“Wineing” About Mary Kay

Another one….

its funny to me how everyone is on her wineing about marykay and what it didnt do for u but can i ask what did u do in mary kay did u follow the scripts set did u do ur best were ur books full did u even try or did u sit on the box and cry it doesnt work i have been a consulant for 2 years by choice and i love it i love going out and putting the make up on the faces and watching a womans world change even if its for that one night i dont push sales i dont push recriuts it does happen but to sit on her and down mk because u have an bad exsperince and then put us all in one is not only childess rude and disrespectful but so wrong yes we do have a few that go out for themselves but we are not all the same.. u had a bad exspercinse with a consulant so dont see her u dont like the product send it back theres 100 % buy back on any product that YOU CHOOSE to buy inventory call the company they work it our with u simply enough the only promblem with all the situaions i seen on here is Y_O_U stop putting urself in ur own way


mk girl all the way


  1. Char

    This is disturbing in so many ways:

    – It really troubles me that some Americans are so poorly educated.
    – That our government doesn’t protect the general public from MLM.
    – Or If she is special needs, how do we help her? Report MK for exploiting the disabled?
    – Shame on her upline for preying on her disability. That’s MLM for you!

  2. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    This is hard to read. No it’s not just a few- it’s the bunch. I’m glad she needs to pay for frienemies, maybe she should go through something and really need someone. From my personal Mary Kay times, I am actually friends with a handful of people, 1 personal recruit, 2 peers, and a few clients.

  3. ran4fun

    If you want to call yourself a business woman, then act like one. It starts by representing yourself like a professional. I cannot take seriously anyone who communicates like that. She ought to know better. If she doesn’t know better, why doesn’t her “free” training teach business communication skills? (We all know why.)

    1. KP

      Exactly. If you refuse to communicate like a professional then your “business” is of no interest to me. If you’re willing to be sloppy about something as important as how you present yourself in writing then you’re going to be cutting corners in other things as well. Details matter.

  4. EyesWideShutNoMore

    And, apparently she doesn’t know it’s illegal to “be putting the makeup on the faces” unless she’s licenced as a cosmetologist/make up artist/ aesthetician. Hope her make up skills are better than her writing skills!

  5. raisinberry

    It is quite possible that she may be a special needs person…that has never stopped anyone in my upline from recruiting such a person. You would think that knowing how difficult it is to “build a Mary Kay Business” for an able bodied person, that one would be cautious when attempting to recruit a woman who lacks the skills necessary to be considered successful. Nope. We were trained never to “pre-judge”. Maybe so…maybe a person with lower abilities can rise to the top. It’s just hard to imagine overall when so many educated, attractive, personable and sales trained consultants and Directors ended up mired in debt!

    1. Char

      If the author is reading this, we are not discriminating against your disability. On the contrary, we are trying to protect you from bad people who take advantage of your challenges. If you have a guardian or case worker, please tell them you have joined a pyramid scheme. Direct them to PinkTruth if they are not familiar with how Mary Kay really operates.

      I’m sure you are capable of doing many, many good things in life. Mary Kay just isn’t one of them due to the flawed system they use.

  6. BestDecision

    Your grammar is an embarrassment to all Americans, and you’re an example of why I left. Yes, I followed the scripts, and I guarantee I worked harder in a month than you have in your 2 tiny years. It’s hard for anyone to treat you respectfully when you use horrific grammar and tone to argue with us.

    Let me get back to REAL professionalism—outside MK.

  7. Charles

    This reads like one of those Nigerian 419 scam emails, especially with all the crazy misspellings. Do they have Mary Kay in Nigeria? I know that Amway was over there at one point or another.

  8. Juliet

    I happened to come across a recent article entitled Tips For Pink Truth Critics, by SuzyQ, which cracked me up as well as reminding me of some thoughts I wanted to share. I have been a ”consumer advocate” for MYSELF for over 30 years now, and so of course, I have HAD to research many things online regarding Mary Kay.

    The irony is HOW MANY websites, DENOUNCING PINK TRUTH, I came across, and NONE OF THEM ARE IN EXISTENCE NOW lolololol.

    The web pages are still there, the names come up on Bing searches, but when you look for dates [which mostly are hidden] they are very, very old for the last update, or even when the website APPEARS to be in existence, if you follow any of the links to have contact with the site owner — it may seem like something is happening, but ultimately, nothing at all comes of it.


    This is the link to the Pink Truth Article. Funniest part that made me LOL:
    2. We have been called lazy loosers and also lazy losers. We have been called terrorists, too, so come up with a new bad name to call us. We are bored.
    ……..we are bored…….lolololol


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