How We Got You Into Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

How did we get you into Mary Kay? It was interviewing manipulation. You were probably reasonably happy when you came to our meeting, career coffee or guest event. But we are on a mission. And that mission is to enrich your miserable life. But first… we must make sure you have a miserable life.

Step One: Make a friend. I’ll tell you my “I-story” in which you will see how happy I am in Mary Kay, and how much better my life is and how much freedom and flexibility I have. I will level with you how unfulfilled I was, and how much growth has happened in my life. Lastly, I will search for your hot buttons and see where there might be a weakness in your armor.

Step Two: Tell us all about you! What did you want to be in high school or college? Were you able to reach that goal? (Probably not and that will start you feeling unfulfilled.) What do you like about what you do in your current situation? What would you change about your current situation, if you could?

Once you mention what you would change, (more money, more time, more friends, more flexibility, more challenge) we know your hot button and we have you.

Step Three: Begin the seven main reasons why women do Mary Kay, mentioning how we make our money, and a little bit about the high end of MK earnings showing Applause Magazine accolades. Ask a “yes answer” question. “Could you get excited about making an extra $300 to 500 CASH per week part time?” This question is impossible to say “no” to, so it will begin your first “yes” answer. If we can get you to say 7 yes answers, you will sign your agreement.

Step Four: Continue talking about the Car program, the Prizes, Being Your Own Boss, Personal Growth, the Number 1 Brand, free training, and ask a yes answer question after each item. (For example: Does the idea of calling your own shots appeal to you? Would it be important to you to represent the Best Selling Brand?) Once we have secured 7 “yes” answers you are ready to trial close. You are now fully aware that you do not make enough money, do not have flexibility, need more growth, need to be your own boss, do not get any recognition or prizes, are underpaid, and are paying for your own stupid car.

Step Five: We ask you your favorites. What do you like most of the seven main reasons I gave you? Which are your top three? When you mention money, free cars and flexibility, we affirm your choice. Time to begin closing.

Step Six: “Well Sally, the sooner you get your training done, the sooner you will be able to work toward that free car, the extra money and the flexibility you desire. I have an orientation training class scheduled Saturday or Wednesday…which one would you like to participate in?” (We SHUT UP AND WAIT.)

Since you are indirectly being asked to join, the choice is easy…you will think which day you are free and answer. “I can come on Wednesday.”

“Great!” We reply. “Let’s just get the paperwork taken care of now.”

Step Seven: Discuss the cost of the starter Kit and what’s in it and re-close.

Isn’t it great to get all that free product? Imagine how much fun you will have using all this and enjoying a personal 50% discount! How did you want to take care of this? MC, Visa, Check? (We SHUT UP.) You will answer.

Step Eight: Objections. All objections are just requests for more information. You are feeling excited but nervous and also will doubt yourself- a drawback of creating a need in you. Time to “fish.” You will state a question such as “I need to think about it.” All responses from us are positive. “Great! Good idea. If you were to think about it what questions would come up?”

After you give one or two, we fish for more. We want all your ammo. “So, you don’t know if you would be good, you wonder if you have enough time, and you want peoples opinion – Is that about all?” “Yes” you say. “If I had an answer for each of these would you feel more comfortable making a decision?” (you can’t say no).

We take them one at a time, using the Feel Felt Found formula. “Sally, I understand that you feel like you might not be able to learn how to do Mary Kay? I felt doubt about whether I would do well also, but I found that since they were willing to train me and I could follow instructions, learning came easy – and don’t you think it would be the same for you?”

Step Nine: The Power Close. After all objections are answered, we end with this statement: “Sally, doesn’t it make sense to try MK for 30 days, let me help you make an extra $800 to $1,000 CASH – and THEN decide if it’s for you?” (Shut Up.)

This question is impossible to say “no” to.

Step Ten: Final parting Objections. Fear of change makes everyone hesitate, and grope for any last reason. Being ready for this last ditch desperate attempt to dodge the close makes us recruiting champions. Whatever you say, the answer is, “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay.”

“Well, I don’t have any friends.” That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay.

“Well, I don’t have any money.” That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!

“Well, I don’t have any time.” That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay.

By setting up the dissatisfaction in your life, and skillfully getting you to announce your deficiencies, we can fill that need with one of the seven main reasons if not more than one. “Yes answer questions” control the dialogue and you must say yes to each one. After seven yeses it is impossible to say no, and by reminding you, you only needs to try it for 30 days to make $1000, you are “off the hook” as far as long term commitment.

That last ditch attempt to dissuade us from choosing you, is again a restatement of your need and unsatisfying life, so the answer, “that’s exactly why you need Mary Kay” seals the deal. In case you are an “I” Personality, we will have a Mary Kay pin attached to your agreement and mission accomplished!

Now we can begin to enrich your life by filling those deeply held needs you didn’t even know you had. This pattern will work your entire Mary Kay career as wanting awards, recognition, money, will be placing you in a constant state of dissatisfaction and questioning your goals and accomplishments. As you reach one goal, we place the next one before you in a continuous strategy of creating a “lack.” This will keep you moving forward, as laurels rested upon soon wilt.

Keeping a consultant and director dissatisfied with where they are, is the best way to enrich their lives. And of course, OUR lives… hook, line, sinker.


  1. MLM Radar

    The MK pitch – with all the niceness of a high-pressure time-share sales pitch.

    Let’s get you signed up NOW, before you have a chance to discover that most of the easy earnings claims are lies.

