Pink Truth: Negative and Lazy

Sophie wants us to know that she sells Mary Kay and we’re just negative and lazy. And we don’t know much about Mary Kay.

You guys so wrong .Mary kay have 100% money backa garanty .If you think mary kay products not worth of the money and you go to walmart and target or sophora to waste your money on make up and skin care you are just wrong.

We build relationship .I personaly never push people to buy .I do not need to trick anyone to buy mary kay .People love my personality and my good energy and they love to be around me and get their make over done or get samples from me..ones they try the product they always want to order more.Because mary kay prices is not high .Compare to cheap drug store make up and skin care products mary kay can give you better deal even free products …

If mary kay is not for you simply because you are a negative person and lazy .There are women out there rocking this oportunity and build their business.You like to make ,big make up companies rich ,that is your call .I like to help women who has a dream who enjoys spending fun time with mothers ,sisters ,great women relationship.

You do not have to talk bad about somthing that you do not know much about.There are sales trick to use for marketing but there are consultant that sincere and honest also .

Mary kay is not a scam .Its not easy because it is like a regular job you have to work hard.I do warm chatting every day .I see a woman with potencial to be a boss ,i share the business ooportunity .If i see a person who does wear make up walking with her 2 kids i admire and go up to her and find a way to meet and talk to her because she is a good mom ,inspiring and strong mom..You don’t know how good to do networking every day !meeting with people that can have impact in your life..Mary kay changed my life in better way.I am not a millionair yet but i am happy with what i have .

I have a great director who teaches me the business and celebrates my business with me supports me not because she gets 4 percent from my sale mary kay pays her .Wharever i sell i earn 50 % from it.Mary kay gives us rewards just For working our business.

You should read the mary kay biography before you write negative comments.I have so mucch to say about my mary kay business .I learn to believe in my self.i am open to learn and work hard to be a better person and mary kay tought me a lot already ..


  1. Mickey2942

    What is wrong with women who don’t wear makeup? Nothing.

    “Warm Chatting”, is really criminal thinking. You are not talking to this person to be friendly, you have an ulterior motive, to get something back from this person. That is not “friendly”, it is actually being a con artist.

    There is so much more to say…suffice that I am taking my “lazy” self to my job, with full time Healthcare benefits, a pension, vacation and sick leave.

    1. Sophie

      Really ! Yeah nothing wrong with the person who doesn’t wear make up! I agree! Skin care either? No body wash ?lip palm ?Sun screan.. i mean you don’t have to buy MK to support another wome .You can refer to another person who cares and interested.You can give a Christmas and bday gifts. I have a full time nannying job and ı have a MK busines.I get my full benefit and sick pay and vacation feom my full time job.I love doing MK because I love make upand skin care.But if I want to work my MK business and do full ı belive ı can make enough to pay my health insurance and vacation.I said if you be lazy you won’t do good with any other job.
      I really don’t understand why you think warm chatting is beşng a con arrist.if you offer a job to some one or go apply for a job it has nothing to do with being a con artist. When ı intentialy go up to person and talk am not thinking “ what a great person to still money from” we sell products and we give job oportunaty .İf you go to saphora and talk to do cashier and if she is friendly and trting to help you out do you start thinking oh no this cashier girl is being so nice to me because she will sell make up to me.? ı mean ı don’t see anything wrong with warn chatting and letting people know that ı have my MKstore in my house and if she likes she can buyfromme instead of drug strore..I hope you get what ı am saying.
      I hope every one who say negative things about MK will change their mind one day .Help out your friend or family about their smallbusinesses .Help out if you meet with someone at the mall or play ground if the lady says she has her own business .serıously get rid od your nefative toughts .Think about MK conaultant like your walmart or target store…Nothinga wrong with building a frienship thru a business…

      1. Mickey2942

        You are so entrenched you don’t understand how wrong it is to go up to a stranger, pretend to be their friend, when you really have an ulterior motive to make money off of that person.

      2. Burned

        You say you have a full-time nannying job which provides you with a steady paycheck, health insurance, and benefits. So, Mary Kay is just a very expensive hobby for you then. Here’s a piece of advice……don’t quit your day job.

    1. BestDecision

      Now when I put in 2 weeks’ worth of effort, I get a guaranteed paycheck. Not when in MK! I’d work,y butt off, doing everything I could to create momentum, but there was never a payoff I could count on.

      And then BENEFITS!

  2. coralrose

    “Wharever I sell I earn 50% from it”
    My advice to you is to track your business expenses very, very carefully: shipping fees on your orders, any section 2 items you buy, fees for your personal website, hostess gifts or discounts, etc. eat into that 50% profit very QUICKLY.
    But your director doesn’t tell you about that, does she?
    That money management worksheet your director gives you is NOT a good way to track income and expenses. There are so many expenses it doesn’t include. It’s your hard-earned money and time you’re investing, be careful with it and fact-check what your director tells you with resources OUTSIDE of MK.

