The Pink Truth Wrinkled Haters

Here’s a lovely note from Victoria, commenting on our New Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set 3D article:

You are all such haters. Your skin probably looks like raisins. No matter what you say, what you write, Mary Kay will outlive all of you bitter old-looking women. This product just came out and you haven’t even tried it and if you had you would never admit it. Drugstore brands are just topical solutions. Use it, and thinking you are taking care of your skin, and then 5 years later you look like a hag overnight. I do not look my age. I still get carded when buying liquor and I’m damn near 60, like in a couple of years and I look amazing! No crows feet, no forehead horizontal lines. Skin smooth as silk.

The company told us at Career Conference in March. They launched in May. We were told not buy any of the soon to be discontinued products unless we had customers unwilling to change. The over 60 crowd who don’t like change.

I work in a law firm. They get ever bit of the wages they pay me, in blood, sweat and tears. Gotta get permission to take a day off. Can I get tax writeoffs for anything I do there, only mileage if I drive to the court. Mary Kay, I can write off lots of things, and when I decide to do this full time at retirement, I can take whatever days off I want.

Nobody twists your arm to become a consultant, or even build a team. Personal use consultants do just fine. I have, for 10 years.

I feel so, so sad for all of you. Please feel free to write back to me. But I know you won’t cause you don’t have any guts. Mary Kay 55 years and still going strong.


  1. Nichole

    How did she KNOW that everyone who supports this site is bitter and old-looking? Forget about a law office with her questionable grammar skills; she should be a PSYCHIC.

    1. Jason Houston

      There’s a big difference between psychic and psychotic. A psychic often has the ability to foresee the future. A psychotic thinks s/he know the future (among other things).

        1. Jason Houston

          Don’t be so closed-minded. I used to think the same thing, until I began verifying instances that could not have been hypothecated in any way. And in case you haven’t heard, there’s a lot about the human brain that has never been explored. You’ll learn a lot more with an open mind.

          1. Barbie

            My issue was more with the notion of “a psychotic,” and the connotations of that. People who are experiencing a psychotic episode deserve compassion, and not to be made into a joke insult toward an angry lady on the internet.

            As for psychics, the reason I mentioned them at all is because the comparison you were making seems to be favorable toward psychics, and unfavorable toward those with mental illness. That struck me as, to use second-grade vernacular, gross. If you use to indulge in psychic services on a recreational basis, that is absolutely your right. However, I will be opting to save my money.

            1. Jason Houston

              Well, you are grossly mistaken. Please read what’s on the page, and not what your mind wants to see. You are 180 degrees off plumb. Like I already suggested, at least TRY to have an open mind, instead of an inflexible one. If you can’t do that, then I can’t help you further. But don’t read what isn’t there.

                1. Jason Houston

                  Oooh, can I look over your shoulder? Oh, yes, it does say that! Man, these new high-tech, digital crystal balls are really something, aren’t they? Oh, look! It says the Flat Earth Society’s next monthly meeting is in one hour. You’re not going to miss it, are you, Lily? Isn’t an open mind a wonderful thing to have? I mean, it let’s in so much more of the real world, doesn’t it!

  2. navyhawk

    I still get carded… And my skin is 100% better off MK (using paraben free natural products). I was in Vegas and they did not believe my Canadian ID that I was over 21 (yep I am…. by a long shot) .

    Currently, I work in a law firm. I don’t need permission to take a day off however, I do tell my colleges so we are not all off at once and it is common courtesy. No tax write offs… however, I don’t pay for my phone or internet at home because I can work from home when I want.

    And benefits, full medical and dental, paid vacation time, paid family time off, paid university courses, paid professional fees, paid social events, paid professional development… paid trips for those professional development days including my gas, mileage, meals and hotels. Plus when I leave work at 4:30, I don’t have to go out again in the evening to work, I just spend time with the family.

