Mary Kay Training Isn’t Free!

Written by The Scribbler

It’s proudly proclaimed on most Mary Kay recruiting scripts, leaflets, and packets, most of the time in capital letters: FREE training! But is “free” a description that’s dead-on or just another fabulous fib?

Pull up your favorite NSD or director’s website and you’ll encounter a bevy of training documents covering everything from what questions to ask yourself each day (“Who am I interviewing today? Who is my next personal recruit?” “Who is my next offspring director?”) to how to “grade” the consultant summary sheets (“Write in different colors! Use fun stickers!”) Check your inbox, too – one director said that “about 50% of our consultant education is via e-mail.”

While they tout free training, the truth is that nothing is free in Mary Kay. Even though training events should be free to attend, (when was the last time you had to pay out of your own pocket for training at your J-O-B?), the reality of having to pony up is often justified with a quick, “It’s a life-changing event; you can’t afford not to go!”

Take Seminar for example. It costs a couple hundred bucks, which does not include airfare, hotel, rental car, food, gas, and special anti-boredom spouse events (which usually from $75 to $150 and are not included in your spouse’s price of admission). Add up these expenses and we’re looking at flipping a grand or so into Mary Kay’s collection plate when all’s said and done.

Friends, if you’re going to put a thousand bucks towards a “must-attend” event, wouldn’t you rather go on an actual vacation? Wouldn’t you rather treat yourself to that instead of engaging in the “stand-clap-curse-sit-repeat” routine for three days and attending eye-rolling classes like “Follow the Money Trail” and “If Only You Would Believe!” in full MK uniform? Me too.

If all this talk of Seminar has left you drained, let’s take a peek at some other pay-for-training scenarios in Mary Kay you may encounter, such as the director who tells her unit that “CDs are available to purchase at the sign-in table. These items are sold at my cost to make it easier for you to get the information.” Gee, if only there were some way to make it easier for consultants to get the information they need. Like making it free.

Some of the events are “cheap” at $5 to $10 each. There are often add-on sessions for another $10 to $15. But there are also additional up-sells from there. $30 here, $50 there. Sometimes there are ordering requirements to attend an event… such as must be active or must order $600 wholesale.

Weekly “success meetings” will cost you too. Directors and NSDs alike charge monthly fees or dues. These usually ranges from $5 to $10 per week. Why the fee when you were promised free training? “The training is FREE, but the facility is not. Dues partially offset the high meeting room costs.”

OHHHHHH! So it’s the facility we’re paying for! You can’t even enjoy “free” training when it is free because you’re stuck funding someone else’s extravagant tastes in meeting rooms.

So is there free training to be had in Mary Kay?” Yes, there is some, provided you have a computer, an e-mail account, and internet access. But if you’re “serious about your business” and the claims that these “essential” training events will change your life, electrocute your business, and infuse you with the forbidden knowledge of the NSDs, have your checkbooks and credit card(s) at the ready.


    1. MLM Radar

      Electrocute! How very accurate. The irony is priceless.

      Yeah, all those costs will just rain on your parade. Real Texas-style severe thunderstorm rain. Very dangerous.

      ⛈ 🌪 👍🤣

  1. Sherry

    I sometimes ran the registration table at the weekly meetings. It was sad that most of the attendees couldn’t even afford the $2 meeting cost, that was just one of the many signs I needed to get out.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      I used to get annoyed at paying the $2 fee because sometimes, I was the ONLY OTHER person there besides the SD! There never really was a big turnout (usually 3 of us IBCs and 2 SDs) and getting handed the stupid receipt for “tax purposes” was a joke. I don’t know how much the rent was, but it’s no longer being used for MK meetings and the SDs who rented it are either no longer SDs or do the meetings elsewhere like their house.

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