My Court of Sales Ring

Written by SuzyQ

Mary Kay gives out REAL diamonds! You just have to be willing to work for them. Really, you just have to be willing to order for them. Order $40,000 of retail value of products during the year, and you get a ring of your choice with real diamonds.

But who would have thought that “gorgeous” Court of Sales ring would be worth so little money?

I earned a ring for Queen’s Court of Sales. I worked all year for that ring. I did sell some product, but not the entire amount. At that time, the court was $36,000 retail.

I put the extra on a new credit card to finish. I mean… coming close and not finishing was simply not an option for me when I was in the fog. And double credit was not offered that year.

I was planning to sell the “extra” product later. It appears that there are others who will shake their heads in horror when reading that… after all, no one put a gun to my head and made me do it. Looking back, I wonder why I thought I needed the recognition that much.

To receive all of my recognition in true MK fashion, I had a new dress with perfect accessories, hair color touch up, fake perfect tan, toned arms, great manicure and perfect make-up. I was taken to the Royalty Reception in a limo (split the cost with others) and received my sash after I showed them my stage card. There were several very attractive tables of appetizers and fruit punches. I was fascinated by the mashed potatoes served in a wine glass.

We were all herded back into the Convention Center and resumed our seats waiting for the stage call. It came and I carefully picked my way down the stairs to go back stage. Many many super excited women were there with me. We were again herded (quietly) to the back stage area. When my turn came, I gave my stage card to someone and climbed up yet another set of stairs to await my golden moment. Someone else held their arm in front of me (like when you come to a sudden stop in the car and you instinctively throw your arm across your passenger who thinks you have lost your mind.)

Then, it was my turn. I think I heard my name, I was blinded by the light, did my wave I had practiced, and went down the stairs helped by those nice young men. I received my empty ring box and left the stage.

After all of that grand excitement, at least a minute’s worth all in all, I was directed to the lower concourse where I was asked to get in a line to receive my ring. I traded the empty box for the ring that I had to let the company know I wanted prior to seminar. Of course it didn’t fit, but I expected that. It wasn’t exactly as spectacular as I thought it would be… I had been looking at the picture of it all year, but again, that was probably just me. It was all still very exciting with much hugging and picture taking.

I wore the ring home, of course, and played with it in the sunlight coming through the car window to watch it sparkle. There’s a huge part of me at that point that knew I was a fraud. I didn’t sell all of the product I needed to in order to EARN the ring.

In fact, I bought the ring. I took it to get resized, and the jeweler said something to the effect that the quality of the stones wasn’t that good, did I know that? We are friends and he is always honest with me. I proudly state that I earned that ring and I have an appraisal at home that states the ring is worth $450. He said “Okay.”

So, I wore it for awhile. It was sort of awkward in that it was pretty flashy as opposed to the other option, which was more of an everyday ring. I put it in my drawer and wore it less and less, until not at all.

And then one day after I left Mary Kay, I decided to sell it. I was never going to wear it again, so why not get some money for it?  I sold it for $50 to a company that bought it for the gold weight only. The stones were worthless.

Ask yourself if you are worth more than a ring that is literally only worth its weight in gold. I think you are.


  1. Char

    “ I sold it for $50 to a company that bought it for the gold weight only. The stones were worthless.”

    When I was young, I did not know about diamonds! I thought a diamond ring was a diamond ring – and carats was the only thing that mattered. A one carat ring, wow, right?

    While nowadays most people will already know how to basically value them thanks to the internet, a quick post here in case some don’t realize the differences. Please google as my understanding is better, but I’m still no expert.

    In brief, color, clarity, cut, size, all matter heavily.

    For example, a total weight one carat ring full of low grade diamond chips, versus a one carat single stone, color D, no inclusions, are vastly different. You’d have worthless diamonds as compared to thousands of dollars for the high quality solitaire. Even a diamond solitaire weighing just under the full one carat at .90 is worth less than a whole one carat weight of the same quality. This not because of weight, but because getting to that one carat marker matters.

    What jewelry appraises on those certificates is not necessarily fair market value. It’s for insurance purposes, and perhaps market manipulation for perceived value.

    Anyway, this is one of the things I shared with my daughter now that I know more about diamonds. Well that, and the fact that all MLMing is a scam, of course! It doesn’t matter where or with whom you do it.

