No Negativity in Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

When we are in the Pink Bubble, we are taught to avoid negativity, with Pink Truth being cited directly as a huge bad thing, or at least alluded to as being poison. It is not. Negativity as defined by the Mary Kay world is anything that may cause you to doubt the company, your nsd, or your director. Most of you have been to meetings and were told to leave your bad thoughts, the day’s activities, or anything that wasn’t wonderful at the door and enter the pink bubble.

I want you to think about this. Mary Kay asks you to stop negative thoughts (“Cancel, Cancel”) never discuss product non-performance, classes that didn’t hold, people who were dodging your calls, your inability or unwillingness to warm chat, withholding evidence of no show/no sale appointments from the people closest to you, the amount of your debt, fear you feel about your business, the push to recruit and to finish that star, the pressure to attend events, the MK dress code.

Just follow that line of thought, I know the list is much longer.

We plan events, as does the company, to make sure we keep you on task, to keep you “motivated” and unquestioning in your belief in the company and this wonderful opportunity. We need to reindoctrinate you at regular times because little things that are causing you to question your role, your possibility of success, the amount of your time, and your financial and emotional investment may pull you away from the dream.

THIS SITE IS NOT NEGATIVE. It is the TRUTH. It is a collective truth if you wish to call it that. So many of us have shared our journey, there is no reason to lie, to exaggerate, to bend the truth, to embroider the facts. We gain nothing by sharing our experience with you. We just want you to know!

If you lurk on here, if you dare to post a comment, if you write an article, then you have found the right place and you need to be here. This is where the truth is. Truth is truth. Truth is neutral. There is no negative nor is there a positive connotation until someone gives it one.

Take a deep breath, and keep reading the PINK TRUTH. It will set you free!


  1. raisinberry

    Good post! It really is that simple.

    There are people all over the place that want to take advantage of gullibility and trust, and it really is just a despicable thing that women are doing it to other women. You can rationalize it at first, as just being a true believer, and sufficiently indoctrinated, falling for the hype and drama and energy of these very orchestrated group meetings and special events. But once you start feeling the uncomfortable sting of falseness, fraud, exaggerated claims and observations that things are not what they appear, it is time to listen to that voice instead of making excuses. If you stay in, and keep pretending, the fraud is now totally on you.

  2. morningstar

    Just think if all the great feedback from the salesforce was used in a constructive way over the last 40 yrs. This company would not be in the beg a thon mode to order. It would have happed naturally (the orders), IMO. The product would have prestige, etc. MK corporate has counted on the fear of the consultants, directors to keep them in perpetual ordering mode. I was there putting in orders, thinking I COULD sell it if I just had more of it. The fat cats are fat enough in MK corporate, please stop the ordering madness. Bringing up a potential negative topic is natural in any business, that way it can be discussed and managed. The non negativity is designed to keep you wondering “what if”. It has a strong power over others, and it has worked wonders for this MLM in terms of selling their product to the end user, which is the sales force. I predict 10 yrs tops and MK will be shell of the shell it is today. So corporate better save the money (millions) they are making today off the backs of their precious crew. That way they can continue THEIR lifestyle and laugh.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    Facts are neither positive nor negative … they just ARE.

    If you want to post some “positive facts”, they need to be verifiable from independent sources.

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