New Star Consultant Prizes

It’s been a long time since we’ve looked at star consultant prizes and exactly what you’re getting for your money. Mary Kay rewards ordering with prizes. Those in the MK cult will tell you that this is just the “extra” that the company gives as a thank you. The REAL reward is selling the product and making the profit. (Funny, the company doesn’t ever reward actual sales. They only reward consultants ordering products.)

Take a look at the items below. The numbers at each level represent the wholesale that must be ordered by the consultant during the quarter in order to qualify to get a prize at that level. So “emerald 3600” means the consultant must order $3,600 wholesale ($7,200 retail value) of product to get to that prize level.

It’s easy to see how much some of these items cost. Below is the retail value I’ve found online…. the amount you’d have to pay from a typical retail outlet to get the item. You better believe that MK is getting the items at a fraction of that, probably less than half. But the bigger point is that many recruiters and sales directors will push consultants to get to the “next level”… but these prizes are wroth a tiny amount compared to the money that must be spent on products that will likely never be sold.

  • $9,600 – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – $400
  • $7,800 – Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – $130
  • $6,000 – Ted Baker Rolling Luggage – $150
  • $4,800 – JA Henckels Knife Block Set – $107
  • $3,600 – Le Creuset Stoneware – $100
  • $3,000 – Zwilling Sorrento Coffee Cups – $120
  • $2,400 Ruby – RJ Graziano Necklace and Earrings -$60
  • $1,800 Sapphire – Holiday Wreath – free grade school craft project


  1. TRACY

    As always, don’t spend the money to get to the next level. The prizes aren’t worth it! (But your director WILL try to convince you to order to STRETCH to the next level)

  2. SAH

    I liked it in when the girls in the unit would get excited over the pittance of Office supply credit…I was flummoxed. Supplies weren’t that expensive in the first place, but whoohoo spend $1800 to get $25 credit (or whatever it was)

  3. Char

    For the few people still paying double retail to the consultant, a tip to save money:

    Tell your consultant you’re only willing to pay her “wholesale really retail” price, or you’ll buy it on eBay. If she grumbles, point out that your purchase will help her win a prize. (Big cheeky grin)

    WRR $50/MSDRP $100

    Wholesale really retail/Manufacturers suggested DOUBLE retail price 😂

  4. MLM Radar

    It’s bad enough that the prizes are so tacky and overvalued. But the worst part is that when your overstated prize value exceeds $600 MK Corp issues you a 1099 tax form that increases your tax bill.

    You pay for the prize because your order’s supposed wholesale price is overstated, then you get to pay more tax as a result. What a deal.

    Deal me out.

  5. Kimberly

    I just bought the LG TV offered for the Pearl level at BJ’s Wholesale on sale for less than $300. Figured it was on sale because they are phasing it out especially since the other LGs had much better resolution (but for a much higher cost).

    Besides, if I’m making “executive” income, shouldn’t I be able to afford my own private home theater … oh wait, that was the dream they sold me on, not reality.

    1. MLM Radar

      They’re phasing it out, so MK snapped up a whole truckload of TVs for, maybe, 25% of original retail price?

      Of course, the IRS Form 1099 they’ll issue you next January will show the full original retail price. MK knows better than to make waves with the IRS.

      And they have absolutely zero intention of providing you any paperwork saying they paid less than original retail price for the prize. Why, if MK did that you wouldn’t feel special any more!

      Smoke and mirrors. It’s all about appearances.

  6. Almost Pink

    Hey ladies! Can one of you gifted writers do a piece on the Kimberly Copeland NSD/Scarlett Simpson NSD family? Scarlett and Kimberly are mother/daughter NSDs, Krystal is a director and so is granddaughter Waverly. How is an 18 year old driving a Cadillac within 9 months? I hate to admit it, but this bunch fascinates me…

    1. BestDecision

      Waverly can do it because she’s been taught by her Mom that bought a garage full of inventory to finish NIQ. The Fortenberry Area has notorious for finishing goals magically but then never showing up high on any scoreboards afterwards–a red flag for how legitly things were done.

      Bottom line: It’s all about shifting money from one person’s credit card to another and to act like you’re dripping of diamonds. Kimberly has admitted to spending her entire commissions on prizes to get her Area doing something.

      1. Almost Pink

        Absolutely, Lazy Gardens. I wonder why NSDs Kimberly and Scarlett haven’t hooked up sister/daughter Krystal Hunsucker, then? I have always found this to be weird. Krystal actually lost her pink Cadillac for a period of time this year.

  7. Colleen

    I still have the dinner ware they had as one of the prizes one year. I ended up buying some from my recruiter bcuz neither of us had enough to set a full table. My husband loves them. Especially the bowls. So they are a constant reminder not to go down that road again

  8. pinkpeace

    Any other director do what I did when the Star Consultant prizes were announced for the new quarter? I would hang the poster up on my training center wall and have each consultant come up and write her name with a Sharpie next to the prize she was “committing” to go for. Then throughout the quarter, I could give extra recognition at each unit meeting for a consultant getting closer to her chosen prize.

    I learned this at some stupid director training class, and I’m embarrassed that I even considered it, much less implemented it.

    1. enorth

      “something off the set of Boogie Nights.”

      I thought I was the only one. Seriously, I’m having some dark, disco-flashbacks of the 70s and dumb things I did…

      Phew! I’m over them now!

  9. PurpleH

    In Canada, at 1800 there is a $25 digital meat thermometer, and at 4800, a $60 beach-shade tent that I’m fairly sure has been discontinued for several years. Top level 9600 Pearl – the choices are a jewelry organizer mirror or $400 pre-paid card. If the mirror retails at $250, then wholesale is between $150 & $180. They’d be crazy to take the merch over cash card at any level. But brain-washing is a powerful thing….

  10. Cooling Off

    Have you seen all the Directors selling their prizes…even diamond bumblebees on Shani’s Office Directors’ Tips Page on Facebook? It’s like a garage sale these days. Bottom line: most directors are broke.

  11. enorth

    Star Consultants? I’m seeing recognition being given for “On-Target Star Consultants.” And even for “Almost On-Target Star Consultants.”

    Anything to keep the donkey reaching for the carrot.

    1. MLM Radar

      She says you’re On Target….

      It’s a very BIG target.

      Everyone fits on the target.

      There’s room for YOU on the target.

      In fact… you ARE the target.

      More precisely, your credit card is the target.

      Now don’t you feel special?

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