Pink Truth Gives Women a Bad Name

Apparently we give women a bad name by telling the truth about Mary Kay…

Mary Kay is one of the most respected brands of all time. I’m disappointed in people like you. It is apparent that you must have tried being a Beauty Consultant at one time, and didn’t do very well on your own. You cannot “sell” unless you sell! If you don’t do a thing, how do you expect to get business? Business does NOT come knocking on your. You have to make it happen.

If you have ever spent time with any Independent Beauty Consultant, you would actually find out the TRUTH – which is that no one HAS to buy any inventory unless they WANT to. I conducted my business for almost a year with NO INVENTORY – ZERO – NADA. I only ordered what the customers wanted each time, then delivered it. It is OPTIONAL. You most certainly “assumed” that you had to have an inventory! Either that, or you were misinformed.

You say that it’s “truth”? I say that you act like a “disgruntled employee”, who didn’t do her job! You are so mistaken with a lot of real truth about Mary Kay. You have slandered the truth and I’m surprised you haven’t been sued!

Typical woman giving other women a bad name…..hiss hiss kitty.

You are such a “disgruntled person”. Typical “woman” – Reow, hiss hiss. Obviously you do not know what you’re talking about. Maybe you attempted Mary Kay before and you didn’t work the business, so you failed. That’s not Corporate’s fault, it’s yours. You sound very uneducated and “bitter”. You obviously need a job or something to do other than spend your days trying to slander Mary Kay consultants and Corporate. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

It’s pathetic that you spend all day doing nothing but writing bad things about Mary Kay Cosmetics. I feel sorry for you that you don’t have much of a life, but I truly hope you get sued for slander.

You give women a bad name – hiss hiss hiss!


  1. Jan RD

    ” I conducted my business for almost a year with NO INVENTORY – ZERO – NADA.”

    What happened after the year was up? Did you then decide you needed inventory to increase sales or did you quit?

    So much more I could say, but I’ll let other “disgruntled” people weigh in. Hiss hiss -very classy.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    “but I truly hope you get sued for slander”

    That would be libel (written). And truth is a positive defense against either slander or libel.

    The material on Pink Truth is mostly taken from the material published by SDs, NDs, Mary Kay corporation, business publications and other reliable sources. The rest is personal experience – what an IBC experienced. It’s as true as we can make it

    Hiss, hiss, meow right back atcha.


  3. ihatemk

    Sounds like someone is starting to realize that maybe things aren’t going as well as they had hoped in MK. A lot of these women on here were sales director, etc and very high up in MK. Just keep an open mind and listen and read to what these women have to say. I think that perhaps you are starting to get very uncomfortable with MK and finding out that no, the product does not sell itself and the market is oversaturated.

  4. ihatemk

    If you really think that MK could sue this website for slander, do you not think that it would have already happened? This website has been up since July 4, 2006 and back then was called Mary Kay Sucks. The reason I came across this website is because when I have gone to Mary Kay parties the IBC was just soooooooo over the top. Too much fake enthusiasm and talking about last minute miracles arriving just in time so that they can make production. (Now, who orders at midnight at the last minute to meet production?) I am sure that someone is up at midnight contacting their IBC for a foundation. It is the IBC hoping and praying that someone will order SOMETHING in order to meet their production goals, but no, it is the IBC ORDERING the product in order to keep her unit or whatever she needs to keep her status. I think you are just getting upset b/c reality is starting to set in and now you feel backed into a corner and realizing that perhaps this is NOT what it was portrayed as. I have learned so much about MK from this site and I had a sneaky suspicion a lot of the the stuff said to me when they were attempting to recruit me was not true. I am a very skeptical person and so glad I never signed up for this SCAM. I do hope that when you start analyzing what you are seeing and hearing and seeing what is real and is not real, that these ladies will be here for you and give you the support you need. I think you feel backed into a corner right now and by hissing and clawing you are putting up your defenses. Best of luck to you and at least keep an open mind to what is being said here. These ladies are from all over the country and it is not isolated situations that they are talking about. The MK deceit is nationwide and just for your information, MK Corp looks at this website EVERYDAY. Tis true.

    1. Kaci

      Wait. You’ve never been a consultant, yet you “know the truth” enough to post so much negativity, huh??? Sorry, but it sounds like if you spent the time working that you just did posting and looking for excuses to fail, your opinion might be different. Sales is sales. You work or you don’t. It’s no one else’s fault if you’re not getting your job done.

    2. Jenny

      But you should not be so obsessed with a meaningless status. Ask yourself if any man would run himself into debt in order to keep a fluffy title and get pats and smiles? That’s not how you run a busines. If you could not meet your ‘production goals’ then you should accpet this fact.

      I have no idea about these cosmetics, never heard of this before, but as IVe read the site, all I see is a lot of very weak-minded women who care more about their feelings than business. I’m not saying this to be insulting, but most of you are housewives, yes? And therefore, are not out in the world. How much of your time is spent on sentiment? On reading crappy things like Chicken Soup for the Soul, or going to Church? And then there’s all the time spent on furniture and playing with kids… I see these blogs all the time with this sugary way of talking: “Just out in the garden this morning, feeling so blessed” or little dramas over a dress size…

      And you think you can take this mindset into a tough business like sales? Its a brutal profession. Its about lying and hustling and tricking and coercing, about pretending to be friends with people..and yet you women think the women you work with …love you!

