyway? We all just order stuff online through Amazon, B&N, Macy’s etc… with no “consultant” to tell us what looks pretty, is the best thing to read, tastes the best, etc… Or we put on our big girl panties and go to the store ourselves to just buy our things.


    1. raisinberry

      Right! But remember when this started there were 3 kinds of skin care, and your consultant “put you on a regime”…even customized it

      When TimeWise streamlined the skin care line, it took the consultant out of the equation.

      But it makes WAY more sense to acquire your “so called consultants” as customers who will average $1,000 wholesale. What chance do they have of actually selling $2,000.00 to a single customer? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that consultants make WAY BETTER customers.

  4. Kimberly

    Want a true makeover – SEPHORA!

    Their 45-minute makeover is done by a trained professional with the only caveat is that you have to spend $50 – which let’s face it, isn’t very hard in that store. And the store is fully stocked with various brands and not by the professional forced to keep an inventory – that’s the stores job. Better yet – I’m not going to get harassing phone calls or emails about a follow up appointment or joining her team.

  5. Data Junkie

    Just one bit of “truth” is all that is needed to break the back of MLM. The overwhelming majority of the money that powers the MLM machine comes directly from the pockets of the consultants. Very little comes from outside sales. The MLM exploits these consultants by fooling them into buying more than they can use or sell by fostering the illusion of running a small business that “might” be profitable one day.

    If this single bit of truth was widely understood, the whole MLM industry would dry up. But don’t expect MLM to die without a fight.

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