Wrinkles to You!

I am a new Mary Kay consultant of roughly a month’s experience, and I just discovered your website today when seeking information on how to “warm chat” if you’re plagued with paralyzing shyness.

I’m glad I didn’t know about Pink Truth before today, because I may not have signed up with MK if I had seen all the negativity being splattered all over your site.  It’s one thing to lay out “truths” (which are completely subjective) for unwitting newbees in an attempt to ward them off of the “evil corporation” that is Mary Kay, but to disallow people who have made a successful go of it to post all the good they do, or to simply defend themselves and the company is absolutely disgusting.

Yes, there happens to be a very large turnaround for Mary Kay independent Beauty Consultants, but it is also true that if a woman has a negative experience working with Mary Kay, it is her OWN fault!

When I signed up (I sought out my personal consultant and asked how to join because I needed another career option and some extra money), I was warned that to make a career out of my Mary Kay business, actual work was required.  I believed that, and I’m taking it seriously, and I know that if I fail at this, the onus is mine.  Starting out, I haven’t made much money yet… But I haven’t regretted taking this leap to better myself and my situation for one moment.

Wrinkles to you for slandering a company that has helped so many people, and continues to do so.  You can keep your snark and your cynicism; I’ll take the money and the friends I’m making and all the opportunities in front of me, and I won’t give your sad little website a second thought.


  1. KB

    You will take your money? You admit you haven’t made as any. Your “friends,”? Don’t put in orders and see how your director treats you after a few months. See how many you have when you leave MK. Wrinkles to us? How polite. How professional. I want to do business with you. Not. See the problem???

  2. Jacirene

    But I haven’t regretted taking this leap to better myself and my situation for one moment.”
    Repentance will come. It’s only a matter of time. If you are not totally cauterized, of course. We are here because we repent of the insane and hateful deeds we committed when we were in the “pink fog.” I sincerely hope you will regret it soon. You will be welcome here.

  3. BestDecision

    The lack of contact from my “friends” in MK since I left isn’t “subjective”. Nor are my old datebooks, tax returns, and receipts. You’ll soon be told that the numbers don’t lie, and, sweetheart, they don’t. Not one person I’m around now wears MK or even mentions it as a brand. It’s not in demand, and it won’t be anytime soon.

    And that “Wrinkles to you” wish for all of us experienced former Directors on here? Well, we taught and said that, too. We also gave up nights and weekends from our families and friends to hold the unit meetings you’re being told to attend, the trainings you need to go to, and Seminar that for which you’re soon going to be pressured to register.

    One month in MK is NOTHING. Bye bye!

  4. Not a bot

    You are there only one month and seem to know everything. Also, does the term ‘warm chat’ creep anybody else out? The idea of using scripts and false friendliness to manipulate others into joining a company or buying a product makes my skin crawl.

  5. Char

    This one was ripe for the picking. Congratulations to the lying, pyramid scheming consultant who snagged her and her money.

    Ya know, sometimes you just gotta go with it. Happy Friday!

      1. ran4fun

        Oh, for Pete’s sake, your father lives with you, so I doubt you purchased the house by yourself. And I thought MK said you couldn’t do any other MLM business at the same time you are in MK. You’re involved in 2 other MLM.

        You’re a success? Prove it! Let’s see your Schedule C. You do know what that is, right? I mean, you’re a “business woman” so you know what a Schedule C is.

        21 years in Mary Kay and you’re still not an NSD? You must be a lazy loser.

      2. BestDecision

        Obviously, your life is a mess. You make only $14/hour as an LPN? Shame on you for letting someone pay you what a medical assistant makes. I have really good friends that are RNs, and they make way, way more than that.

        Although a lot of bad came to my life because of MK, I learned one really good thing: I never take advice from those I wouldn’t gladly exchange places with. And I won’t take advice or criticism from someone that’s been in MK for DECADES and isn’t yet a Director. Nor someone who has a life full of hot messes and bad decisions.

        No wonder you have fewer than 300 Instagram followers. Pardon me while I tiptoe away from your hot, bubbly mess. No one wants to step in it.

  6. PeachyNotPink

    The “wrinkles” I have now are smile and laugh lines around my eyes and mouth caused by being so much happier for being out of MK. As opposed to the ones that were on my forehead and between my eyes from stress and worry while an IBC.

    I love my happy wrinkles!

