Years After Mary Kay

Written by SuzyQ

I left Mary Kay many years ago. My product was charged back to my senior director in June, 2007. I still read Pink Truth almost daily and comment from time to time.  It is amazing how after all this time, posts by others sometimes bring back a flood of memories.

As the old-timers know, I was challenged to find anything negative on the internet about MK way back then.  Well, I found Mary Kay Sucks (what PT was called before it was PT). I was devastated, and was horrified when reading my story (which I hadn’t written yet).

I started my own blog with a couple of other people—we were sort of trying to make Mary Kay work without all of the frontloading etc.  Our blog floundered and was removed. There was really nothing we could justify about MK, and God knows we tried. Raisinberry imploded on that blog, and then I imploded on MK Sucks.  

I became the negative Nellie in my wannabe area because I kept asking questions about the things I was reading about on MK Sucks.  I changed my user name many times because I was sure I would be found out by corporate. I stuck with SuzyQ because it was and still is my favorite CCR song, and I could remember it. I was accused of having an affair with MK Sucks because I would get home from my unit meetings and log into MK Sucks immediately.  (Truth: I hated my meetings. They were so boring.)

I remember June in Mary Kay.   It was horrible. I would wake up with such tremendous fear; I thought I was having a panic attack. I probably was. I was in debt to the point I couldn’t sleep.  I remember charging groceries because I had no money to pay for them.  I was humiliated. Checks their balance on a daily basis to see how much credit they still had?  And how special that moment was when the card was declined.  But, I kept going. It was going to turn around, especially in June. Of course that never happened, I continued to be a failure. (If you think this is unusual, you haven’t spent enough time on Pink Truth. This is the rule with Mary Kay directors, not the exception.)

June. God, I hated June. It was the score card that told me I was a lousy director (except for 2003 or 2004, can’t remember) when I was fabulous, and was most improved in my area and “won” the Queen’s Court of Ordering ring I am almost positive this was the 40th anniversary year and the ring I “won” (bought) was pretty spectacular.  MK appraised it at some huge amount, I got $50 from a dealer who was buying it for the gold. The stones were not worth anything.

I honestly did not know my goal was to recruit any person I met. I was never told that. And frankly, that would have been good info to have as a director. I was under the impression we were to help women reach new heights and that is what I “preached” at my unit meetings. Apparently my unit members were supposed to bring “models” who would be potential recruits to my meetings, but they rarely did. Again the unit meetings as a recruiting tool would have been good to know.

I am not taking a victim stance here, it is simply that I was not given accurate information about what being a director in MK meant. The nuance was not there. All I knew was that I was not working hard enough and I had not taken God as my business partner and my deserve level was not high enough. This was not helpful information to me.

I was horrified (and stupid) to learn that all those emeralds and diamonds on my “Ladder of Success” pin were not real. I was embarrassed to learn that the “diamonds” I bought for my consultant’s “Add a diamond rings” were classified as “spit” by legitimate jewelers.  I apologize again to my wonderful unit members I mislead.

I had always been successful in any endeavor in my history. I could not replicate this in Mary Kay. I had 18 professional initials behind my name that I was told to let goburn my bridges, so that my energy would be focused on building my MK “business” instead of thinking I had a past I could return to, all things being equal. There was always this niggling thought in my head that I was embarrassed about saying I “did” MK full time, but I tamped that down. I remember emailing an NSD, saying I am not proud of selling make up, and she responded something to the effect that it wasn’t make up, it was a chance to change someone’s life.

I remember going to Leadership with my significant other. We left the “festivities” to have a great meal at a different location, and we were having drinks in the hotel lobby afterwards.  A woman came in decked out with pink boas and was alone. Long story short, she was an EESD and was sick of the Leadership rah rah event. We all proceeded to drink heavily.  She was poised to enter NIQ.  My S.O. and I stated we would attend her NSD debut. Truth is that we all got shit faced and she had great gossip about EESD’s, and current NSD’s and their history.  It was fascinating stuff and she seemed to be so normal and friendly. We started emailing each other.  She gave me her EESD boa.

Later, I emailed her saying I could not afford to go to an event and she emailed back that I couldn’t afford not to go. I was devastated.  I was removed from her email list. She did debut as a NSD. My S.O. and I did not attend.  It finally occurred to me that she was a part of this whole MK thing.

I remember idolizing NSD Stacy James and NSD Mary Pat Raynor.  I remember attending Mary Pat’s Bible study groups and praying for production and Red Jackets and DIQ’s. I thought that was strange , I remember her calling me a “baby Christian.”  This meant, of course, that  I didn’t get MK.  I remember talking to my Episcopalian priest about this notion. He said something to the effect that I might want to consider another Bible study group.

I remember my senior director saying that she was ethical and all,  and that she would be facing Mary Kay Ash and God when she died (in that order),  and that meant if I did not think MK was the be all end all, I was not taking God as my business partner.  I felt so guilty, and knew I was going to hell because I did not believe that Mary Kay was my mission field.  Bear in mind, I had 3 advanced degrees and was never considered stupid or gullible.

I remember spending hundreds of dollars to meet some goal and receiving some bullshit recognition thing for this “huge” achievement.  As I write this, I am sitting in a MK “leather” desk chair. I wanted to do something about the Mary Kay thing embroidered on the head rest, but removing it will leave a hole, so I ignore it. The only other MK thing I “earned” and still have is the silverware.  It really is quite nice, although horribly over-priced.

