No One Believes the Pink Truth Hype

An email from a Kaybot, letting me know that the stories on Pink Truth aren’t “the actual experience” in Mary Kay. I feel it is my duty to inform all of you who have shared your stories here that they are false. You did not experience that and it was not real. So there!


no one believes your hype anymore. it is so over the top, so NOT what the actual experience that consultants and directors have. ‘praying on insecurities’ hahaha…’returing inventory and recovery’ hahahaha all your terms are so dramatic, so intense, is there a 12 Step recovery you’d advise too? go ahead and continue to liken a home-based business failure to a major life crisis. keep it up. maybe you can trivialize real addictions or devastating illnesses a little more. maybe you can insult women’s free will and intelligence a little more. ex-consultants…they were all so stupid, right? they were so easily manipulated, right? you have no respect for the women you are ‘helping’ and it’s transparent, it’s clear that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned–you!

but you did try at one point–couldn’t make in the biz, right? your real calling in this life is to manage a blog (manage a blog!!!) for bitter people. oh, and nice shirts. makes it all seem so real for you i guess. well at least you found your true calling.

we don’t want you back

we are now laughing at you

and guess what

i know you and you know me

and I know what you’re doing. if you’d lose some weight, you would have another focus and not be so angry in your dark, rotten little core

your cheeks are burning now

Sounds to me like someone is a little bitter and Pink Truth is having an impact on her business. I sure hope so. I hope that every single day, potential Mary Kay recruits are coming here and are turning down their consultant. It’s a beautiful thing.


  1. Mickey2942

    Wow. Well, I am glad that conning others into large purchases that they can’t afford is fulfilling. And that pretending to be someone’s friend, in order to access financial gain for yourself is part of your core belief that you are doing a good thing.

    I am not bitter about not being successful in MLM. Because having a moral compass is far more important to me.

  2. MLM Radar

    oh, and nice shirts. makes it all seem so real for you i guess.

    Nice shirts? What is she talking about? There’s no link here to buy Pink Truth shirts.

    But that’s the sort of comment a bitter, ignorant SD would make after she’s had too much to drink from her secret stash. (MK events are alcohol-free, of course… in public.)

    By the way, OP… the keyboard has two SHIFT keys. You press one of them when you’re typing the first letter of the word that begins a sentence.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    “continue to liken a home-based business failure to a major life crisis. ”
    When that failure lands a family in thousands of dollars in debt with a ruined marriage … that’s not major?

    I think she may be trying to convince herself that there is no truth here.

  4. BestDecision

    Well, I believed what I read on here. And then I called them to pick up my Cadillac and shipped my inventory back.

    School teachers everywhere are cringing at your grammar, by the way. You should be ashamed.

  5. DonewithMK666

    Wow!! Somebody is very very angry and by the way I want a pink truth T-shirt !!!
    I feel very sad for the person who wrote this rant and I invite that person to come sit down and visit with me over coffee and I’ll be happy to share the 21 years of hurt and heartbreak and disappointment that I felt with the “Mary Kay dream”! Because like everybody else and here I am very sure I probably did not try hard enough or I didn’t follow the rules or I didn’t focus on recruiting or any of that nonsense that this person likes to say so if the person that wrote the rant is interested let me know and we’ll get together and have a long conversation!!!

  6. PeachyNotPink

    Just want to turn some of these phrases around since the OP should be saying these phrases into a mirror.

    no one believes your hype anymore. it is so over the top Oh, were you talking about your SD’s or NSD’s I-story? Or were you talking about the “executive” income I can earn working part time from home? Or the “free” car I can “win”?

    all your terms are so dramatic, so intense
    Did you just come back from some MK event where you are told to BEE-lieve? Fake it till you make it? Dream the life?

    maybe you can trivialize
    Isn’t this what the SD’s and NSD’s do to IBC’s when they run into trouble making the DREAM happen? Trivialize all the work that poor IBC is putting into her “business” because she is obviously not working hard enough or BEE-lieving enough…. Or is this what MK does to husbands who see their families and finances suffering due to MK?

    maybe you can insult women’s free will and intelligence
    Isn’t that what SD’s and NSD’s do to IBC’s when they gaslight, manipulate, guilt and bully them into ordering more product that they don’t need or teach them to lie to new recruits or have an IBC sign up family, friends and pets so they finish DIQ?

    you have no respect for the women you are ‘helping’ and it’s transparent
    See previous statement. When you manipulate and lie to women, that shows a complete lack of respect. I thought you were supposed to be empowering other women?

    nice shirts. makes it all seem so real for you i guess. well at least you found your true calling
    Ha! Says the Kaybot who chases ugly costume jewelry and ribbons at every contest.

    we are now laughing at you
    And while this is kinda mean…unfortunately, we do laugh at some of you. But mostly, we we just pity you.

  7. mmcnulty

    The bottom line is they keep coming back here. We are hitting a nerve and they won’t admit it until they are underwater and then come here to tell the truth of what happened to them. Just wait, they all come sooner or later.

