New Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

Written by BestDecision

What is Mary Kay Inc thinking?! Right now, Consultants everywhere are buying stock of the new 3D Miracle Set. There’s 2 glaring issues I see as a hindrance to this being a big seller for these same Consultants:

1) The prices for their sizes. The containers are noticeable smaller than any TimeWise that’s ever been launched. For example, the 3D Cleanser sells 4.5oz for $24. That’s $5.33/ounce. Now, we all know Mary Kay likes to tout itself as a prestigious, “premier” brand, but even my cleanser that I splurge on is less expensive than that. * Note: This smaller packaging is obviously intentional so that the use-up rate is faster, which, theoretically, would cause higher reorder and sales rates for the sales force.

2) InTouch says the set was tested for 12 weeks on 62 women. 62 women?! A sample size that small, to anyone who knows statistics or scientific approach to studies, is a joke and unheard of! I’m going to guess that the posts on Instagram by NSDs like Dacia Wiegandt are from INTERNAL testing on these products—not from unbiased, blind studies.

The brand I use is made in the U.S.A. and is cruelty-free, and my cleanser sells for less than the 3D. In all the years I used TimeWise, my skin was never as clear as it is now. I consistently have people compliment my skin now, and people who have not seen me in awhile remark on how healthier and young it looks.

Sorry, Consultants counting on big sales and Directors counting on production, but I predict a surge in May from everyone stocking up, but no magic to help you wrap up June.

Are you beginning to see the truth we write about on here?


  1. navyhawk

    the brand I use is also cruelty-free and paraben free but is $30 (CAD) for 4.57. MK Cleanser is $32 (CAD).

    The day moisturizer I use is $30.00 (CAD) as opposed to $47.00 (CAD) For MK
    Same with the night moisturizer.

    I am getting better results with this new brand than I did with MK and I also get points for purchasing which I can use to buy groceries and other things besides makeup. Shopper Drug Mart (a Canadian drugstore had customer rewards to be used there and at loblaws, a national grocery chain). Plus, when I asked about this product, I had honest answers and the girls working knew the ingredients in the products (and what the ingredients did)

    1. ww1971

      I love Shoppers! Hello points! My day cream is 68.00, but way better than MK and is worth it, though nothing is really cruelty-free in the world (look at the clothes we wear by people with zero human rights treatment). And they dont try to recruit me either!

  2. MLM Radar

    I went to a 3D movie last weekend, and now I’m trying to visualize what 3D makeup looks like. Does it make your zits more obvious? Does it make your dry skin flakes stand up to be counted?

    There’s a lot in a name. Calling makeup 3D is a marketing fail.

    Also, sample size packages at full size product prices? I thought samples were supposed to be free to the customer. Oh wait, in MK the consultant IS the customer.

      1. BestDecision

        Have you seen a recent picture or video of NSD Cindy Williams? She swears she wears “100% Mary Kay”, and I really don’t doubt her. But, she has had something done to her poor face. She looks like Jack Nicholson as The Joker!

  3. Simply Done

    As global marketing goes, one can see what they thought they were doing, on a professional level, and then they remembered they don’t sell product, they sell ‘dreams’ and who doesn’t want a three dimensional character to come alive in your dreams?

    The fact that the ideal skin care product wouldn’t turn into a monster in my closet from my 3D dreams, because ‘they’ know exactly how to market high end consumer goods.

    Imagine if Colonel Sanders marketed in 3D – chickens being kind of Hitchcock masterpieces flying at you, “come get yer hot, dead, breaded chicken parts” –

  4. BestDecision

    To current Consultants and Directors out there, how are your sales with this so far? I haven’t heard about it being all the rage and not once have I seen it mentioned in the media as if it we’re taking the world of skin care by storm. It’s been 2 weeks. Please prove us wrong on this one.

    1. enorth

      According to (May 21):

      “Mary Kay’s secret sauce…has been proven to ‘reduce the damaging effects of diesel exhaust particles on human skin cells’

      Someone has finally addressed the diesel-exhaust particle problem.

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