I Will Pray for You, Pink Truth

ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you. praying that you realize you’re wasting your time. who really has time to look at the money other women are making and talk smack? wow! go spend time with your famalies or something.

we are a group of positive women who don’t get put down by your bull. the start up cost is $100. seriously? even if it Was a scam, that would be minimal. especially considering the fact that you get $410 of product.

for a lot of women who join mk its about more than money, but about building relationships with other women and we love it. plus, the extra money is nice 🙂 if you didn’t do well you didn’t try hard enough or you (clearly) had a bad attitude.

my first two months in i made $1800! i heard about this site from a girl i wanted to recruit. she did the research, signed up, and just had an awesome debut!!! anyway! i hope you all realize that we love our lives as mk consultants and for you to have time to bash us is just sad.


  1. BestDecision

    What’s sad is your spelling and that you admit what was touted to us as “executive income” really is just a hobby. I assure you the friendships aren’t real, either. I worked my butt off for over 10 years.

    Unit meetings at night
    Business debuts on weekends
    Guest events on weekends
    Training workshops on weekends
    Skin care classes at night
    Facials at night
    Product deliveries on weekends
    Skin care classes on weekends
    Facials on weekends
    Conference calls at night
    Interviews at night

    Does that look like someone that didn’t work?

    And don’t forget that $100 for a Starter Kit full of $400 worth of products doesn’t mean it’s products that any single person would ever use all to themselves. Foundation and skin care types negate most of what comes in them.

    My prayers were answered in a LOUD, OBVIOUS way when I finally had the courage to leave. It took guts to resign and ship my Cadillac back. But, I’ve not regretted one single minute of it.

    Have fun boiling hot in dresses at Seminar!

  2. PeachyNotPink

    OK, let me break down this idiocy….AGAIN.

    “ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you.”
    Talk about a cult-ish comment. Because you are a MK IBC you are going to pray for me because you think God pays more attention to your prayers than anyone elses’s.

    “who really has time to look at the money other women are making and talk smack? wow!”
    Oh, honey. All MK recruiters, Directors, NSD, etc. do is talk about the money other women are making. I’ve heard way too many Kaybots brag about their largest commission check (that they received years ago, but they won’t admit that). When I was recruited, I was told that MK could surpass the executive level income I was already making.

    “go spend time with your famalies or something.”
    Sweetie, that is exactly what I am doing now that I am not embroiled in MK anymore. In fact, I am going to my beach house this weekend to attend a wedding of close friends. I will be able to interact with the other wedding guests without assessing them as a “prospect” for my MK “business”. I am going to have so much care-free fun!

    “the start up cost is $100. seriously? even if it Was a scam, that would be minimal.”
    But Your Honor, I only stole $100 from that struggling single mother. I know it was her grocery money for the month, but it’s not like I stole a lot of money. I mean, $100 is just such a minimal amount of money – what’s the harm?

    if you didn’t do well you didn’t try hard enough or you (clearly) had a bad attitude.”
    You obviously haven’t read the stories from contributors here who drove Cadillacs for years. There are ladies here who were in MK for DECADES, and were considered “successful” by MK standards. Keep coming back and keep reading. Then you can comment about how hard we worked or the attitude we had.

    “my first two months in i made $1800! i heard about this site from a girl i wanted to recruit. she did the research, signed up, and just had an awesome debut!!!”
    So you haven’t been in very long at all. Wait until your warm market dries up. Wait until your recruits warm market dries up. Wait until you realize how much of that $1800 was pity purchases, and how few of those people will be returning customers. Wait until you recruit all those customers and have not market to sell to at all. Basically, just wait. All that glitters is not gold, and you will soon see the tarnish shine through.

    1. MLM Radar

      About that $1,800 you made: How much was left after you subtracted the cost of your inventory, MK clothes, gas, phone, shipping, babysitter for meeting nights, cost of reordering and buying unneeded merchandise to meet a shipping quota, and any other expenses?

      How much did you really make per hour after including the time you spent at meetings, traveling, ordering, organizing your shipment, making phone calls, preparing for your classes, cleaning up after your classes, ordering merchandise you didn’t have on hand, delivering, trying to get referrals, dealing with cancelled classes….?

      Or did you simply “make $1,800” the same way my office clerk did.? She bought $900, and was congratulated for “selling $1,800” but she really only sold $37.

      Don’t bother praying for me. Pray for yourself instead. Pray that you figure out soon how much that $1,800 really cost you, and not wait until next year on April 15th.

