You Are Angry and Bitter About Mary Kay

A visitor to Pink Truth, who failed at Mary Kay twice, says we are all just angry and bitter. Mary Kay is actually wonderful, and we are apparently stopping women from experience all of its wonderfulness. (No, dear reader, I am NOT a personal use consultant. I do not support Mary Kay in any way. Its products are horrible, its practices are even worse, and I would die before giving one red cent to the company or promoting any participation in it.)

Hi Tracy, I found your blog a few days ago when trying to look up some info about MK for a couple of friends. It would surprise me if you share my thoughts but I hope you will. I watch Fox News because vs. CNN or MSNBC because I like to hear different sides. There are always 2 sides (or many more) to every story. From the posts I read it sounds as if you are angry and bitter about MK. As a reader I wonder why you are a personal use consultant. Why would you support a company you so strongly detest? Here is my story…

In 1996 I signed my agreement. My background is full time ministry. I wanted the opportunity to stay at home with my new born. I became a car driver and director within a year. With MK I never had to use day care once! This was an answer to prayer for me. My husband was transferred and we moved in 2000.

In 2000 I resigned because we were in a new town and I had a 2nd baby. I did not have a beef with MK at all, I did not want to work at all. I was not a personal use consultant and gave all of my customers to friends in MK.

In 2002 I became a consultant for the 2nd time. My motivation was my husbands decision to go into full time ministry. His new employment status changed our income. My desire was to send my children to a private school. I did this with MK. I also became a car driver and director in 2003 for the 2nd time. I also paid our home mortgage.

In 2006 I resigned because my family and I moved to NYC for church planting. This was a huge change for our family. Once again I gave all of my customers away to friends.

MK was a great experience for my family and I for many reasons. I don’t think I will list all of the reasons because from your blog posts I doubt you would believe me anyway since you indicate so many in MK are liars.

I could not find your last name or any personal info anywhere. Maybe I overlooked it. I am sharing all of my personal contact info so you and your readers can see I am a real person.

MK has no doubt helped many people. My family and friends can testify to this. I am puzzled at the amount of time you post negatives about the company. Most companies in America would not allow you to be affiliated with them after contributing to a blog like this.

I find it disappointing anytime a person invests so much effort in blasting others. Personally I don’t get it. It makes you appear to have deep rooted anger and bitterness about many things in your life.

Think about this…if a pastor makes a mistake, steps down for some type of sin, should the people in the church stop attending church?
A doctor messes up, do we stop going to doctors?
Election votes a rigged. Do we stop voting?
Have you ever had a bad restaurant experience? Did you quit eating out?
I have had many friends who felt they wanted to go into full time ministry but after doing it decided to resign.

Just because something doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be great for another person.

I’ll close with this verse…”There are six things God hates…no, seven he detests, ….. people who spread their strife among others. A troublemaker plants seeds of strife. Wrongdoers eagerly listen to gossip and play close attention to slander. A truthful witness saves lives, but a false witness is a traitor. The heart of the godly thinks carefully before speaking; the mouth of the wicked overflows with evil words. Mockers hate to be corrected, so they stay away from the wise. A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash. It is foolish to belittle another, a sensible person keeps quiet. A fool is quick tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.”

Tracy, I am so thankful I did not read your blog before working with MK. Though I am not involved with MK now, I feel sorry for anyone looking for a job who stumbles upon your blog.

Today I prayed for you, that you would seek your peace from the Lord.

I am thankful for every woman who “stumbles” on this blog, as this blog gives her a chance to hear the REAL story about Mary Kay… the one no recruiter will ever tell her. You, dear reader, were part of the problem. You deceived women, and you continue to do so. With more than 99% of participants losing money in MLM, I guarantee that there are far more women who regret their experience than who cherish it.


  1. PeachyNotPink

    “Think about this…if a pastor makes a mistake, steps down for some type of sin, should the people in the church stop attending church?
    A doctor messes up, do we stop going to doctors?
    Election votes a rigged. Do we stop voting?
    Have you ever had a bad restaurant experience? Did you quit eating out?