    1. Sophie

      Oh don’t worry my director gives me money managment work sheet and yes ı include all my business expensss.Beforw i started mk i was busy going around.I was going to danceing ,Art clases .Local activities ..I was already around people spending gassolin buying drinks etg .Yes shipping cost but that doesnt hurt my business .You do need to really know money management .MK is not for everyone. But you don’t have to talk bed about it if it’s not for you.You don’t have to reject your home girl who is doing MK and enjoing.No matter what helping others will make you feel goos about your self.You can just say i am not going to buy anything because i do not like MK products but i will tell my friend suzie she may like to buy from you”It won’t hurt you if you be nice about it.

    1. PeachyNotPink

      SW, my first thought was “google translate” because this person doesn’t sound like a native english speaker – or even english as a second language.

      Regardless, I just want to own the fact that I am a positively horrible mother because I don’t wear makeup. I am now going to hide my face in shame while I work my ft job with health benefits and PTO. When I go home tonight I’ll cook dinner for my family, sit at the table with them and eat, then spend some quality time with my husband. I will not be out stalking….errr…warm chatting anyone, or desperately texting and calling for orders.

      1. Serpil

        Yes dear English is my second language what is your second language?Do you have one.I also speak japanese and German .I have 2 kids and how great that you are a mom and have a job.I do not remember saying ;why you don’t do make up or why you don’t be warm chatting with a MK co sultant.I am not really not saying that.I am saying why you would say negative things ..Not personally people who talk over here but in general .I think if you are a mom and have a full time job amd happy with your life thats great.If i am a mom and i want todo MK and do warm chatting with people that is fine too.I am not saying to you ;why you are a mom and working for someone instead of workingfor yoirself …please guys just lets be nice to people who is trying so hard to do their own busineses .Maybe you wouldn’t like to be MK consultant but why would you be talking bad about MK .I really don’t know what you gain from it .

  3. onelessSD

    Well, isn’t she special. I’m betting she’s simply a consultant (not native to the English language), with stars in her eyes and wearing those rose colored glasses. I remember being there in the very beginning… wondering why people would ever leave this wonderful world of Mary Kay. But…. after awhile, reality started to creep in. I saw things that didn’t add up, I saw that people eventually wouldn’t return my calls, or show up for their appointments, or cancel their classes the day it was scheduled, etc. So I buckled down and doubled my efforts to get out and meet new people (warm chatting)… I was good at it, I’m a naturally conversational person and I like people. I eventually got traction and finally promoted myself to director- then fought/ worked like crazy to stay there. I worked hard, I networked, warm stalked, tried everything to gain more names and prospects… it was exhausting! I finally came to my senses and let it all go. I invested 16 years actively working this business to grow it. I was awarded 5 rings from the court of sales- in consecutive years… I was $2500 w/s from getting my 6th one- but stopped before finishing it. (using the money from that would-be order for my family instead). I could no longer stomach the person I had become, the tactics I had to use to continue trying to build my “business”, and feeling like a failure every minute. So I left directorship and continued to sell off my existing inventory to try to dig myself out of the massive credit card debt I had gotten myself into. If that makes me lazy… so be it!

    Fast forward 10 years to today – out of credit card debt, working a flexible schedule at my job, and having a balanced life with my family.

    I’ll take being called lazy… but I’ll call her crazy!

    1. Jan R Johnson

      Yes, very well said and so much better to be called lazy than crazy!

      Unfortunately, even those whose first language is English post things on social media that make me cringe. You are “a part of MK,” not “apart of MK,” And you are offering to put together a “palette,” not a “pallet.” Don’t even get me started on the punctuation with excessive use of exclamation points!!!!! And we get that you are soooooo excited to attend Leadership Conference and soooooo excited to be earning a cruise. Enough already.

      onelessSD and BestDecision, happy for both of you that you left it all behind for a much better life.

      1. Sophie

        You guys funny .Yes sorry English is my second language and did not mean to call anyone a lazy person .I meant if yoh are lazy and don’t go to your full time job you would get fire right.So i meant to say if you don’t get trained and learn more about the business .You won’t be earning good money with MK.

        1. OnelessSD

          Sophie.. I was a director for 7 years…. I know the business. It’s not a business where you are guaranteed to bring in $, in spite of how many hours you work. It’s not a real job. Those above you- make money off you, when you stop working, they stop getting paid… so they will tell you what you want to hear- not necessarily the truth.

