Please Don’t Drink the Pink Kool-Aid at Mary Kay Events!

pink-koolaidWritten by SuzyQ

Ever wondered why Mary Kay Cosmetics has events?  The events are scheduled specifically to keep you in the fog and get rid of all that negativity that may have taken over in the meantime.  (Negativity= anything that may cause you to doubt your commitment to your “dream”)

Let’s look at the calendar… Leadership for Directors (ah, the TOP 2%) is scheduled in January.  We are told about the March launch early (always new stuff in Spring, always) and the fee for Leadership includes FREE product, so we can play “show and tell” with our consultants!  So exciting! Can’t afford to go?  That’s EXACTLY why you need to go! 

Then in March, we have Career Conference.  Ah, the drama, the excitement!  Always a contest to earn the luncheon.  The event usually starts on Friday evening at 7PM (You did eat your dinner didn’t you?  No food here…) Runs until around 10 PM.  Much hoopla and excitement… And don’t forget that your $75 fee entitles you to FREE product.  The NEW stuff!  Wow!

Breakfast is on your own.  Many of us bring yogurt or something.  Oh, and there are usually vendors for food, and it’s really fun to pay $3.50 for a muffin.  And if you didn’t earn the luncheon, there are food courts or restaurants or somewhere close to buy your lunch.  The event ends at 4PM-ish, sorry about the no dinner thing again.  Who needs food anyway?  Can’t afford to go?  That’s EXACTLY why you need to go!

The countdown to Seminar begins… you can scarcely breathe, the excitement is nearly palpable.  Everyone knows that everything happens in the last 3 months before Seminar.  Watch closely (and prepare to pay $10/event) as the beloved NSDs hit the road for “guest” events.  Guest events are recruiting events, but you knew that, right?

When your directors, bless their hearts, do the line-up and discuss their highest checks, you do know that this check could have been earned 10 years ago, don’t you?  The Cadillac directors are always last. They are driving the “Trophy on Wheels” and as such, have earned the utmost respect.  You do know that many of them are making co-pays on those trophies, don’t you? Never mind… it’s working for them.

Then all that is Seminar.  The culmination of a whole year’s “work.”  Wow.  A not to be missed event!  There really is food this time, included in your registration fee.  That’s a relief and such a perk!  Can’t afford to go?  That’s EXACTLY why you need to go.

Just think… you will get to buy a new dress, shoes and other accessories, hair, nails, perfect make-up— all to impress a bunch of women who don’t care.  But it is sooooo cool!  Especially if it is 100 degrees and you don’t have the money to hire a cab, or split the cost of a limo, so you get to ride on the shuttle bus or the tram to Awards night.  Ah, what an experience!

Then there is the Fall.  Nothing much happens from Mary Kay Inc.  They did the Top Director Trip, so they are kind of done.  Not to despair though… your director and/or nsd will schedule the FALL ADVANCE!  Or retreat, or event or cruise or power up day, or fall gathering… something to make sure you are still in the fog, still drinking the Kool-Aid.  Still motivated.   Can’t afford to go?  That’s EXACTLY why you need to go!

Just for fun, start paying attention to the timing of “events.”  Read the Applause and all of the heart-warming stories about those who “DIDN’T WANT TO ATTEND _______________ EVENT AND DID, AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!”  It is just amazing how this all happens, isn’t it?

No, it’s not amazing, it’s marketing.  Imagine that.


  1. MLM Radar

    For anyone who doesn’t know, the “drink the kool-aid” reference is about the Jonestown massacre. Cult leader Jim Jones persuaded his followers to commit mass suicide by drinking from big tubs of cyanide-poisoned kool-aid. Mothers coaxed their children to drink it, and squirted it into their infants’ mouths with medicine syringes. Then entire families laid down together to die. Almost 1,000 people died that day. No one in the compound survived.

    Jim Jones was too cowardly to drink the kool-aid himself. After witnessing the carnage he wrought he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, swifter and less painful than the cyanide.

    Don’t drink the Mary Kay kool-aid. It won’t kill you as fast as the Jonestown victims, but it’s almost as deadly.

    By the way. Today is June 29th. If you’re still counting on a last minute miracle to finish, you’re lying to yourself. There’s no way you or your unit will make that much in sales by tomorrow night. Not real sales. And if you put enough orders on credit cards anyway (yours or someone else’s) to make up the difference, that 20-second stage walk you’ll get is also a lie.

  2. Char

    Found this on the net researching cult tactics.

    MLMing Kbots, does this ring a bell?

    “Because they are doing very important things like god’s work, or saving the earth, rescuing mankind, or simply doing ‘The Work, members are led to believe that lying, cheating, and deceiving outsiders for money or getting them to come along to the group is justified.

    And remember that many group leaders are psychopaths. This means they have no empathy, guilt or remorse. Ever!

    Add to this their inflated sense of self worth, grandiosity and sense of entitlement, and they believe they can do whatever they like, take what they want, abuse whoever they please etc. etc. without any consideration for others. For them the end always justifies the means.

    And then consider that the leader is creating clones of himself…!!!”