  2. BestDecision

    Such a good post! MK gets off looking all innocent, but they gave us such cheap crap. And to think of all the Directors out there making up their production and thinking they’ll have a big, shiny, expensive ring to show for it as a reward. So sad!

  3. Cindylu

    So wonder what they would charge for the return of this inferior prize ring $50.00 or more. More I suspect. The epitome of greed, being shallow and selfish. The so call Golden rule is nothing but a scam.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      Lol, I often wonder that too! I saw up close and personal the ugly Bee ring for Queen’s Court of Sharing. I wish I had known ahead of time it would get passed around, I would’ve brought a jeweller’s loupe! Big, thick band and was cumbersome to wear. We were supposed to try it on and listen to how the daughter of our NSD “earned” it and had to get the bottoms of her high heeled resoled 3xs from all the pounding the pavement she did. 🙄

  4. Mickey Brad

    On top of all of that, MK gives you the income tax form stating it’s worth $700-$800 for income tax purposes!!! So you might be going in the hole after selling your ring for $50…super fraud.

    1. MLM Radar

      Oh but if they told you it was worth $50 only you’d feel so unappreciated, right? MK knows the routine. Tell everyone the rings are worth $850. Pay an unethical jeweler to print up “certificates of authenticity” backing up the claim.

      The claimed value has to be over $600, which is the Form 1099 threshold. That way MK can issue all those Forms 1099 to support their corporate tax return. Big tax break for them, “recognition” for you.

      1. Hope M Sawiki

        Seems to me if MK is giving papers stating the worth of a ring and the worth of the ring not being the same as your own personal inspection done by a reputable jeweler, that’s cause for legal action.

    1. MLM Radar

      And they all look like they came from the 50-Cent gum ball machine, right?

      Nice picture at the top of the page. One is ticky-tacky, but an 6 year old might wear it with a princess costume. The other two are just ugly.

  5. Enorth

    You’re told to show off those rings. “Look what Mary Kay gave me just for doing my job!”

    Your family and friends pretend to be impressed, but they’re rolling their eyes at you behind your back.

  6. Juliet

    With regard to are the jewelry prizes better quality in Canada, why would they be? Worldwide, why would the quality be for real, when Mary Kay is false all the way through? If there is a law in some place requiring genuine valuation of prizes, then perhaps. However, it is my understanding that MK was charging all members ordering Texas sales tax although that is wrong and they were forced to cease the practice. I well may have that wrong, but ultimately, no, I wouldn’t expect anything better anywhere that Mk reigns.

    1. PinkCrowdStandOut

      They are different rings, not better. Our rings are appraised (by MK’s company) for around $1000 for court of sales, $1500 for court of sharing and up from there. Appraisal value is what it would cost to have one replaced exactly though, not what it’s actually worth or purchased for.

      I went through some difficult times last summer and took my rings to a reputable gold dealer in town. You can pick a $500 cash option instead of a ring from MK, and I was always like, why would you pick $500 when you can have a $1000 ring? My $1000 rings were worth $50 each. I kept my sharing ring and one court of sales. Mostly for memories. Mostly not pleasant.

      Any MK consultants reading this who still want to earn that ring: Earn one if you must, but don’t buy it. You know what I mean. If you want to earn more after that, take the cash. Put it in a nice savings account or bonds. Use it to pay off your inevitable MK credit card debt. I wish I had.

      1. TRACY

        Mary Kay herself was an evil genius. She figured out how to get the most bang for her buck. How to reward the sales force the most by spending the least. One way was to offer “diamonds” that would be an ongoing marketing tool for the company.

  7. Char

    So how much did the consultant spend herself to win a ring worth a few hundred new and $50 used? I suspect some cases would be almost 20k in the basement unsold awaiting eBay or the shelter???

    I think the rose gold ring has an illusion setting. One technique for this is setting a smaller diamond surrounded by faceted gold to make it appear bigger, as the gold facets help reflect the diamond. How ironic.

  8. Mickey2942

    This was never about the ring. It was the entire package and presentation. The acknowledgment, the comradeship, the pomp and circumstance, ceremonies, excitement, recognition, being part of something. Getting dressed up, being with “friends”, having fun with other women. Being “Queen for a Day”, part of the opportunity to participate in a “pageant” where YOU are front and center.

