Tips for Booking Mary Kay Skin Care Classes

One of the many problems in Mary Kay is finding tactics that actually work to sell more products. There are gimmicks that are used to book classes, to get people to try a product or two, or maybe even to sign up as a beauty consultant. But the results from these tactics are temporary. None of them builds loyal customers for the long-term.

When consultants ask for help, they get more of the same: feel-good lines, scripted speeches, the latest gimmick. Below is an example. Look at these “tips for booking” and tell me if even one of them actually works on a consistent basis. Ask if any of them is an action that is reasonably calculated to lead to an actual booking. The answer is no. These are measures that may help a consultant feel like she is actually doing something, but her chances of walking away from this with bookings are slim.

*Do not depend on one idea for bookings. Use many. Booking is truly the lifeline of
your business. Master your booking skills and you will sell.

**Now tell me, if you use all of these ideas, how could you ever be out of bookings?

Tips on Booking:
1. Look sharp.
2. Be enthusiastic.
3. Get the dollar signs out of your eyes.
4. When you knock on the door for an appointment; think bookings, bookings, and
bookings. It’s better to have a $100 class with 2 bookings than a $200 class with no
5. Think of your customer’s best interest, not yours.
6. Look and act busy.
7. Have date book full. Even if it’s with birthdays, poems, anniversaries, or recipes.
8. You select the date. Give them a choice of two times.
9. Book close in – never book over two weeks away.
10. Make your hostess fee special.
11. Have a booking list going at all times.
12. Remember to always overbook – we always have postponements.
13. Always send thank you notes to your hostess in advance.
14. Remember booking is sharing.
15. Remember you won’t book everyone you ask.
16. Having a booking goal per day. I recommend two per day or 10 a week to cover
any postponements.
17. Try each idea five times.
18. Remember booking is a numbers game.
19. Follow the three-foot rule. Anyone coming within three feet of you is a booking

*USE THIS ON ALL DIALOGUES. “Hi! _______________ (Her name), this is
_____________ (your name) with Mary Kay Cosmetics. The reason I am calling is
______________________(your booking dialogue).”

Then give them a choice for their booking time. “Which is best for you the first of the
week or the last? Morning or evening? Lunch hour or evening? I have Tuesday at 12
or Wednesday at 7? Which is better for you?

1. SECOND FACIALS FROM CLASS – I need to see you within 7 to 10 days to see if
your product is working properly on your skin.

2. FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE REFERRALS FROM SOMEONE ELSE – “You don’t know me but Sally Smith gave me your name and thought you would enjoy a complimentary
facial. Now, I know you are busy just as I am, and I do have a couple of openings
this week, what would be best for you…?” If she says, “Thank you for your call, but
I’m really not interested, I don’t wear a lot of makeup.” YOU SAY THIS: “I can
certainly understand that Janie. What we actually teach is skin care. It’s a very
simple process and the only way we can advertise is by giving complimentary facials
with no obligations on your part. Which would be best for you?” If she still objects
and says, “No, I really just don’t want to.” YOU SAY THIS: “Thank you for your

3. FOR THE PERSON YOU GAVE A SAMPLE TO – Ask her opinion and a couple
questions about comments from her husband or boyfriend and then say, “Janie,
you’ve just been so nice to do this for me. I’d really like to do something nice for
you, and I’d like to come over and give you a complimentary facial and get your
opinion of our skin care.

4. PORTFOLIO BOOKING – “My Company has asked me to put together a before and
after Glamour Portfolio you know like you see in Glamour and Good Housekeeping. I
would love to have you as model. I’m making appointments for the week of
__________. Which do you feel would be best for you–the beginning or the end of
the week? Tuesday or Wednesday? 7 or 7:30?” After the appointment is made. You
say, “Let me ask you something…do you have a friend or two that might help me
critique your look for the Portfolio.” She answers. Then say, “Great. I’ll even show
you all how to do the 5-second facelift. Tell them I’ll be showing you this. It is really

5. BOOTHS – You are one of the lucky winners or our door prize drawings from the
_______ booth. You have won a free glamour makeover like the one’s you see in
Glamour and Good Housekeeping.

6. TENTATIVE APPROACH – Use this when they give the objection that they are too
busy. SAY THIS: “Let’s set a tentative date with the understanding that if you can’t
hold the date you can call and we can reschedule the date.”

7. PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN NICE TO YOU – You have been so nice to me and I
would like to do something nice for you. I would like to give you a free makeover like
you see in Glamour and Good Housekeeping.


  1. Shay


    “BOOTHS – You are one of the lucky winners or our door prize drawings from the
    _______ booth. You have won a free glamour makeover like the one’s you see in
    Glamour and Good Housekeeping.

      1. Shay

        Meanwhile MK reps aren’t qualified like a Glamour Stylists. Then again.. them Glamour shots are Hideous.

        A friend of mine who knows I am anti MLM / MK drooped my name in a fishbowl.. I got a call about Winning a makeover.. I was so mad but politely declined 100 times until I just had to hang up.

        1. Jamming Berry

          Oh Lordy, At my debut party this one gal grabs one of those postcards with the makeup and puts ALL of it on, every last bit! She looked like an orange/red Ronald McDonald clown with all that lipstick and blush! We all looked at her and my SD said very politely, “Less is more” or something like that…. as none of us knew what to say. It was so awful. She bought the Miracle Set and never anything ever again.

          UGH! I’m so glad to be almost out.

          1. Coffee-Queen

            When I sold MK, I never used the words facial and makeover, because I was not qualified to do a facial or makeover. I taught my team to not use those words because it was dishonest. However, I got told off for not sticking to the script.
            Man they made it so difficult to be honest. I tried, was successful for a time but then got really disillusioned with it all.

  2. Jay

    “People who have been nice to you”. Man, MKult is really intent on making sure their consultants (is that the name?) alienate everyone they possibly can, isn’t it? I have a neighbor who is on MK (I see the booklet every now and then out in the entrance area in my building), and I confess I kind of avoid saying anything other than good morning to her, just in case. In her defense, she seems pretty okay with not talking about MK all the time, but I’m still iffy (though I want to ask her so many questions and figure out how everything works here, since all of the examples I’ve read about are from the US).

    1. pinkpeace


      I was a full-time director who worked my butt off every day to get bookings, and guess what? With all my skills in warm chatting and overcoming objections, I had many a week without a skin care class on the books. It was draining and demoralizing.

      P.S. A makeover in Good Housekeeping? This script must have been written in 1970.

      1. BestDecision

        I was a Director, too. Remember that scolding we’d get for not personally “leading by example” and having Book 10 done? Hated the whole experience!

  3. Have date book full. Even if it’s with birthdays, poems, anniversaries, or recipes.

    Nahhh, that’s not deceptive… fake it ’til you make it, baby!

    I really hate the fact that my wife is a deceptive scammer like this, but she doesn’t even know it. It’s what her Director tells her to do, it’s what everyone around her is doing… to her, it’s just how it’s done.


  4. enorth

    “Get the dollar signs out of your eyes.”

    That’s for sure. Based on YouTube beauty guru recommendations, I purchased a Wet-n-Wild eye-shadow quad. It was $2.89 at Target. (BTW, nice product for the price!)

    Can a MK consultant sell at $2.89 and make a profit? No. But Target can.

  5. Char

    Here’s a good one. Found this via the discussion board.

    “My goal is to make women feel as fabulous on the outside as they are on the inside.Visit my website for more information: ………. I’m always looking for face models! Message me for details.”

    Maybe I should message her and ask how much she pays her models per hour?

    Anyone know what the going rate is?

  6. cindylu

    These airy fairy tactics may have worked in the 1960’s with stay at home mom’s but after the 1970’s women knew it was a con. Anytime I went to any of these stupid parties, I was shocked at how over priced the plastic ware, make up, jewelry etc were. In some cases I went to help out a friend. When I stupidly hosted a jewelry party for a friend, I had relatives who came and wisely scoffed at the inferior over priced products. For decades now women’s generosity of spirit and trust has been exploited by these evil mlm corporations. MK gives virtually nothing in return. The mostly female IBC’s and Directors pay for the kit, pay for the over priced ever changing products, pay for travel expenses to ongoing fake conferences and ridiculous deceptive training. Too many products and seasonal products that rarely sell. The company itself does not care one iota about its sales force. They do not provide any real advertising through real magazines, commercials or radio announcements etc. The only reason MK is even on the radar is through the stupid free pink car campaign. Free car ya right, even that is a lie as the Director often has a co pay. After fifty plus years of the IBC’s and directors footing the bill, anyone thinking that these absurd decades old sales tactics will work, well trust Pink Truth, holding a stupid MK skin care class is an outdated notion period.

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