A Former Mary Kay Cadillac Director One Year After Quitting

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Written by PoppingThePinkBubble

That’s right. I wasn’t a lazy loser. I was very successful in Mary Kay, just like several of the wonderful ex-directors here on Pink Truth. I was Top of Class, Fabulous 50s, a pink Cadillac driver and had 3 offspring.

It has been one year since I returned to a full-time J.O.B. (Joyful, & Overwhelmingly Blessed!) As I reflected, I realized that with my J.O.B. – I actually spend MORE time with my family than I did in MK — and more time with family was the whole reason I joined Mary Kay Cosmetics.

One Year in J.O.B.: More time with Family
One Year in MK: Less, much less, time with family

One Year in J.O.B.: FOUR [yes, 4!] Family Vacations! Disney was my fave!!
One Year in MK: Four trips (Seminar, Leadership, CC, Fall Retreat) NONE with Family!

One Year in J.O.B.: Feared there would be no flexibility; realized today’s employers are different
One Year in MK: Perpetuated that fear to emotionally recruit people

One Year in J.O.B.: Spend evenings/weekends with Family
One Year in MK: Spend evenings/wkends at meetings, interviews, classes or on the phone

One Year in J.O.B.: I know what will be deposited in my bank account
One Year in MK: Wonder from month to month what –if anything – will be deposited

One Year in J.O.B.: I work with integrity – truly making a difference in people’s lives
One Year in MK: I compromised my integrity – making the WRONG difference

One Year in J.O.B.: Occasional dinners with girlfriends to catch up
One Year in MK: Girlfriends fear you only want to go to dinner to get something from them

One Year in J.O.B.: Look at the world with optimistic; hopeful eyes
One Year in MK: Look at the world with pink tinted eyes and brain washed mind

One Year in J.O.B.: Bonus pay on top of salary – and my bonus will not be taken away a yr later
One Year in MK: Commissions paid – be ware – they can be taken away!

For me, one year back in the real world, the biggest realization is the time factor. Oh my! Was I ever duped! I cannot believe what I put my family through and what I missed of my children’s lives – preaching – “short term sacrifice for long term gain”.

I have shed so many tears over the things / events I missed – that I will NEVER get back – all in the name of building my business.  I am so grateful that I stepped away from the pink bubble long enough to realize Mary Kay was ruining my family, finances, friendships, reputation…

Some other “successful” directors might say that I didn’t know how to balance my time. I say – LET’S GET REAL GIRLS! Put on your big girl panties and deal with the fact that to be a “top unit” a “Cadillac unit” or whatever else, you have to work days, nights & weekends and put in more than 40 hours a week – and while you are at it, recruit a slew of young, hotshots with credit for a full store even though you know by Mary Kay’s own teachings… that only 1/3 of them will ever do anything with their business – the rest of those full stores — well…..

And if that is what you are after, good for you. Not me. I’ll take integrity along with the steady paycheck, being home nights & weekends, being with my children and four family vacations a year any day!!!


  1. BestDecision

    Well said! It’s true how much time as Directors we spent evenings and weekends building our units. I never went to lunch with my friends, either! We were taught to constantly drive in the point that a job isn’t reliable income or flexible for life, yet my return back out into the workforce has proven otherwise. I make WAY more than I kept after all my expenses as a Cadillac Director, and employers and HR departments know that it’s important to truly care for the whole person and not just their work activities. I can actually have a bad day now, as we ALL do as humans, and not have to fake anything and put on an exhausting front that it’s all “great” and “unbelievable”.

    So glad to hear from another successful Director yet again!

  2. Princess Lea

    Soooo true!!! I was in for 10 years… MK became my life. While not a lazy loser, the highest level I reached was future director and the first month of car qualification.
    It was after that when I started to realize I was nothing but a feather in the hat of my director. After 10 years I had zero savings. Zero retirement. Zero health insurance! Had I spent all my time and energy on a legitimate career, I would have something to show for it! I would have moved up the career ladder by effort rather than chance.
    Now that I’ve been out of MK for 5 years, I keep finding reminders of my previous life. Cheesy plastic bracelets. Cheap wallets and other mismatched accessories.
    This clutter is motivating me to finish school as a dental hygienist where I really will make an executive income! Where I will have retirement and health insurance. I will be able to have genuine friendships and buy my own quality accessories. No more tacky knock-offs for this girl!

  3. nomoremlm4me

    I love your description of J.O.B! I am also working where I feel joy and overwhelmingly blessed. I was a very high seller who barely broke even; now I have health insurance, paid time off (yes, I was paid when I travelled to Italy!), and coworkers who look out for each other. The only “journey of the broke” is those stuck in the MLM world.

    1. Char

      Amway uses J.O.B. too. I recall it meaning a similar “Just Over Broke”. For those of you who think MK isn’t an MLMing company, wrong. And, all MLMs are the same regardless of product as it is a way of doing something that produces an inherent negative result. It’s not a product.

  4. Char

    Another inspirational story from a recovering MLMer. These are the women who are to be truly admired. They recognize they were duped and brainwashed, got out, and now are sharing and doing something to stop it.

    We have to attach a stigma to active MLMers who refuse intervention and are not in recovery. I also don’t buy any MLMing product to appease, but rather tell that person I won’t partake in supporting a pyramid scheme cult and give a disapproving look along with it. They’ll argue it’s not a pyramid scheme as told by their upline, but if enough people do it, maybe they’ll get the hint. Maybe.

    Buying one product to shut them up doesn’t work. This encourages “them”. Please boycott all MLMing products. Look at the insidious harm it causes in the above article.

  5. raisinberry

    I have shed so many tears over the things / events I missed – that I will NEVER get back – all in the name of building my business.


    What a completely diabolical crock of shiz, to sell the idea that you will be more a part of the lives of your kids, and then discover the opposite reality.

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