    False equivalencies, my friend:

    – If my pastor sins, I forgive them but will seek out another pastor, and I tell all my friends.
    – If a doctor messes up I do not go to that doctor or practice, and I tell all my friends.
    – If an election is rigged I speak up, protest, advocate for change to end corruption
    – If I have a bad restaurant experience I do not eat at THAT establishment again and I tell all my friends.


    – If a Kaybot tells me things that seem unbelievable, I seek out information from other sources (Pink Truth, news articles, others who have been in MK, etc.)
    – If I am burned by an MLM (MK) I do not participate in MLM’s
    – If I am lied to by multiple people in an organization (MK), I no longer believe anything coming from that organiztion

    You said you shared all your personal info. Did you include your schedule C’s as well?

    1. Marcella Cropacev

      She did not say if a doctor fails to see him/her again..she mentioned seeing other doctors or if your pastor sins would you stop going to church..totally different

      1. gravyk

        I’m new to this site, but spent 7 grueling years running a MK unit as a Director. You actually represent the recurring example held up by most Directors, i.e., people that recruit, buy no inventory, and then do nothing. You said it yourself, “I was MK consultant in 2004 for 2 months and left, I seriously didn’t do jack shit to work my business.” This IS a business and if everyone “worked” like you, there’d be no business, thus the constant hamster wheel in MK. Since you barely scratched the surface of a MK career and the actual time and energy involved, I think you’ve missed the point entirely.

          1. gravyk

            Remember the scene in The Deer Hunter when DeNiro and Walken trick their captors in the jungle during the Russian roulette game and ESCAPE. That’s kind of how good i feel.

  2. BestDecision

    MK certainly messed up, but I’m still wearing makeup…from Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Clinique, etc.! Way better products are out there, and I know this only after having gotten out from under that label and brand to explore the world I’d been away from for well over 10 years.

    And I don’t need you to pray for me. My prayers were answered when I finally had the courage to get out.

  3. Mickey2942

    Great. Did you network at a house of God to profit for yourself? Did you use your position and your husband’s position as pastor to network and sell MK?

    If you can swear on a bible that you never, ever, signed up one person in your church or your husband’s church as a consultant or that you never, ever sold MK to anyone at church I will wear MK for the rest of my life.

    The criminal thinking here is epic. And so impossibly flawed, there is absolutely no potential for rehabilitation.

    1. Shay

      Just the morality of it.
      Think about it:
      MK ladies have to warm chat strangers and trick them into doing a “portfolio” for before and after looks—something that NEVER happens so they can their fake “I” stories. If MK were so great—then they wouldn’t have to recruit like all MLM’s do. It’s a lie saying “helping women” only thing they help women do is separate money from themselves.

  4. DonewithMK666

    I agree with Shay! For 21 years I was in Mary Kay and I watched directors struggle trying to climb that impossible Mountain trying to get to NSD never to make it. I was taught had a lie & how to be manipulative and all along I never realized that I had become something so utterly despicable!!! When I became a director and I got my first commission check I remember calling my senior director and asking her “is this all I get” because I was shocked at how little it was it is a never ending hamster wheel and I’m so glad I am off a when I became a director and I got my first commission check I remember calling my senior director and asking her “is this all I get“ because I was shocked at how little it was. it is a never ending hamster wheel and I’m so glad I am off it! So yes I’m still angry and I am still bitter that people I trusted for over 21 years lied to me manipulated me! And when I finally was done with it all of them turn their backs on me like I was some sort of leper because I finally found my brain!

  5. Shay

    Can someone direct me to that fake letter a a Dorected said an ex consultant wrote to her and regretted quitting?? Something about how it was sent to warn people in to not quitting

