New Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

Written by BestDecision

What is Mary Kay Inc thinking?! Right now, Consultants everywhere are buying stock of the new 3D Miracle Set. There’s 2 glaring issues I see as a hindrance to this being a big seller for these same Consultants:

1) The prices for their sizes. The containers are noticeable smaller than any TimeWise that’s ever been launched. For example, the 3D Cleanser sells 4.5oz for $24. That’s $5.33/ounce. Now, we all know Mary Kay likes to tout itself as a prestigious, “premier” brand, but even my cleanser that I splurge on is less expensive than that. * Note: This smaller packaging is obviously intentional so that the use-up rate is faster, which, theoretically, would cause higher reorder and sales rates for the sales force.

2) InTouch says the set was tested for 12 weeks on 62 women. 62 women?! A sample size that small, to anyone who knows statistics or scientific approach to studies, is a joke and unheard of! I’m going to guess that the posts on Instagram by NSDs like Dacia Wiegandt are from INTERNAL testing on these products—not from unbiased, blind studies.

The brand I use is made in the U.S.A. and is cruelty-free, and my cleanser sells for less than the 3D. In all the years I used TimeWise, my skin was never as clear as it is now. I consistently have people compliment my skin now, and people who have not seen me in awhile remark on how healthier and young it looks.

Sorry, Consultants counting on big sales and Directors counting on production, but I predict a surge in May from everyone stocking up, but no magic to help you wrap up June.

Are you beginning to see the truth we write about on here?


  1. navyhawk

    the brand I use is also cruelty-free and paraben free but is $30 (CAD) for 4.57. MK Cleanser is $32 (CAD).

    The day moisturizer I use is $30.00 (CAD) as opposed to $47.00 (CAD) For MK
    Same with the night moisturizer.

    I am getting better results with this new brand than I did with MK and I also get points for purchasing which I can use to buy groceries and other things besides makeup. Shopper Drug Mart (a Canadian drugstore had customer rewards to be used there and at loblaws, a national grocery chain). Plus, when I asked about this product, I had honest answers and the girls working knew the ingredients in the products (and what the ingredients did)

    1. ww1971

      I love Shoppers! Hello points! My day cream is 68.00, but way better than MK and is worth it, though nothing is really cruelty-free in the world (look at the clothes we wear by people with zero human rights treatment). And they dont try to recruit me either!

  2. MLM Radar

    I went to a 3D movie last weekend, and now I’m trying to visualize what 3D makeup looks like. Does it make your zits more obvious? Does it make your dry skin flakes stand up to be counted?

    There’s a lot in a name. Calling makeup 3D is a marketing fail.

    Also, sample size packages at full size product prices? I thought samples were supposed to be free to the customer. Oh wait, in MK the consultant IS the customer.

      1. BestDecision

        Have you seen a recent picture or video of NSD Cindy Williams? She swears she wears “100% Mary Kay”, and I really don’t doubt her. But, she has had something done to her poor face. She looks like Jack Nicholson as The Joker!

  3. Simply Done

    As global marketing goes, one can see what they thought they were doing, on a professional level, and then they remembered they don’t sell product, they sell ‘dreams’ and who doesn’t want a three dimensional character to come alive in your dreams?

    The fact that the ideal skin care product wouldn’t turn into a monster in my closet from my 3D dreams, because ‘they’ know exactly how to market high end consumer goods.

    Imagine if Colonel Sanders marketed in 3D – chickens being kind of Hitchcock masterpieces flying at you, “come get yer hot, dead, breaded chicken parts” –

    1. Annabelle

      You people need a life. Really you are poor souls. Don’t go crying when all this hate turns back on you (and it will, but you will wonder -why me). Any product, business, and person can be a disappointment. Life! When you are truly free of any imperfections, then by all means – throw your stones and throw them hard. There is not one MLM, or even store counter that has perfection. Ask those poor souls who bottle your $68 cream, but can’t pay their bills or support their family, not to mention, no health coverage – yet they are So perfect. Yes, perhaps they are animal cruelty FREE but unfortunately they are not PEOPLE cruelty free!! Sad! Do ALL of your homework people before you open your Free Speech mouths. I do however, appreciate the intelligent and informative comments that keep us alert and aware. (without vengence & “lack of real knowledge” vengeful chatter). Thank you.

      1. TRACY

        Vengeful, you say? Your comments about wanting hate to turn back on us sound awfully vengeful.

