You Are All Bitter Women

A note from an angry Mary Kay customer to Pink Truth members:

To whom it may concern…..

What has this world come to?? What are you thinking??? You all are bitter, bitter women that can’t find anything else better to do with your time. Get a life!!!

I am completely blown away that you would start a website like this!!! Do you think that we are all stupid, that we can’t think for ourselves??? I can not believe that you all started your Mary Kay businesses and put yourselves in a financial hole!!! That is too funny!!! Whats even better is that you blame your failure onto Mary Kay Inc.??? Did they put a gun to your heads???? Tell me something…. are you gutting Avon?? What other MLM companies did you fail at that you are gutting??

The hate and discontent in this website is way out of control!!! You ladies really need to get a life and allow us to find out if the Mary Kay world is for us. I get it, it wasn’t for you…. do I care??? No!!! Everyone has different situations and life stories…. it doesn’t mean that my story will turn out like yours!!! You know, if I was able to have a chance to stay at home with my children and still make the same wages that I would at a 9-5 job or 3-11 or 7-4 job, damn straight I would!!! My children mean the world to me and I would do what ever I had to, to make sure that they weren’t raised by someone else!!! To be able to give them a life that the NSD’s have would be amazing!!! Can you give your children and family that same life???

Every single one of you had the same chance to succeed!!! Instead you gave up!!! And that is sad….. stop blaming someone else and blame yourselves for being such loosers!!! Because that is what you are!!! Bitter, hateful, sad, sad women!!! I am so thankful that I don’t know who any of you are, because I would be ashamed to say that I did know you!!!

You think you are saving us all from a terrible, terrible fate!!! Well guess what….. all you have done is made yourselves look stupid!!! That is even funnier!!! Now the whole world knows about it!!! You all had a chance to make a difference in your lives…. what you did with it…. you threw away that chance and all you have done is made yourselves look like fools!!! Congrats!!!

With the economy and job market the way that it is right now…. I will try anything to be able to put food on the table and clothes on our backs!!!! BUT!!! I will do it in a manner that is suitable for me and my family and not financially damning!!! Dumping $4800 into a business that your not sure is going to work for you….. like I said…. fools!!!

All of you really need to grow up and shut up!!! Your opinions are just that…. YOURS!!! I don’t want to hear it, neither does the next woman. We all have two legs, you need to let us stand on them. Stop bashing Mary Kay!!! They did nothing to you, you did it to yourself!!! I really feel sorry for you and the others that you have sucked in!!! It’s pathetic that you would go this far!!!

Just to clarify…… I’m not even a consultant. I’ve used the product for 15 years, but never really looked into the company itself….. but because I have stumbled onto your website, I am more intrigued now to prove you all wrong. When I read things on your website, all I see is bitter, sad, probably lonely women that are full of hate. Trying to blame someone else for their failures. Well sweeties…. buck up!!! Life isn’t fair, and the only ones to blame is yourselves!!!

All I can see is that someone out there hurt you and you are just wanting to get revenge on them. I see that as very, very sad. Making it your lifes quest to crush a company because you failed??? Because 1 person promised you something and it didn’t happen like you wanted it to. If it were me, I’d be looking for something else to occupy my time, because in the end you are going to only destroy one person….. you. Good luck with your bashing party…. hopefully one day you will realize that you are only hurting yourself and your followers. That just tells me that you don’t have a conscience.

I will do one thing for you…… I will pray for you….. pray that you will see the damage that you are doing and causing terrible hate and discontent in everything and everyone around you. That is why there is so much hate in the world, it’s because of people like you that have a score to settle and don’t give others the chance to test the waters.

From what I understand, Mary Kay Inc. has been in business for 45+ years??? They must be doing something right. If I am able to get just a small piece of that pie to make a better life for my family….. it’s worth the try.

So I thank you…. I am looking forward to proving you and your haters wrong. It’s going to be a fun ride!!!


  1. PeachyNotPink

    I counted:

    31 question marks
    82 exclamation points
    21 instances where …. was used when other punctuation was required (comma, semicolon, single period, etc.)

    I don’t know what’s worse, when Kaybots abuse punctuation marks like this or when they don’t use punctuation at all. Hard to take someone seriously when they write in this fashion.