  6. gravyk

    I just found this site and wanted to post my similar experience with MK. I enthusiastically joined MK in December 1988 (I had just had my third child in September 1988) and became a director 11 months later in November 1989. Prior to joining I had never heard of Mary Kay and knew nothing of MLM. I was young, ambitious, needed extra income, and I won my car 7 months after I joined. Essentially, everything was going in a positive direction. I was a burgeoning superstar and my senior directors loved me. I learned how to navigate sales and recruiting, but sometimes I felt guilty recruiting people who looked at me and wanted similar success when I knew how hard I was working. I had a full-time job which I was unable to leave, as we needed the income. Mary Kay did provide a second income, but not anything that matched my income as a legal secretary. Eventually, I did leave my full-time job to pursue MK exclusively. At the end of 7 years, I told my SD that I didn’t enjoy anything about MK any longer and I was done. Of course, she tried to cajole me into staying, but seeing I was serious, it all became about my resigning immediately so that she could retain my unit once I resigned. I refused to resign, I told her I would no longer hold meetings and would continue to ride my production until it was no more. I mean I’m the one who worked to create this unit production and now I was going to coast. Of course, I became a pariah and everyone I had interacted with for 7 years suddenly dropped from my friend circle. At the very end, I said to my husband, “I guess it’s normal for people to drop off from your inner circle like this. It’s not like I hang out with my old boss from the law firm.” And my husband said, (which has resonated with me FOREVER), “Yes, but he didn’t pretend to be your friend.” Truer words were never spoken. I’ve never looked back. I immediately immersed myself into new cosmetic products and brands that I had lost touch with over the past 7 years, which was a lot of fun. I did have some great moments in MK. I was #11 at Seminar in Recruiting in 1989, was on stage, won a diamond bee and Mary Kay herself presented it to me. That was fun. Everything else was fake it until you make it and I have a hard time with that philosophy. I also don’t buy into the religious mumbo jumbo that MK espouses, i.e., God first, Family Second, Career Third. Anyone who joins MK knows that WORK is FIRST ALWAYS. You can never put it down. You always are working whenever you’re awake. You find yourself making nice to total strangers, so as to disarm your next victim constantly. I couldn’t keep it up. So much money and time is spent creating events to hook your next recruit. These events cost money and you’re not making a lot of money. Thankfully, I did learn how to “sell myself” and I started my own medical transcription business which was wildly successful and made more money than I ever dreamed or could have with MK. I did so well that I was able to sell that business in 2013 and have been “retired” since then. I’m sure MK helped me learn some business techniques that helped the success of my business. I know one thing I could not handle was depending on others to work for my success/income. At least in owning my own company, I was able to manage the workflow and not depend on the work ethic of others, which was very stressful indeed. Some of my fellow directors have remained and one is now a NSD, but I know what everyday is like for her and I have never looked back. I also know that whatever she is making even as a NSD is not worth the amount of personal investment you have to devote. Not to me anyway. Just my two cents.

    1. Shay

      I was young, ambitious, needed extra income, and I won my car 7 months after I joined. Essentially, everything was going in a positive direction

      Are you sure about that? That was a lot of front loading .

      1. gravyk

        Absolutely, all of this is true; however, I was operating on dumb luck in a lot of cases and I was still employed in a law firm full-time with lots of young women like myself who had the money to spend or were curious enough about my success to recruit. I drove a free automobile beginning in August 1989 until I ultimately resigned in 1997. I remember I had to requalify every other year.

    2. Shay

      Depending on work ethic of other people in MLM is oxymoron. Those under you couldn’t make it because they either couldn’t;
      • sell the over priced MK products,
      • refused to front load

      I’m gonna let set someone else take the 🎤 mic from here.

      1. gravyk

        I agree wholeheartedly. I was also taught that you had to recruit 100 people to find 1 person like yourself (a devoted hardworker with deep pockets). I believe those numbers were likely true back then. No idea how those statistics translate today.

    3. BestDecision

      Yes, none of those that called themselves my “friends” are in my life now. Cut off immediately after I resigned. I, too, know of a “friend” that is now an NSD, but I know the intense cost it took for her to get there. And she still has to hold unit meetings! It really didn’t ever stop, no matter how high we got.

      Well written, sister Director. Do ignore those that have never walked in our shoes.

  7. Juliet

    Shay, I am saddened by what feels to me as harshness towards gravyk. She acknowledges her actions, and surely seems repentant, which Is why I am making a point of saying this. It is always good to give credit to those whom it is due, and gravyk’s full story made me feel good – that someone who was a standout also came out of the fog. I am sorry she did affect so many women which led to her success, but considering all the ones who REMAIN and continue to KNOWINGLY & WILLFULLY blight the lives of so many, it is wonderful to have another ”success” come into the Pink Truth community.

    I realize you may not have intended to come across critically, I just felt bad and surprised when I found gravyk so genuine.

