Pink Truth Members Suck

I have been a consultant for 8 years and I’ve seen good and bad. The thing that upsets me most is that you are all pointing the finger at the company. This is a great company with a few Independent Contractors that lack integrity. I have seen this company revoke directorship and cars from consultants for the very issues stated in this blog.

My head is not in the clouds because some of your points are true but here is what I look at. I have recruited several people into this business and I worked diligently with them based on the goals that they have shared with me. I for one have had to check myself and even a few sister consultants when on strong goals for being over zealous and attempting to make my personal goals the goals of every individual in on my team. It’s my goal not theirs so I work from that perspective and do the extra work required to meet the goal rather than raping my consultants. I truly would rather have a qualified consultant who I could mold into a building a strong part time business than to have a star that only shines once (the initial order). I do not and have never recruited personal use consultants Yes it is wonderful to get a star consultant but I have learned to work with what I get and to match my time with the effort demonstrated to me by each individual consultant on my team.

I too have placed an order to help with a goal and had an excess of product but I also went out there and sold it. I took three years off and had do write some off due to spoilage. It’s a tax deduction (if you get those done by a quality, knowledgeable, and professional accountant).

You all need to take personal responsibility for the roles you play in your own deception. You know what you can and can not afford to do and even though you are a part of a team commit only to what you can do or are willing to work towards – The HELL with the rest. This is not a get rich quick thing although some do. 3 year is the current record for NSD and she’s a senior now. You can’t do that with fictitious people or units and even if there are a few in her area Koodos to those who go out and replace them with real people although I am not condoning this.

This business works if you work it. But you can not sit back and do nothing and then complain about having excess inventory. I know I used to do it. It’s a lack of consistency. You have a great week and place an order then do nothing for weeks and realize you have hundreds of dollars in product sitting around. The one thing I can say that I appreciate about my inconsistency was that when $$$ got tight I learned how to fast forward into some IPA’s and make it happen. I sat in money management classes in my first 2 weeks of this company although I did not follow it until here recently.

In January of this year I really decided to get serious. I then lost my job on February 22nd. I was living paycheck to paycheck temping but had given my all to this project and corporate decided that I was no longer needed. It has been a blessing though. I have not missed a bill payment and now I have $$$ in the bank when I did not before and most of all my integrity is still in tact.

I’ve been in DIQ before so I know the deal. I have never had a personal use consultant and never used family or friends as bodies to reach a goal because you only end up working twice as hard to replace fictitious people. Of the 15 people that I have brought into this business over the last 8 years (as I toyed with the idea of doing MK) 3 are full-time directors doing well for themselves and several others are still QUALITY consultants. I took 3 years off and never missed a commission check. I stayed active as much as I could and I even fell off a time or two. Can’t be that bad of a company seams like it’s always there when the seasons of my life seem to change. Have you stopped to consider how much of this money goes to corporate for education and training, charity, corporate overhead??? No you didn’t. At least as you are building to these cars you are taking someone along with you. Yeah if you are a quality consultant your team members or at least 1/3 of them are 1 step closer to their car as well.

I am new to this site and I have read your blog I have also read many others and even the MK facts about the business opportunity, the not so free car’s etc. Nothing in life is free!!!!!! And if you work a sales position as your 9 to 5 there are goals and quotas if you continue to miss them you are demoted and may even loose your job. The company gains most of the profits and recognition while you work 60 hours a week for a crumb of a commission check $60k annually and benefits if it’s a “good company”. This is the nature of business period. It’s all about the profits from church to Wall Street. In all corporations there is a song and dance about the bonuses and benefits but you work like a slave are treated like one but seem to be happy one pay check away from eviction.

Yes from qualification $161,000 in wholesale is produced to get and maintain the first car. How many of you complaining about this or even those earning them can actually afford to go into the dealership and purchase one and then get a new one every two years. More than likely none of you can. Else you would not have signed your agreement in the first place nor would you be back teaching a group of aggravating 8th graders. I have kids myself …. You can’t be that happy.