  8. enorth

    “no one believes your hype anymore. it is so over the top”

    I recall seeing the following on social media:
    – women dressed up in bumble-bee costumes for a skit
    – a photo of the salad and cheesecake served at seminar
    – a photo of you and your five room-mates in your seminar hotel room, sitting on the floor eating food from foam containers
    – parading across a stage pretending to drive a pink Cadillac using pink, plastic plates as “steering wheels”
    – chanting while wearing pink boas and plastic tiaras
    – going out in public wearing charcoal masks so that curious strangers would ask questions, allowing you to hit them with your “I’m in a challenge!” pitch
    – being photographed kissing the hood of a pink Cadillac
    – being photographed kissing the driver-side door of a pink Cadillac
    – being photographed holding your own infant on the hood of a pink Cadillac

    Now, THAT’S hype.

  9. wasrings90

    You want me to lose some weight? Have you ever seen me, if I lose anymore weight my Dr. would probably tell me to gain it back.

    I’m sorry but just because you sell over priced out dated makeup doesn’t make you a Dr. You have no idea how what my medical history is, so here’s a helpful tip, don’t give medical advice unless you are an actual medical doctor.

    Also I have learned so much more about makeup application and how to colour match by watching YouTube videos than I ever have from going to a MK party. Hell I’ve learned more watching the sales associates from Ulta & Sephora than by before at a MK party.

    1. navyhawk

      Yeah. I had a makeover from Sephora, where they applied my makeup (they are trained to do so) and while doing so, told me all about the benefits of the make-up, ingredients, (which were easy to find on the bottle), and no pressure to purchase anything. (I did buy the foundation and the makeup remover).

  10. ihatemk

    So over the top? I think that Mary Kay is the one that is soooooo over the top. The reason I love this site is b/c these ladies tell it like it is. Truth is truth. One of the reasons I found this site is because EVERY Mary Kay party I have ever been to is a boom rah sis party and how great and wonderful the products are and the IBC just talking about how wonderful it is and what a dream come true MK is for them. None of it sounds even remotely believable. Talking about last minute miracles that come through so they can make production or whatever they are “on target” for. The last minute miracle is the IBC putting stuff on her credit card so all her hard work won’t go to waste. She is “streeeeeetching” to make it and “faking it til she makes it”. I believe in realities, not some pink fantasy sold to me. Because I am a skeptical person is one of the reasons I never joined this mlm. My gut told me all this was just pink fairy dust and nonsense. Mary Kay is the one that uses “dramatic terms”, i.e. the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang, you have to show up to go up, you can’t sell from an empty wagon, no one held a gun to your head when you ordered (favorite saying of directors when a consultant voices concerns about the amount of inventory “encouraged” (read high pressure tactics) ordered, etc. MK just uses a lot of platitudes and smoke and mirrors. Funny how when these ladies try to return inventory for the 90% buy back that was featured as one of the benefits of joining MK, and their director learns of it, the pressure is ON not to do it. Director doesn’t want to lose that commission. You can never sell MK again. Like that would be so horrible and if anyone wanted to, 20 bucks or 25 and some boo hoo story, miracles happen and she can sell MK again. Why are we mentioning someone’s weight on here? Unsheathing the pink claws? I thought MK was supposed to be about uplifting women. The people on here don’t have dark, rotten little cores. Sounds like the kettle calling the pot black. Why does PT upset you so much? Is the truth hitting too close to home? Does it matter if you know who posts on here or not? My feeling is that you are discovering that MK is not the dream you were sold and deep inside you are realizing it and are lashing out at those who you think might be taking away your MK dream. The ladies on here have held high positions in MK. Best of luck to you and try to tone down the snarky attitude. Keep an open mind and at least consider the other side.

  11. OnelessSD

    Me thinks she doth protest too much!

    Yeah, she’s struggling within the pink cult, otherwise she wouldn’t give us the time of day.

    Listen Cupcake, until you have walked in our shoes, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I was going to be a career consultant- I was believing I was a “lifer for MK”… until I finally got wise and saw the scam for what it really is – a great “get rich scheme for corporate”. They’ve got you really fooled into believing you own your own business.. but they can fire you at any point. No one makes 50% profit… don’t forget.. you need to deduct all your expenses out of that 50%.. .and what’s left over after all of that is paid.. is your profit (or in 99% of cases= debt). If you want to prove to us that you are “all that and then some”… provide your Schedule C (with your name, etc blacked out)… but the numbers will be the proof. Then maybe we’ll listen to you, but until then… all you’ve done is proven your ignorance. Good luck to you.

  12. Char


    You know what is so beautiful and satisfying about this email? – Few things in life are so certain!

    It doesn’t matter what you say as we are 100% positive you will lose with Mary Kay. It will either be your time, money, your integrity – and likely all three.

    MLMing, aka being a Mary Kay consultant, is not a business. 99% lose financially and 1% make money via deception pimping for a corrupt company that exploits women.

    “ex-consultants…they were all so stupid, right?” – Hardly. EX-consultants are the smart ones.

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