Don’t Blame Mary Kay For Being a Failure

I find all your posts very amusing.

A lot of the women in here seem to be having a big hangup about Mary kay and about the way that Mary Kay does business. The REAL PROBLEM is YOU. You are the ones who are all at fault because you didn’t make any money in Mary Kay. It’s nobody else’s fault. It’s not your director’s fault and it’s not the company’s fault. You make your business become what you put into it. It seems like a lot of women in here are in denial that the REAL PROBLEM is themselves and NOT Mary Kay. A lot of the Mary Kay consultants are not trained or do not want to be trained properly.

And It seems that a lot of the women that post in this website have no clue about on how to run a business and what it takes to run a business. You need to be persistent and to work the Mary Kay business correctly in order to make real money in it. I come to a conclusion that a lot of the women in here are bitching and moaning that they have been unsuccessful because they have NOT worked their Mary Kay business they way that they are supposed to.

All of you women are in DENIAL. Face up to it. You are nothing but a bunch of losers. A bunch of incompetent people who don’t understand how to work the Mary Kay business to become successful. You are lazy and you don’t know how to follow directions to succeed. That’s why you are all in here bitching and moaning and bashing Mary Kay.

Let me all tell you something that you need to get thru your thick skulls. There are MANY successful women who are currently doing Mary Kay that are making a very good income. And a lot of these successful Mary Kay consultants and Directors have purchased things like houses and investment properties from their Mary Kay income. They make money becasue they work the business the right way. They don’t slack off like the people who come into this website and complain.

All the women on this website who are bashing Mary Kay are nothing but a bunch of losers. Yes, that’s right. You are all a bunch of losers who don’t know anything about how to structure and run a business to become successful. You like to bash Mary Kay because you are not successful or because you have not been successful as a Mary Kay consultant or as a director.

A lot of Mary Kay consultants and directors don’t make any money in this business because they don’t do $hit to build their business. They don’t follow up, they don’t make the phone calls that they are supposed to do and they just don’t have any business plan.

These are the main REAL REASONS why all of you misfits who come into this website bash Mary Kay. Face it. You are all in denial and it’s causing you to be very negative towards Mary Kay.

Get with the program! Either go get a job for $9 – $10 an hour or become your own boss and work the Mary Kay business the right way and make a lot of money. And don’t blame Mary Kay for being a failure.


  1. Mickey Brad

    Before you unprofessionaly call people you never met, losers, incompetent, etc. Show us your 1099! Until you support yourself (i.e. pay all your bills with MK income only, and a director with a MK car, your opinion is worthless.

  2. Chris Fowler

    I agree wholeheartedly! A bunch of bitter old ladies who feel like they got taken advantage of because of their failures. I found this while searching for a better Lularoe logo. I read the article about Lularoe, and it was complete nonsense. I responded, and since, have seen this is just a place for failures to blame someone else.

    1. BestDecision

      Yes, my $40,000 Cadillacs were a failure. And I earned my first in my 20s. How is that “old”??

      You obviously aren’t very bright to call us names and assume everyone on here didn’t work hard. Take your nasty leggings that you’re peddling and go play somewhere else.

    2. How does it feel to know that LLR is crashing. Mark and Deanne openly state they are planning on fleeing with their, according to Mark, $200 million or $300 million and going to the Bahamas? You do realize that Mark owns $7-$10 million worth of sports cars, yet refuse to give refunds to their victims.

      You should really look into the 17 lawsuit that have been filed against LLR for a sundry of causes of actions. Particularly the last one, with the ex parte hearing next week to freeze LLR’s assets and place the company into receivership.

      I will enjoy the collapse of the LLR pyramid, and I will laugh at the lamentations of the uplines.

      Not much longer not

    3. Still Breaking The Basic

      If you’re making so much money pushing poor-quality over-priced LLR product, why are you wasting your valuable time here when you could doing IPAs and making even more money?

      Why are you “searching for a better Lularoe logo”? What company allows its independent consultants to run with variations of its registered trademarks?

      Just what is your definition of “old”? Maybe you should spend some time reading the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975. This will be the source of many lawsuits in the future as the nation’s working population ages.

      And how many “old” people did you profit from with LLR?

  3. Char

    “A bunch of incompetent people who don’t understand how to work the Mary Kay business to become successful.”

    Watch this person explain in front of a nation how the plan works to five astute investors:

    I wish the author would come back and explain EXACTLY how to work the MK “business” to become “successful”.

