I Will Pray For You, Pinktruth

I stumbled on your site by accident.  I’ve been doing Mk for over 20yrs.  I’ve experienced all the negative aspects of OWNING one’s own business.  It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more negative.  You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.

You can bash Mk all you want and it will still stand because it was and is a company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles.  If I owned a McDonald’s franchise I would still have to deal with reality that people will like Burger King, In and Out, Sonic, Jack in the Box, etc… more than they like the food at McDonald’s.

I’m not a Director although I’ve been in D.I.Q twice and I probably know far more about the Company than you, including all the nationals and different aspects of the company you thrash.  I know SO MANY women who live off of their re-orders and have a personal customer base which you neglect to mention.  Yes much of what you all have to say can be true, but all of LIFE IS YOUR ATTITUDE and how you handle day to day disappointment in every aspect of your life.

No, I haven’t quit and I don’t write this in hope that you’ll stop bashing Mary Kay.  I will pray for you personally “pinktruth” because the TRUTH OF GOD will set you free.  I doubt you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  I’ll pray that you’ll meet HIM (JESUS), then maybe you can spend the rest of your LIFE BUILDING YOURSELF UP, instead of drawing you and others down in to the unending, swirling world of NEGATIVITY which only leads to death.  I will pray for you, truthfully.


  1. Formykids

    Oh my. Oh my. It remarkable that people who even believe this much in God and Jesus can convince themselves that he/she has time in his all powerful responsibilities to be for or against MK or any other business for that matter. I would think there would be bigger fish to fry for the all mighty:)

  2. Jan RD

    1. No one “stumbles on this site by accident.”

    2. A restaurant owner usually doesn’t have to deal with a saturated market. A well run McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A will have a high volume of business without warm chatting, booking, and recruiting by the owner or manager. Sales records are based on actual customers and not on the amount of food ordered. I could go on and on about how comparing an MLM to a non-MLM makes no sense.

    3. “…but all of LIFE IS YOUR ATTITUDE.” All of life?! A positive attitude is one thing, but attitude does not cure cancer or pay the bills.

    4. “I doubt you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.” Many of us who post or comment on this site have been open about our Christian faith, so that self-righteous assumption is evidence that you have spent minimal time trying to understand the reason Pink Truth exists.

  3. BestDecision

    Since you’ve never made it to Director, you don’t know a single thing that happens in Director meetings. Nor do you know how long it’s been since Directors got raises in their commissions.

    Nor do you know the Consultant and Director agreement by heart or else you’d understand you, in fact, do NOT “own” your business. Ask million dollar Director Dawn Burton. Ask former NSD Allison LaMarr. Ask million dollar Director Robin Blackmon Dunda.

    What you do know is how to hide behind scripture and “Godliness” and act holier than us. What you do know is how to make yourself look really bad for admitting that even you couldn’t make it past DIQ TWICE.

    Like others who think their poop smells like pink roses, you’ve no idea the people that are on here, what we did in MK, how much or little money we made, or what our titles were. Move along. Go try to sell those $70 face masks.

    1. Please don’t think I’m defending MK or MLMs in general, but aren’t director commissions based on a percentage of what the downline has spent? So in theory, commissions should be keeping pace with the cost of living without a need for a raise? That what I thought I’d learned from reading this site, but now you’ve got me curious!

      1. MLM Radar

        If they raise the % of commissions paid to Directors, they have to cut the % paid to the NSDs and MK Corporate. That’s not going to happen.

        Raising the % paid to Directors would also make it easier for Directors to cover car co-pays and “topping off production”, once again at the expense of the NSDs and MK Corporate. MK needs the Directors to be hungry, so they’ll keep doing whatever it takes to recruit and frontload. If MKC raised the % paid to Directors you can bet that the raise would be quickly followed by higher “production” quotas and higher car co-pays.

        Raising the “production” quota is something MK Corp has to do carefully. Too much too soon, and the marginal directors will quit. So don’t look for an increase in that 13%. MKC has already had to raise the “production” quota to keep their bottom line intact, because the number of consultants keeps falling. Doing it again so they can pay the Directors a higher % won’t happen.

  4. MLM Radar

    She was “in DIQ twice” but she just can’t bring herself to say the words: she FAILED DIQ twice.

    I’m sure her Director thanks her for all the new recruits who were stripped away from her and reassigned to the Director with each failure. Two-time DIQ failures, like her, often happen because a recruit-hungry Director pushes her in too soon.

    I think Jesus is trying to tell her something. She was set up to fail, for the benefit of her Director. But that’s not what she wants to hear, so she’s quite obviously not listening.