        You don’t understand that it’s not about wanting MLMs to be perfect. It’s about wanting MLMs to be eradicated. They are abusive pyramid schemes in which nearly everyone loses money. They’re built on deceit, and consumers lose billions of dollars in these schemes every year

        I’ve done plenty of homework on MLMs, so when I open my “Free Speech mouth,” you can be certain that what I say is based on nearly two decades of research.

        1. Annabelle

          Yes ……to call the Cindy lady ugly. To mock a 3d name with a movie and so on…….. Those are not the issue. Thats name calling and lowering the standard of this page. Not you…the words spoken on the thread are.

          1. TRACY

            You’re bothered by the fact that I criticized the name of the product??? My goodness, you’re a snowflake.

            No one called Cindy ugly, but they did note that she has overdone the plastic surgery on her face. They’re not wrong.

          2. MLM Radar

            No, that’s not name calling. Sorry to disappoint you and your emotional mindset. It’s marketing, and in marketing two key factors are the name and the image.

            That’s because most people don’t look past the surface before making a preliminary decision.

            Canola oil is popular… now… but only because it got a name change. It was originally named for the plant the oil cane from, the rapeseed plant. How many people in this this time would buy an oil called Rapeseed Oil, no matter how healthy it was? Probably none.

            Years ago Chevy sold a very popular car called the Nova. But when they tried to market it in Mexico no one would buy it. That seemed strange, because it had all the qualities that Mexican consumers wanted. Except for one… the name. In Spanish, “no va” means “doesn’t go”. Chevy had to rename the car, and make it look a little different, before Mexicans would buy it.

            So now we get to “3D”. Walk into any mall. Walk past any theater. “3D” means eye-popping detail. It means that boring flat pictures come alive. You can see every grain of sand. Every tree leaf. Every strand of fur. It’s like having the eyesight of an eagle.

            But how many women want their face makeup to reveal that much “3D” detail? Isn’t the point of makeup to conceal blemishes? To smooth ugly pores? To hide uneven color? THAT is why Mary Kay “3D” makeup is a marketing fail.

            I’m not sure why I wasted the time to write this. If you’ve already dismissed us as haters, I doubt you’ll read this far. Or give serious thought to anything I just wrote.

      2. MLM Radar

        Dear Annabelle,
        You’re putting MLMs up against traditional businesses, and using emotional rationalization to claim they’re equivalent. Nothing could be further from the truth. Plus, your pure emotional response tells everyone that your critical thinking is about as deep as a parking lot puddle… in Dallas, in July, at Seminar.

        Insult us all you like. Your emotional barbs just bounce off of our shield of truth.

        Comparing Mary Kay to a traditional business, and saying they’re mostly the same, is like comparing a anaconda to a garter snake. Or comparing a hyena to a Labrador retriever. Yeah, they’re both the same in some very shallow ways. But one will try to suck the life out of you, or tear you apart, whereas the other one is easy to work with and helpful. Can you tell which one is which?

        1. Char

          Let’s see if we can make Annabelle understand even further:

          “Diamond Discount Store” retails diamonds to customers at market rate. The store has changed owners several times. “Whitey Diamond” Bulger steals diamonds off the fingers of women.

          What’s the main idea here Annabelle? Are we talking about diamonds and their specific color and clarity, and how long the brick and mortar remains at that location? OR COMPARING SOMETHING ELSE?

          Should I be condemned for hating Whitey Diamond – even though I like diamonds? Seems Annabelle thinks so.

      3. Lazy Gardens

        Any product, business, and person can be a disappointment. Life! When you are truly free of any imperfections, then by all means – throw your stones and throw them hard. There is not one MLM, or even store counter that has perfection.

        So … until ALL problems can be solved, none of them should be attempted?
        Until ALL diseases can be cured, we shouldn’t do what we can for some of them?
        Until ALL social ills can be fixed we should do nothing for any of them?

        I’m more of a believer in gradual improvement, myself.

      4. BestDecision

        Why would you think someone working for another brand doesn’t have health insurance or other benefits? You think 1 person in MK does as a courtesy from MKI?

        I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t quote the Bible in my global headquarter’s lobby, and I don’t quote scripture at every event possible.

        It’s June. Do you realize how much sin is actually being committed in MK right now? Credit cards being maxed, people being pushed and hurried into their inventory decisions, continued lies about incomes when NO ONE is being honest about their bottom line, net profits.

        All in the name of a trip, a car, diamonds, or even just a little button on a name badge.

        Wake up, Annabelle.

        1. MLM Radar

          I don’t object to scripture being quoted in public, strictly speaking. I put it on scripture quotes on the same level as publicly displaying corporate ethics standards.