    Reminder: There are successful bank robbers, car jackers, Ted Bundy was a successful serial killer, and Madoff a successful Ponzi schemer for a long time.

    Success in something is not always something to be proud of.

    1. Char

      And now after you’ve watched the video, should we just assume, per the author, that the 5 investors:

      “have no clue about on how to run a business and what it takes to run a business”
      “don’t know anything about how to structure and run a business to become successful.”

      FYI, the real, affluent business world laughs at MLMers. They don’t aspire to be pyramid schemers aka door-to-door type gaudy salespeople hawking mediocre overpriced products for a buck or two, recruiting others to do the same.

      There is nothing wrong with being from a poorer demographic. There are legitimate and reputable ways to get out of the hole, but becoming a pyramid schemer isn’t one of them – both financially and ethically.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    “A lot of the Mary Kay consultants are not trained or do not want to be trained properly.”

    Their training is supposed to be provided by the Mary Kay directors, so if they are untrained, whose fault is it? How good is that training?

    “And It seems that a lot of the women that post in this website have no clue about on how to run a business and what it takes to run a business.”

    They were RECRUITED by women who promised that no business skill or knowledge was needed. Just Smile and Squirt, y’all!

    “Get with the program! Either go get a job for $9 – $10 an hour or become your own boss and work the Mary Kay business the right way and make a lot of money. ”

    I tell you what – you provide your Schedule C, showing how much you made, then we can talk.
    You assume that it’s Mary Kay or a low-paid job, but that “job for $9 – $10 an hour” is more spendable money reliably every week than almost all IBCs and directors make from Mary Kay. It’s equivalent to selling (really SELLING) $33,000 in product that year. And for far less hassle.

    1. Char

      And the most important consideration should be, WHAT ARE YOU BEING TRAINED TO DO?

      My cousin Vladoff will gladly “train” you how to recruit Russian gangsters to his team of derelicts.

      So ask yourself lurkers, is MK training you to endless-chain recruit in order to become “successful”? Sell the highest package to new recruits? And on a credit card if they don’t have the money? – For shame!

    2. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

      I’d be willing to show my tax return and since leaving Mary Kay, I don’t make $9-10 hourly; quadruple that and we will have just begun speaking.
      I have her pegged as coming out of the superShada unit or the former Candy Carlson area. Hmm.

      As for being a loser, that would be a relative thing but with that air of superiority, it is she that is the real loser. People want to be respected by people and not swindled. She needs to wake up because sure you can make some pocket change, but it’s not worth the 60+ hours a week for it. I did the stomping for it- as the only young black DIQ in an emerging National Area- first line to a National in NIQ. I could tell horror stories. This lady, and I’ll use the term loosely, is too new to be making those types of claims. She couldn’t make it in a regular business world or maybe she should try a debit route

  5. raisinberry

    Once again, the premise is a complete farce.

    This website was largely contributed to by SUCCESSFUL Mary Kay Directors and Consultants…or did you miss that?

    Over the years it would be hard to estimate how many Cars, trips, unit clubs, Queens Court, stage walkers, Star consultants, Court of Sales, and various level achievers have actually come clean here.

    You can’t FOOL US. Got it, Pumpkin?

    1. MLM Radar

      This is called blameshifting. It’s a diversionary tactic, used by abusers to deflect attention away from the real problem – the problem THEY caused – and onto the victim. The truth is a real threat to abusers, so they’ll do everything possible to get our attention onto something else.

      The anonymous author of today’s spittle spew is a classic example of a blameshifter. She makes fancy exaggerated claims about herself, then tells us we don’t measure up. She thinks that if she can throw enough baseless accusations at us, we’ll spend all our time defending against her claims and stop looking at her and Mary Kay with a discerning eye.

      Fortunately we can see right through her spew. Truth is an excellent disinfectant.

      She’s so irrational that it’s pathetic. If she tried these arguments in a courtroom she wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

      Why does she feel so threatened by us? She’s thrown every accusation in every Mary Kay script at us. That’s an awful lot of energy she’s wasting on a bunch of… what did she call us? Lazy, clueless slackers in denial… and worse…

      1. Still Breaking The Basic

        We also need a punctuation class. How can you take people seriously when it takes forever to read their missives because the punctuation far exceeds the number of words?

