Only a Few People Are Unhappy With Mary Kay!

A friendly note from a Pink Truth critic:

To whom ever,
Its sad to see former Directors and consultant bring down am oppurtunity like a job. No one put a gun to your head to sign an agreement. We sign agreements to belong to discount whole sellers this isnt any different. Except we have the rights as independent consultants to sell the products or purchase for ourself.

These few unhappy former Directors/ condultsnts complain because it isnt easy nothing in life is easy you have to work hard. Yes there might be some NSD am Directors only thing of themself but there are far more that are truely dedicated snd are very loving.

As far as re orders and inventory you are NEVER forced to have one its just convient. Women like instant gradification. Besides if you are the few with the Directors that push you, we as consultant understant the wrod NO!! So use it. The NSD and Director push you if you ask for it.. Dont make the Legacy of this Beautiful company be bad mouth by a few that didnt give it a try to work.

I made money, I earned a ring for court of sales. I never purchased anything I didnt have already sold.

For those few it doesnt matter what you do in life you would find something to compain about it!!!


  1. BestDecision

    And do you know how little the value of that ring is compared to how much you “sold”? If you’re being honest, I commend you, but the vast majority of Court winners have BOUGHT it or are doing something illegal to move it all.

    I was a Cadillac Director for many years, so I don’t qualify as one of your people you say didn’t try hard enough. Ask yourself this: Do I see people searching for the magic potion on making things work? Do I see the same Directors year after year not ,ovine anywhere in the company?

    For your future, I’d recommend a grammar course so people can start to take you seriously, too. So sad.

  2. Barbie

    These people seem to be under the impression that the only way someone can be coerced into doing something is if someone literally points a gun at their heads.

    I wonder, over the courses of their lives, how much stuff they’ve blamed on themselves, because no one was pointing a gun to their heads. I’m not trying to say no one is responsible for their own problems. More that, yes, people are responsible for themselves, including their actions, and how their actions affect others.

  3. PinkyTuskMascara

    I wish we could red line this mess and correct it so it was remotely readable. Goodness, a few fat fingers is one thing when you are typing, but this? Wow.

  4. Char

    “Its sad to see former Directors and consultant bring down am oppurtunity like a job. No one put a gun to your head to sign an agreement.”

    You are correct. Instead, they were tricked, lied to, fed half truths, and brainwashed by a makeup masked woman.

    Have you never heard of “fraud”?
    – a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

    Your confusion, and therefore flawed argument, is that MK is a bonafide business. It is a fraudulent pyramid scheme; hence real business rationale doesn’t apply.

  5. raisinberry

    When she gets a bit farther into the pink bubble, she will begin having the realization of the true and real conditions of multi-level marketing parading as a business opportunity. Right now, she can not see it’s predatory underbelly- it’s exploitation and manipulation of emotions,relationships, trust, insecurities, etc.

    Playing Mary Kay with your friends is not our target here. Go ahead and get your stuff at cost if you like it and supply your neighbors with discounts. It is the larger problem of false claims, cult-like manipulation and dependence on the contrived sisterhood that exploits women financially to reward other women who lie better.

    I assure you…if today, this moment, all “miracle” goal reaching methods were suddenly laid bare and exposed and you now knew all the secrets, all the hidden debt, all the “wink-wink” hard work that “God rewarded”, you would drop your jaw in disbelief. You would stand in stunned silence that you ever believed the rehearsed and perfected “I-stories” of those you have led you.

    1. enorth

      I’ve been reading some MLM blogs where people “laid bare” some of the actions they — and others — took, to earn a bonus or a trip, to move up, or to “maintain rank.” Whoa.

      The MLM/”Direct Sales” world is a desperate, back-stabbing, cut-throat twilight-zone that looks innocent from the outside. Stay far away.

  6. MLM Radar

    She thinks of Mary Kay like a shopping club. Wow.

    She’ll get a lot better deals if she simply joins Costco or Sam’s Club or BJ’s and buys from them.

    But if her math skills are as good as her spelling skills I’m not surprised that she thinks getting a Court of Sales ring means she made a profit. I wonder what her Schedule C said.

  7. Wasrings90

    “Women like instant gradification”. Umm no this isn’t true, even most men know that’s a lie. 😁

    Also I just ordered 2 pair of shoes, it took 5 days for them to get here. I could’ve had them the next day, but by waiting the 4 extra says it saved me $15 on shipping costs. Not having them right away hasn’t killed me….

      1. Barbie

        Sometimes I like waiting for stuff. It gives me something to be excited about and makes me feel like I’m getting a present when I receive it. Perhaps is the delay between payment and delivery.

