Secrets to the Unit Prizes

Written by SuzyQ

Let’s talk about the prizes. Oh, the prizes.

When Mary Kay directors and NSDs offer a major prize there are a couple of contingencies working here… First and foremost, your director can’t afford much, so the prizes are, shall we say, meaningful, but tacky? Our usual vendors make a mint during the last 3 months of the seminar year, and in June, oh my, the prizes in June! They are cheap, really cheap. And very often, the directors offer CA$H! That’s right! Actual money you can spend. If you win the drawing.

It goes something like this… if you order $200 in June you get one entry into the $500 cash drawing… $400 gets you two entries and so on… This is to reach the unit goal of $20,000 or some extraordinary number. (Now your unit has never done whatever the goal is, but this is June!!!! The month of miracles for those who BEE-lieve, so anything is possible.)

Guess what? The director never has the drawing because the goal is never reached, but you aren’t privy to that part of the contest… But, hey, production is up! And this is called “Sucking the unit dry in June.” And that means July will be pretty awful.

Second… many of the NSD prizes offered will, in fact, have to be purchased by your director. Betcha didn’t know that, eh? An added expense for her. Actually, in my decade long career, I only received one prize directly from my NSD that my senior did not have to purchase, and quite frankly, I am not entirely sure she didn’t have to pay for it then… NSDs don’t have to buy stuff any more. Too busy, I guess.

As directors, we tell ourselves a couple of things:

  1. Who else gets a prize for “just doin’ our jobs?”
  2. If you don’t like the prize, save it and give it to one of your team members, the goal is to earn everything that is offered and
  3. Same thing, but save it for your director debut and give it to the “winners” of your diq courts and last but not least,
  4. It’s not the prize itself, it’s being a team player, and your potential unit will treat you the way you treated your director.

Audible sigh, they have an answer for everything. Don’t fall for it.


  1. DonewithMK666

    Oh this brings back fond memories… NOT!!!! I remember my second here as the chapter I was my senior directors number one director and do you want to guess what my lovely prize was???? A cheap tacky plastic bracelet really ??????

  2. Shay

    Being a team player in MK terms is spending an awful lot of money on makeup that will never be used. Brilliant. You might as well burn your money, then you won’t have your home cluttered.

    1. BlessedToBeFree

      This is hilarious!! I am still working on decluttering, so much stuff in my home from this business. I am so much happier not to be working on huge goals in Mary Kay constantly and enjoying my family and my career that I clock out at, get health insurance, and make more money than having a cadillac with offsprings

  3. MLM Radar

    There’s a major disconnection here when you step back and look at the big picture.

    Your Director joined the top 2% when she finished DIQ. She’s “driving free.” She’s granted access to the Directors Only places and events. She dines from real plates at Seminar while you eat cold chicken from a box in your lap. She’s living the good life where the Real Money is made. She’s a (future) Elite Executive Senior yada yada yada. Your mentor.

    So how is it that the only prizes she awards are:
    – A ribbon you have to put back on the wall when her weekly meeting is over.
    – Plastic “pearls” on an elastic string.
    – Special Seating on meeting night, in a room with mostly empty chairs.
    – One earring. (You have to place another qualifying order to get the other.)
    – A ring that turns your finger green after two weeks.
    – An extra entry in that contest.
    – Your picture next to your Unit Car.

    Did you just luck out and get yourself hitched to a Director who really is that cheap? (Funny, you and everyone else you
    meet at a Mary Kay event have the same cheapo Director, or so it seems.)

    Or is there something else behind all that tackiness?

  4. Jacirene

    I once heard a Sales Director speak in a lecture that if Mary Kay gave her a screw as a prize, she would conquer why she would be one of the few women who would have the “coveted object.” Can you believe this?

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