  6. Lily in NYC

    Aw, bless your stupid heart. Many of us were never in an MLM but are interested in fraudulent business practices. Why would I want to go into debt by trying to be “my own boss” (which is BS) in Mary Kay? I make way more money with my real job than I could ever dream to earn in MK, I have excellent medical benefits (free), 6 weeks of vacation, and I only work a 7 hour day. And zero deb except for a mortgage. I don’t have to beg people to order inventory at the end of every month. I don’t have to hustle and put on fake raffles or fake challenges (“I have to do 21 facials in 21 days, help!). My assistant is paid with real money, not product.
    My friends and family don’t avoid me. I can enjoy a nice day out without bothering unsuspecting women with “warm chatter”. I can live my wonderful life without stressing about credit card bills.
    Sounds a heck of a lot better than having to put on an ugly red jacket and con women into this pathetic “opportunity”.

  7. Mickey2942

    Still drinking the pink Koolaid?

    How many women can afford to buy MK makeup?

    Do you have health insurance? A pension plan? Paying into Social Security? Sick leave? Paid time off? On-site employer subsidized child care?

    I guess my “$10 an hour job” is really not that bad!

  8. BestDecision

    $9-10/hour?! I haven’t been paid that little since I was in college! All you did during your entire post was repeat yourself. You lost all credibility 1) when you used the term “thru” instead of “through” and 2) when you started to cuss at us.

    For your information, I made money in MK, but not nearly the amount I should have for the effort I put into it. No one on here has ever said “no one at all makes money in MK”. The vast majority don’t. Simply put so you can understand it, only 1%, per recent statements made by NSDs, ever make it to Director. Fewer than that drive Cadillacs, and way fewer go on trips. The large, overwhelming majority don’t make enough to replace a full-time job, so most of us that have actually been in MK agree that it IS the fault of the sales force to claim and LIE that they do.

    Case in point: Directors who still work other jobs.

    If it’s all good in MK land, why on earth would they need that other job??

    While you scurry to finish your Star, scramble to sell 12 Days of Christmas sets, and try to get a seat at the Career Conference luncheon, I’ll be over here making MORE MONEY THAN I DID AS A CADILLAC DIRECTOR, enjoying my paid days off, my paid holidays off, and rolling around in the happiness I found the day I walked away from MK.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Char

      “The large, overwhelming majority don’t make enough to replace a full-time job, so most of us that have actually been in MK agree that it IS the fault of the sales force to claim and LIE that they do.”

      Fair to say that they aren’t really a “sales force” at all – unless you consider trying to sell the opportunity a sale. It’s more like a “recruiting force”.

      I’m sure there are some product sales by some consultants, but not enough to sustain. Therefore, when the focus and goal is, in fact, on recruiting by Corporate and upline, I question whether “sales force” is appropriate. Doesn’t that term support the illusion? I think so.

    2. rdr

      Also, ” You make your business become what you put into it.” is pretty much ignoring that each and every sale has *two* sides: the seller and the buyer.

      Hard work itself doesn’t pay you any money you didn’t already have, it’s hard work *for someone else* that does because then someone else is paying you. If the market is so saturated that few people are paying you no matter how hard you work to promote stuff to them, then you’re not going to get paid much.

      1. Not a bot

        Excellent point. You could order, call, recruit, host parties (or attempt to host parties), but if nobody actually buys the stuff all that hard work does not make a difference. Plus with the market oversaturation, the high price and lack of interest in the products, and limited ways to market it, most people will struggle to sell it. (But I guess that’s why they encourage recruiting and frontloading, the company and uplines still make the money and they don’t have to worry about what happens to the product).

        1. Char

          “But I guess that’s why they encourage recruiting and frontloading, the company and uplines still make the money and they don’t have to worry about what happens to the product.”

          Exactly, because it’s not about the product in MLM. Years and years of scammers suggesting that it is has made it seem a reality. It is actually a Ponzi using a product to mask the scheme of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

        2. rdr

          It’s not just an MLM thing either.

          You also got the people who tell their kids to do nothing but work hard studying academics in order to earn a good living.

          Then the kids who *take* this advice, and work so hard on studying academics that they have no time to learn almost anything else. They grow up and find out the hard way that no one’s going to hire you to sit around knowing lots of math and physics (no matter how hard you worked to know it!) and not knowing enough people skills to listen to your boss/customers/etc. tell you what to do in exchange for their money.

          Pretty much the only way to earn a good living working hard without another person at the other end of the transaction is farming stuff to eat (grow some vegetables and raise some cows and chickens) and wear (grow some cotton and raise some sheep and silkworms) and live in (grow some trees and build a house) yourself. I dunno, are Mary Kay products compostable?