  8. gravyk

    Thanks Juliet! Oddly, I have no bad feelings toward MK. In fact, as I stated above, I believe I learned how to manage a business and interact publicly comfortably, which ultimately translated into success elsewhere for me. I had a lot of firsts with MK. I joined when I was 30, stayed until I was 37, and now I’m almost 62. I have to admit, being a Director back in the day, I felt extremely proud and empowered at MK events knowing how difficult it was to achieve the role of Director. In the beginning it was all fresh and new to me and I was truly inspired, but over time I grew cynical toward MK business practices and all the phony hype. Anyway, I just wanted to post my experience. I made the choice to join MK and I made the choice to leave MK. All that glitters is not gold.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      Thanks for posting. I’ve noticed too that the MK gals for the most part are fantastic public speakers. Of course, they have to be (sell the sizzle lol) but at least it’s entertaining! I’ve worked at some pretty large companies and I’m constantly amazed (and appalled) how the senior leaders are horrible at public speaking! Things like facing the power point / wall, mumbling and profusely sweating to name a few. So bad! To me, if someone can’t even do a simple presentation, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence that they can run a department/organization/company!

  9. Marcella

    Hi all, I stumbled upon this site while looking for images of MK consultants.
    With all due respect, I do t understand your deep hatred, nobody forces you to buy inventory, nobody puts a gun to your head or kidnaps your family until you buy products. You are not forced to go to any meeting, you go to get info out and help for your business out of it.
    I was MK consultant in 2004 for 2 months and left, I seriously didn’t do jack shit to work my business. How do you people expect to make money if you don’t do anything, if you don’t attend your 9-5 job will you get paid? NO!
    At the end of the day I respect your opinion not to like the company but what I don’t respect is people not taking ownership of what they’ve done.
    Have a good day ladies…

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Marcella –
      The predictable put-down of “nobody puts a gun to your head ”
      It doesn’t have to be armed robbery to be a crime. Lying about a business’s finances to encourage others to buy into it it is FRAUD … and that’s illegal.

      They were flim-flammed, bamboozled, beguiled, conned, cozened, deceived, duped, gammoned, gulled, hoodwinked, misguided, misinformef, mislead, and tricked.

      They were LIED to!

      “How do you people expect to make money if you don’t do anything”
      Ah, the “you’re a bunch of lazy loosers” argument. Stale as ever.

      If you read many of the posts on this site, women WERE working HARD, were SDs and above, and still getting nowhere or sliding slowly into debt working the way they were told to, taught to, and encourage to.

  10. Dawn S King

    I started wearing Mary Kay in July 1983. A classmate invited my friend and I to a facial at the Mary Kay Consultants home. I had just turn 17. My mother knew nothing about skin care or makeup. Up to this in my everything I learned was from Merle Norman or Seventeen magazine.

    I was fascinated that there was real skin care and natural looking makeup. I went home told my mother and she turned around and bought the full skin care and basic makeup for me. I started my Senior year of high school a new person. A few months later my mother bought the complete skin and basic makeup for herself. Side bar my mother had a original mask from Mary Kay the she loved. She only used it a few times a year to make it last. She still had a small amount left when she died in 1999. She also used the skirt care she bought.

