This Consultant is Smarter Than You

A former Mary Kay consultant lost money years ago, but because she is so much smarter than the women on Pink Truth, she is going to try it again and she is going to make money. She will not be “silly enough” or “stupid,” and she won’t have “bad judgment” like those of us here. 

Wow! I googled how to get back in and found your site. :) I was in MK years ago when I was divorced and broke, living in a small town, and stopped simply because the market was saturated (my MOTHER became a consultant the month after I did–it was stupid) and I just let it go, using what product I had, writing off the loss of my minor investment mentally as a lesson learned. Now, I live in a metro area, and though I see a car with an ad occasionally, I don’t see overt advertisement here. It looks like a more marketable area.

I will, however, never be silly enough to be forced to buy products I can’t sell. Other than the most cost-effective introductory kit that I had to purchase all those years ago, and won’t ever have to do again, I would never buy in gross. After Mama died, and I had her remainders and mine when I recently moved, and all those shades of base that we just don’t have clientele for went in the trash. I’ll simply never do that again. I did use some of it for stage makeup and gave some away for Halloween costumes and for Christmas presents (along with Satin Hands sets and other products) to friends or acquaintances, but still had lots to toss in the trash–my point is, I won’t buy anything for which I don’t have orders.

I won’t try to get people to be on my team, because I didn’t sign up so that I could be in multi-level marketing. I don’t believe in it and I won’t do it.

Being talked into taking out a LOAN to buy a huge inventory that you don’t know for sure that you have a market for is just to be blunt–STUPID. I can’t fault Mary Kay for trying to push product–they are in sales. It is really a personal decision to TAKE OUT A LOAN. Every person has the right to be stupid–and we’ve all done it a time or two. Don’t blame the company for people’s BAD JUDGEMENT. EVERY one should develop a backbone and use it to help them stand when they say: “No, I’m not buying that. I only need this list of things.”

Much to my surprise, I am a wonderful salesperson, mostly due to my adherence to truth-telling in all situations, and people recognize and appreciate that. I have an independent insurance business, and have done several other sales jobs–teaching high school being one of the more fun of those. I don’t NEED to sell MK, I just want to. I think it will give me an opportunity to meet people and meet their needs.

I go on vacation with my husband, very occasionally, when I can work their schedules into ours, with my children. I do not need to go on trips with hundreds of screaming women who are excited about diamonds and rubies. Proverbs 31:10 says that a the worth of a virtuous woman is high above rubies (intent being precious stones). Yes, I wear them, Mama left them, so I wear them, but it’s not that big a deal to me. Godly women wouldn’t be all about that part, would they?

I am a strong enough personality to NOT be forced to sell crap that I don’t believe in–I HATE the skin care, and won’t even attempt it. I’m an oily, soap-and water girl, 44, and am guessed to be in my early 30′s regularly–the skin care doesn’t work for me, is certainly not worth the money for me, and I would never try to sell it to anyone. I don’t believe in it. I do, however, believe in the MK base. I believe 105 is my oh-so-ivory number. I miss it and the lipstick. I’ll pay the $20 to re-join, just so that I can have my base and lipstick for cheap, make some new friends, and sell to people who want to buy and have the discretionary income to do so. Anything else would be unethical.

I suppose I’ve said all this to say, it’s possible to sell Mary Kay without selling your soul. I know what you have to do to get a car, and frankly, I just bought a new car of my own–don’t need a pink one, no matter how COOL they may be.

Don’t hate because you made the decision to throw thousands of dollars into the trash. If you are in and don’t like it, get out, or back down. If you don’t like your pushy upline, get out and find someone nicer to work with who understands your goals. I, for instance, don’t really have any serious goals, it’s more of a hobby for me, and the person I am reenacting under knows that.

Don’t EVER pressure anyone to do anything against their husband’s will: THAT is totally against God’s plan for the home. I don’t see anything wrong with someone making a valiant attempt to “sell it to him”. If he says no, and he is the Godly husband that he should be, then there are reasons that it’s a bad idea right now, and that lady should abide by his wishes. The Proverbs 31 Woman was in sales, by the way–that’s always a major point–her husband was very proud of her. :)

I apologize for the randomness of my thoughts. I appreciate your site and the pitfalls that you point out. Young women need to understand what is truly expected of them to make MK a viable full-time business. MOST of us just aren’t up for that, and they need to know before they get emotionally involved and over-invest, which I’ve already stated. It’s a great idea for people who have money to spend to make money, or for people like me who don’t really intend to do it full time–which I know they hate, but it’s my decision–and yours.

