Drive Your Mary Kay Sales Director Nuts

Written by PinkPeace

Many of you have been subjected to the craziness of the sales director in your life. She has called and e-mailed you nonstop to get you to “be a team player” this month. She has offered you cheap jewelry for thousand-dollar orders. She has refused to listen to your negative questions about Mary Kay. She insists that you wear skirts when it’s 20 below.

Wouldn’t you like to turn the tables on your sales director and give her fits for once? Here’s a checklist of some things you can do that are guaranteed to make your director go crazy – and provide you with hours of amusement.

Let her know how much you enjoy life outside of Mary Kay. Your director is forced to focus on Mary Kay 24/7. Even if she wants to forget about it, she can’t. She’s always having to concentrate on her goals and find that next big superstar for her unit. So when you talk about your relaxing vacation with your family where you just enjoyed each others’ company and didn’t pick up a phone all week, watch her twitch.

Tell her how much you love your new car. You may think that directors looooooooooove their “free” cars in Mary Kay. They certainly talk a big story like they do. But really – Chevrolet Malibu? Please. Gush to your SD about how you really couldn’t decide between the luxury of a Lexus or the great mileage of a Prius. So many choices! You’re so glad you got to test-drive them all, then pick the one you really wanted.

Share your excitement about your job, especially your benefits. Open enrollment is always a great season for employees, but not for independent contractors, such as your director. Which health care plan are you going to choose this time? Maybe the family needs glasses, so you’re going to opt into the vision plan. And retiree/pension benefits – which one will you go with? I hope your SD is picking up benefits through her husband, because she’s sure not getting them through Mary Kay.

And let her know how much fun you’re having on your job, and how much you like your co-workers. Are you working on an interesting project right now? Have you picked up a new client? Share the excitement, because your director is doing the same-old, same-old in Mary Kay, and it will never change. Book, sell, recruit. Book, sell, recruit. Book, sell, recruit.

Fill her in on all the new things you’re doing in life with your free time. Normal jobs let you leave the office at the office. When you’re home, your time is yours. Mary Kay? Not so much. If a director is doing something non-Mary Kay related, she is either trolling for prospects or feeling guilty. So make sure she knows about the fun class you’re taking at the community college. Fill her in on the romantic walks you take with your husband in the evening. Send her an invitation to the exciting fundraising event you’re working on for an important cause. These are things she’s not doing, but wishes she could.

Let her know what you’re doing with your extra money. A sales director has no extra money, and she’s maxing out her credit cards to make ends meet. So tell her about the home improvements you’ve made or let her know that you’ve paid your child’s tuition without having to take a student loan. And it doesn’t have to be big. Show her the new cute purse you bought. She may have one also, but hers went on a credit card. You can tell her you had $100 bucks left over at the end of the week and just couldn’t resist. Although she’ll plaster a smile on her face and act excited for you, this will put her in a foul mood.

Let her know how much better your spiritual life is these days. You don’t have to be any specific religion for this to be effective. Frankly, any time you begin living a life of honesty and integrity (which is not ultimately possible in Mary Kay), your spiritual life will improve. Your SD is looking at God to “bless her business” and make her successful – not to become truly humble and to serve others. She is at a standstill in her spiritual life, and can’t quite figure out why. When you tell her how grateful you are for where God has placed you and how He is drawing you closer to Him, she will be confused. Yea, verily.

Tell her about all the fun things you’re doing with non-MK girlfriends.
Are you in a bunco or bingo group? Tell her how much fun you had Friday night getting together with the girls! Did you have a girls’ night out recently? Tell her about that great restaurant you all went to and how you ate, drank and laughed the night away. Better yet – invite her for a girls’ weekend away, but make sure it’s on the 30th of the month. In June.

These are only a few ideas for your entertainment. Have fun in the comments with ideas of your own!


  1. Former Consultant

    I am a tennis fan, so for me, I would probably brag about me attending one of the tournaments on the tour and seeing some of my favorite players on the practice courts, and walking around the grounds seeing what vendors are there, the music, and other activities going on, and being with people who enjoy watching tennis like I do, and being able to laugh, dance, and just really enjoy the atmosphere and the people without having to be “on” and act so “professional” and whatever. I love paying a compliment without having the “warm chatter” involved. Having a conversation with my girlfriends or female colleagues without the intent of recruiting them or getting them to buy products they don’t want. Not having to carry Look Books all the time and place them in Break Rooms, or other common areas to increase sales and new customers. It feels good to have a real job that pays real benefits. I can take vacation whenever I want, and I have the ability to check emails IF I choose to while on vacation. I have the flexibility to work from home if I want, have colleagues who actually appreciate me and worry about me when I am sick or not in the office for a significant period of time, work that I actually like ( I am an administrative assistant), and a car that I like driving and know it won’t be taken away from me. That may sound strange, but to me, that is life. Oh, and any extra money I get – I either put it in the bank, use it to pay a bill, or buy something for myself, like a good book, get a massage, or something else that I enjoy, and don’t have to sink it into a business and put myself in more unnecessary debt.

  2. OnelessSD

    When I first left directorship… it was Mother’s Day weekend when I was terminated. The weekend after we met up with my in-laws for my husband’s birthday celebration. My MIL was my Sr. Director. She asked if I was going to attend a local MK function in the next week or so, and I said no.. I’ve got plans. She asked if I was planning on finishing my 6th court of sales ring.. I said no- that money will be put towards my daughter’s tutoring… she got this weird look on her face and asked me… “you are planning on going to seminar, right?” I said no, I have a vacation planned with the family for that week. By the expression on her face- it thought she was going to have a heart attack. She couldn’t believe that I would just walk away from everything. That was over 10 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. My life is so different (for the better) now… and my family is much closer now than we’ve ever been. Looking back- it was so clear that I made the right choice… physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

    I’m sure by my responses to those questions… she blew a gasket of some sort.

  3. Former Consultant

    Oneless.. It is strange how all the Directors or even SD’s act like this. When I was terminated my director asked me why, and she was soooo upset ( ok whatever), that she shut me out, and then recently texted me to ask if I could be a face model for her. I never responded to her. When I was starting out, I had asked her for help and never got it. When I would talk to her about it, she would get a look on her face much like your MIL. You were smart to use the money for things you know would be better for you and your family without having any debt to worry about with MK and wondering if you are going to get any bookings, etc.I too am glad to have walked away. Glad that things have worked out for you and hope they continue to.

  4. MLM Radar

    Finally, if you’ve been putting off your decision to return your inventory, May and June are the perfect months to take your boxes to UPS.

    Your Director won’t appreciate the year-end chargeback… now… but your action may just be the final straw that is necessary for her to break her own ties with MK.

  5. Data Junkie

    Wow. Reading this post (and comments) reminds me of the song, “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash. I actually felt peace myself (I am not a MK consultant) as I read this post and comments describing the healthy balance you all have found in your life, between your work, social and home life. Such a stark contrast you have shown between the daily experience of a person with a healthy work/life balance vs. the typical, stressed-out Mary Kay consultant.

    Good for you PinkPeace. This was inspring to me, and I hope many MK consultants are also inspired to seek the peace you have found with a healthy work/life balance. I also hope they quickly see that this will require them to step away from the deeply unhealthy world of Mary Kay.

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