    And, when I retire, I will have a full pension (80% of my full salary) and medical benefits. So… I don’t have to work in my prime… I will be spending it enjoying my life not worrying about my next party or MK stuff. Quitting MK gave me my life back.

  3. BestDecision

    Firstly, a lot of businesses ask EVERYONE for their ID because the register’s software requires them to enter our DOB, so stop bragging that you get carded. We all do!

    Secondly, you do, in fact, have to not act spontaneously when you want a day off in MK because, as you go up the ladder, the wrong day or week off could mean a loss of production or other timely things that affect your business. When I want off in my career, I schedule it without regards to how it will affect my employer. It’s when I want it and without worrying what’s happening while I’m away.

    And, finally, your insults about our skin is ridiculous and makes you look hateful. I bet Mary Kay Ash wouldn’t be proud of your attitude towards consumers who don’t use MK. I used TimeWise–the very original–from the day we launched it, yet my skin was never in the condition it is now. My brand, like many others, isn’t a drug store brand. It’s made her in the USA, and no animal was tested on for its safety. I am often told I look over a decade younger than I am, and my classmates from high school constantly ask what I’m doing or using to make my skin look so “flawless”.

    You certainly are bitter, yet I’m the one that’s better.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Firstly, a lot of businesses ask EVERYONE for their ID because the register’s software requires them to enter our DOB, so stop bragging that you get carded. We all do!

      Come to think of it … Home Depot carded me the last time I bought something.

  4. Jay

    I always wonder how successful and happy a person is when they have the time to try to bring others down… Hmmm…

    I’m 35, and I get a lot of people talking to me about ‘when you finish college…’, and I do nothing but keep a decent skin care routine and moisturize. I wonder if MK will make me look underage. >.> Though why I would want that is beyond me.

    Also, working after retirement? I can’t wait to retire so I DON’T have to work on anything other than things that won’t make me money, but will enrich my life and the lives of others, like writing, volunteering and taking care of pets.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    Dear Victoria … Bless your heart for showing such caring and concern for my complexion.

    Yes, I have wrinkles, but when I look in the mirror and see the lines caused by expressing emotions during my 70+ decades on this earth, I’m not looking at someone who is terrified of losing her looks – I’m fortunately living in an area where “las viejas” are a force of nature and nobody messes with their abuelita. And I’m not looking at someone whose ultimate insult to another woman is to point out her wrinkles.

    I am not looking at someone desperately trying to recruit people so they can “promote themselves” into a different level of faux management. All my promotions came because of my skills and training, not my ability to con people into buying low-quality product at premium prices.

    I am not looking at someone who has to lie by omission, who has to fake success, and suck others onto a sinking ship.

    You say this … “The company told us at Career Conference in March. They launched in May. We were told not buy any of the soon to be discontinued products unless we had customers unwilling to change.

    But there were dishonest SDs who did this to new recruits, who did not have the advantage of going to career conference and hearing about the coming changes: The SD failed to mention that in 2 short weeks, the new miracle 3d would be coming out, and that my kit would be useless, as would my spring look books.

    Her SD lied by omission and loaded her recruit’s $600 inventory with product that the SD knew would be obsolete real soon, just so the SD could get a “qualified recruit” and all the bonuses and points.

    In fact, the company was founded by a liar. She lied by omission very skillfully.

      1. ragtopcutles

        Ms . Lazy Gardens: I just want to sit on the porch with you this afternoon. I will even bring the hand fans for us advertising my home town funeral parlor. And later, we can go for a ride in my convertible!

    1. LR

      Seriously! Does she think that MK products contain armies of little skin care robots that repel into your cells and repair them from the inside? Like that Scrubbing Bubbles commercial? Honestly.

      I’ve never seriously undertaken such a study, but I would guess that if you compare the ingredients of MKs skin care products and some of the best selling comparable drugstore products, they would be very similar.

  6. Jason Houston

    Dear Victoria,

    Funny you should mention raisins. The only raisin I see is the one you’re using for a brain.