To those of you who failed after supposedly being directors, I hear your heart but again personal responsibility is a MOTHER!!!!! You either lacked integrity from the beginning or allowed someone to influence the quality of you integrity. You then followed it up by building a team of people lacking integrity. Then when your conscience could no longer take you stepped down and threw daggers at the company you once swore by. Unlike the other’s I would venture to say “YOU SUCK as a LEADER” You lied, built a lie and expected it to stand. Not someone I would want to meet or follow. Now I am not saying that what you did doesn’t happen because it does THIS IS NOT PROMOTED OR SUPPORTED BY THE COMPANY!!!!! For those that work to replace those fictitious consultants and keep their position I take my hat off their “by any means necessary” attitude because at least they did the work and fixed the lie. I still do not agree with this and would never do it. You just walk away with the dreams of many in your hands. SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!!!!! And any one like you.

This is the sickest “AMEN” corner I have ever encountered. You all are mad and the company, a corporation for the actions of a few bad leaders. You don’t realize by participating and going along with “the program” and do not stopping to say “I will not be a part of this madness” and make your own way not being scared to walk alone or search for someone not in your area who you can partner with and build integrity then you too are contributing to the madness. You group of HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!! I guess none of you stopped and made a formal complaint about the lack of integrity you have noticed and named names so that something could be done, No you just got what you wanted and now you use this plat form to point fingers. SAD!!!!!!!!!

I have made complaints and just recently encouraged a sister consultant to make a formal complaint about her director who recently stated she was “out of order” for trying to finish DIQ with Cadillac production because she as her director was struggling to keep her Cadillac. This is not GO GIVE at all. I am a Red Jacket with not 1, or 2 but 3 sales directors in my line. One is a senior director and I do not feel bad about any of it. My time is now!!!!!!!

If this was any 9 to 5 you would not have wasted your time on establishing or supporting a site like this. If you are mad take it up first with yourself. PERSONAL RESPONCIBILITY!!!!!!! (There she goes again) Then with those who offended you and participated in making this experience a bitter one for you. Please in honor of Mary Kay the woman do not destroy the dream that has brought so much more and is still bringing true sisterhood, peace, financial security and much more to women of all ages, from various backgrounds and ethnicities. If you read the agreement and legal advice available and then you do or allow someone to influence you to do something other than that TAKE THE RESPONCIBILITY FOR IT. Don’t blame the company for your weak back bone and innate lack of integrity.

There is so much more that I could say but it is not worth it. My paycheck and integrity speaks for itself and my baby has not wanted for anything I am traveling this summer and I have more $$$ in the bank than I’ve had in 5 years thanks to my $500, $900 and $1000 weeks. My money management classes (that I took 8 years ago in my first two weeks of the company – actually the information was in my directors welcome package) are going to work for me and for the things I do not know or understand I ask for help both of corporate and my up-line. With the price of gas I schedule my appointments in a manner that is cost effective or give gifts for clients that meet in my home. There goes your BS about the $300.00 week. All businesses have expenses and overhead. I just enjoy the fact that it al revolves around my home and my values. I still only fill my tank up 1 a week and I gross my corporate income and more just 3 months serious. As far as events people most of us come into this company when we have a pre-exsisting job and do not go full time before our MK salary allows for that. I too am an exception to that. Being a professional job hopper THANK GOD FOR MARY KAY, the woman and the company

I would just hope that any potential consultants reading this as they make a decision would realize this is an INDEPENDENT venture. YOU and YOU only can write the script for your business. Peer pressure is on hand at every aspect of life. Do not allow these women who obviously lack more than integrity write you Mary Kay paycheck or stop you from even needing an account.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    I assume she’s going to back up her claims with the usual cricket noises:

    1 – ” I am a Red Jacket with not 1, or 2 but 3 sales directors in my line. One is a senior director and I do not feel bad about any of it.”
    Names please?

    2 – “I have more $$$ in the bank than I’ve had in 5 years thanks to my $500, $900 and $1000 weeks. ”
    Please provide proof of these weeks and of the money in the bank. You went from “living paycheck to paycheck temping” in January, unemployed in February and now you are rolling in money?