  5. Lulutoo

    The manager of McDonald’s does not run out into the street to accost me as I walk by, asking me to buy a hamburger. (He also does not shout about what religion he is…)

    1. Char

      Wait there’s more. The manager of McDonalds also does not run out into the street to ask you to open up another McDonalds right next door to his – ad infinitum and ad nauseam.

      1. Chris

        This woman made no mention of how much money she makes (which given the fact she is anonymous isn’t that big of a deal), or even if she supports herself and/or her family with the business. Mary Kay salespeople always get so tight-lipped when you ask about those details.

      2. Still Breaking The Basic

        And there’s more. The manager of McDonalds does not stalk for potential customers and franchisees at Wal-Mart, hospitals, churches, funerals, shelters, food banks or nursing homes.

  6. OnelessSD

    Wow, just wow. I was in MK for 20 yrs- 7 as a SD. Lady- you do not know, what you do not know.
    #1: you do NOT own your own business. Please read your consultant agreement again- you will find there that the Company can terminate you at their discretion- if they feel you’ve violated your agreement. If you OWN your own business- that can’t happen- ever. Us leaving MK has no bearing on whether we were successful or not- many of us were very successful car winners, court winners, club winners, etc. The difference is… we couldn’t carry on the deception any longer.
    #2: MK is founded on true Christian principles? really?! you want to go there? Okay- True Christian principles do not allow for lying (see 10 Commandments) Whether it be exaggerations of one’s income (only quoting highest commission ck making it appear that it is a normal occurrence) or status, lies by omission (leaving out information that could impact a decision, etc. / or saying something along the lines of what NSD Dacia Wiegant suggests “leave out her foundation- so you can bring it to her tomorrow.. so you can market her…”) and so on. Listen closely to your highly esteemed NSDs and you will find all sorts of lying and deception going on- and as a Christian, you should run away and flee from it.
    #3: You’ve attempted DIQ twice- and you’ve failed twice. It’s okay to admit that. Failure is not the end all, it’s a launching pad to your next opportunity- the key here is TO LEARN from your failure. Learn the reasons why. I’m sorry to tell you this: MK is set up that way- for you to fail. Take a hard look at the numbers- only 2% are Directors? and out of how many thousands of people.. only a couple hundred are NSDs? The system is set up that way- because you can’t have a top heavy pyramid- just saying.
    #4: Attitude. Having a positive attitude is a good thing- but when it’s misdirected- it can be dangerous. Take MK out of the picture for a minute. Let’s just say that you have an extremely positive attitude… and you’re in a bad marriage w/ an abusive husband. Your attitude just keeps you stuck where you are- rather than dealing with the situation rationally.. you need help-but your attitude says to you “all is good, he is good, because I choose to believe it”. Deep down you may really know that you need help, but you choose to live in denial about the real situation. That is how it is with MK. You choose to say that MK is the best thing since sliced bread- but deep down you may really know that it’s not- otherwise, why would you take the time to even come to this site? MK is an abusive company- abusing women and their self esteem by setting them up for failure by not changing their policies or cracking down on all the deception created by their NSDs and SDs, they are party to the money abuse- created by the same people and by not tracking actual sales. I could go on- but I think/ hope you get the idea.
    #5: Praying for us. Well, I guess thank you- but not in the way you mean. I’m a Christian and I’m thankful for people praying for me- regardless. God knows my heart and my motives and can use the prayers of anyone for His purpose- regardless of their intent or motive. I know that God moved me out of MK when He revealed to me my part in all the deception and how it was causing a huge divide in my relationship with Him. So in turn, I will pray for you- pray that God will reveal all the ugly in MK to you- and that you will have the eyes to see it and the will to make a change.

    That’s all I have for you- I hope you come back and read this- and thank you for clicking on our site… by doing that- you’ve “upped our traffic” which may help someone else get out of their abusive relationship with MK. 🙂 Blessings to you!

    1. Jan RD

      OnelessSD, no one could have said better what you just expressed. Thank you for speaking the truth in love. I was never in MK, so my experience is limited to being a former customer and a potential recruit. Those of you who have been in the trenches have the most credibility.

      1. OnelessSD

        Thanks Jan RD – My heart hurts for all the women blinded by the glitz & glamour that MK spews as camouflage to hide their ugly truth. I was blinded for years, thinking this was a Godly company full of Godly women, doing amazing work to help women everywhere. Boy was I wrong! When the MK façade came crashing down in front of me- I could no longer deny the truth…. that is the sole reason I’m still here… hoping to help other women abused by this pink predator get out and start their recovery. Thank you for your kind words… means a lot! 🙂

  7. Char

    “It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more “negative”. You must not be very “successful” in other “endeavors” of your life.”

    Why is it surprising?

