Anyone Can Succeed in Mary Kay

A pro-Mary Kay woman attempted to post the following comment:

What does it matter how many people drive a pink Cadillac or how few people make alot of money? Most people in most businesses fail because of numerous reasons… Mainly they don’t work hard enough. As long as the guidelines are understood, which they are, then its up to the individual to make it happen, regardless of who makes what above them. Selling isn’t for just anyone and most people realize they don’t have what it takes and a few succeed. But if a few can succeed, doesn’t that mean anyone can?

Her conclusion is that “…if a few can succeed” then “anyone can.” This comment is typical of the delusional nature of Mary Kay. I suppose if “someone” broke the world record running 100 meters, then “anyone” can break a world record,” right? If “a few” people got a perfect score on the SAT, then “anyone” can, right?

Wrong. Not “anyone” can be in a pink Cadillac, and it’s simple math which makes this true. The MLM business model requires continual recruiting, and eventually those at the bottom of the pyramid have no one left to recruit.

The point I am making here when demonstrating how little money Cadillac drivers make, and how few of them there are, and how they’re at the TOP of Mary Kay yet still not making a lot… is to prove how impossible this business is for almost everyone.

14,000 Mary Kay sales directors in the United States are working their asses off every day, and most of them are barely making minimum wage. If you can slog through the process of DIQ (i.e. cheat to finish, as everyone does) and eventually make it to sales director, your chances are still slim of making even middle management wages.

No, “anyone” can’t be successful in Mary Kay. In fact, almost no one will even turn a profit. That is the truth behind MLM.


  1. Not a Bot

    One sentence she said most people don’t have what it takes, then in the very next sentence she says if a few people succeed, than anyone can. When somebody contracts herself, it shows something is lacking in her thought process. Just because one human can accomplish something doesn’t mean anyone can. Most large companies are pyramids in a way, CEO at the top making the most, some higher level managers, trickling down to the workers because they are selling a product or service to outside customers and everyone is making money. MK’s income come from its consultants making purchases and not actual customers in most cases, so if the consultants can’t sell then they lose money.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    “What does it matter how many people drive a pink Cadillac or how few people make alot of money? Most people in most businesses fail because of numerous reasons…”

    What does it matter how many doctors actually perform this operation or how successful it is? Lot’s of people die in surgery for various reasons.

    What does it matter how many people wear seatbelts and how many lives were saved because of it? Lot’s of people die or are injured in car accidents for various reasons.

    Success rates matter. True data, turned into real factual information, matters. It matters when making a business decision, when getting treatment for an illness, even when you get into your car. To completely eschew the numbers that show the very real consequences of a decision is truly foolhardy.

    However, to hide and/or lie about factual information to convince someone to make a decision that will most likely cause them harm is negligent – and in this situation, I wish it were criminal.

  3. Char

    In this article, Tracy busts one of the lies that is considered “work” in Mary Kay.

    Most people in MLM know that in order to “succeed”, you must recruit aka “build a team” or “build a business”; BUT when you attempt to recruit someone, what are some of the things you say? The subject in the article says, “Anyone can be successful in Mary Kay.” This is false, and Tracy has provided links to articles supporting that claim.

    To simplify: In order to be successful in Mary Kay, you must recruit. But in order to convince the recruit to sign up and want to do it, you must lie about the opportunity.

    “I suppose if “someone” broke the world record running 100 meters, then “anyone” can break a world record,” right? If “a few” people got a perfect score on the SAT, then “anyone” can, right?” I’d like to take that a step further:

    Did the runner lie his way to breaking the record and take the shoes of his competitors? Did the student copy answers and take a spot away from honest test takers? Sure they both succeeded, but the real question is “how” they got there? This is the relevant part regarding MLM.

    If you happen to be one of the very few who succeed in Mary Kay, or in MLM, you are no different than the students who bought their way into college and had their SATs doctored.

    MLM is not an honest system. Not only do most people not make the purported income claims, they are faking their way to NOT making the money – save the very few professional shysters.

    What a racket!

  4. MLM Radar

    She starts off by saying that mainly people fail because they don’t work hard enough.

    Sorry. Absolutely untrue.

    People fail at MK and every other MLM because they’re mislead to believe they can earn a profit selling the products. They’re also misled to believe they can earn “real money” commissions if they recruit.

    Mainly people fail at MK and all other MLMs because they’re con games. You can’t succeed when the system is rigged against you.

  5. BestDecision

    While you sing “Mary Kay Enthusiasm” and wear pageant sashes, I’ll be over here with professionals. And benefits. And no pressure to look “sugar sharp” when I get in my car. And no stalking women to give out fake compliments and business cards.

    Gag me.

  6. Mountaineer95

    Off topic, but had to share when I saw the photo with this post. I am addicted to old houses and follow a website that posts all sorts of old houses for sale…it’s not a realtor site, just a group of folks who love older homes. Anyhow, I was looking through the photos of a home for sale in Texas, and don’t you know there’s a pink Escalade parked in the carport! I wonder why this Caddy director is selling the house. The exact address is provided in the post, for those of you who find all sorts of info via searching online. Here’s the link to the post, with photos (now I have to go back and see if there is a stash of MK inventory showing up somewhere)! PS please don’t make any MK related comments on the old house site, they’re not connectd to MK nor the owner in any way…thanks!

        1. Neverpink

          Someone bumped up the contrast on these photos WAY too high in an effort to make it look “nicer”, I assume. It just looks heavily edited to me. And you’re right! If they’re making bank in MK and have the pink Caddy, why sell the house?

          1. Mountaineer95

            The overuse of filters seems to be a frequent realtor habit. It drives me nuts. Did you notice the home office room photo? I tried to identify anything MK in there but I couldn’t. I do see a lot of pink in this house though!

      1. Mountaineer95

        So it is indeed a MK director’s house! I couldn’t see anything blatantly Mary Kay in the photos (except for the Caddy of course), but there is a woman’s home office, a table set up in another room that looks made for pitching the opportunuty, and a lot of pink in general throughout the house. Do you know, are there any numbers about her directorship/units in Applause to gauge her income?

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