      They dont love you! I look at the scripts they use. “Susie, I’m so excited! Your name just came up in my special offers..isnt that exciting?” Can you imagine men talking like this? (Actually salespeople get to men by suggesting they arent man enough if they dont take the deal).

      Men dont use fluffy silly speech like ‘exciting’ .

      Next I note they hook you with materialism. You can buy and consume! This means they think you are a mindless housewife, with an empty brain, who shops to fill the hole. Don’t be one.

      And then they see you are starved for appreciation and fearful your life is vanishing while your talents atrophy…all you have done is bear children and clean house..and serve others..what about you! See, they are playing you. Don’t be played.

      This is the problem with staying home, reading lightweight books, spending a lot of time on drama…and worst of all, reading endless bits and bobs on the phone. You just don’t develop a tough critical mind. If I entered such a business and a woman tried to tell me she loved me, I’d be contemptuous.

      Be a man about it. Every time you make a decision say ‘what would a man do?’ Would a man buy more products and incur huge interest charges just so a lady wont sound disappointed or mean?

  5. MLM Radar

    This hissy kitty is quite obviously someone who doesn’t track her time or expenses.

    One thing is quite certain. You can’t earn enough money to make a difference by selling MK products to end users. You’ll earn pocket change only, if the expenses don’t eat you alive.

    Also, your time isn’t free. Time you spend on MK is time you can’t spend doing something else, like picking up an extra shift at your day job, or taking your kids to baseball practice.

    The only way to earn real money in MK is by selling inventory packages to new recruits. YOU may avoid buying inventory… until you’re a Director and have to “top off” your unit order to keep your position… again… and again… and again. But your recruits must certainly buy inventory packages for you to get some cash coming in.

    Do as I say, not as I do. Gotcha.

    And watch out for that hissing. You may find that it’s a poisonous snake, not a fluffy kitty cat.

  6. Rachel Smith

    The OP has made it loud and clear what she really things of other women.

    “Typical woman giving other women a bad name…..hiss hiss kitty.

    You are such a “disgruntled person”. Typical “woman” – Reow, hiss hiss”

    Why should we pay any attention whatsoever to what she says?

  7. cindylu

    What gives women a bad name are the misleading stories told. In business for yourself. Sadly the company gives no where to truly advertise. You can win a car. There are quotas and co-pays for that car which you can lose. MK is studied at Harvard (Not). Training is free (It’s not). Meetings, seminar and conferences cost quite a bit. Products constantly change which is hurtful to the IBC’s and directors. There are all those scripts and even scriptures to entice women into buying limited edition and other ever changing products. Then there are the other costs of gas, samples, and giveaways. We are told we can do this around our families. Truth is most make up parties book on weekends and evenings. I resented being away from my young children. It was scary going into strange apartments and neighborhoods. Once my car was stolen. No one came to my open houses where I spent money on baskets, decorations and coffee etc. I got sick. No one cared. Not my director or the IBC’s I thought were my friends. My other real jobs and careers, I got flowers, cards, thank you’s and baby showers. In MK I got women who pretended to care but readily talked about women as numbers. So the only Bad Name to think about are the hundreds of women misled by MK. You can blame these women but the reality is MK doesn’t truly care. I wasn’t a victim. I was however sold a poor bill of goods. I realized that and sent back my products. PT simply has women warning and protecting other women against mlm’s.

  8. Char

    “You cannot “sell” unless you sell!”

    Then why weren’t you “sold to” instead of being recruited to be a another seller? And now, you potentially sell to the customers your upline could have been selling to.

    Another dumba$$ MLMer!

  9. BestDecision

    No, I think you all are doing an excellent job making MK look bad. The December Applause gives plenty of examples:

    $6 for 3 empty gift boxes you can use to create Christmas gift sets. $2/box. Really??

    Only 8 Nationals are on target to do Inner Circle. Even 13 used to be a low number.

    Only 13 units in the ENTIRE U.S. Sales force added 20 ore more new Consultants in August.

    Only 56 NSDs are on pace to gross anywhere near an “executive income” of $125,000 or more. The rest? Not so much.

    8 Consultants earned the use of a car from June-August. Only 8.

    Page 15 shows there are Directors in the Top 100 for production that didn’t even do Cadillac production.

    Included in the Top 100 Director checks is one for $5,053. That equates to $60,000/year gross income. So, the best commissions really aren’t “executive income” are they??

    $170 registration fee to attend Leadership Conference in January. Add on airfare, hotel, meals, travel, etc., and it’s easily a $1,000 trip per person.

    Man, I’m glad I got out of that rat race!

  10. Hissy Kitty

    to the woman who wrote this email (and who clearly reads the comments on these posts), I hope you realize how ignorant you are and that you are doomed to fail in life and I will be there hissing at you lol. girl bye. thank you, next.

  11. PeachyNotPink

    Despite the repetition and familiar arguments, I find it refreshing that this critic eschewed the use of over capitalization and punctuation. She has gotten creative and leaned heavy on the use of quotations in the hopes that we would take her seriously.

    Unfortunately, what I find particularly funny (and sad) is that when you put a word or phrase in quotations like the OP does, it actually indicates the opposite is true of what is in the quotations. Therefore this “successful” and “intelligent” IBC who has such a “Christian” attitude really just complimented all of us with her “insightful” contribution on PT.

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