  3. SuzyQ

    I am having a moral crisis using the term “drinking the kool aid” when I wrote this. I think this is a terrible phrase to use knowing so many people died at the hand of Jim Jones. I am not sure MK is directly responsible for deaths, although suicide did flit through my mind when I was honestly assessing the financial, emotional and spiritual abuse I had endured. I am not being flippant. In addition to being a nurse, I am also a therapist.

  4. Char

    The co-owner of website, Soapboxmom, had her best girlfriend commit suicide due to becoming an MLMer. SBM bought the website to try to help stop the tragedy from happening again. Here’s an except from a thread filled devastation:

    “After months of agonizing over this decision, I decided to share more of the story of my friend who took her own life. Insert the name of any high dollar MLM and any serial scammers and you will have much of the story. Unfortunately, the victim’s family and friends live with the aftermath forever. MLM left her destitute, homeless and hungry. Several truly generous fellow reps did what they could to help though they had lost thousands as well. That is the only light of hope in this whole tragedy.

    Family support for these victims is often non-existent as many people don’t understand that the Judy’s have been taken and ruined by seasoned professional cons who go from one scam to the next in rapid fire succession. She served in Desert Storm in the Air Force. She held a master’s degree in education. She had so much talent and promise. She lost everything and ended up bankrupt due to MLM. Those who were responsible for her financial ruin did absolutely nothing to help her.

    The hole in my heart will never be mended. The pain this has caused my family will never go away. I look in her room and it is empty. Her car no longer sits in front of the house. We won’t be sharing the joys of watching our kids get married and becoming grandmothers together. I can only visit her at the DFW National Cemetary and wish our family had been able to give her enough love and hope to recover.

    This is the real truth behind MLM and other scams and I hope others will be spared what we have had to live through. I hope those founders and heavy hitters who put folks in this position will face the iron hand of justice and repent. – Soapboxmom”

    Please read this thread. Her story, and others, are discussed:

    1. Char

      Sorry for typos: excerpt, with devastation, etc.. It’s early morning. I felt so compelled to post the story, and I wasn’t sure how many of you were aware of the reason realscam exists.

      MLM is absolutely responsible for deaths. While 1000 died all at once in Jonestown, I do wonder how many, over the years all tolled, have been driven to their grave because of multi-level marketing. Divorce and alienation of friends and family is a given.

      Full credit to a couple of women, Tracy and Heather(SBM), to destroy this so-called industry! That is the woman I aspire to be. Not some fake jewel adorned wannabe plastered in makeup sorority type sister begging people for a sale.

    1. MLM Radar

      I’m the one who should apologize to you. And I owe you an explanation.

      When I was growing up kool-aid was something fun for kids. Then one day it was abused by a man who was evil incarnate, in a show of how powerful a cult leader could be. None of his victims had a gun held to their heads; they were told what to do and they voluntarily complied.

      That is where I see the great parallel between Jim Jones and Mary Kay. The unsuspecting consultants walk into an abusive situation where they’re given great expectations, and they voluntarily fall into line. But it’s all a trap.

      If it’s to bee it’s up to me. Fake it til you make it. Short term pain for long term gain. Empowering women. All such slogans are lies strategically worded to ease you into voluntarily sacrificing yourself, and blaming yourself.

      I don’t know how many physical deaths Mary Kay can be linked to. But I do know that Mary Kay is linked to countless other lesser suicides: sacrifices of marriages, of relationships, of reputations, of families, of household finances, of retirement and college savings, of educations and professional certifications. All done voluntarily because people were indoctrinated and submitted.

      And I had a BFF who was so torn up and confused about the whole mess -she never succeeded but was a true bee-liever In MLMs anyway – that it contributed to her becoming an alcoholic to escape the conflict in her life. The final result was that she died in a one car accident just over a year ago.

      Thank you for listening. And again I apologize for taking this post so far off track.

        1. MLM Radar

          Thanks. I really miss the person she used to be, before the MLMs and the alcohol. I was sure she could come back around. There was so much I wanted to enjoy with her in our retirement years. My kids really miss her too.

          But if I can help save one other person from living through the same pain it will be worth it.

  5. Jacirene Pinto Costa

    Hello! My name is Jacirene Costa and I live in Brazil. I am grateful to God for releasing me from this nightmare called Mary Kay. I spent 4 years in the company and sacrifice a lot to “do what few do to lead the life that few have.” And it destroyed me in many ways. During my qualification for DIQ in 2016 I had tuberculosis. Even with the disease, I did not stop doing Mary Kay. I felt exactly as described here: if I stopped, I would be a failure. Today I am happy with my job in the financial area. I thank all of you who are willing to help people like me who are trapped in the pink bubble and are afraid to reveal the truth to the world.

  6. Jenn

    I think that the real customers of MK are their own Kaybots. Because they are the ones who pay for its products, and company doesnt care what happen next. No body In real world buy all makeup and skincare only from mk. Because generally the sales woman are so insistent and pressing everybody to buy a pinkthing also there are so many and new brands. And it’s a true verity that all kaybots are in scam. So Sorry for blind and purblind bots.

  7. Hecate

    The guest event I attended seemed very (annoyingly so) pink & saccharine though my friend was quite kind in inviting me… I, have Asperger’s (& a more ‘goth/alternative’ style) so it was rather obvious I didn’t ‘fit in’. Did, I mention all that pink?!?

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