  8. Michelle M

    This mess of a post proves what we already know, that the most fertile ground for MLM’s is the most vulnerable, uneducated, and desperate group who want to believe that there is a secret way to “make it”. There isn’t. You are being taken advantage of. This, simply put, is why MLM continues to succeed, because there is a sucker born every minute.

    1. enorth

      YouTube is filled with MLM — excuse me, I mean Direct Sales — “top leaders” who don’t know the difference between picture and pitcher, or regimen and regime. They try to impress with product ingredients, but can’t pronounce the words, so they stumble over them and giggle. “You can buy products at up to 50% off and resell them for 100% profit. Think about what I just said!”

      I did.

  9. Kimisan

    Why does every piece of hate mail get more and more littered with spelling and grammatical errors the closer it gets to the end? I don’t know about you, but when I am writing when angry I double and even triple check every word–I don’t want the object of my anger to have ANYTHING to hold over me.

    1. Simply Done

      When I first read the message from the ‘content soul’ in MK, I really and truly believed it must be a ‘punk’d pink’ moment. But, I soldiered on, reading it a bit more, trying to convert the intended meanderings into a cohesive message and found it to be a genuine, sad, unabashedly submerged soul, who, it seems, hasn’t quite ‘un-packed’ how or why MK Corporate is not ‘o.k.’ to their ‘consultants’ or even their whole sale(r’s?), like her very own self and her neighbors and then there’s the whole nother story about the ‘true’ value of her ‘ring’.

  10. cindy lu

    When we are first recruited, we all want to believe. Little by little the lies erode our trust. The highest check from directors lining up turns out to be bogus. I ordered product and soon had that crushed feeling that the company changed its products without care for its mostly female sales force. All those stories about MK herself soon turn out to be embellished or fake. Dual marketing soon becomes an mlm or pyramid scheme. All those lies told to guests and customers at a make up class soon add up. Monday night, Seminar, Career Conference and NSD events become a blur of BS. The word cult has been mentioned within MK for decades. Financial abuse, repetition or brainwashing tactics, love bombing etc. are part of the deceit. So maybe we weren’t forced or coerced but we were preyed upon. This is a “Confidence Scheme”. We are conned with Directors and NSD’s lying about their sales abilities and unit production. The fake accolades for buying products on a credit card and then being unable to book a class or find customers is frightening. The fact that we are told that we can work part time and put our families first is a lie. Short term pain means missing out on our children’s entire childhood. Even MK sacrificed her family to build the mlm empire. The only ones doing well are the men at Corp, the heirs and the NSD’s who began this mlm journey in the 1970’s or early 1980’s when the market wasn’t saturated and when the internet, eBay or amazon didn’t exist.

    1. morningstar

      Very good post. I now understand that the NSD’s positioned 20-25 years ago was before the internet competition. Make so much sense! I wondered why the NSD spot is wide open (hardly any newcomers) compared to the 1970’s and 1980’s.

      The liquidators and the internet killed my sales about 12 yrs ago, my best repeat customers decided to purchase cheaper elsewhere. And the constant changes drove the others away.

      The men who run MK today are laughing all the way to the bank and their yachts. I am sure Richard Rogers current wife does not use the product.

  11. cindy lu

    One more thing it’s Saturday night. I am relaxing. I enjoyed a sunny day with family. Once I quit I didn’t miss the constant need to prey on vulnerable women to promote the MK fairy tale.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Lin –
      Mary Kay will – in the USA – buy back anything you bought within the last 12 months at 90% of what you paid. And they will refund 100% of the sales tax you prepaid.

      It is NOT just your first year, it’s a rolling 12 months.

      1. Same in Canada. But not discontinued products or limited edition products (learned that the hard way). And they will call you and pressure you to stay and be rude stating you will never be able to sell MK again and you are letting your director down, etc… they have a script to follow. Don’t fall for it.

        1. MLM Radar

          That’s a big reason why Directors who know the drill will push the Limited Edition products, and stuff a newbie’s initial inventory with about-to-be-discontinued products. They know Mary Kay will try to avoid refunding on those things. The law doesn’t require them to issue a refund on Limited Edition and discontinued items.

          READ YOUR CONTRACT! And keep your receipts. Mary Kay agreed to refund 90% of what YOU paid for ALL Section One products. Their contract doesn’t exempt Limited Edition or discontinued products. But you do have to be able to independently prove what you paid (even though they have all those records at their fingertips).

          When they tell you it’s not eligible for refund, they’re lying. Your contract – which they wrote – says it is.

      2. Lin

        Does this mean I can’t still buy and get half off the products as being a consultant? Just want to buy. Don’t want to sell. I’ve got to get rid of the inventory and pay off the credit card. My director had me set up a group account on fb to sell my products. I’ve sold 3 items in 4 weeks. Horrible!

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