    I used Mary Kay until my sophomore year in college (1986) when a neighbor convinced me that Avon was just as comparable and for a small investment I could make money too. So I paid $10, got my three streets of territory and sat through all the color consultants training. I never made a living selling Avon. I never made enough to even cover the cost of my own products. I got married and noticed how my skin was suffering from not using good skin care. I went back to using a Mary Kay (1989). I continued to use Mary Kay until 1991, when my husband and I both just our jobs weeks before Christmas. Again my skin started looking bad and I had just starting working for a CPA and I had to look my best, So went back to Mary Kay. I could remember my former consultant name and I was now on the other side of town I contacted a national sales director to place an order. She had a new consultant that had just started her MK business and gave my order to the new consultant. That NSD was none other than the famed (Evil) Anita Garrett-Roe. I bought so Mary Kay for myself, family and friends that my Consultant now A team leader working towards DIQ, asked if I would want to join her team and sell it, or at least get my products at 1/2 off. Years ago when I was in college, my then consultant asked but back then it was required you HAD to commit to at least 3 shows a week part time or five plus a week for full time. My school plus work did not allow me to to do that. Again I was working 50 plus hours a week and on call every other weekend. So I said I would think about it. My father had just died and I had cut my schedule down to help my mother. A MK poly is to show how much you spend as a customer and divide that numberin half. That’s how much you can save. Another was color coded your schedule in all our open areas highlight them pink. All those Pink open ares are the time you can work your MK business. I had at least 3 times open to work the business. Personally, my husband and I were considering starting a family, and we knew I would have to cut back my work hours. So I attended a Training Meeting. My day job was an accountant. I had a ton of questions from the accountanting end. All my questions were answered with My CPA does that for me. I just write him/her a check” since I worked for a CPA, I knew there were huge tax advantages to being self employed. So I saved up the money for my starter kit and because my team leader was now a director Spawn of AGR I had to place my first order with my check for my starter kit. I heard TL could place my first order too. I, being a professional accountant I said I will do my own order. I concentrated on my products, what I use, what I give as gifts, and those out of reach products I could never purchase at full price. My first order arrived a few days ahead of my starter kit. Once my starter kit came in I started reading all the material and realized I could use this business to leave the chaos I worked in daily behind. I presented all information to my mother, who was also a retired accountant, and sitting on a huge chunk of inheritance from my dad. She chose to invest in me. My AGR spawn team leader convinced us to purchase the top level of inventory. I asked shouldn’t I get a customer base first before I invested that much? I heard the whole story about an empty store blah, blah, blah. But even new stores to a cross section of potential customers. I was so worried about the skin care but the color cosmetics I really worried about. I knew I would never sell the darkest day raidence. And if I hadn’t given all my no sale inventory to the woman’s shelter it would still be sitting in my closet in a box. I did invest in the $3000 dimond star level. I worked with mostly single men so selling at work was not going to happen. Until, the original men’s line launched. It was my top seller. I sold so much men’s care. I sold enough that I was able to quit that job and work my MK business alone. I reminded friends with all my co-workers and even dated one after I got divorced. I never recruited. I did get to meet Mary Kay at Seminar 1996. My first reaction was, oh my Gods, I think she may be a transvite, while she shock my hand. She couldn’t talk by this point. If she had it might had prove my feelings one way or the other. I continued to work my MK business and as a result I was offered a rare opportunity with my brother to work for a small production company In makeup. Once my foot was in the door, I was also offered lead production accountant, which I continued to do until 2007 when I retired. And on one production I was unit production manager because I had a unique manner I could easily work between the director and the actors. I learned all this from being MK consultant. I continued to use Mary Kay until the basic lined was finally axed. I never could use time wise because I was too sensitive too the abrasive nature of the product and I didn’t like the microbeads. Those beads were eventually, outlawed because they were causing havoc with city water systems across the nation. I knew at some point Timewise would have to be reformulated at some point to stay on the market. So the new 3D didn’t surprise me. I could not use The botanical effects because I was allergic to an ingredient. After, my last drop from the basic line was used up, I started a quest to find a skin care line. By the way, I’m still looking. I have waited to see what the all fallout out the new Timewise 3D would be. Next, month I plan on trying it after having a long talk with my husband. He always commented on how young I look. He almost didn’t ask me out until I prove by showing him my birth certificate of how old I really was. He agrees that all those foundation years using Mary Kay is giving me the skin I have today. I show him pictures of high school classmates many of them two or three years younger and he says you look so much younger. I even have complete strangers comment on my skin versus my age when I am cared for alcohol. I always says thank you it’s Mary Kay. Like, I stated, I plan to go back to being a customer but financial being a personal use consultant just isn’t worth it. Go ahead rip my lies and fake experiences apart. All I can tell is the products worked. The business practices seem to be a standard corporate mind set. That is the biggest reason I left the corporate world the lack of ethics and that had nothing to do with my experiences with Mary Kay. It had to do with almost every business I worked with were exactly like Eron, worldcom etc. Mary Kay is no different then any other corporate businesses.


    1. Char

      People say I look 10 years younger than I am. I’ve never used a drop of Mary Kay. Go figure.

      But more importantly, I refuse to support a pyramid scheme that harms women. To each their own regarding their priorities I guess.

