Everyone Needs Haters

I’ve never felt a “need” to have haters, and I had no idea that Mary Kay needed haters. Glad we can help!

With my MK business, I don’t have a store at all, yet I seem to do just fine with it. I have several customrrs who are out of state even. I make enough in my business to pay all of my bills and have extra cash for whatever.

MK is also a numbers game. You can’t get discouraged or take it personal when someone tells you no, you just have to play out the numbers. I will admit, direct sales of any kind isn’t for everybody, but why try to turn everyone away? I’ve come across this site and pink truth several times by researching info to help me grow my business, and all I read is negativity. If you spend as much time being positive about something as you do at being negative, you could possibly change.the world.

Everyone needs haters, and if someone is hating on you or what you do, then you are obviously doing something right! I’m sorry that MK didn’t work out for ya’ll, and I’m sorry that you feel you have lost friends bc of it, but don’t blame the company as a whole, or even the vast majority of the consultants and directors.

Just like at any store, you run into people who are inconsiderate, and pushy, and when that happens, what do you do? I’m willing to put $$ on the fact that you either go to another store, or you don’t go to their register. Same thing with MK, you don’t like the consultant for whatever reason, then talk about your concerns with her, and if that doesn’t work, then find another consultant. I’m sure that if you tell the new consultant your concerns, she will damn near leap mountains to make you a happier customer.

Yes, MK may have a turnover rate, but look at the resturant business, or even retail stores, they have huge turnover rates too. All of my customers and even team members are happy with MK as a product and as a company. But like it’s been said several times before, anything worth having is worth working for. And fact is, I know several women personally who are millionaires who made their millions starting off as a consulta nt just like me.

If your director pushes you, it’s only to help you achieve your goals. She has her own goals for herself and as a unit. The only way to achieve any goal is to work toward it, no matter what it is. And any business you may start, whether it be MK, resturant, or even mechanics, you have to work at it to keep it going.

Also, to truly see any significant profit, no matter what the business is, you have to give it a min of 3-5 years. If you quit before then, then you just gave up. So, stop blaming MK, or even consultants for your misfortune, we didn’t hold a gun to your head and make you do anything you didn’t want to do. It’s pretty funny tho how our marketing plan is taught in top universities including Harvard! Think about it, why would it be taught if it didn’t work?


  1. Colleen B Halbert

    She wants to talk about the turnover rate in restaurants and retail? Let’s do that. When you talk about turnover rate for those businesses, it’s the employees leaving. Business owners don’t have a turnover rate. If they are unsuccessful they go out of business.

    And goodness I can’t imagine sinking money into a restaurant for 3-5 years before it becomes successful. Let’s be honest, if it takes that long to get off the ground it’s probably never going to happen.

  2. raisinberry

    If this IBC doesn’t have a “store”, then she orders as she goes, collecting funds upfront and then delivering. If she makes enough money to “pay all her bills”, she either does not have many bills, or she is doing nothing but minimum orders and order delivery all day long-all week long, paying shipping each and every time, which, combined with time and travel, reduces profit.

    Have you ever noticed how often lies and misrepresentations are used to shore up the MK marketing plan? Since you’ll never prove what you sell, provide a true Schedule C, or even tally sales tickets against actual costs, you can just about say whatever you want and pretend it is true.

    Sadly, all of us here have played the game, and already know what the game really is.

  3. pinkpeace

    So you’ve visited this site several times to research how to grow your business? I’m dying to know what you learned here, because I’m pretty sure the only tips you’re getting from Pink Truth are the ones on how to return your product.

    And product sales are paying all your bills, with cash left over? All of us who’ve been in the business for many, many years know that’s a crock, especially if you’re not recruiting. But as Raisin said, without a Schedule C to back up your claims, it’s all just words.

    Gun to your head, check. Harvard, check. Be positive, not negative, check.


    1. BestDecision

      At best, Premier Club Directors profit net $20,000/year. Everything in MK is basic math, and all it takes is knowing what car someone is driving to do that math and figure out how little she is making.

  4. jessielynn

    I really think we need a “Haters” Bingo card with all of the platitudes and repeated arguments we get in these messages. The free space can be “No one put a gun to your head”

    1. BestDecision

      Harvard University itself does NOT teach MK’s business model, but they’ve had students choose them as an example. Any MBA can tell you it’s spun to not look like an MLM, yet it is.

  5. PeachyNotPink

    “Everyone needs haters, and if someone is hating on you or what you do, then you are obviously doing something right!”

    So when everyone was “hating on” my alcoholic ex-husband for his excessive drinking, he was actually doing something right? Gee, I just thought that they really cared about him and were trying to get him to see how his drinking was hurting not only himself, but his family and friends.

    Sometimes when people are “negative” or “unsupportive” it’s for a pretty darn good reason. These poor souls are either too brainwashed or too scared to truly reflect on what they are being told to deem whether or not there is truth.

    Oh, and please show your Schedule C to back up your claims of profit.

    1. Char

      I’ll bet she hasn’t thought of that as she seems to only regurgitate the upline lies, and then tell her own. Her entire post really proved what a mindless Kaybot she is. One that only cares about herself. These people are scary.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    “if someone is hating on you or what you do, then you are obviously doing something right!”