    3 – “I gross my corporate income and more just 3 months serious.”
    Gross income means nothing. What do you NET as spendable cash after all the expenses and taxes are paid. Profit doesn’t start until the bills are paid.

    “Please in honor of Mary Kay the woman” … Mary Kay? The liar who concealed the number of her divorces and marriages, lied about her background to make herself look like a child of poverty and then a struggling divorced mom when she was married to a district manager and living next to the country club? That Mary Kay?

  2. BestDecision

    Unsold products written off as a tax deduction don’t fully reimburse you what you paid for them.

    Secondly, I don’t work 60 hours a week in my career. We just had a post from a Director admitting she works a minimum of 52 hours/week.

    And with your lengthy post, it’s obvious your business isn’t soaring because you wouldn’t have enough time to type all of that. Good luck selling $70 face masks this weekend!

  3. ihatemk

    Well, you can start by taking responsibility for the atrocious spelling of the word responsibility. re·spon·si·bil·i·ty


    1. the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone: “a true leader takes responsibility for their team and helps them achieve goals” synonyms: authority, control, power, leadership, management, influence, duty.

    You do concede that some of the points made here are true. You claim that you have seen directorships lost because of some of the issues posted on this site. Well, please give us an example of that. MK cares nothing about the integrity and honesty of their consultants. The bottom line is how much money can MK bilk out of the consultant. They do not track sales, once it is sold to the consultant it is sold and MK doesn’t care what happens to the product after that. They just hope the product doesn’t get returned, but they don’t really know if it was sold to a customer or just sitting in a consultant’s home gathering dust. You are truly deluded and in the pink fog. ” I do not and have never recruited personal use consultants Yes it is wonderful to get a star consultant but I have learned to work with what I get and to match my time with the effort demonstrated to me by each individual consultant on my team”. Sounds like an MK director, “I will match my time with your effort”. Translated, means the more you order the more vested interest I have in “helping” you. No orders none of my time and also if you are having trouble getting parties, selling, etc. I will give you some dumb ass platitude from MK, “the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang, MK sells itself, book 3 skin care classes a week, warm chatter, etc.” Never mind the fact that the consultant is trying to tell you that they are having difficulty moving the product, have tried the things that have been recommended and are having no results. In MK the reality of things is totally glossed over and real issues and concerns are not addressed. The market is over saturated with consultants and the product is sub par and overpriced. Oh, and the stupid one that you can’t sell from an empty wagon. Most people are willing to wait if they really want a product.” I too have placed an order to help with a goal and had an excess of product but I also went out there and sold it. I took three years off and had do write some off due to spoilage. It’s a tax deduction (if you get those done by a quality, knowledgeable, and professional accountant).” What kind of dumb ass buys product and doesn’t sell it and only bought it to accomplish a goal? Had an excess of product and had to have some of it written off as a tax deduction? Don’t really believe you had it written off as a deduction, but ok, I will go along w/it. You couldn’t sell the product and it spoiled? Hmmm, smartest thing I have ever heard. You would have been better off taking advantage of the 90% buy back, but if you sent the product back you would NEVER be allowed to be a consultant again. Oh, wait a minute if you send MK like 20 bucks and a sob story about how very sorry you are and what a humongous mistake you made, you can be reinstated. How very convenient. Of course, for most people after finding out what a disappointment MK has been to them and the deception, shaming them, etc. they are more than elated to have NOTHING more to ever do with MK. You claim that MK is giving you the opportunity to make all this money. Honey, show us your schedule C! It is amazing how all these Kaybots come on here and make the claim that they are making all this money and just how amazing this opportunity has been for them, but we NEVER EVER see the schedule C. You can block out your name and ssn, we just want the PROOF!!! Why do the Kaybots come on this site to inform us just how wonderful MK is and how the posters here are so wrong and most of the individuals on this site were directors, senior sales directors, multiple cadillac drivers, etc? What do the Kaybots think they can say or write to change someone’s mind when it has already been established by most of the posters here that MK wasn’t for them and they are trying to warn other women to stay far away? You do realize there are plenty of rah rah sites for MK, you should go post on them. This site is for those who haven’t found MK to be the promises that were delivered to them and they worked very hard at their business to the exclusion of their family and friends. So much for the MK way of God first (which BTW is Mary Kay, not the Living God), family second (well, until they get in the way of my MK goals) and career 3rd (remember God first, but MK is the God of MK, so refer back to number 1). When your pink bubble bursts and you discover that buying your way into whatever position and buying crap just to meet a goal etc, the ladies on this site will show you how to send the product back, how to get out of MK and be supportive of you. How did you come across this site anyway? Were you just googling MK and hit upon this site or were you warned about this evil site by other Kaybots? I have seen one individual who joined MK and she was a cute, bubbly girl but after joining MK it was like MK sucked her soul away and converted her into someone and something she was not. People can tell when you are being real or when you are being a fake version of yourself. Best of luck to you and I guess you will be praying for us, b/c most of the Kaybots who come on here to post tell us they will be praying for us and our evil and misguided ways. Truth it truth and saying stupid platitudes and bending the truth and manipulating the numbers to get the results you want is not truth. That is deception, a practice that MK utilizes to the detriment of its consultants and directors.

