Why Are You So Negative?

To the Owner of Pink Truth

I really would like to know why you are so negative. My stomach turned as I read some of the headlines on your website.

Obviously, you had a bad experience, but why perpetuate negativity. Any business anyone gets into, not just Mary Kay there will be dippy days. I tell my consultants that. It is not a walk in the park, but with persistence and continually learning more, you can be successful. It is up to you.

Obviously, you were not successful. But speaking badly about others is not Biblical nor the right thing to do, even if you are not a Christian. You are obviously making a living off of encouraging disappointment and others misfortune.

Instead of being so negative, why not encourage people. Read any other company – everyone has dippy days and times. It is how you handle it, determines how you succeed. Please consider stopping making money off of people who are discouraged.


  1. BestDecision

    Another grammar nightmare. As a Director putting out new letters and documents, she really should take an English class.

    It really isn’t “up to you” in being successful, otherwise you’d have every invitation waiting for you at Leadership in January, right? I mean, you’re not worried about finishing those deadlines in November, are you?

    1. karla manriquez

      I agree you ladies are so negative !!!! But then again you must be jealous because there is a lot of companies out there not just Mk . Grow up really. Do something better with your life, Stop being hateful .

      1. Princess Lea

        Aw Karla! Why are you so defensive? How is spreading truth and information, and helping others from getting scammed hateful? When I was climbing out of my pink bubble and learning that I had lost $20,000 despite a consistent customer base and large team, the people on this website helped me in my recovery. I’ll be forever grateful. I share this website with others often and they always thank me for helping 🙂

  2. Lazy Gardens

    NOTE: Tracy makes NO MONEY off this site. She has a profession as a forensic accountant.

    “My stomach turned as I read some of the headlines on your website.” Try reading the whole article, then notice that the behavior of your upline had been accurately reported.

    Most of the articles are based on material published by Mary Kay corporate and “training material” from various NSDs and SDs.

    The behavior seen in MLMs is not “dippy days”. It is systematic lying and manipulative behavior designed to move as much money as possible from the consultant to the upline …

  3. FoggyPinkFriend

    “Dippy Day” is an absolutely adorable term for the destruction caused by MK. Is it “Dippy” when a husband finds out the family finances are in tatters? Darn that “Dippy Day” when friends won’t return calls because they are sick and utterly tired of MK’s Flash Sales, or being added as a “consultant” because MK needs 25 to be a Director. So Dippy one day, MK wrote a Facebook post blasting people who buy from Sephora instead of Hun.

    Dippy is, literally, the term I use for myself when I haven’t slept well in days and start making cognitive errors. Perhaps OP isn’t well rested.

  4. Robert

    OP, assuming you’re actually involved in MK and aren’t just a random troll: You simply aren’t yet far enough into your MK experience to know what everyone on PT already knows. MK is a rip-off. It is a scam wrapped in the promise of women’s empowerment and self-determination. MLM syndrome has a step of realizations similar to grief acceptance. You are early in your walk along those realizations.

    My ex (from long ago) bought into the MK promise. Like 95+ percent of others, it was a disaster. She held parties. She did trunk sales. She made gift baskets. She went to the rah-rah conferences (and I went with her — the only guy in a sea of pink). She worked her tail off. I supported her efforts as a good hubby does and paid her buy-in. That I didn’t believe in MK didn’t matter. I believed in my (now ex) wife.

    In the end, when she literally collapsed from exhaustion and fear, I sold all her remaining inventory (thousands of items) on eBay for around 15 cents on the dollar. She was done. The entire episode lasted about a year.

    So, OP, reflect on these words in about a year (or less), when your MK world fails to deliver on the promise. Was it *your* fault for not trying “hard enough”? Or can MK take some of the blame? Everyone here on PT will welcome and sob with you. We’ve all been there — even MK hubbies like me.

    1. karla manriquez

      I agree you ladies are so negative !!!! But then again you must be jealous because there is a lot of companies out there not just Mk . Grow up really. Do something better with your life, Stop being hateful .