    If running a MK business is as easy as it sounds, this offer will be available next week… or next month, if I want to wait until I check it out some more.

    Come to think of it, if running a MK business is as easy as it sounds, there’s no reason to pitch it like a high pressure time-share sales pitch. And the fact that they are makes me suspicious that something’s seriously wrong.

    1. Char

      Well said and thank you for pointing out the contradictions.

      The reality here is it’s a sales pitch asking you to join a PYRAMID SCHEME. No wonder it’s scripted high-pressure double talk.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    “You are now fully aware that you do not make enough money, do not have flexibility, need more growth, need to be your own boss, do not get any recognition or prizes, are underpaid, and are paying for your own stupid car.”


    1. MK_Hubby

      So join MK and make even less money, use your remaining free time to work yourself to death, grow terrible marketing and business practices, answer to the pressure put on you by your director and your national, be recognized for not pushing hard enough, pay into a business that doesn’t even provide minimum wage, and be given a car as added pressure to maintain a level of production!

      My wife was in this company for years and it completely shredded her and our relationship. It was a constant strain on our finances, on our time, and on our relationship. It wasn’t until we had another child that she was finally forced to step away from MK, and that’s when the scales began to fall off her eyes.

      She realized what horrible people her upline directors were; they continued to pressure her to buy inventory and get out and work 60+ hours a week with a 1-week old baby, even commanding her to bring the baby to appointments because “He’ll just sleep through them!”

      Our MK car (whatever the crossover option was at the time) was taken away because she wasn’t meeting production and we were pinned into a corner. We had to buy a vehicle big enough to haul our 3 kids around, which left us with a car payment we couldn’t afford and knocked us down to one vehicle.

      She finally told her director that she could’t work at MK right now and was going to use the flexibility of the business to take some time off and focus on family. She was shunned by the other directors and heavily shamed by her National for being “selfish,” as she didn’t want to support her unit, her MK sisters, or her director, who was trying to become a national at the time.

      Eventually, she fell out of directorship, and that is the best thing that happened to our marriage. After another round of shunning and shaming that resulted in several burned bridges, she said she was sick and tired of MK and would not be working at it.

      She still maintains a few customers and orders every once in a while to sell product, which is a nice little cash boost every month (about ~$100-200 / month in profit), but she only orders what customers order and doesn’t maintain much inventory outside of what she already had and what she uses herself. She works probably about 7-10 hours a month with Mary Kay now, and most of that is just dropping off product and chatting with customers she had gained from the past several years. She is happier now than she ever was when she was working actively for MK, and it has helped heal a lot of pain in our marriage and our family.

      This company does not care about women. It cares about money. That is the true culture of Mary Kay. If they can profit off of you and make you become dependent on Mary Kay for everything (perceived income, transportation, confidence, self worth, etc.), they will. MK corporate will do anything to achieve this goal, and so will the Nationals and the directors. They don’t really care if the recruits are successful; they only care how much money they can make off their underlings.

  3. MLM Radar

    The recognition I get is that regular automatic deposit into my bank account, just in time to pay for the house, car and utilities, and to save for a family vacation.

    I sleep quite well at night with all that recognition, TYVM.

    I don’t need a stage walk with a bad photo to prove how much recognition I’m getting. The photo of my kids and grandkids with Mickey Mouse in an “I ❤️ Gramma” frame is plenty of recognition for me.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      ^^^ THAT!
      When you are getting a regular paycheck, you don’t need gew-gaws and tawdry trinkets to boost your mood.

      I got some cube toys and corporate swag from my J.O.B., but did not have to buy anything to get them. I got company trips, and didn’t have to sell anything to go – they even paid for my boy-toy to come along. And when I needed a company car, they leased one and handed me the keys when I started working.

  4. Cindylu

    Nothing but lies. You won’t be there for your children. You can’t make money doing this part time. No one wants to book a stupid make up party anymore. (They know MK is a fake scam). No one will come to your open house. The NSD I stories are mostly fake. This pink fairy tale is a bunch of BS designed to suck women in with a company that pretends to care about women. I saw nothing but a greedy SD and two very manipulative NSD’s. When directors lined up bragging about their highest pay check, I knew they were boasting about something that happened years before. Also the company changed products immediately after I placed an order. Thanks to this mean spirited tactic, my inventory was obsolete even before I had a chance to sell it.

  5. Morningstar

    Wonder why the tactics haven’t changed over the years? I think MK counts on new youngsters, low confidence and unsuspecting women. SMH. Sure do believe that this site is putting a dent in the corporate bottom line. Thankful for pinktruth!

  6. Anonymous

    I just had a MK director over for “winning a drawing” but it turned into this and trying to sell me 100$ roll up kits. Like wth is this I thought I won some ‘spa’ thing not me rubbing MK products into my face and being told how wonderful they are. I didn’t even see a difference to be honest. Then got a party set up I didn’t even want. Was I asked if I wanted a party? Hell no. Am I going to said party? Hell no.
    What a shameful scam. I ended with a .75 oz hand cream and an appointment for a party I didn’t want. I’ve never been so annoyed in my life.

    1. BestDecision

      It is annoying, but YOU have the upper hand. Just say “no”. “Not interested”. Cancel your appointment. At some point she would’ve asked you, “Weeknight or weekend?”, and it’s there that your control starts.

      Bravo for recognizing this early that MK is an emotional trap and not at all a legit business. Nor are you going to learn color application from an “expert”.

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