  4. PeachyNotPink

    The arc of that diatribe was fascinating.

    She starts off with all the usual talking points and trying to prove us wrong with her extremely recent “success”. Then somewhere around the middle of the post it seemed as if she started foaming at the mouth while rabidly typing out her badly spelled insults and name calling.

    If you cannot present a logical, factual argument, then I don’t want to talk to you. If you resort to insults and name calling, then you have no chance of redeeming yourself with me. If you want to spew lies and propaganda, then you are on the wrong site.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      I thought the same thing, it was almost like one of those manifestos from an insane person! Those are usually better written though, they seem to have a better grasp of grammar and punctuation.

    2. Mickey2942

      Who do you sell MK to? There is a finite number of people who can afford to pay for a $70 face mask. That means that your primary financial benefits are coming from the people whom you recruited.

      How many people do you sell MK to in a month vs. How many people do you sign up to sell MK in a month?

      1. Nanette

        “Who do you sell MK to? There is a finite number of people who can afford to pay for a $70 face mask.”

        Not to mention the fact that Mary Kay is not likely their brand of choice!

  5. Pinkadoodoo

    MK Corp would NEVER get rid of a director or consultant for lack of integrity. Nonsense. And “Koodos” to the letter-writer for her atrocious grammar and spelling. Let’s just have this word sit and marinate, shall we? I was truly hoping for a Friday post from a Kaybot today, and Tracy has not disappointed! I feel like grabbing some popcorn and a soda to watch the show. Oh, my….

      1. Lazy Gardens

        The contract says that Mary Kay can give you 30 day notice and cancel it for any reason they want.


        No recourse.

        But if you are making them money, they don’t.

  6. Neverpink

    1) Victim-blaming/shaming. (It’s YOUR fault you were lied to/you ALLOWED this to happen to you!!)

    2) Gross misspellings/bad grammar and blatant abuse of punctuation.

    3) “YOU and YOU only can write the script for your business” – except that isn’t true. What you can and cannot do is directly dictated by MK Inc. You’re not independent at all, ma’am. You’re a reseller of overpriced, mediocre products. Your “job” is to “sell the sizzle”. You’re not even allowed to advertise through traditional avenues and MK Inc. doesn’t track sales. That in and of itself is very telling.

    4) You’re calling us “a group of HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!” (did I use enough exclamation points?) but you fail to realize that many here were in the same or higher positions than you and got there “with integrity” and still opted to leave because MK (and all MLMs) are a complete scam.

    I for one don’t believe a word you say about “banking more than corporate in 3 months” without proof of it. Prove it! Show us your Schedule C.