    1. PurpleH

      Incorrect or non-existent use of possessives. (Check)
      “No one held a gun to your head.” (Check)
      “Loosers” (Check)
      “Praying for you”. (Check)
      “Stumbled across the site” (Check)
      Did she miss a single cliche?

  2. Neverpink

    Sorry sweaty (if you’re going to misspell “loser”…), not all of us here ever purchased MK or ever were consultants. There are people like me who detest all forms of MLM and come here to read up on how to avoid falling into the trap!

    1. Char

      “I am looking forward to proving you and your haters wrong. It’s going to be a fun ride!!!”

      Sounds like the author is going to jump off a bridge so she can prove to us it’s not dangerous. Sad thing is, in order to attempt to prove her point, it requires her to recruit other people to jump too.

      Do let us know how those rocks and sharks treat you, dear author. And if you are as righteous as you pretend to be, maybe test the waters alone first. Oh wait, MLM doesn’t work that way. The NSDs you so admire provide a smorgasbord of jumping fools.

      duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.

  3. Pinkiu

    “With the economy and job market the way that it is right now” THIS. Our economy is so strong that factories here are raising entry level wages to $12 – $20 per hour. That’s more than you will make in MK. Plus, they offer benefits such as health care and sick days. If you get sick in MK, that’s too bad. You gotta show up to the party to make money. And since the whole life blood in MK is recruiting, you’ll need to share the pink dream even if you have the flu.

    So what do I do now? Why, I’m sitting here in my living room in my pjs, with Judge Ross on the TV, and prepping for next week’s courses and grading papers. I’m a salaried faculty instructor at a university. I get benefits such as health care, a 401K, plenty of sick days, and paid professional development trips. I’m taking one to NYC soon. Next year, Italy. And the poor MK IBC or director? She wishes she were me.

    1. BestDecision

      Exactly! All we ever got sold was the possibility of living like an NSD when it’s not a probability. I’m so much happier in life than I ever was chasing that ridiculous dream!

    2. wasrings90

      Yeah, I was confused by this myself. 10yrs ago after being downsized from the local TV Station, I couldn’t find a liveable wage job to save my soul, I worked at BN and picked up odd jobs helping a friend with a cleaning company & hostessing & busing tables at a supper club.

      I am back on feet now and our office recently had a position open & it took forever to fill it, by the time management offered the job to someone who interviewed the day before, that application already had accepted another position. It was ridiculous compared to years ago.

      I wonder what economy she’s living in? 🤔

      1. Pinkiu

        Well, yes adjunct pay is about minimum wage at ours. It’s how I started before being offered a full time position. It’s either new people to an area who accept the positions or retired people. It is a shame really.

  4. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    Yuck, I don’t sell, I just use the product. You could find better at discount stores and overstock stores for less money.
    I’m annoyed about the grammatical mistakes.
    So glad I’m out

  5. Lazy Gardens

    Grammarly’s online checker asploded!

    “You know, if I was able to have a chance to stay at home with my children and still make the same wages that I would at a 9-5 job or 3-11 or 7-4 job, damn straight I would!”

    Most women of small children ALL WOULD! But an MLM is not the way to do it. It will suck money out of the household, and suck time away from your family.

  6. Char

    “From what I understand, Mary Kay Inc. has been in business for 45+ years??? They must be doing something right. If I am able to get just a small piece of that pie to make a better life for my family….. it’s worth the try.”

    Silly woman, you are not getting a piece of the pie. You are the pie. Get it? Mary Kay consultants are the ingredients which make up a delectable pie that Mary Kay INCORPORATED has been getting fat on by devouring the likes of you for dozens of years.

    Come back here when you need that egg wiped off your face. The nice thing about PT is they’ll hand you a tissue. Conversely, MK will just simply flush the toilet and move onto the next……pie.

  7. Pinksmoke

    Wow, for someone who says they don’t care she sure does have lots to say.
    Also, you will NOT make the same or more money or probs any money for that matter working MK. Keep your 9-5 4-midnight jobs!
    P.S if you’re signing up for MK after reading our thoughts and stories, you’re the fool lady!!!!

  8. Lulutoo

    If it’s so great, why has she never signed up(I’d put a question mark here but she used them all up)…same goes for exclamation points… And please don’t pray for me, bitter lady.