      1. OnelessSD

        Seriously Karla…. why are you even here? Your director would NOT consider this a good IPA (Income Producing Activity) for you. I was actively in MK for about 20 years- 7 of them as a SD. I legitimately sold my way onto the National Court of Sales 5 years in a row (and have the crappy diamonds to prove it). I worked my tail off… and the day I left directorship- I was still $22,000 in credit card debt – all due to the outrageous expenses I incurred as a sales director. I had a young family when I was a SD – and I missed out on countless things with my children and husband…all for the sake of trying to continue to move up in this retched company. I spent countless hours working this business… and when it was all said and done- I still lost money. I’m not an extravagant person- and I don’t recklessly spend money… but my expenses consistently ate up any profit and then some each year as a director. MK is a losing venture- all the time. What you see in your director, even perhaps your NSD is a façade… they tell you their highest checks… but that check could have been a while ago- and they are always under the gun to churn through people to keep the façade alive. I used to believe that a director’s life was magical and amazing… until I became one- it’s hell, because you are never off the clock- ever!

        So don’t come on here telling us to grow up and to not be jealous… there is no way I’m jealous of them or their lives… I lived it- and I chose to walk away and actually be present and live again. It took me 7 years to pay off that $22K in debt… and I’m making more $$ now working part-time than I ever did as a full time director. So they can have their life- I pity you and them- because there is no way on earth you can live authentically and continue with the lies that are required of you to be in MK. I wish you well… but when you finally see the truth- feel free to come on back – we’ll be waiting for you.

      2. Char

        I have some questions for Karla:

        Which is worse for one’s character? Someone who is jealous of everyone else, OR someone who thinks everyone is jealous of them? Are you so arrogant that you think people are jealous of you?

        Now, something even worse.

        That someone, you, thinks others are jealous of you being an MLMer, an MLMer lol, perpetrating a scam, taking advantage of those beneath you, lying and embellishing to get ahead, dressing up like a clown acting like a sorority girl, ignoring all others to make a few pennies on mediocre BEAUTY products in a pyramid scheme.

        If you learn one thing, it is that things in life are relative. I can assure you I am not jealous of the above. And yes, I hate scams and scammers taking advantage of others.

  5. Mickey2942

    “Making a living off of other people’s misfortune”, and “Stop making money off of people’s discouragement”.

    This is the criminal thinking mentality of MLM scams. You are making money off of people who have been sold a bill of goods, that if they sell enough, recruit enough and of course, stock enough inventory, that they will be driving a pink Cadillac!

  6. Cindylu

    Missing out on family. Being lied to. Absolutely no where to advertise. I was embarrassed, ashamed and extremely disappointed with MK, my SD and two NSD’s in my area. How discouraging to make those unwanted phone calls to friends and relatives. Working hard to book a class and then having it cancel. The friend or stranger definitely thinking that MK was a very lame way to spend a couple of hours. All those women who wisely knew that MK was a scam. My SD and NSD were cold hearted liars. They didn’t even try to hide their selfish scheming BS. My SD lost DIQ’s constantly. It worked to her advantage. When the DIQ failed (Often quitting). My SD stole their customers. Her husband actually paid for everything. Also I resented the company constantly changing its products at my expense. I hated Open Houses where no one came. I was terrified at going to strange neighborhoods where I once had my car stolen thanks to this MK scam. I hated that my untrustworthy SD scammed women out of their grocery money. Working at McDonalds would have been a better job. I eventually moved on to real careers with pensions and perks. I now have a pension and get to travel. Once I quit the embarrassment called MK I actually had time to be with my children and enjoy holidays.

  7. Morningstar

    ^^^^^ Very good points on this topic. Our society is changing rapidly and where we would go into homes and neighborhoods even 20 yrs ago, it is not a good idea today. Small towns may be different and safer, but not in Colorado where I live. The small towns are now morphed into big communities, personal crime is way up. The middle class area I grew up in is now a heroin and gang hot spot. The local Kroger takes the theft hit according to the manager as people will steal out in the open so they can eat in between shooting up. So any person selling at mlm parties is taking their personal safety lightly (in hopes of honestly making money) when the hostess is not known and the area is unfamiliar. Your car getting stolen was a red flag and so glad it was the car instead of you but it left you a victim and that is not a good feeling. So what this points out (to me) is that MK is a sham, complete with corporate not keeping up with savvy sales venues in our changing society coupled with low end quality and off trend product (hey I saw they just came out with brow tint!). It is all about selling to you and counting on you to bring in more people so they can unload the products they make. The constant changes from corporate are a dual purpose to promote the cosmetics and to shave dollars off the production costs. A buying club is all MK really is and the only perk is that you get BS recognition for revving up the credit card on a regular basis.

