Mary Kay Sales Director Tactics Drove Me to Quit

Written by IveAlwaysHatedPink

I was in Mary Kay five years. I enjoyed it at first. Made some money. But then my director won THE CAR and after that she became nothing more than a Holy Terror. She bullied some of the girls to tears, harassed me late at night and early in the morning knowing I had another job.

She started stalking me at the coffee shop I went to because I’m a freelance writer and I go there to write sometimes. I switched places and she found that too. I explained I had some health issues, I was about to have knee surgery, and spinal work after a car accident. I wasn’t trying to “rise in the ranks”, I was a part time make up artist and this was just a fun little money making side gig.

I explained we couldn’t afford to place a $600 order at this time. My customers ordered from the site and that’s how it was. She tried to get me to get a credit card or steal my husbands and do it. Because I’d make the money back in a few days.

Are you serious lady??

She insisted I have a team. I didn’t want a team. Somehow she signed my sister and two of my friends up while I was outside taking a call! I begged them to get a refund and they wouldn’t. They’d seen me doing it and they wanted in on the “fun”. ? They signed up some of their friends and suddenly I was in a program called DIQ which made this crazy woman think it was okay to call me out of bed at 7am and go out with her to find customers. (Walk around the mall all day begging people to buy this.) she told me my freelance job, that paid the bills, was not “that” important and that this was the real money maker.

Shortly after, a slew of people had allergic reactions to Mary Kay and I watched business drop way off. She told me I wasn’t making more sales because I wasn’t coming to meetings. What? Okay, I decided to go. They weren’t far from my house and they were in a nice hotel. They CHARGED us $10 a head to get in.

When several of us stopped going she switched to her house. The meetings were prayer meetings. That’s it. She had a lackey go ahead of her and announce her whole life story and play music before she burst into the room. The most narcissistic thing I’ve ever witnessed. Then she’d tell us all her story— every week. Then there was prayer time. And awards if anyone got one. And more praying

I’m a Christian. But that was the most absurd overdone thing ever. They were trying too hard. There was a dress code— all formal business. God did not call you to sell crappy make up and con women into spending money and doing dishonest things. Quite the opposite. I could see this being a great way to fellowship but— yeah no.

The weekly make over parties/facials are just a scam to get people to join. Forget finding anyone to go cause everyone knows. ? One time a new girl was so brow beaten she got two homeless women to go with her to a meeting because we often had food. They hung around and got food and made over. My director tried to recruit two homeless women who looked like obvious crack heads. She’s like “I bet there’s “something” you can do to get the $100.” She made a date for the four top reps (I was one) to go to a homeless women’s shelter and give them a make over. She said, and I quote, “these women have low self esteem- you can sell them just about anything to feel better.”

I left. I was eligible for the repurchase program and I sold everything back.

Once you return everything you are banned from rejoining. I didn’t tell her I was selling the stuff back. I just removed her from FB and did it. She started calling me frantically and saying it wasn’t too late she could get me back in. I blocked her number. I don’t take calls from strange numbers. I’ve had to block her on all social media and report her for harassment. I’ve moved so she doesn’t know where I am. I’m only out about $300 which is amazing compared to what I’ve seen some women lose. It is absolutely pathetic to feed off these women and their need to “belong”. My husband was supportive but he told me up front he didn’t think it was worth me going head over heels in debt Because he knew MLMs were like that. And I agreed. Thank God.

I’m still with what most of you consider an MLM. I’m not losing money, I am making a little. Enough to stash back for my next horse or car, whichever I need first lol. The director isn’t pushy or a bully and in no way does she ask me to do shady stuff. I don’t have a team, I’m just having fun. As for my friend and sister— they ended up returning the kits. ? We made it out alive


  1. Jay

    Ugh, preying on homeless women is one of the nastiest business tactics I can see from those MLMs (or on anyone who is vulnerable, like cancer patients or people suffering from chronic illness), and the whole “I bet there’s “something” you can do to get the $100.”? What? No, no, no. I’d have left right that second, that’s just way too messed up.

    1. Barbie

      Not only that, but what kind of person would expect a homeless woman to spend her hundred dollars on anything other than survival, let alone overpriced makeup samples and marketing material?

    2. Homeless shelters, hospitals, funeral homes, food pantries, clothing banks. That was standard operating procedure in my ex-unit after the kaybots got kicked out of the malls, stores and banks.

      Bundle those locations with getting 100 No’s and you’re on your way to a dollar prize.

  2. Jamming Berry

    My SD charged for meetings too. I never understood that. Why pay $10 to go to a meeting? At my real job you just go to a meeting. You never get charged. We all know this, obviously. Sometimes at my real job we go to conferences, but the place I work for pays for it or most of it anyway…. And then it’s not people prancing across the stage in prom gown after telling their “I story”

  3. Jason Houston

    You were being stalked by a common, religious fruitcake. They are everywhere in our society. You were a lot more patient than I would have been. Bless you, and I’m happy you got out when you did.

  4. Char

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you sharing your experience and the awful things MK expected you to do, but….

    Apparently, you are still doing it. How can you support another MLM knowing what you know? Do tell. Why didn’t you name it?

    “I’m still with what most of you consider an MLM. I’m not losing money, I am making a little. Enough to stash back for my next horse or car, whichever I need first lol. The director isn’t pushy or a bully and in no way does she ask me to do shady stuff. I don’t have a team, I’m just having fun. ”

    Having fun at whose expense? (Enough to stash back for my next horse or car, which ever I need first, lol) THAT’S NOT FUNNY!

    For shame ripping off people and involving them in a scam.

    Is this like only using a little bit of heroin, driving a little drunk, stealing only a few pounds of flesh, etc.?

    MLMing is something you “do”. You either are an MLMer, or you aren’t. Don’t sugarcoat it, blame MK, and then commit the act elsewhere even if only “a little”. Hypocrisy is not cool.

    If it is not multi-level marketing you are doing and actively supporting, and the translation got confused, then you have my sincere apology for this post.

    1. Jason Houston

      Well, I’ll be the next to stand up and say I was wondering the exact same thing. Would you care to help everyone here better understand what you meant?

  5. BestDecision

    And then you have the NSD egos like Pam Shaw or Dacia Wiegandt who’ve labeled themselves a “public figure” on social media accounts. For Pam, I don’t think having only 29 Directors in her area would qualify as a public figure. And I sure as hell wouldn’t take the spelling and grammar-challenged former school teacher in Dacia as someone to look up to. Ridiculous!

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