Blessings, ladies.

Don’t believe Amy. You cannot profit in Mary Kay without selling your soul to the devil. You might be able to make a little bit of pocket change. But consistent profits, especially at a level that will make a difference to your family, are impossible without deceitful recruiting and frontloading of inventory.


  1. Char

    She’s the get away driver who doesn’t think she’s particpanting in the bank robbery, but is expecting a share of the loot.

    Proverb #101 – You are only as good as the company you keep.

    1. Char

      Ugh, “participating”

      Amy said:

      “I won’t try to get people to be on my team, because I didn’t sign up so that I could be in multi-level marketing. I don’t believe in it and I won’t do it.” —
      Then why are you in cahoots and supporting a multi-level marketing company?

      “I suppose I’ve said all this to say, it’s possible to sell Mary Kay without selling your soul.” —
      (For context) My drug dealer is a nice guy and gives me a good deal because he moves his inventory. Does this absolve him from being part of the drug industry? I think not!

      “Don’t hate because you made the decision to throw thousands of dollars into the trash.” —
      Do you really think that’s why I, and others, despise MLMing? Um, no. It’s because it’s a con game that preys on others – endlessly. It would not exist without the lies.

      Proverb #102 – Amy selling a tube of lipstick does not a multi-level marketing company make.

  2. “I won’t try to get people to be on my team, because I didn’t sign up so that I could be in multi-level marketing.”

    Be sure to tell that to the new upline you are signing under! LOL

    “…writing off the loss of my minor investment mentally as a lesson learned…”

    You obviously never learned the lesson – you’re signing up again.

  3. MLM Radar

    Fast forward six months. After dealing with shipping charges, sales tax she has to pay on “full retail” price, $450 retail lump-sum activating order purchases to keep her “discount,” and eBay competition, will she still be trying to sell MK? Especially since she’s self-limiting the products she intends to sell?

    More importantly, since she took the time to write such a LONG letter chewing is out, does anyone expect she’ll write us an equally long letter taking back her high and mighty comments?

    I doubt it.

  4. LR

    So….she’s going to be successful in MK by NOT recruiting, NOT selling half of the products (skin care,) and NOT even having products on hand to demonstrate? Is she planning to make 50% commission on everything she “sells?” (A quick look around Ebay should put an end to that fantasy.)

    Good luck with that. Come back in a few months and tell us how it’s going.

  5. Pinkiu

    She thinks that she can get a 50% discount by just ordering her base and lipstick! Oh, Amy… I guess you didn’t learn how this company works the first time. She would be better off just buying it off of eBay.

      1. Juliet

        If customers could receive direct from the corporate office, that WOULD be direct sales, not an mlm. Evidently there is far, far more money exploiting people via pyramid schemes than in the direct sale of shoddy makeup to ACTUAL consumers.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        Shay – Yes, customers can go to her website and order and have it shipped … but the whole upline still gets paid.

        People that sell straight from their website, skipping the distributors and whole MLM structure, are true ‘direct sales”.

          1. Lazy Gardens

            In an MLM, the upline ALWAYS gets paid. they are paid when their recruits buy product (not when there is a sale).

            The $20 for a website? I don’t know. Maybe to make it look more like a business and less like a scam? Maybe to harvest names and addresses of people who buy the stuff?

            1. Shay

              So if a customer buys from website and pays the $5.95 or whatever it is for shipping, does MK ship or does the consultant ship it?

              Lularoe got in trouble with FTC for only rewarding when consultants buy something vs sales made. How is Mary Kay getting away with this?

  6. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    She’s so sad, it’s funny. Of course she knows it all. So glad, I’m not in this rat race. I predict she’s going get sucked into the pink fog again.

  7. cindylu

    I found that immediately after returning products and quitting MK, I was angry, confused and lost. It took a while to undo the brain washing and sense of loss. Each day I now had to find a new path. I hated the stupid “Don’t break the basic” which puts us on an unnecessary guilt trip. No matter how you try to do this business or ignore the many flaws of this mlm, there is just too much wrong with this. No where to advertise, products constantly changing and the constant negativity of doing MK. I watched as my SD and NSD’s lied. MK did have a saturated market and that was years ago.

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