      1. Dawn S King

        That’s fabulous Char. I’m happy for you. You must be blessed with great skin genes. I wasn’t. I had really dry skin at 17. So did my mother. She knew nothing about skincare or wearing makeup. Mary Kay gave me the foundation I needed. Thanks to Mary Kay I got to work with my brother in the film industry for 8 years, made life long friends and banked enough I could retire and be a stay at home homeschooling mom.

        I worked in the corporate world for 16 years. The word ethics did not exist. Mary Kay’s lack of ethics is right on par with all the other corporate businesses out there. Do you think all the corporate businesses you deal with are wonderful to women? Think again. Women are treated horribly in most corporate businesses. Are you not going to support them either? Do some research… Tyco, worldcom, How about Enron. Enrons practices alone are the reasons ethics are now required for business degrees. Doesn’t mean ethics are practiced. They are just required to learn. Watch the movie the Big Short, which is based on true events. Then tell me how horrible Mary Kay is based on the Corporate world example. Go ahead research, I’ll wait…..

    2. BestDecision

      Yet, other businesses don’t tout being Godly, do they? People still in MK complain about how others are ruining it for MK, yet they don’t leave. If I don’t like who I work with, wouldn’t I be looked at as crazy for not leaving and getting employment elsewhere?

      MK still tests on animals. It’s 2019 and very unnecessary, but they do it for the money they get from selling in China, etc. All of us on here have found other brands to use, and I unequivocally have never had better skin since I left any ingredient of MK’s behind.

      Just remember where your money is going.

      1. Dawn

        Two companies come to mind Right off the bat Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby and any other company that puts religious beliefs over health care.

        As far as the international animal testing issue…how many other companies in the China market do you boycott?

        I unfortunately have not found any other skin care that worked as well as the original basic did for me. What are you and “all of us on here” using. I would gladly accept your recommendations.

  11. Juliet

    Dawn S King, I only hope you have no influence over anyone since you are so adept at tarring THE ENTIRE CORPORATE WORLD AS UNETHICAL. How many companies did you work for? If they were unethical and YOU STAYED – THEN YOU ARE THE UNETHICAL ONE FOR SURE. I have indeed worked for places where I disagreed with their behaviors, regardless of the POLICIES, and yes I quit. One was the highest paying job I ever had in over thirty years of working – yes, I quit. I walked out – their emphasis on ruling by the letter of the law, especially as there was no need whatsoever for that behavior – that did it for me, it took a year to see it wasn’t an anomaly and that is when I left. I gave them no more loyalty than they gave the employees although I have been employed for over 10 years with the prior company that had been purchased and merged into this one.

    As it does seem you are the unethical one, no surprise you are delighted with all did in Mary kay.

    Just for the record I am no bleeding heart whatever who wouldn’t know corruption if it smacked me in the face. I started with Accounting

    1. Dawn

      I work for and with. The with was out of my control the CPA I worked for contracted with clients. The companies I did work for that we’re unethical yes I did quit when I discovered the lack of ethics. I have also been fired for the discovery of embezzlement more than once. Since you also worked in accounting I’m sure you found your fair share of embezzlement. I also did a year of research on business practices while I was working on an MBA for Non Profit Accounting. I have been self employed as a Accounting Consultant since 1999. I never did anything I could not defend ethically and lawfully in business practices. I walked away from an audit committee when the other members just want to stamp the audit good without doing an actual audit because there was nothing to audit. I ended up the staff accountant to fix the problems. I had to forensically audit and recreate books for a 501 c 3 corporation because the previous accountants books were unusable. So much so the CPA literally threw them away. When I had to quit the team because of a high risk pregnancy the CPA cried. Everything I did was undone and one of the DOF embezzled every dime the organization had.

      As for me being unethical… hardly. I never condoned nor did I ever practice what many of the NSD and SD and even team leaders did, do, or will do. I never recruited. I only sold the products I believed in. I did learn valueable business organization skills, and many thing “WHAT NOT DO” practices.

  12. Juliet

    “I gave them no more loyalty than they gave the employees although I have been employed for over 10 years with the prior company that had been purchased and merged into this one.”
    CORRECTIONS: meant to say “”I HAD been employed for over 10 years”

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