      2. Still Breaking The Basic

        “…each and every sale has *two* sides: the seller and the buyer. ”

        In Mary Kay, the seller is Corporate and the buyer is the consultant.

        Corporate could care less what the consultant does with it. Until she wants to return it.

  9. Cindylu

    Benefits of quitting MK. I can enjoy all upcoming Christmas parties. I have worked in a real career with real benefits. I now have a substantial retirement income. I have real health care and near free dental. My cars are paid for. My house is paid for. I’ve been able to pay off our house. We’ve also been able to upgrade our bathrooms and basement. We also put in a beautiful new kitchen. I’ve already begun having family and friends for Christmas celebrations. We have the money we needed for Christmas gifts and yummy food. We can afford two wonderful vacations per year. We also had enough saved to pay for University for our children. In my actual real career, I had real training where I was paid extra for being out of town. I also was rewarded with wonderful paid for trips to Europe, Mexico and South America. I believed that MK was a company that helped women. My Director and SD turned out to be narcissistic deceitful women who used women. Many of my unit members had products that were yellow. My director was unable to do real training after fifteen years. While in I found MK to be an embarrassing, amateurish facade of a wannabe organization. IBC’s and DIQ’s are not actually running a business. MK doesn’t actually advertise in main stream media forms. The only ones making money are a few NSD’s and the heirs on the backs of hundreds of abused women.

  10. Fog Free

    There it is.

    A response to the stories of real women who speak real truth by a young consulatnt who never learned the art of debate.

    Every single paragraph is sprinkled with MK-isms — losers, didn’t know how to work the business, blame shaming, failures, bullying. And, then when she runs out of of those pat statements, the swearing emerges.

    Slam dunk! Unable to craft a reasonably thought out idea of any kind. We can smell the fear. See you again soon as one of us — losers, failures in the MLM MK world. And, free of the fog.

  11. Zaridra

    Get a job paying $9-$10 an hour? Are you nuts. Minimum wage is $15 where I live. I have never been a MK consultant or ever bought into an MLM company or ever even used a shitty MLM product. I just find MLM lolcows entertaining and that is why I come here and have posted in the past. To those of you who believe MK, Poonique, R+F, etc. are such great makeup companies and the products just fly off the shelf and that these companies sell more makeup than brands found at Sephora, I would like for you to answer 1 question.

    Name 3 beauty gurus on youtube that have at least a 1 million subscriber count that uses that crap. They do not even have to be as large as Jacklyn Hill, Nikkietutorials, Jackie Aiana, but they do need at least a 500k subscriber count…..I’m waiting.

    Please also list 3 large beauty influencers on instagram that post MK, Poonique, R+F, or amyway makeup.

    The only people I ever see post about MLM crap is grannies and people who apply their makeup like Kailyn Marie Wilcher. To those of you who are MLM consultants please know that most people like reading your posts because you are an lolcow. Please keep the milk flowing cause I love lolcows. Please continue to make facebook posts showing off your $5 starbucks coffee that your side hustle allowed you to buy or your bag of groceries posts that you rave over having been able to afford from your mlm hustle. Those are the facebook posts that give me life.

  12. Popping the Pink Bubble

    No, we’re on here “bitching and moaning” because this so-called business opportunity is a sham, and it’s our duty to warn others about it. And if you’re crushing it in sales, let’s see your 1099!

  13. KnewTheTruth

    I’ve been reading PInkTruth for several years. I first found the website when a friend invited me to be a consultant. She wanted her red jacket. So, even though I knew what to expect going into this venture, I thought I would help her out. What made me laugh the most is something her director told me during the recruiting process. In addition to all the usual drivel, she told me it’s the best income tax shelter and how she reported losses on an annual basis. Now, really, how was that an incentive to someone who might actually want to make money? I went to a few meetings during that year but always had convenient reasons not to attend. I still feel a little guilty because my friend was retired, had gone through a recent divorce, had life-threatening illnesses, and then sunk at least $12,000 into her “business” on credit cards. I didn’t renew after the year was up, and after several attempts to “renew” me, I never heard from the director again. Sound like a familiar story?

    Thanks for sharing your stories and keep encouraging those lost in the fog to find their way out.

  14. Chelsy

    Did anyone else laugh the whole time they read this ? Like cool I am such a looser with my pension, benefits, job security and guaranteed income. But what do us looosers know right ?

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