    I need to know what law firm you work for. Any lawyer who would hire someone with a 4th grade education is not someone I want to trust my legal affairs with. You write like so many Donald Trump supporters I see, and can’t even compose a complete sentence.

    Talk about bitter and haters… you’ve just redefined both terms.

  7. DonewithMK666

    Dear Valerie ,

    as many of us here at pink truth arm prior sales directors some of which you may recognize from of the applause magazine or even on stage at various seminars our goal is to open the eyes of consultants like you and show how Mary Kay is a master manipulator!!! As sales directors we are taught how to manipulate our consultants to get our “production“ in which is another fancy word for a quota!! We are taught how to do this Fire company who has had 50+ years of manipulating thousands upon thousands of women!! As a consultant you play by one set of rules but when you make the next step to director the rules change and nobody tells you that before you make the step! For example as a director in order to meet my car or unit “production“ I would have to lie or manipulate my unit members and if for some reason I did not make that production then it had to come out of my pocket for I was going to either make a car payment or lose my unit! So you can understand why we as former sales directors try to enlighten or open the eyes of his many consultants as we can because we don’t want you to make the same mistakes that we were led to make! I applied pink truth and Tracy for giving us a platform to share our experiences and when Tracy or the other contributors write articles it’s only to help other people see the light!
    you are right nobody forced us to become consultants or order inventory we were all manipulated to do it and buy your own statement you have been a consultant for 10+ years so you have driank a lot of pink Kool-Aid and hopefully one day when that lkool aid starts tasting bitter you will look back and understand that we were only trying to help!

  8. Lily in NYC

    Wow, OP, you have no class. And you are delusional if you think MK products are any better than what is sold at drugstores. And why are you comparing them to drugstore brands when their price points are more similar to what is sold at places like Sephora?

  9. Zaridra

    Victoria, you said you work at a law firm which I guess means that MK doesn’t give you financial freedom since you still have a J.O.B. About your snake oil serum, oops i meant to say timewise serum, you claim it makes you look so young. I hope you know that nothing beats prescription retinol 0.1%. Pair retinol with Sunday Riley good genes on alternating nights, Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, DE Vitamin C serum, DE B hydra Intensive Hydration gel, Sunday Riley Juno, Fresh seaberry moisturizing oil, Clarisonic Mia to cleanse you face, microfiber washcloths, Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm, DE soap which is PH 6.5, Belif moisturizing balm for summer and Dr Jart Ceramidin for winter. Haven’t looked into your snake oil product (MK Timewise), but it probably has fragrance in it which causes cell death so good luck at looking young. You can thank me later for telling you about the products that actually do work.

  10. Zaridra

    Victoria, I forgot to mention you can contact me and we can follow each other on Instagram so we can see each others pics and see who truly looks younger o.O

  11. Barbie

    It’s saddening how much stake she puts in the condition of her skin. Sure, there are definite health reasons to take care of your skin, but even with optimal, health-focused skin care, your skin’s going to age. And that’s okay. I doubt MK would agree with that, of course.

  12. ClapForMyOwnSelf

    Honey, I’m staring down the barrel at 40 but yet numerous people have asked if I’m in my 20s. I even got asked how prom dress shopping was going and I answered “it was fun….back in the 90s when I went.” Some of it is genetics, some of it is common sense personal care, but absolutely NONE of it is Mary Kay. Not one single iota. So to come on here and insult us and our appearances because we’re not guzzling the nasty koolaid you’re hooked on is ridiculous. The last time Mary Kay was relevant in skin care circles was when I was a child….no one I know uses or even considers that over priced junk. You should stick with your day job because it’s apparent by your immature and misspelled rant that you shouldn’t be trying to focus on multiple endeavors.

    P.S. It’s the law to card everyone who purchases tobacco and alcohol products….you’re not worth someone losing their job or being fined over.

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