  9. PinkShamWow

    “We all have two legs, you need to let us stand on them.” For me that says it all in a nutshell. I have a chronic illness that manifests as a collagen deficiency. Which means my bones are extremely fragile. I was recruited into MK during a time when I was doing really well physically. I was assured multiple times by my Director that if my health went south, all the ladies in MK would be there to back me up. They would hold parties for me, recruit for me, bend over backwards to make sure I succeeded. Guess what? That was all a complete lie. Two months after signing up and purchasing a huge inventory, my health quickly deteriorated. And when I asked about those parties, recruiting and those MK ladies that were going to back me up? I received a couple texts telling me that I would make it through this hardship and they were all praying for me. Let me tell you – those prayers sure didn’t sell any of my inventory. Not everyone has two healthy legs and not everyone can stand on them. MK has no plan for consultants who become ill or disabled and they really don’t care. They also have no need for recruiting disabled people. As one of those people, let me tell you it was damn hard dragging those heavy cases around and setting things up in strangers homes. I can’t imagine trying to do it in a wheelchair. I’m so fed up with MK and it’s cult-ure I could scream.
    Someone who fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  10. ihatemk

    Why does it upset you so much about this site? This is what these ladies have experienced and if you don’t like it, too bad. This site exists to help those who were burned by the promises of MK and the disillusions that followed. A lot of the people on here were the higher ups in MK, directors, senior sales directors, cadillac drivers, etc. If you don’t like it go elsewhere. You have used a lot of the stupid MK sayings that the directors use when someone is leaving MK. No one held a gun to your head, well maybe not, but intense pressure was applied along with “find a way, make a way, fake it til you make it, you have to show up to go up, blah blah blah. I find it amusing that something you have not participated in (so you claim) causes such distress to you. Why? Why do you care? Their truth is their truth and their experience and you have not lived or experienced what they have. Calling people bitter and loosers is not going to get you anywhere. You claim that you don’t have any experience being in MK, but I suspect that you are really an IBC who is learning the real truth of MK and are getting scared b/c you suspect that what you are reading just might be correct. You claim the hate and discontent on this website is way out of control, when your hate and discontent expressed in your post is way out of control. Just how do you plan on proving these ladies wrong when you are not in MK (so you claim). What do you mean your story won’t turn out like theirs? If you are not in it, how do you plan to prove them wrong and how is your story not going to turn out like theirs if you are not in it. The lady doth protest too much. If you are really in MK like I suspect that you are, when and if you calm down and can look at it objectively, these ladies will be able to give you the support you need. You know some of them “stumbled’ on this site just like you and wrote similar things to what you have posted and part of it was b/c they were scared and starting to realize that MK is not how it is portrayed. Lots of lies, deceit, false claims, you will sell it next month, things will turn around, etc. These ladies have plenty of people “praying” for them. Truth is truth and lashing out at them does not make it untrue. Best of luck to you and please at least be objective. If you don’t like this site, then don’t visit it. There are plenty of pro MK sites you can visit, but I have a suspicion that you are starting to realize all that glitters is not gold and as I said, I am pretty sure that you are in MK deeper than you care to admit.

  11. ran4fun

    This type of rant doesn’t come from a mere customer. She has way more invested in MK than just being a consumer of the product. And she uses many of the tired, old talking points. She either is a consultant (and lying about not being one) or she has a close personal relationship with a consultant (friend, mother, daughter,etc.). She’s way too defensive. Why do they always call us bitter? Her rant was way more bitter than anything we say.

    And just a note to all of our critics – your offer to pray for us after you have been so verbally abusive to us is not very comforting or Christian. It’s just a passive aggressive way for you to make yourself feel better.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “our offer to pray for us after you have been so verbally abusive to us is not very comforting or Christian. It’s just a passive aggressive way for you to make yourself feel better.”

      It’s “f**k off”, but with less honesty because it’s pretending to mean you good.

    2. KayNoMary

      Definitely. I have some things that I’m fiercely brand-loyal to, but if someone else didn’t like those companies it would never occur to me to blast them like this.

      This person has much more than just a few consumer purchases invested in this, or else she’s genuinely unhinged.

  12. MLM Radar

    I rather like the taste of bitter. It’s a lot nicer than the taste of flaming hot dog do-do, which is what got dumped here.

    Yeah, right she’s been using MK for years but never been a consultant herself. She must be a family member. Or maybe she’s in another MLM, and good friends with a consultant. Either way she’s staying too close to be objective.