    For me, I am absolutely negative on scammers and their scamming businesses. I have been very successful explaining the act of MLM-ing and getting people to condemn it. My thinking and time has saved them a lot of money, and I don’t regret this endeavor at all.

    Makes me wonder what kind of person questions this. I don’t believe anyone here makes a dime off warning others about scams. Not sure the same holds true for the author.

    Oh this explains it:

    “I doubt you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I’ll pray that you’ll meet HIM (JESUS), then maybe you can spend the rest of your LIFE BUILDING YOURSELF UP, instead of drawing you and others down in to the unending, swirling world of NEGATIVITY which only leads to death. I will pray for you, truthfully.”

    She thinks that 70% of the world’s population won’t be “saved” and are inferior to her. No wonder she thinks advocacy against harmful acts is a negative. She’s delusional. Maybe that’s the devil’s influence? One can only surmise.

  8. cindylu

    Sad really twenty years and only re-orders. No one wants classes. No one wants to be recruited into these mlm’s anymore. Does she enjoy it when Corp constantly changes the products at her expense? Has anyone actually bought those cheap vile smelling Christmas perfumes and lotions? Does she feel safe going into the homes of strangers? Worst is selling products out of the trunk of a car like some encyclopedia salesman or fuller brush scam artist. This company is stuck in the 1960’s with a door to door scheme that was never meant to compete against the web, amazon and many great and reasonably priced products? Why 200 products? Who the heck can afford to maintain that kind of inventory? Especially when the company cruelly changes those products too often? I cannot count the number of lies I heard from my SD. I cannot erase how cold hearted the NSD’s I met were. When I was at a conference, a retreat or seminar I heard and sensed the mistreatment and dishonesty. The gaudy dresses, the cheap rooms with four strangers, the lousy food and treating the sales force like minions. Could not get over the fake I stories, those ridiculous ribbons and the bragging. The bragging, the boasting, the gloating was not Christian. The focus on prizes, jewelry, pink cars, tiaras…not Christian. Being told to lie to our husbands. Lying that we could be there for our families which is nonsense. Classes are held evenings and weekends because unlike the 1960’s when this scam started, women today are working. The final straw for me was when I got sick. My SD did not care one iota about my health. If you get sick in MK there is no support whatsoever. Is it Christian to completely desert your business associate when they have inventory aging which they cannot sell from the hospital. How mean spirited it is to write off human beings and move on to your next number, target, or victim. How many families and marriages has this pink fraud ruined? Products fly from shelves, you can do this part time, don’t involve your husband, find a way or make a way, you can’t sell from an empty wagon, believe and you will achieve. Really it’s hard to believe when your two SD’s and two NSD’s are constantly lying. Three of them had wealthy husbands who supported their expensive hobbies. None of them knew how to actually apply make up but conned brides. In fact NO one was actually able to teach glamor. My SD eventually stated Career, faith, family as the priorities. That’s when I felt a chill at her cold black abusive heart. She recruited those on welfare. Young women who were struggling with rent and groceries. She constantly said this was a numbers game. I will pray for this twenty year victim who thinks re-orders are somehow ok. Critical thinking means you look at what former MK consultants have to say and open your eyes. Can we all be wrong or lying? I had PTSD when I left this cult because I believed in the company and MK herself. I simply could not accept the con anymore.


    One thing I have noticed about MLM is the close relationship between MLM and religions. There is a lot of similarities, MLM build up people using seduction for a perfect life, with a religious zeal, belief in something bigger and better, while being the best Mother and Wife. There is a connection between belief in God and belief in MLM.

    Dr. Taylor was onto something with his research. He was held back by his own religious beliefs.

    1. Reputo

      @STEPHANIE – I’m not sure how you can say Dr. Taylor was “held back by his own religious beliefs.” Dr. Taylor didn’t let his religious beliefs get in the way of condemning the entire MLM industry. He wrote about the problem of MLMs in Utah and in particular among members of his church.

      Dr. Taylor made clear the facts and statistics against MLM better than most of the rest of us. He wasn’t just “onto something with his research…”, his research pointed out specific flaws and deceptions in MLM. In fact, based on my memory of what he wrote and the warning flags, there is not a single MLM that he classified as a positive. They were all bad, some just a lot worse than others.

  10. Danny M

    Thank you! I’ve be contemplating whether to sell back my stuff or not. I became a consultant for so many different reasons than what I found this company to be. I will start the proccess of returning my inventory on Monday. I appreciate all of you ladies for confirming everything I have been thinking these past few months. I was wondering why no one has realized this yet, and then I camè across this site, and I got so happy! Makes me feel so much better. Thank you for all of the great information on how to get out!!

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