  3. Cindylu

    Ugh is right. MK was a colossal waste of time decades ago. Do you not read that most of your time will be frittered away with: Finding Customers/Recruits (Who eventually leave), buying unnecessary products (Frontloading etc. because this company changes products without warning days after you place an order), Booking a class (Which cancels when you arrive – the hostess doesn’t even answer the door), your open house will have absolutely NO one show up, the fair you book have women avoiding you like the plague (Because after 50 years of BS thousands of women have been scammed by mlm’s like MK, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Avon etc.), you can’t do an actual make over because you aren’t actually qualified to do that, the products don’t fly off the shelf (they are on ebay by the thousands and collecting dust in hundreds of homes across North America). MK is just plain silly. Thousands of little girls wearing suits, fake pins, sashes, and crowns they really haven’t earned. Sadly the color pink chosen during a time when women were stuck as housewives symbolizes all that is wrong with this company. Women are being used, exploited, financially abused and tossed aside like objects. Come on doing pretend facials is somehow the path to an executive salary in 2019. Directors aren’t making executive salaries. That ship has sailed with the original NSD’s 40 years ago. The market is saturated by thousands of women trying to do exactly what you pretend you can do. Those I stories are nonsense. OMG do you honestly think that any of this is remotely divine. I get that you want to pray. I get that you think God is on your side and that we are the enemy. What is horrible about all this is what MK takes from you. They steal time from your family that you’ll never ever get back again. Think about not being aware of your family as you warm stalk and place those calls to strangers. Your kids know when you aren’t psychologically there for them. That’s so Sad really. How dangerous is it that you are going into a stranger neighbourhood. I had my vehicle car jacked while I was trying to recruit someone who couldn’t even afford the case. She didn’t buy it thank goodness. Do you honestly think those stupid costly booklets placed in teachers lounges etc mean anything? You will be away evenings (at stupid meetings or to a class that gets pity sales or cancels). You will go to conferences where women either exaggerate or lie. You’ll also spend money on dresses, rooms, food etc and worst miss out on family or friends. I have had an amazing well paid career with benefits. I have travelled and brought my family along to Europe etc. Do I need your prayers for my MK career? Absolutely NOT. I thank God every single day for getting me away from that miserable, scary pink fog. I got sick and am grateful for that. MK showed their true colors. My SD didn’t care and neither did any consultant. Since I couldn’t sell due to medical issues, I went to Corp. They didn’t care either. I returned my products and came out of it better than most. For a few years I had PTSD or buyers remorse. I regretted putting my husband and children through those wasted years. (I regret misleading other women with that stupid “Fake it Till You Make It” B.S. MK keeps you in an optimistic rose colored bubble as long as they can narcissistically feed off of you. Once you realize get sick or go into debt, then they move on. You are in a numbers game (A pyramid scheme) and only the heirs and a handful of NSD’s from decades ago win. Enjoy your weekend. I know I will with family and friends. No MK hamster wheel for me.

  4. Neverpink

    “go spend time with your famalies or something.”

    Go spend some time in a grade school level English class.

    And not all of us here were ever involved in MK, or any MLM for that matter. Some of us here learn from the experiences of others and decided never to join. From the experiences written here, I know to stay far, FAR away from MK and MLM, and spend more time with my “famaly” without the obnoxious pink fog. 😉

  5. Char

    “ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you. praying that you realize you’re wasting your time.” –

    Too late. You see, I prayed that a site like PinkTruth would exist and thus expose the MK fraud. Clearly it was MY prayer that was answered first and not a waste of time at all. How dare you try to change what God has already granted. You found this site thanks to his goodness, guidance, and protection. Can’t you see that?! Why are you rejecting His work through answered prayers? Shame on you. You need some time in confession.

  6. Nancy

    I read my story in so many other stories posted on Pink Truth. The cancelled parties. Nobody answers when you knock on the door. Finally decided enough. This is a waste of time and money. We called a company to haul some items and I decided to put my remaining MK product with those items. I asked the men doing the hauling if they have hauled any MK. They confirmed with a big yes nod of their heads. So glad I didn’t have to look at the stuff anymore. Yeah, I was excited my first 2 months of MK too. My prayers were answered…I got out!!

  7. Pinkiu

    I welcome prayer. What I really love about God is a sentiment like Joseph in Genesis 50:20. What you intend for evil (perhaps that God would somehow punish us for not being in a business cult) God intends for our good! He sure brought about good for me once I said goodbye to MK. How? I had more time with my family. I had more money. Best of all, I no longer walked in stress and depression because my hard work in MK didn’t pay off in the way I was promised. Best of all, when I left MK, I worked for Dior as a real artist and made so much more money without having to stock my own inventory.

  8. Jacirene

    Just more of the same. Many MK Consultants develop Stockholm Syndrome and begin to defend their executioners without realizing that they are in an abusive relationship.
    My dear IBC, do not pray for Pink Truth members. Pray for you. You need deliverance.

  9. Mickey

    Come back in 20 years and see if you are retired like I am. I received a paycheck and great benifits for the rest of my life. Once I saw the emphasis on furs, cads, jewelry and money, in the early 90s, at seminar, I knew it was not godly or what was important to me. I turned my product in and never looked back. It took me two red hot seconds to see the propensity in the market for sales and recruitment. Not to mention the cancelled parties, facials and zero sales. All that work and less then minimum wage. Forget that!

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