Old Mary Kay Foundations

The new Mary Kay foundations are another one in a long line of product changes. Sure, the products need to stay updated. I won’t suggest MK should never change products.

But every time they make a change, consultants are left holding the bag with inventory. The old products are no longer advertised in the Look Book, so if you don’t already have a customer using a particular product (or shade of product), good luck finding a new one customer to buy it.

Yet the advice is often “stock up!” on these discontinued products. You’re getting them cheaper! They’re classics! Whatever the logic, it’s almost always a bad idea because it’s going to be hard to sell the old products.

Here is a Mary Kay document to “help” you with your issues related to discontinued products. But it’s really no help at all. Evaluate your inventory? Thanks, I’ll think about how I’m not able to sell the old products. I’ll learn about the new products from In Touch. Doesn’t help me sell the old stuff. (You’re probably going to have to reduce prices to sell the old stuff, which is going to reduce your profits, of course.)

Talk to your director. That doesn’t help either. All she cares about is how much you’re ordering. And she has her own stash of discontinued products she can’t sell either. And then reach out to customers (remembering, of course, that most consultants have relatively few actual customers).

(Thanks to BestDecision for the pictures and information for this post!)


  1. PeachyNotPink

    They are also raising prices on some of the products as of May 16th. Things like certain primers, sunblocks, the makeup remover, etc. It’s only a couple dollars on each product, but they are urging IBC’s to stock up while the price is still low.

  2. Char

    Maybe Mary Kay should implement an exchange program where they will replace any unopened discontinued product, that reps weren’t able to sell, with the new line. Surely, they want their “sales force” stocked with the most updated product.

    Of course, when uniformed consultants realize they are actually the first line RETAIL customers, my suggestion is laughable. But don’t take my word for it, why not suggest it to your upline and MKC?

  3. BestDecision

    They’re already outdated “new” formulas, too! They boast 12 hour wear. I can’t think of a brand that doesn’t already have formulas that do so.

    You’re so welcome, Tracy, for the heads up and pictures. Appalling that the same old is still happening in MK even after all this time.

  4. MLM Radar

    All these suggestions presume that you have current customers who are actively buying the about-to-be-discontinued products. Lots of current customers, who are buying ALL the products in your inventory.

    All these suggestions are based on the “Fake it till you make it” lie.

    1. enorth

      I came across a director on FB selling the soon-to-be-discontinued foundation. I counted 62 foundations in her two photos.

      You have to visit her VIP Facebook page to see the price, which is discounted, no doubt.

      1. BestDecision

        I don’t doubt there’s that many because she’d want multiples of every shade and in both formulas. What’s interesting is the document above actually shows MK recommending a loss of profit by selling them at a discount. It’s the first time I can recall MK corporate advising anything less than retail. It’s exactly as many of us have said on here!

    1. TRACY

      Awwww… I’m so sorry you’re confused. First, it has only been 13 years. I wish it was longer. Second, and more importantly, I’m not “going at the company.” What I’m really doing is exposing MK for what it is: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is all about providing information to women.

      I’m happy to report that there were 14,000 sales directors in the U.S. when we started in 2006. In 2019, there are only 9,000. A 35% decrease makes me happy.

      Our goal here is educating women about the the lies and the nonsense. They need to know that this isn’t a business and they are almost guaranteed to lose money.

      I won’t be giving it a rest. 🙂

      1. Lazy Gardens

        “I’m happy to report that there were 14,000 sales directors in the U.S. when we started in 2006. In 2019, there are only 9,000. A 35% decrease makes me happy. ”

        WTF! R U serious?

        That’s great, let’s drive it to ZERO.

        1. coralrose

          That’s a big decrease! 🙂 Hmmm, I wonder how corporate “spins” at Seminar and 2 the directors. They always made a big deal about how many directors there are, how many new consultants, etc. and everyone cheered. I wonder if long-time sales directors are sitting in their seats thinking “those numbers are awful. 2 years ago the numbers were better, Seminar used to be packed,” or if they just don’t see it.
          Surely the NSDs know that numbers are down and just encourage the SDs to recruit more and order more.

            1. MLM Radar

              Yeah, it’s kind of hard to hide empty seats in the Dallas Convention Center arena where they’re all bolted to the floor.

              It’s much easier to hide empty seats in the big exhibit hall. You simply count the registrants who showed up then take down whole rows of folding chairs before the stage walks begin.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      “Use your energy for something so much more positive.”

      What could be more positive and empowering (especially for an accountant) than SAVING WOMEN from financial harm?

  5. Chantel

    I tried the foundation when I was consultant early 2012, the pink cap and Timewise one. Overpriced for mediocre quality. Since then I have found so much better foundations from drugstore and when I want to splurge, I just added some more money and buy Givenchy or Nars.

    MK people has guts to say they are better and cheaper than Estee Lauder/MAC like lol are you serious? I can buy Maybelline products with better quality than your products.

    They are teaching wrong thing about skincare and makeup application too. Can’t believe I trusted them before.

      1. Chantel

        Yes, I love Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte lipstick. Worth every penny. MK,not so much. Might be better to spend money on ELF cosmetics, cheap and good.

        Nobody wants to be approached by stranger, what makes they think this works? If any MK reps approached me for so called opportunity, sorry I am not gonna acknowledge them.

        I am glad I was in for 6 months only lol.

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