    How much would someone pay for this opportunity? Someone who stays home with kids, matches socks, does laundry, watches her husband leave on business trips…how many opportunities does she have to ride in a limousine? It is never about the Cracker Jack ring.

  9. enorth

    “participate in a ‘pageant’ where YOU are front and center.”

    Have your friend video your every move (including your scurry backstage to pick up your ring) so you can post it all on social media. And when you arrive home, have someone record you as you present your precious ring to your mom or your sister…what a sacrifice! (You already have two.) Truly go-give! The Mary Kay way! The tears flow as you hug.

    The ring. Even if you don’t earn it, it pays off. Because you tell everyone that your “BIG GOAL goal is to earn the ring”, and that in itself helps to drive your sales and recruitment.

  10. Mickey2942

    That is why these MLM’s always have all of these “sales” conferences. In Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, so you can jet over there on Southwest airlines flight for $49, stay at a special hotel, with a “Conference Package”, and of course, it is all tax deductible, so save every single receipt.

    And there is always a keynote speech, rah rah, sales, incentives, people who gush about how they started a year ago with nothing, and now they have a pink caddy! Rah, rah…hugs, clapping, rubber chicken lunch, and of course, the products are available for “stock” at a very special event discount!

  11. Data Junkie

    SuzyQ, are you saying your spent $4,000 (inventory) plus a new dress, accessories, tan, nails, hair, limo etc.) to get that $50 ring? Thank you for sharing that story. It saddens me to think what you could have done with all that money. Would you say most if not all of the other ladies who earned that ring have similar stories?

    The level of manipulation and social pressure it took to get you (and those like you) to that point is disturbing.

    1. cindymouse6

      Wow…. I bet money you would spend all that money on yourself ….. again…just to feel good…. for a moment…… you think you wouldn’t , but you would….. once at least…… we all would. nothing is free….. only the top of the the top get valuable merchandise….. as is the case with any corporate American job.,… my 20 year corporate prize was worth $75….. so why are you complaining about $50 to $100????? you knew the cost to begin with…but being congratulated is worth a lot….. feeling good is worth a lot……

      I read this blog in 2006 that encouraged me to dump my inventory for about half my purchase price due to the desperate feelings I felt after reading first hand accounts. I believe everyone has a perspective ,but I have come back to wanting to be a successful entrepreneur….. thru MK …. hate me, but I love being in the pink bubble….it’s better than the caustic corporate environment I currently reside…. for the past 20 years….. success is what you make of it….. being a positive to others is a goal of some, but not all…,.. so for those of us that wish to spread positive, embrace and encourage us….. for those who are deceived…. which I have been in the past….. change course or leave Mary Kay for good…,., all is a learning curve in a career venue….

      I now disregard all the negative ultimatum’s on these posts and respect the perspectives….. most of you are correct in your experience, but not all have to succumb to your deceptions…… so sorry that happened to you,…. happened to me as well 28 years ago…. had to realigned my loyalty and my direction. It does happen for many….. strong leadership matters. My first Director was a high “I” and had quit when I came on board… she even disallowed a team mate to submit for DIQ because she said she wasn’t strong enough…… screw that…… try and fail vs. fail and fail…. lost all respect for my Director at that point. Not all women are like that….. make your own decision.

      1. TRACY

        So you lost a bunch of money on MK in 2006, and you’re coming back for more? You want to try MK again because THIS time you’re going to make it work? That’s just silly. It wasn’t a business then, and it isn’t a business now. You have almost no chance of making money. You might think your corporate job is negative, but at least you make money. It takes money to keep a roof over your head and feed yourself, and MK isn’t going to do that for you.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        “have come back to wanting to be a successful entrepreneur….. thru MK ”

        Well, let me lay it on you … you will not be an entrepreneur, you will be paying a company for the “opportunity” to sell their products and recruit others to do the same.

        Entrepreneurs do NOT buy starter kits.

        Entrepreneurs do not have uplines, they attract investors and hire advisors.

        Entrepreneurs do not recruit downlines, they hire employees.

      3. “I read this blog in 2006 that encouraged me to dump my inventory for about half my purchase price due to the desperate feelings I felt after reading first hand accounts.”


  12. raisinberry

    Entrepreneurs do not open a business in a market that already has hundreds if not thousands of other “entrepreneurs” selling the same thing, right next door…and if after they discover that to be true, CONTINUE to hire more “entrepreneurs” to further flood the market with competitors, right next door.

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