          But scripture has to be something we’re livng up to. That’s not how Mary Kay uses it. Or, more precisely, abuses it.

          In Mary Kay scripture is something they hide behind. For them it’s just another tool to make the unsuspecting feel relaxed so their wallets can get emptied faster.

  4. BestDecision

    To current Consultants and Directors out there, how are your sales with this so far? I haven’t heard about it being all the rage and not once have I seen it mentioned in the media as if it we’re taking the world of skin care by storm. It’s been 2 weeks. Please prove us wrong on this one.

    1. enorth

      According to (May 21):

      “Mary Kay’s secret sauce…has been proven to ‘reduce the damaging effects of diesel exhaust particles on human skin cells’

      Someone has finally addressed the diesel-exhaust particle problem.

    2. Leah

      Actually I have held quite a few skincare classes since this launched and everyone thats tried it so far can tell an imediate difference to their skin and most of them are buying the entire set if they can afford it. And the products really are a step up from the old time wise. I have acne prone skin like crazy so ive been on the clearproof line since i started using MK. After my face cleared up entirely i thought to incorporate time wise pieces into the regimend and started breaking out again. My skin couldnt handle something in it. So i went back to strictly clearproof. Once the new line launched and my skin was clear again. I tried it and my skin was noticeably soft and felt great. So once again I have put a couple of the products with my acne system. Here we are a couple weeks later and ive yet to break out at all. Whatever is in the 3D line is remarkable in my opinion and several others

      1. Lazy Gardens

        Actually I have held quite a few skincare classes since this launched and everyone thats tried it so far can tell an imediate difference to their skin and most of them are buying the entire set if they can afford it.

        So, how many entire sets have you sold, and how far in debt are you still? Because I see a whole lot of weasel-wording and not much data in your statement.

        Quite a few …
        Most of them …
        If they can afford it ….

  5. Kryssi

    Not impressed with the size or the price point or the scent either. It smells like it should be a shampoo or a body wash. Ended up with a three day migraine because of the scented factor of it. I am surprised no one is addressing the scented factor of that.

  6. MissMK

    It’s more concentrated than the previous formula and has a longer use up rate… it barely takes any to get good coverage and a good lather. Why do you spend so much time being anti MK? Aren’t you exhausted? Do you not have something more positive in your life to be doing? If negativity is your thing, then THAT’S why you didn’t find success. And why on earth are there so many followers to all your negativity? I could find a good and bad side to anything. But, i wouldn’t spend my days looking for the bad and sharing it IF i find it, or MAKE IT UP for a way to get followers. I get tired of trying to do a quick google search for a MK answer and having this garbage come up in my search. Seek therapy, find closure, move on already. If you think MK hurt you so bad, then you’re letting MK win by giving so much time to this effort.

    1. TRACY

      MissMK – If we followed your advice, no one would ever speak out against any injustice they see because it’s negative! Mary Kay didn’t “hurt me so bad”, but it does take billions of dollars out of the pockets of women each year through deceit. I just want this site to be a resource for anyone looking for the truth behind this predatory company.

      As for my success… I built a very successful forensic accounting practice that earns money honestly.

    2. BestDecision

      You just showed your ignorance. Every consumable product has a use-up rate. You are EXACTLY the type the execs at MKI love because you blindly follow without hesitation or using your noggin.

    3. Lazy Gardens

      ” MAKE IT UP for a way to get followers”

      If you can find any errors of FACT on this website, please identify them and give the correct data. Tracy will correct it.

      But be prepared to PROVE that data is correct.

      Much of the data comes from Mary Kay’s own sales force, Mary Kay corporate publications, or public documents.

  7. Juliet

    I’ve been watching the most fascinating youtube videos by a national sales director named Leah. It breaks my heart. She is PHENOMENAL Has the face of an angel, the sincerity of my sweetest niece, and she can TEACH. SHE CAN COACH. SHE IS SO SMART, I WANT TO JOIN MARY KAY. And clearly she must be black hearted on the inside cause there is NO WAY this brilliant vibrant beautiful woman does not know the truth of the vile MLM deception. She could not be a national sales director without knowingly and intentionally lying to women that they can sell this stuff for GREAT PROFIT when the freaking company DOESN’T TRACK RETAIL SALES? I am so sorry I can’t stop listening to her cause she could BE SO BRILLIANT A FORCE FOR GOOD IN THIS WORLD but instead…….she chooses satan. and IT IS SATAN. he drives all this greed and look at the beautiful woman he has ensnared, to ensnare generations of women. I am so heartbroken but thank you Tracy for this great service.

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