  7. Former Consultant

    ”And if you work a sales position as your 9 to 5 there are goals and quotas if you continue to miss them you are demoted and may even loose your job.” First of all, that may be true in some cases, but if they are only demoted, they would still have benefits like PAID vacation, HEALTH INSURANCE, 401k, employee stock purchase options, etc. If they were to lose their job — (Notice how I used the correct verb there) – they would lose the benefits, pay and everything else, but they would still have a significant amount of money in the bank, no recruits to lose, and they would probably have severance pay as well until they were able to get another job ( if severance is offered).

    Second-Seriously, do you NOT know how to use the correct usage of verbs and adjectives? REALLY? I see this so many times from people on Facebook – a large number on my page who do this learned this in the same school that I did with the same teachers, but still don’t use it correctly.

    LOSE –meaning to fail to win, to misplace or unable to locate something, or to free oneself from something or someone. This is a verb. This is the correct word that you should have used in your sentence pertaining to the sales job being 9-5 and making quotas, blah, blah.
    LOOSE – meaning NOT TIGHT, or lacking in precision or exactness- This is an Adjective – it is called a describing word. (Example- the loose knot)

    Are we really to ascertain that this is common rhetoric from all Kaybots, that grammar, punctuation, and spelling do not exist in MK? You want to sell the image, product, or whatever, but don’t know how to use proper grammar? What YOU NEED, is to go back to school and learn about grammar, punctuation, and spelling- Then *MAYBE* people will take you seriously. When my mom was working as a school nurse, most of the kids in high school didn’t understand the purpose for coughing or sneezing into your elbow, but somehow, when she showed a video of ELMO demonstrating and explaining it, they understood? Guess it takes something like a furry red muppet to train lazy, hopefully somewhat educated teens and adults– Go Figure.

    Anyways, I think I will go back to my 9-5 job where I have good benefits- (health insurance, 401K, PAID TIME OFF), can work from home when I want, know that I don’t have to hold SCC’s, Warm chatter, or peddle around makeup literally EVERYWHERE I go just to make a sale, I know that I get a paycheck EVERY two weeks and don’t have to “hope” I will have money to pay bills, and when I do take vacation, I can enjoy it with family, friends, and not have to think about possibly recruiting them to line my pockets. I don’t have to pay money to attend training classes, or go to weekly meetings, attend Seminars and conferences that are just fake motivational speeches, etc. When I am at home, I don’t have to pick up a phone to try to book classes, or schedule interviews, etc. I can put on my pj’s, eat dinner, read a good book, catch up on some Netflix, do laundry, or go to the movies- pretty much whatever I want- Oh, and my weekends? I can spend those how I like, and I like to spend them with my mom most of the time doing Mother/Daughter things. — Hmm, sounds like I have a pretty good life going, like most of the others who are out of MK, am I right Best Decision, Peachynotpink, ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams, Lazy Gardens, and ihatemk, or am I the one living in a dream world?

    1. BestDecision

      I love having my Saturdays free once again! No more facials, skirts, hostess packets, hoping for guests to show and on time, or leaving disappointed that I didn’t get what I worked so hard for. Freedom!

    2. Lazy Gardens

      I was never in Mary Kay, or any MLM. I was a wage slave for big, bad “Corporate America” my entire working life … with paid vacations, regular direct deposits into my bank account, paid job training, paychecks that would not have a charge-back even if the whole department quit, bonuses, retirement funding, predictable paychecks, and usually time and a half or even double and triple time for working more than 4 hours a week.


    3. Mountaineer95

      English major here. Sadly, I suspect there is a direct correlation between the Kaybots’ grammatical shortcomings and their mathematical shortcomings as well, and obviously the MK scam works best when new recruits don’t dig to deep into the actual numbers. Those who just believe what they’re told about the numbers are much more easily conned.

  8. Always with the victim blaming.

    It is impossible to take 3 years off and never miss a commission check. You must be ACTIVE to collect commissions. You must purchase $75 a month ($225 per quarter) to remain ACTIVE.

    You either took 3 years off and did NOT collect commission checks, or you remained ACTIVE and “never missed a commission check”.

