When Mary Kay Doesn’t Pay the Bills

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Written by PinkPeace

How do we get into so much debt in Mary Kay? Honestly, it’s not even so much the business expenses themselves, although they can be a bear. We have real-life bills to pay, but our Mary Kay income doesn’t begin to cover them. But if you’ve quit your real job (doh!) and have nothing else to fall back on, what do you do when Billy needs braces and the hot water heater sprung a leak?

Credit cards to the rescue!

I didn’t have a big enough bank account to pay my “real-life” bills, so . . . Kids’ doctor visits? VISA. Insurance premiums? American Express. Groceries? MasterCard. Gas? Discover. And don’t forget those awesome convenience checks that come every month. They really help out to pay for mortgage and utilities.

Every month I would stress through the bills, deciding which ones could wait until the next month to be paid and which ones couldn’t. Would the electric company cut off my service, like the notice said? Maybe I’d better figure out a way to pay that one. The dentist bill can wait, except I hate to do that, because she’s a good family friend. Department credit card bill? Well, they’ll just roll it over until next month. I know I’ll get a big fee charged, but maybe next month my check will be better.

This is how so many women fall into serious debt with Mary Kay. It’s not simply product orders or business expenses, although that can be part of it. It’s trying to make ends meet with a business that is not designed to make you money (no matter what your upline tells you). It’s believing that if you work harder and you get a couple of big months with Mary Kay, you’ll be able to pay off that debt and have it made for the rest of your life.

Pink Truth Lurkers, how many years have you been in this situation? Has your debt decreased or increased? Are you and your family going without, because you’ve had yet another “unbelievable” month? Are you pinning your hopes on your unit to order a lot next month or your recruiting prospect to sign?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations wondering how you’re going to get out of this credit card mess? Are you hiding the credit card bills from your husband, because you’re scared to death he’ll find out how poorly your Mary Kay business is doing? Are you sick and tired of living this way?

PLEASE! Hear my heart, as they say. You will NOT get out of debt until you get out of Mary Kay. It’s no shame to step down from directorship or to send your product back. It will actually be the smartest thing you’ve ever done in your business and will be your first step in getting out of debt.

Here’s my definition of insanity, “Continuing to do Mary Kay year after year, and expecting different results.” Stop the madness, stop the debt, stop Mary Kay.


  1. MLM Radar

    The sweet young admin specialist at my office swore she would never put her Mary Kay expenses on a credit card, and she didn’t. What she did instead, under pressure from her Mary Kay director, was empty out her savings account.

    Three months later she was shaking her head, saying “I don’t understand. I sold $1,200 and I don’t have anything in my bank account.”

    She showed me her sales book. She hadn’t sold $1,200. She’d really sold about $50. But she’d been applauded for selling $1,200, because she made a $600 inventory purchase.

    It was August. Her son and daughter needed school clothes and supplies. And that’s why she got the secret credit card.

    I tried to convince her to send it all back. She didn’t want to. She was worried that her mother, who agreed to be her recruit, would be disappointed in her.

    Sigh. She’d been VERY thoroughly indoctrinated in blaming herself for failure. She thought she was too street-smart to be scammed, and was ashamed to admit otherwise.

  2. cindylu

    Sadly the NSD’s lie, MK herself embellished, my SD had a husband who supported her selfish MK phony dream, my other SD refused to join my SD because she sabotaged her (with her other high paying real career she kept her pretend MK job afloat). The two involved in my direct recruitment were co workers with good paying jobs. They too lied to me about MK. No one spoke about: classes that couldn’t be booked or held, returned half used products, products constantly changing, the costs for meetings and useless conferences and the useless Christmas products (Cheap perfume glittery junk) and Open Houses where absolutely NO one showed up. Just wish all directors would awaken from the lies, send back their products and end the lying.

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