    Well, if presenting facts and exposing lies is “hating” then I’ve been hating on things my entire life.

    In fact, I feel a song overwhelming me!

    Do you want to be a hater?
    Come on, let’s go and hate!
    I never see you anymore
    Come out the door
    It’s like you’ve gone away

    We only have each other
    It’s just you and me
    What are we gonna do?
    Do you want to be a hater?

    Liiiiiikkkeee MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  7. Lazy Gardens

    “It’s pretty funny tho how our marketing plan is taught in top universities including Harvard! Think about it, why would it be taught if it didn’t work?”

    Top universities also teach about failures – Enron, the Edsel, Bernie Madoff

  8. Roo

    Never mind the typos that seem to plague all MaryKayers, including a prominent NSD that misspelled kimono so badly her phone must of not even been able to offer suggestions on the word the other day on her instagram. Yes, never mind that. This post shows exactly why Mary Kay absolutely does not work.

    She says comes across pink truth several times when looking for ideas to grow her business. But I thought MK provided all of the needed training. Why can’t your business just grow? I think it is almost insane how out of touch Mary Kay products are. To claim to be a leading cosmetics brand and their make up has not kept up with the current make up trends at all. Nothing in a Mary Kay catalog is even close to Ulta or Sephora.

  9. BestDecision

    While you’re hoping your guests show up and possibly closing the sale tomorrow at a guest event, I’ll be spending all day with my family, friends, and enjoying life once again. Without heels, hose, or carrying a dinky $1 datebook around and trying to look professional.

    “January Jumpstart”? Not in all my years of hoping for a miracle.

  10. DonewithMk666

    Once again I just think that this person doesn’t understand most of us on this site were directors some even top directors and as a director is certainly different than being a consultant because the pressure is 100 times greater!! All that aside though it is my duty in mission in life to expose Mary Kay for the fraud that it is as well as other MLM’s If this person felt so strongly about what she will say she would indeed to send her schedule C for all of us to see but since that’s not gonna happen I’m gonna go watch TV now!!!!

    1. BestDecision

      No, but “Godly” leaders told us to do whatever it took to achieve. They told us lies that we believed because we trusted them as they quoted scripture or recovered from cancer, and we couldn’t imagine people chatting and getting away with it. Yet, it wasn’t until we got within inches of where we wanted to be and had worked SO hard to get there with so much to lose that we saw it all was a web of lies around the country.

      Once you have so much to lose by not pushing ahead, you make decisions to prevent loss.

      Ever convince someone to order to get into our keep your Red Jacket? It just gets worse as you move up!

  11. Mickey2942

    I am happy that you enjoy selling MK. And you focus on the products, not enlisting unsuspecting customers into the MK pink trap.

    You probably live a comfortable life, based on a spouse who goes to work, at a job each day. What would happen if he decided to quit, and devote his time to MK? Do you think that you would still be living the same lifestyle in a year from now?

  12. Char

    “With my MK business, I don’t have a store at all, yet I seem to do just fine with it.”

    I wonder if I said to her:

    I drink a lot, drive, always get home, and I seem to do just fine with it. Do you think she would condone my behavior? What if I called her a hater because I wasn’t affected negatively and I was actually having a great time partying? Doesn’t she want me to be happy? Hater!

    Some people don’t seem to comprehend that they are participating in and thus supporting a pyramid scheme. Whether or not ‘she’ escapes financial danger still doesn’t make it right. Maybe her recruit (drinking buddy that she fed shots to) doesn’t make it home.

  13. Shay

    I have a question:
    I have read several times that MK reps have signed up tbeir family members and some cases – pets and dead relatives. Correct?
    How can you do that? Didn’t they check social numbers?

    1. BestDecision

      All you need is a SSN to do it, and, no, they don’t check it unless you are in Director Qualification (DIQ) and happen to get audited. I also know of people that have made up SSNs and signed up illegal immigrants.

  14. eric

    I’ve seen numerous MLM people use the “almost no business makes money in 3 to 5 years” claim, and I’d like to address that.

    I’ll use my business for illustration purposes. I own a chain of fitness centers based in Atlanta. A unit typically costs approx. $300,000 to build, equip, and provide enough working capital to generate sufficient revenue to be cash flow positive.

    There’s two important parts to the above paragraph. Total invested money (300k) and monthly cash flow.

    In real business, you may not return your invested capital for 3 years, but you better be cash flow positive a whole lot faster than that, or you have a structural loser that needs to shut down. There are exceptions, high risk venture capital sponsored tech companies, medical companies, certain real estate projects, etc. But outside long term development high upside high risk business, you better be making a consistent monthly profit within 12 to 18 months max. In the case of my business, a typical unit has positive cash flow in 3 to 6 months. Returned capital is not applicable due to the fact that I operate 100 percent levered, and use a combination of TI credits, abatement, and debt finance to fuel growth, with debt being serviced out of the units cash flow.

    MLMers- If you have no idea what I just said you are NOT a real business person.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “you better be cash flow positive a whole lot faster than that”

      Exactly … Your business needs to be supporting itself while you pay off any initial investment. If you are still putting outside money into it 2 and 3 years later, you need to get out.

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