    Which is it?

    1. PeachyNotPink

      To be more accurate, it’s not $75/month to remain active. You have to make a ONE TIME order or $225 at least once every 3 months to remain active. They don’t let quarterly “sales” accrue to the $225 to remain active.

      To add insult to injury, you don’t even get a “rolling” three months. If I place an active order of $225 today (May 31st), MK would consider me active for May, June, and July only. I would go inactive as of August 1st – as opposed to August 31st, which would be three months from my activating order.

      So all that begging at the end of the month for orders and to reactivate is a double gut punch: The IBC is only valuable when she’s ordering, and if she does decide to place an activating order she gets robbed of a month of 50% off product.

      Tell me again how MK corporate cares about their IBC’s???

    2. raisinberry

      Correct. And if she took three years off, she would have lost her recruits. No more downline Directors. She would have lost them if she hadn’t placed a minimum order, every 6 months. Guess this may be where some of her (missing) integrity is hiding.

  9. Cindylu

    Yes. Let’s defend this company. Why would you? Training is not free. The training I got especially glamor was pathetic. My SD though got us to book a bridal party and I was terrified of ruining the brides day. How many classes have cancelled on you? My Open Houses were boring failures. Where exactly does this company allow you to properly advertise? Why did they call this dual marketing when it actually is an mlm? How can you book a skin care class when you aren’t a certified aesthetician? Maybe these party schemes worked from the 1960’s to the 1980’s but not really today. You are competing with real trained make up artists in Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Dior, Sephora etc. You are also competing against the internet. If MK really and truly cares about you then why do the constantly change their products at your expense? I also found that most customers expect the products at a huge discount. One customer assumed she could ask for a new product after using most of it. Also I guess you are blaming me for getting quite sick and having an SD that did not care one iota. Also is it ok that this company refused to allow me to change directors? Is it ok that those love checks Directors boast about are from many years ago? Is it ok that they advertise “win a free pink car” when that is deceptive? The car isn’t free with co-pays. Monday night meetings with required product donations and muffin contributions aren’t free. You are not supposed to be soliciting (Warm Stalking) potential customers and recruits at stores or malls. My SD did that all the time. Why doesn’t MK have an actual store front or somewhere that IBC’s and Directors can actually advertise. Is it ok that I had my vehicle car jacked because MK encourages a 3 foot rule without thinking about how dangerous that really is? How much time are you honestly spending away from family and friends? I realized my young children were more important than a company that doesn’t care about the health of their consultants. When MK herself started this company her original top of the line directors surpassed her expectations. However it was always about work, work, work. When a director was giving birth, taking time off seemed to inconvenience MK. So much for go give, Family First or any other exaggerated slogans. I find it inconceivable that you would blame someone who got sick and was hospitalized for struggling to sell product. Worst is that you are defending this company for not having humane policies in place for illness. You blame me and others like me rather than this company when we’re stuck with trying to sell product while ill. Why can’t MK be truly caring for women when we give birth, get sick or are struggling? Stop blaming PT for pointing out the obvious that even minimum wage employers, often give their staff some empathy. These companies allow for maternity leave, sickness, vacations and other benefits. Oh yes, you can’t work MK part time and earn a decent real salary. The costs for gas, demo products, conferences, training etc. were unfair.

    1. Roo2

      Three foot rule!? Did Mk encourage kaybots to park their career car far away from other cars to keep damage down? I know the car is a lease but wow, just a reminder you own nothing in this pyramid scheme except the garage full of Timewise?

      1. Nanette

        Three foot rule is that you go and talk to someone about MK if they are within three feet of you (or something like that). She probably walked away from her car at a gas station/in a parking lot to engage someone and got carjacked.

  10. Char

    (Sigh. Another pinkoholic drunk on cheap Boone’s Farm “Tickle Pink”. Talk about denial. I’ll bet she doesn’t even think that MK is MLM, and she for sure doesn’t know MLM is not a business for the consultant.)

