You Were Not Given a Get Rich Quick Scheme

This poor Mary Kay consultant is very bothered by Pink Truth.

I am deeply bothered by this website, and I’m sure you’ve heard that before…. What is it that you felt so badly burned in Mary Kay, you felt the need to put time and energy such as this to a culture of women who are only making there own lives better?

Yes, Mary Kay is a Culture… We are a breed of women who have a God given desire in our hearts, not necessarly Mary Kay… but Mary Kay just happens to be the way to pay for or provide the abundant lifestyes we so desire, and Every Women Desires more….

What makes a Business Successful is plan and simple W.O.R.K!! You have to work for it, and thats it. “Pink Truth” for me is that I Create it, and NO ONE Person is responsible for the success or failure but myself.

How about You, You were given an OPPORTUNITY not a get rich quick scheme, but a way that you could have the right to Choose HOW YOU want to live, not the way your circumstances or the neighborhood you live in or your race, or Who your Parents are.

YOU Create it not Your Sales Director or Recruiter, or the NSD, they are just the ones who have come before you to Encourage You to Keep Trying Don’t Give Up, The Desires of our Hearts are there for a reason, not a season, But to Fullfill the Purpose of the Almighty, God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd!!

I will not be visiting this site ever again, I’v already spent way to much time…..


  1. Char

    This indoctrinated newbie done drank the whole case of Tickle Pink. Just wait for the hangover – it’s going to be a doozy. All she does is regurgitate the MK rhetoric fed to her. Not a lick of critical thinking, thus the perfect MK dupe.

    She doesn’t even recognize that the MLMing usage of “opportunity” intentionally absolves MK of any guarantee of income.

    And no, it’s not a “get rich quick scheme”. It’s a pyramid scheme. You will not get rich, fast or slow, unless you are a liar to an extreme amount of people.

    Safe to say this recruit isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

    1. Colleen

      I’m sure I will come across snobby but all of these posts from outraged MK consultants with spelling errors, atrocious grammar and random capitalization make me think that there is a concerted effort to recruit poorly educated women.

      1. BestDecision

        I feel the same! It’s so embarrassing that I spent years of my life with women who act like they do and are that haphazard about their professionalism. I can excuse a few typos clearly because of Autocorrect, but these are INTENTIONAL misuse of words and capitals.

        They certainly will struggle to recruit highly intelligent, educated women, right?

  2. Jay

    Oh, dear. I didn’t know the purpose of the Almighty was to get allegedly Christian women scamming and lying to other women. I must have read the wrong Bible, or attended the wrong church.

    Also, hopefully you will be visiting this site again, once you start seeing the pink bubble for what it is. I’m sure Pink Truth will be here to welcome you.

  3. Cindylu

    Don’t ever get sick like I did. Are you saying it was my fault that I got sick and had to stop selling products? My SD and fellow MK unit members did not care a bit. Not one phone call, not one card or visit. Sad really these women that I went to weekly meetings with, seminar with and a conference with didn’t really care. God given desires wow. Now that’s wonderful. Is it Go give for a company to give you no where to really advertise? Is it Go give for the company to change a lot of its products just after I’d placed my first order? Of course my SD knew the products were changing but didn’t care. Is it right to say things are free when: the pink car isn’t free, the meetings aren’t free, the seminars and conferences sure aren’t free. Have you ever seen the movie: Hell on Heels “The Battle of Mary Kay”. (with Shirley MacLaine)? It’s about MK’s battle with Beauticontrol company which took a chunk of MK’s profit. Of course the original Jackie Brown story reveals that MK didn’t actually have all the rights to the products. Also you are not a licensed aesthetician and so you as an IBC shouldn’t be doing glamor make up for bridal parties etc. My SD did a booth at a bridal show pretending she was qualified to do their make up on their special day which was frightfully unethical. Also no one did anything about a favorite DIQ selling products in her beauty salon. Finally an NSD in my area told a really sad story of rags to riches. The reality was her husband was quite wealthy. However their home was moderate (Still is). Definitely not the home of a millionaire many years later. Also the bragging and the idolatry I heard from NSD’s, is that God given? Boasting about their trips, jewelry, pink cars, shoes etc. Meanwhile I saw my SD recruit a woman on welfare who signed over her grocery money. I know that wasn’t God given. After I became too sick to sell I had no choice but to return the rotting products. I barely broke even. To this day my husband and children hate the MK mlm and what my SD etc. did to me. Getting sick probably saved my marriage and me from huge debt.

  4. OnelessSD

    Well, I hope she comes back and reads the comments- because they may enlighten her a bit.

    When I first entered the Pink Realm… my MIL recruited me… I trusted her to have my best interests at heart- as I was now related to her. I also realized that I would advance based on my efforts, etc. I knew it would take work and perseverance – a lot of it! I did not expect to get rich quick, but I did expect to have things move along based on my efforts. I know how to work hard. What I didn’t realize was this- the only way to move ahead at a steady pace, was to lie. To hide the truth about what I was offering to people, (i.e…. come be my face model at my unit meeting… when I really wanted to recruit her instead).. to lie about how well I was doing/ how much money I was actually making, etc. Lie about how much time I invested.. lied about my ‘hourly rate’… which I only based on my appointment time, not all the other time prepping, etc. I lied to try and advance myself up the ladder…. and I can honestly tell you- I was not alone in that method.

    Here’s the thing- the only way someone can advance in MK is to lie. Whether it be a blatant falsehood, or a lie of omission… it doesn’t matter- it’s not ethical. So while I had honest reasons for joining MK- hoping to get to stay home with my future children and raise them myself…. I realized years later (yes, I was in MK for over 15 years… so I’ve seen a lot!).. that this was no way to make life. I couldn’t lie enough to move higher up than a lowly SD that always struggled with production, while drowning in debt. So I left directorship, and after paying off that massive debt- completely out of MK.

    So, I hope you come back here and read these comments- we all come from different backgrounds, different reasons for joining, etc… but the one thing in common for all of us- we realized that MK is a predatory company that preys on the desires of women wanting to make a better life for their families… all the while setting us up for failure, and making us feel like it was all our fault. It’s just like gambling… you may get lucky or on a hot streak and win for a bit… but in the end, the House always wins… and you are left holding the (debt) bag.

  5. She must be new. Those who have been in for at least a year know better about the “opportunity”. They tend to NOT visit us and leave messages because once they start reading, they recognize the truth of what is said and are often not yet ready to face it. Some are and then they become one of us.

  6. Got Smart

    The beauty of Pink Truth is that it will be here when the bottom falls out of her perfectly constructed fantasy. She will not have anyone from MK to lift her up when she fails.

    1. MLM Radar

      It seems there is some sort of an informal writing test that screens for potential recruits.

      Read your prospect’s Facebook page. If her grammar skills are weak, her math skills are likely also weak, and she probably has a low paying job. So bring out the glittering expectations and sign her up fast!

      As a result, we get to see a lot of poorly written letters from true bee-lievers who swallowed the lies, then throw them at us without understanding what they say.

      They may be smart, but they’re ignorant. And ignorance is very expensive. Tuition at the school of hard knocks is the most expensive tuition around.

  7. KB

    Oh sure, God wants you to focus on Caddy’s, diamonds and furs. That was the first sign of ungodliness for me. Those prizes are so 60’s, it’s laughable! Godliness with contentment is great gain said Paul.

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