  7. enorth

    “seeking information on how to warm chat’”

    Wait. Going to the Internet to research warm-chatting? LOL

    They tell you selling is easy. Note the progression into darkness: Start with family. Share with friends. Then, warm-chat strangers. Soon, you start discounting and giving freebies to get sales. Eventually, you find yourself in a dung-pit of lying, begging, weeping, and cajoling. You’ll stop at nothing. You’re desperate. You’re told, “Don’t listen to negativity. Other people don’t pay your bills. The only way to fail in Mary Kay is to quit.”

    Have fun at seminar. You’re paying a bundle for it.

  8. coralrose

    I, too, was aware that actual work was required when I signed up and I was willing and motivated to work. What I wasn’t aware of was just how little I’d make per hour when expenses were included and all of my time spent working was included.
    My first year was actually my best year in MK. That’s when your friends and family want to support you and will book parties for you. After that, your “warm market” dries up and it gets even harder to sell.

    Wait… why were you even googling ways to “warm chat” for people who are shy? I thought MK gives consultants all the training they need- for free.

  9. mmcnulty

    I just googled “warm chat” and trust me, she had to go through quite a few sites before she came to Pink Truth. I think she was looking for us and will be quite happy shortly when the pink fog lifts and she understands what we talk about on this site.

    1. PeachyNotPink

      If you google “mary kay warm chat” Pink Truth is the third hit. The key is adding Mary Kay to the search.

      And kudos to PT for being so popular that it’s third on the list of a search like that!

  10. KayNotMary

    “Warm chat” lol. It’s been only a month and you’re already looking for ways to hit up strangers. I guess your warm leads have all dried up and gone cold. Winter is here, have fun.

  11. Mountaineer95

    “It’s one thing to lay out “truths” (which are completely subjective)…”

    Seriously, do you know the definition of subjective? An example of the truths laid out here include specifics about exactly how much commission is paid throughout the MK MLM structure, the exact minimum sales needed for a car-driving director to have and continue to use the car, which directors aren’t achieving such numbers based on their presence (or lack of) on certain lists in applause…this is just a tiny sample of the types of TRUE statements made on this site. And how about this: EVERY single time any directors’ TRUE earnings (based on known, published numbers from MK) are posted here on PT (and there are sooooo many), the directors exposed for lying about their actual income have not ONCE provided proof to prove us wrong. Because there is none.

    So sure, the concept of “evil” and whether MK is or isn’t is indeed subjective. But when a director tells potential recruits that “most directors average $60,000 plus per year”…or whatever SUBJECTIVE number they throw out with no factual basis…our posts here break apart the lie and prove it to be a lie based on FACTUAL evidence. This is objective truth. It is neither positive nor negative…it just is what it is.

    I suggest you look up the many, many posts here tagged with “sales director” and “income claims” and you will have many hours’ worth of OBJECTIVE reading material.

      1. MLM Radar

        What does $3 million “WORTH” of products mean? Who decides how much that stuff is worth.

        I have an old car. Depending on who you ask it’s worth $1,500 to $2,500. But every additional month I drive it I don’t have to make a $500 car payment on a new car. So if I drive it for another year it’s worth $6,000 to me.

        When I finally sell the old car for $1,500 should I tell you I sold a car worth $6,000?

        And when I’m a Mary Kay top Director and I tell you we sold $3,000,000 “worth” of products, what am I really saying. Probably this:

        “My area sold (to consultants) products that might have max resale value of $3,000,000 last year, except…
        In 2 Months we gave double credit for everyone’s orders.
        We didn’t subtract returns and chargebacks.
        We didn’t subtract what was stashed in a closet because it wouldn’t sell.
        We didn’t make an adjustment for Limited Edition products that go obsolete in less than 60 days.
        We never tracked actual retail sales.
        We based our $3,000,000 figure on our Suggested Retail Price. Pay no attention to the $6.50 bottle of Cover Girlover there which works better and costs 1/4 as much.

        1. Mountaineer95

          How awesome would it be if we could take some kind of Mary Kay product “census”…such as going to the house of every current MK person (from new IBC all the way up the line) and those who are not currently in MK but were in the last couple of years, and do a count of exactly what inventory they still have that has been already considered “sold” by MKC standards (taking the cost of those wholesale orders, doubling that number, and declaring that total as the amount of MK product that’s been “sold”. Of course we can’t actually do this…but what if we could have a running thread on the boards where any current or ex MK person could provide the total wholesale cost of what’s sitting unsold at their house, and the general dates during which they ordered it?