    Look princess, many people here have avoided the MLM scam altogether thanks to valuable information shared by former consultants who learned their lesson. This is a group of people who warn others, which is not much different in principle to things like MeToo, or MADD.

    If you haven’t realized yet, it is Corporate that decided to implement the scam model as a way for THEM to do business and get rich, thus they are directly responsible for this shit show. Then, the idiots who join and spend money are scam participants perpetuating the fraud. You.

    MKC would not thrive without the lies consultants state or choose to repeat. Have you thought about how you got 15 people to sign up? You lied, repeated lies, and/or omitted information. Talk about a hypocrite. You are responsible for recruiting 15 people into an MLM scam so you can try to make a buck. Period. Did you read the last article about the percentages? Bet you didn’t tell your recruits that. Did you even know, or care?

    In the end, it doesn’t matter how much one chooses to steal, they are still a thief; lie, still a liar; do MLM, still an MLMer. You are no better than any other consultant keeping the corporate ship afloat enabling them to scam others – especially women. There is no integrity in that, lady!

  11. KayNotMary

    “… aggravating 8th graders.”

    Those 8th graders probably have a better command of the English language than you do. Show some respect.

    “I have kids myself …. You can’t be that happy.”

    I feel sorry for your children. They have a mother who thinks they bring her nothing but misery and despair.

  12. Roo2

    Wow, I couldn’t finish that article. I love the rampages of people defending Mary Kay and saying we are just negative, crazy, and do not know the truth. 8 years and not a NSD, eh? What are you even working for then? I can’t fathom what $161k in Mary Kay inventory looks like to qualify for a car. 161k you could buy a house! And yes, anyone can think they are doing this “business” ethically but if you are telling anyone an inventory spiel, then you are straight scamming them. Have them host a party and see if anyone even wants to buy anything. All while causing discourse in families and friendships to guilting people buying this garbage. Makeup and other brands have seen the power of social media and influencers and Mary Kay is in 1971 trying to sell trash out of a catalog.

    1. Char

      “Makeup and other brands have seen the power of social media and influencers and Mary Kay is in 1971 trying to sell trash out of a catalog.”

      True, and here’s why. Selling “products” to retail customers in MK is primarily an illusion. It’s really about the opportunity to sell the opportunity using makeup as a cover for the money con game. This is why MLM brands cannot be compared with legitimate products sales companies and their strategies.

  13. Deflated Pink Bubble

    Why do they always question OUR integrity? They’re the ones selling the scam!

    This one lost me at RESPONCIBILITY and the excessive use of exclamation points.

    8 years in and all she has to show for it is an ugly red jacket. 10 years from now when she’s still trying to schlep this crap she’ll still be in that ugly red jacket.

  14. SAHM_artist

    “In all corporations there is a song and dance about the bonuses and benefits but you work like a slave are treated like one but seem to be happy one pay check away from eviction.”

    The women who work alongside my husband as engineers make a steady $120-$175,000 yearly. They are valued very much at his company and receive bonuses for their hard work. Their work hours are around 50/wk and they can leave it at the door when they come home. Paid hotels for training in other cities. Paid flights. Incredible health insurance. I am just not convinced that MK is a better or equal option than the “evil” corporate America, and I doubt those women (one being a single mom who graduated with her engineering degree while having a baby during college) would rather work for MK.

    Maybe that’s not what she meant and she was only referencing corporate sales jobs—but I still think it’s bogus.

    On another topic, the “recruiter in every setting” one, a MK rep tried recruiting me at church, in the house of God. I wouldn’t advertise to members of my congregation to buy my artwork before and after service, so is it ok for consultants to recruit at church? She said she had a business opportunity that would “really help grow my art business”. Thanks to my wise mother who talked me out of signing with MK years prior, I politely said no, and thought to myself, “Working on my ARTWORK is what helps grow my art business.”

    But I’m just a stay-at-home-mom so what do I know 😉

  15. SAHM_artist

    I forgot to mention the 401k & employee stock purchase plan those engineering women get with their non-MK corporate job as well as paid time off, you know, like everyone else is saying.

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