          We earn nothing monetarily by commenting here- we earn a “paycheck of the heart” knowing we may be saving other women from financial, emotional and spiritual ruin. To me that is priceless.

  4. DonewithMK666

    I feel so sorry for this person because they are a consultant and have no idea how devious directors are! A director will say anything to get a consultant order or stay interested. I always hated warm chatting I felt like such a fake!! I’m soooo glad I’m off of the hamster wheel!!!

    1. DeflatedPinkBubble

      Somebody hit the jackpot when they recruited this one! She’s easily swayed and thinking she’s going to make bank with this con game. She will order and believe it will sell itself.

      She mentions making big make up companies rich, obviously not understanding that she, in fact, is making a large make up company rich.

      This one is sad. Someone took advantage of her.

      1. Sophie

        Wow You don’t know me dear.You guys so judgmantel.I am a 38 years old mother .came to us 16 years ago.Worked hard and bought 2 houses.I still keep my full time job.Please don’t be sorry for me.I do just fine.I am still learning about Mk .I am enjoyin it.I would quit if i get tired of it.But i would never do and say what you do and say.I love my self positive and helping others…Best wishes to all of you.🤗

        1. EyesWideShutNoMore

          There’s no way you bought 2 houses in the time you’ve been in the US. Bought and fully paid for, mortgage free…or were they the condemned houses in Detroit going for a dollar?

          You said in an earlier post that you’re a nanny so I’d LOVE to know what the rate of pay for nannies is going for, especially since you also said you get benefits and vacations. Paid vacations?

          If that job is so great, why are you selling MK? Sounds like you already have the world by its tail, why add more to your plate?

          1. Mountaineer95

            I have a friend who was a nanny for a huge fashion designer and even she couldn’t have been able to pay off two mortgages…and if she did, she certainly wouldn’t still be a nanny. So much BS from this one…she’s probably a troll but she knows just enough of the (albeit grammatically butchered) lingo that she probably is in MK somehow.

          2. Reader

            First, I’m not defending Mary Kay! I am thinking about cases where neither MK nor the other option are full-time jobs with steady pay and steady benefits 🙁 🙁 🙁 and about the market conditions that migrant workers face.

            “…or were they the condemned houses in Detroit going for a dollar? ”

            …or were they houses in her home country, where a U.S. dollar can go a lot further so nannying here to send money to her family there makes sense?

   is really, really interesting. The currency differences mean that some immigrant nannies can afford (even if just barely) nannies themselves:

            “Sometimes, as she dressed the girls in the morning, she cried as she imagined her youngest children preparing for school with the assistance of the helpers. One of the helpers had a young son. Emma asked her children who cared for the boy while his mother was at their house, but her daughters didn’t know. Emma imagined a chain of mothers parenting other mothers’ children around the globe.”

            In other parts of the article it says that Emma is from the Philippines and has an accounting degree.

            1. EyesWideShutNoMore

              Interesting point, but I don’t get the impression that this person is a Filipina nanny. I’ve worked with many Filipinos at various places and their grasp of the English language and grammar is better than people born in the States or Canada. Especially if they have a university education, they do not struggle with the language at all. English is one of their official languages.

              I think she wants us to assume she bought these houses in the US, MK gals are famous for their lies by omission!

              I’m curious now though to know where she’s from!

        2. Char

          Hi Sophie, Congratulations on learning a second language. My attempt is no where near as good as yours. I have some questions for you:

          Do you enjoy really pyramid scheming? You said you did above, but do you think that’s very nice of you? And do you think you are helping others by also inviting them into the scam?

          I won’t go into detail why MK is a pyramid scheme now as there are numerous articles explaining it. What you must realize, as you are new, is that the ladies here know the truth. They are past the spiel that tries to convince you otherwise. They’ve been there and done that.

          Lazy, or hard work, has nothing to do with being a participant in a scheme. That’s like saying, “Are you a good thief or a bad thief?” Either way, you are a thief.

          So go ahead and enjoy pyramid scheming and feel good about yourself like the thief who gets away with the money; but you must realize, you are not helping anyone. Sadly, you will soon find out, you are not even helping yourself.

          I hope you keep reading the stories here even if you stay with Mary Kay for now – just don’t tell upline. Watch quietly and see if they do the shady things that have been exposed here. Maybe ask when her best check actually was and if she stumbles. Only order what you sell and see if you get pressured. Don’t spend money on seminar and save it instead. See how that is received. Ask to see upline’s Schedule C.

          You sound like you have some potential to see through this con game eventually. Good luck.

        3. Darlene

          Sophie, why do you keep your full time job if MK is so great? Medical benefits? 401k? If MK is so profitable why do you continue to work outside your two homes? I’m smelling something here and it ain’t fresh.

