Pink Truth Critics Around the World

I received an email from a senior sales director in Germany. Thanks to the magic of Google Translate, I was able to decipher her kind words.

Wie krank und verbittert muss man sein, wenn man erkennt, dass man unfähig ist Erfolg zu haben. :-!

Und zusehen muss, dass andere Menschen durch Fleiß und Glauben, Dinge erreichen, für die man selber zu dumm ist

Du hast nichts, aber auch gar nichts im Leben verstanden. Ich habe selten so gelacht. 😀

Ich wünsche dir das du Frieden in dir findest! O:-)


How sick and bitter you have to be when you realize that you are unable to succeed. : –

And to see that other people through diligence and faith, achieve things for which you are too stupid yourself

You have understood nothing, but nothing at all in life. I seldom laughed like that. 😀

I wish you peace in you! O:-)


    1. Weekended

      Isn’t it wonderful that, thanks to today’s technology, people around the world can insult Pink Truth exactly the same way but in different languages? 😀 It just goes to show how cultic MK is. Even separated by an ocean and considerable land mass, the SDs think alike and email alike.

  1. Lazy Gardens

    Oh je, es tut mir leid, dass wir dich verärgert haben. Aber warum verbringen Sie Ihre wertvolle Zeit damit, Pink Truth zu lesen, wenn Sie mit dem Verkauf von Mary Kay-Produkten ein Einkommen erzielen könnten?

    (Oh dear i’m sorry we have upset you. But why are you spending your valuable time reading Pink Truth when you could be earning an executive income selling Mary Kay products?)

  2. Cindylu

    Let’s hope the women of Germany realize MK is a huge scam before this woman gets near them. Germany a nice new shiny market of millions of recruits for the American heirs and Corp to exploit. Ugh. We can only hope the Germany government shuts this mlm down soon.

  3. Char

    Why is it that MK women always assume that:

    1) Someone outspoken has committed the harmful act. I mean you don’t have to go out and rob a bank to be against theft, do you?

    2) If you were in MK and did not succeed while pyramid scheming, that is a good thing – not bad! It means you’re not a very good con artist.

    I think any bitterness comes from being duped and falling for the lies. All that money wasted on products, what little money earned is dirty, the embarrassment, the shame, people laugh at you, people run from you. Yuck. No wonder they are sick about their experience.

  4. coralrose

    “the embarrassment, the shame, people laugh at you, people run from you”… I just got an e-mail from my former former-SD telling us to make cute fliers for Christmas sales saying “#1 Skin Care, but don’t say Mary Kay on it.” What does that tell you about the retail value of the products?! The “Top 2% of the company” actively recommend not using the MK name. They know people laugh at you & run from you when you try to sell.

    I am torn on how to reply to her…I want something to help her see MK is a scam, but I also kind of want to play dumb and ask “Why not write MK on the flier?” “I thought women love MK products,”, or just reply with a link to pink truth. I am no longer a consultant, but I don’t think she knows that because she lost her unit before I officially quit. I like her as a person and feel she is vulnerable to the higher-up predators in MK. (She told me she has learning disability and got picked on in school, never went to college, and people always told her she was dumb.) I

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