    This looks like the rerun of an old post. I wonder what she’d say if she wrote back now.

  13. Jordan

    To this “customer” aka….there’s to much rage there to be a customer…
    Sweetheart, in response to your “You know, if I was able to have a chance to stay at home with my children and still make the same wages that I would at a 9-5 job or 3-11 or 7-4 job, damn straight I would!!!”… this isn’t that, so don’t get excited. You do not, will not work regular hours and make full time wages. Don’t believe me, check the bank accounts of regular directors out there, there ain’t no full time wage happening there. And as for the NSD’s you speak of, and the ones that do make money? They do it on the backs and debt of every woman they recruit and they sell their souls for it.

  14. MSgtK

    Can any kaybot have an original thought and punctuate it properly? I have never wrote that poor in my entire life, beginning at the first grade.
    Do they know how much we laugh at them? Just wondering….

  15. KP

    “…but never really looked into the company itself…”

    In other words, your opinion is worthless.

    “If I am able to get just a small piece of that pie to make a better life for my family….. it’s worth the try.”

    I have a better idea: take an English class. You write like a chimp.

  16. Mickey2942

    You go! Prove us wrong!

    Make sure that you note how to return your unused product at 90%.

    MK has been in business for 45 years, a time before the internet. Yet, they have not changed how their business model works. They are a dinosaur that hasn’t died yet. Still enough low hanging fruit to survive.

  17. Barbara Kronschnabel

    So if I am understanding you correctly, you’re planning to sign on as a Consultant just to prove us all wrong. I would not be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t warn you that you are playing a game of financial Russian Roulette. Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme and odds are you will not come close to reaching the top. The game is rigged. Turn back now.

  18. Burnnurse1130

    I joined MK after intense pressure by my recruiter’s Director. I made a huge mistake and want to warn others of the recruitment tactics and lies. The Director wanted me to quit my job as a nurse, which I refused to do. I did, however, follow her advise and purchase $1800 in inventory, which was a big mistake on my part because no one wanted to buy the product. I wanted to wait to purchase inventory after I could find out how my friends and family would like the product, but the Director applied intense pressure and I fell for it. My husband is an Officer in the Air Force and she wanted to have access to the Air Force base to recruit. I saw through her motives to have access to the base and use the Mary Kay scripts and lies about making lots of money because the products are recession-proof (2008) and fly off the shelves. No, the products do not fly off the shelves and women want to buy drugstore lipstick during a recession, not Mary Kay. I learned the hard way and saw through the facade my Director created to recruit me. Most of the tactics the Director used were published tools from Mary Kay posted on Pink Truth. I was disheartened that she lied about the opportunity to get access to the Military Base. I am grateful to Pink Truth in warning others of the MK opportunity just like an Amazon review of a bad product. Reading Pink Truth and posting about my situation back in 2008 empowered me to leave Mary Kay and return my product. I did not want to have to lie and pressure others to purchase MK product from me or recruit. I am a successful Nurse and help others in a more meaningful way than I could being a MK consultant.

  19. enorth

    ” intense pressure by my recruiter’s Director.”

    I don’t recall if it was MK or another MLM, but I heard a suggestion around getting a potential recruit on a call with your upline…
    …You tell potential recruit that you are impressed with her and want your upline to meet her via phone. After the three of you have joined the call, you pretend you are having phone problems. The upline steps in to “help” and goes in for the kill.

  20. Burnnurse1130

    Enroth- yes that was MK. My recruiter and her Drirctor used that tactic on others. The Director called me directly with am urgent message, to help my recruiter get a car. Since I was one of her best customers and like the products do will others. I kept saying no and she invited me to her house to view the spring line. The director alluded to the fact that her MK business paid for her beautiful home, quartz counter tops, etc. she hooked me with the like “it’s only $100 to join and you will spend more than that at target.” I thought sure only $100, why not. Oh, but there is the inventory pressure, the website, pro pay, business cards, samples, etc. it becomes very expensive quickly. I came in with $1800 in inventory and was only one of two star consultants in the unit. I did not feel that I deserved any praise or recognition I received at the unit meeting. But I had big kudos for my “success.” I did not SELL anything, so why the recognition? If the products sell themselves and are recession proof, why were there not more star and above consultants? Why get recognized for merely placing a big order and not selling anything??

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