  5. BestDecision

    $70 face masks are massively overpriced. And your grammar makes me even more proud to be out of your crowd.

    Do you realize how beaten down so many Directors feel this week? The winter storms wreak havoc on datebooks and goals, and then Directors that went to Leadership Conference come home thinking they need to reboot their business and themselves. Never before did I feel so unsure of myself and inadequate as I did in MK. It’s sickening to see the egos, abuse of power, God, and actual bullying that goes on in that company.

    So, please, know that many of us on here wore the suit, drove the cars, went to every conference and workshop offered to us, drank the Kool-Aid, bought the CD, and STILL had our hearts broken because our dreams were sold to us on a platform of lies and deceit.

    And not one of us has displayed bad grammar.

    1. MLM Radar

      She says MK pays he Director 4% of her sales. But it hasn’t occurred to her that MK can’t pay 4% of her sales, because MK has no way to find out how much she sold.

      Her non-director recruiter (if she exists) would get the 4%, and based on net purchases, not her sales.

      But she says it’s her Director who gets the commission, so that seems to mean the Director is her recruiter.

      I wonder how soon she’ll figure out that her Director-recruiter gets 26% plus bonuses, not 4%, and that it’s based on her purchases, not her sales.

      If you knew that any other salesman was getting 26% plus bonuses of what you pay for something, would you consider that maybe he or she doesn’t have your best interests in mind?

  6. Char

    “I learn to believe in my self.i am open to learn and work hard to be a better person and mary kay tought me a lot already ..”

    I feel sorry for this “willing victim” who has chugged the Kool-Aid. I sure hope she can afford to lose money.

    MLM – the system that cons people and in turn teaches them to con others usually without them realizing it. (initially anyway)

    1. Mickey2942

      MK has to prey on the most uneducated now. Feel badly for her. It may take years before she realizes how manipulated she was….she will have stock and credit card debt. It is tragic.

      And the fact that someone justifies using this gal, to make a financial goal is beyond criminal. It is like stealing food out of a baby’s mouth.

  7. Not a Bot

    I’d rather have teeth pulled than warm chatter people (or have them do the same to me). I have been warm chattered before and being payed a compliment with an ulterior motive makes my skin crawl honestly. I’ve had people take an interest in me only to find out they wanted to get me involved in an MLM or buy stuff from them and it is very disappointing and I can’t help but feel used (because that is exactly what is happening).

    I like a website called beautypedia that reviews products from all brands based on the ingredients. It’s true that some MK products get great reviews, but some get very poor reviews.

  8. wasrings90

    hmm buy my skincare from a locally owned company, owned ran by 2 women. They are even cruelty free. Now granted I buy enough from Ulta and Walgreens also, but they also have so many updated products, that I have seen many YouTube reviews about to help me decide if the product is actually correct for me. Also if I need to return it, I can choose something from a totally different company to replace it with. With Mary Kay items I am stuck replacing it another one their products.

  9. Pink Out

    A common thread is emerging with these Kbot posts. A serious lack of any ability to make an educated response by thought, grammar, proper use of the English language, and originality. I fear this indicates targeting the most vulnerable women – those who are uneducated, and needy in ways that make them perfect victims. This makes me so very sad.

    Many of us on this site are highly educated and were snared into this dismal company. Luckily, we used critical thinking, examined the facts and parted ways. These Kbots need our sympathy and encouragement through kindness to help clear the pink fog. They did not land on Pink Truth by accident.

    Sophie, we will be here with open arms to help you move forward when you’re ready. Trust us, you will get there.

  10. KP

    I’m not going to be lectured on being lazy by someone who can’t be bothered put in the effort to spell words correctly or use proper grammar. I also have several second languages (German, Russian, Spanish, Italian) and I never submit a post in those languages without carefully proofreading it first.

    If you’re running a business and your communication is sloppy and unprofessional, you’re just a waste of my time.

  11. That letter hurt to read. Both phonetically and stupidity. Nobody works harder than a sales person. In Mary Kay it’s a lost cause. I sell cheaply just to sell, some people treat me like a dog , I’ve recently dropped. 2 customers for abusing me. Seriously. Time to step out ladies!!

    1. Char

      Technically, aren’t you really just offloading products already sold to you since you are the real customer?

      No doubt it would be very hard work trying to hawk mediocre stuff at “double retail” out of one’s home without the luxury of advertising or a commercial store front. We only know so many people, and how many of those really want MK. I know I’d be too embarrassed to pull it out of my purse especially in this internet age since scams are easily exposed. My millennial daughters will tell you that people who use MLM products aren’t regarded as the brightest bulbs.

      Glad you’ve seen the light.

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