I remember my “free” car being towed out of my drive way. I also remember leaving all the windows open and the gas tank empty and the keys on the driver side seat because why not. The tow truck hauling away thing was quite dramatic. I am sure the neighbors were impressed.

It breaks my heart when I know my former BFF director sisters are still pursuing this “dream.”  My goal posting on here is to keep this upfront and personal and hope that someone finally sees the truth. Thank you MK Sucks/PT . Tracy, you saved me. Bless you!

July hurts… the units are sucked dry from June, and it is so hot and people are so busy and no one will sign up or book a party, let alone become a new recruit.  Meanwhile, I continue to collect a paycheck at my Journey of the Broke (JOB), with benefits and look forward to real vacations, rather than trips to MK events.

Please MK peeps, read this “negative” site, know we tell the truth, and make your own decisions. We will support you.


  1. Jamming Berry

    What real person actually prays for production?


    Pray for something useful like peace in the Middle East or gun control, or your kid’s performance at school, or the mean bully on the playground, or for the people who sit quietly in church and cry — because they have something weighing on their minds.

    But praying for production? What a waste of God’s time. Sad.

    1. BestDecision

      Sadly, praying for production was actually praying for a bigger paycheck mostly. July is always one of the worst months of the MK year because everyone has pushed and ordered as much as they can by June 30, so the checks deposited in August are very, very low.

      This is one of the whole arguments I’d gladly go at it with a current Director. You think having a career where you have a boss puts in you a piston where you have no control over your pay? At no time does any Director have control over how much production comes in monthly. It all falls on people’s choices: to sign, to have inventory, to sell, to restock, or to slow down.

      Everything is dependent upon volunteers in MK.

  2. Weekended

    I think that the worst part of MK and other MLMs is the spiritual abuse. I feel badly that you sat through that Bible Study. Jesus said “remember the lilies of the field”. He didn’t say anything about pray-begging for production.

  3. onelessSD

    SuzyQ… thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been an active member since leaving directorship in 2009. I remember always working MK “for my family”… but in reality my family got the shaft in regards to my time spent with them- quality time spent with them. I too was told to pray for production.. pray for recruits, etc. I always felt guilty praying that way… because I was praying a selfish prayer. So sad.

    But like you, I’ve found more peace and joy outside of MK! I have a job I enjoy.. the freedom to work my own schedule, money in the bank, etc. I have an employer who values me and expresses her gratitude for my efforts. My family loves that I’m home with them.. and now that my kids are both in college… when they come home- time spent doing whatever they want… regardless of what day of the month it is. 🙂

    I love my life outside of Mary Kay- I would never go back to that crazy life again- no amount of $ could tempt me. I don’t care what all those NSD’s and top directors say about “how great their life is”… because I lived the life of a SD for 7 years- and just about every day of it was miserable…. imagine the stress they have to keep everything running forward… and not falling apart on them from month to month. They sit on a throne of lies- all of them, and the sad thing is.. .they know it, but continue to push forward anyways.

    1. BestDecision

      And no more fretting daily over June! Other Directors would say they couldn’t go to lunch or do fun activities until July, and it’s sad they won’t admit the hypocrisy of it all.

      I don’t work weekends or evenings anymore. I don’t use strategy to plan the timing of our vacations. I don’t think of a training or contest idea while I’m off. I don’t have to fake smiles when I see people shopping. I don’t have to wear inferior skin care or makeup just to stay loyal to the MK brand.

      Aren’t we so lucky we woke up?

      1. pinkpeace

        Amen, amen, amen!

        Life is so much less complicated and so more real outside of Mary Kay. I no longer have stress attacks around the 29th of each month, and I can take vacation whenever I want!

        You can never disconnect from an MLM. Never.

      2. onelessSD

        YES!!! I’m so thankful to a former MK SD friend of mine that mentioned PT to me…. my life is totally different… and I know that my “failure” in MK wasn’t my fault at all… the system is designed that way- very few succeed – and those who do- do so on the backs of others. Not a way I would want to succeed in life- at all.

  4. Carolyn in Seattle

    First time poster here…I was a consultant for 10 years. Yes, 10! BUT, I told my recruiter that I was going to be personal use and that was all. I had neighborhood customers, friend customers and myself. I actually SOLD products. That wasn’t in the plan! Only ordering and recruiting!! I had no inventory and collected orders to merely stay active. My Director hated me. I recruited exactly nobody! After so much pressure to order order order, recruit recruit…etc…I ignored her and her calls. I went to one local mini seminar thing and we were told to RUN FAST as soon as the doors open to get seats up front. Seriously? I paid $100 to show up to a ridiculous clap-a-thon, got so bored in the first 5 minutes, went to the bathroom and bolted. What a waste of time and $$$. So sick of fake smiles, fake happy, fake speeches….Anyway, got bored with the products and constant ‘compact color and size’ changes etc that I told my friends to find another consultant, I was done. I love to read everything on this site. Glad I’m far away from that.

  5. Ihatepink

    I got involved in MK in 2002 because my best friend had, and she was eager to build her downline. So of course, I came aboard. I got out several months later. I was weary of everything, and especially of the endless circle of order inventory, recruit, go to a meeting, repeat. If I have anything to be thankful for, it’s that I got out before I could spend too much money on that “business.” I estimated that I spent a total of $1500 on MK, money that I’ll obviously never get back.

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