  8. Princess Lea

    Aw! How cute! She thinks she can change our minds with overly simplistic pink scripts. You know what’s funny? 10 years ago when I first “stumbled” upon this website I almost wrote a letter much like this one. I didn’t and 5 years ago I came back seeking help for everything that happened. It was all predicted. If I had been honestly receptive to learning, I could’ve been saved about $15,000

    1. Char

      Think about it.

      A con wouldn’t exist if the con men/women weren’t successful duping others. A good con is making people believe they aren’t being conned. What is particularly insidious and masterful about MLM is the con men get the dupes to do the conning for them and perpetuate the fraud. Crazy!

      People need to forget all the distractions about product. Keep it simple. Stop committing the act of MLM-ing or supporting those who do it. Don’t buy the product used to mask the con game of MLM.

  9. D

    To the OP, why are women so negative about MK or other direct sales companies? Because it’s easier to blame others than learn from so-called failures or mistakes and maybe try again. Thomas Edison didn’t invent electric after just one attempt. In actuality, credit should go to Nikola Tesla, but that’s another story.

    All of the purported wrongdoing in MK is also a daily occurrence at a regular, traditional job. People are lied to, used, fired, deceived, betrayed, every single day for years until they are one day dropped and put out to pasture like a sick horse. Maybe this is the nature of life. Learn and keep learning until you master getting what you want. If it’s too much, quit. Doesn’t mean everyone else should too.

    I have been in both direct sales and traditional jobs, and I prefer making mistakes and wins on my own accord in direct sales or any type of sales – where I am in control.

    By the way, whether you can or can’t – is up to us. No one decides that for us. For every single sob story above, you can pull out a similar sob story …and then some…from the traditional work force.

    Making it sound like MK is the devil and the epicenter of direct sales evil is exaggerated.

    Whether you do direct sales or traditional employment, it’s going to be work. There is training for women direct marketers from those that are successful (and not in MK) – so it IS being done.

    And if you don’t believe that it IS being done, then that’s fine too.

    I’ll take my chances on my own abilities then trusting a Corporate drone. And if you’re a woman or a woman over 50 (God forbid) , your 25-30 year-old male boss or co-worker will still have more clout and influence than you ever will because he’s a man.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “People are lied to, used, fired, deceived, betrayed, every single day for years until they are one day dropped and put out to pasture like a sick horse.”

      I’ve been fired. It’s survivable. I was fired at the staff meeting before the OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY once, along with about half the staff. Our main problem was not bursting out laughing, because we’d all been fired before, from better companies by better bosses.

      I have been put out to pasture … but the pasture is GREEN and I can graze for the rest of my life because of those horrible companies paying into my retirement accounts. And my vet bills and farrier’s bills are covered, thanks to those evil companies.

      “I prefer making mistakes and wins on my own accord in direct sales or any type of sales – where I am in control.”

      How much control do you have in Mary Kay? Can you sell where you want? Can you advertise where you want? Can you sell your business or will it to your heirs? Mary Kay can cancel your contract with them, for no reason at all with just 30 days notice. Your recruits would go to your upline and the commissions from their purchases would not be sent to you, even though you did all the work of recruiting them.

      Remember Jamberry and all those “CEOs of their OWN business that were suddenly left with no business when Jamberry pulled the plug. And now Advocare has demolished all those downlines with the stroke of a pen.

    2. Char

      She’s operating under a false premise. MLMing is not direct sales, just as child abuse is not discipline. Without a true understanding of the MLM method and it’s consequences, the entire post is irrelevant and makes zero sense.

      “Learn and keep learning until you master getting what you want. If it’s too much, quit. Doesn’t mean everyone else should too.” – Is this also the advice you’d give to the child abuser? See what I mean?

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