      2. BestDecision

        It means between her unit and her offsprings’, that’s how much retail product was ordered from the company. It does not mean it was actually sold, and it doesn’t subtract any double or bonus credits those units received. So, it’s basically $1.5 million wholesale. But, by how many units? And remembering it’s not ACTUAL sales they’re discussing…

      3. Mountaineer95

        I wonder if she’ll notice the increased traffic to her site (because we know there are tons of lurkers here who will visit it from your link) and think instead that there must be so many people interested in her opportunity!

        1. Enorth

          Michelle promotes herself as a direct-sales guru and is available for hire as a speaker.
          After listening to her YouTube videos, I can’t believe she’d have anything new to offer.

            1. enorth

              When you can’t make it in direct-sales, you sell yourself as an expert in direct-sales!

              “We have the tools and systems to make you successful.” “A proven, eight-week system.”
              For $600, you’ll get from Tiffany:
              – A shiny Secret Facebook group
              – 3 days a week group work with FB and Zoom
              – Monthly worksheets to download
              – Exercises based on Tiffany’s PowerHour™ support system
              – Boost days and engagement opportunities with members

      4. Lazy Gardens

        “Today, I lead a massive team of network marketers, over 1,000, which is rapidly expanding across the United States. Last year alone, my area sold over $3,000,000 worth of products! ”

        $3,000,000 / 1,000 = Wow … that’s an average of $3,000 EACH (before expenses and taxes) if they sold it all at full retail. Which we know they can’t.

        If they split that equally, it’s $250 a month, before expenses and taxes, and purchase of replacement product. Maybe $100 a month spendable if they are really thrifty with expenses.

        For how many hours a month work? How much below minimum wage?

  12. Char

    “but to disallow people who have made a successful go of it to post all the good they do, or to simply defend themselves and the company is absolutely disgusting.”

    I guess it would be okay with her then to allow SUCCESSFUL child abusers, drunk drivers, murderers, liars, robbers, and scammers to post all the satisfaction they derived from engaging in these acts also. She’s the disgusting one actually.

    Sure, there are different degrees of harmful acts, and being an MLMer isn’t a “murderer” even though still defined in the harmful category; but the consequences of MLMing for MK are not “good”. Examples:

    – Ripping off grandma, and your friends
    – lying, repeating a lie
    – bankruptcy
    – looking like a clown
    – dressing like a librarian, old lady pastor’s wife
    – credit card debt
    – lack of freedom to buy where you want
    – 60 hour “work” week, work = lying, hustling, scheming, faking, overcharging
    – less time with genuine friends and family
    – brainwashing
    – being disliked by everyone but the MLM cult members


    – Being so upset that “you” failed, even though the system is designed to fail except for Corporate and top liars, that you commit suicide like the realscam.com owner’s best friend, or MLM Radar’s friend who drove into a tree. In fact, these two ladies might present a valid argument about just how bad a “degree” MLMing actually is!!!!!

  13. Tilly

    Your ‘friends’ will drop you like a hot potato the minute you quit. They are not true friends.

    How do I know? I worked my butt off for 10 years, was in debt, ruining my relationship (it didn’t survive) and adding to my debt when I quit for my mental health.

    My so-called friends never talked to me again.

  14. coffee queen

    I am 36 and am constantly mistaken in my workplace for a 22 year old student. No MK on my face anymore. In fact, when I stopped using MK skin care and went with a natural line, my face cleared up and firmed up great.

    So there are way better products out there.
    As for MK, I ran into my former upline on the weekend and we had a chat. She is the only one out of 15 that still speaks and checks in with me (without a thought to recruiting me).

  15. SassyFuschia

    My “negative experience” with MK was not my fault. I mean, I suppose it could be seen that way as I was the one who actually watched the live stream when a NSD said something about “if your child were sick, you would find the money to buy medicine. Same with your Mk starter kit.” She literally equated buying a MK kit with caring for your sick child. Those two things are in no way shape or form the same thing.

  16. Debbie

    omg Wait till you do the 5 career surveys. I was so embarrassed. My director told me to get 5 people to do telephone surveys with and get their opinions. I was so embarrassed when I realized she was recruiting

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