Stay at Your NSD’s Hotel for Seminar

It’s almost Seminar time in Mary Kay, and there is a push to stay at your NSD’s hotel. They’ll tell you it’s all about the camaraderie and being together and being close to the convention center. As with everything in Mary Kay, there is a REAL reason why.

It’s the perks your NSD gets if she “sells” enough rooms to her area. It’s not enough that she’s making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of the backs of her consultants. She needs more. What is on the line is her suite at the hotel. She’ll get that free with enough consultants booking rooms. She’ll also get the use of a ballroom space for your area awards at no cost.

One NSD tried to sell it this way:

The experience of staying in our very nice hotel permits the consultants to get a feel of prosperity. We are selling success, and you need to see what it is like to stay in a first class hotel. You don’t need to feel less than other Consultants and Directors by staying at a cheap hotel up the street or across the tracks. You need to feel as entitled as the others who are staying at our hotel. Directors who stay at the National Hotel have a vision of prosperity for their people.

Also, Mary Kay Cosmetics chooses these hotels. If Mary Kay Ash wanted our people to choose from the least expensive hotels in Dallas, we would be using them and be running bus service to them. But that is not Mary Kay’s choice. She wanted our people to experience something quite nice. She knew what she was doing.

And don’t you know that staying at the area hotel shows loyalty?

By supporting your NSD in this way, by action and not words, you are “paying it forward,” and teaching YOUR people how to support their leader: YOU!! You will enjoy loyalty, a willingness to stick with you as your area grows, and a faster trip to NSD.

An NSD is keen to help the ones who help her by supporting the Area by their ACTIONS. 

Yet another example of how being in Mary Kay warps your thinking. Use an expensive hotel and cram them in the rooms like cattle so they can feel what it’s like to live the good life. News flash: tripping over three other women for 3 days doesn’t make me feel good!


  1. ihatemk

    Well, I don’t have a lot of $ and I know most people don’t. In order for most people to be able to afford the sham of staying at the hotel, they have to split the costs w/a bunch of strangers. I would rather stay home, be comfortable in my own home, do what I want to do, not have my time controlled and listen to a bunch of rah rah bs. NOTHING magical happens at seminar besides exhaustion, more brainwashing and hope of living the impossible dream. I want to be able to shower when I want to and use the facilities when I need to, not wait on others. Be smart and stay home, save your $ and enjoy time with your real family!!!! MK is not your real family.

    1. TRACY

      As an adult, I don’t really want to share a hotel room. Sometimes you have to in order to save money. But yikes…. cramming 4 women into a hotel room and sharing beds? No thank you.

      1. BestDecision

        It was the worst! Seminar is always miserably hot and exhausting, so sharing a bed with a near stranger just made me want to go home.

        And don’t forget the pressure to tip everyone in sight. Because we were all dripping money!

  2. Lily in NYC

    Huh. Her entire reasoning makes it very clear that staying in a “nice” hotel is aspirational – which to me, means that they know dang well that it’s impossible to make any money with their stupid business.

  3. enorth

    I saw pictures from a Fall Retreat trip. The four women shared a dimly-lit hotel room (two to a bed), and had brought two coolers with food and drinks “to save money.”

    Want to save money? Stay home and spend your time completing your MK inventory return sheet and calculating your refund $.

  4. Char

    “The experience of staying in our very nice hotel permits the consultants to get a feel of prosperity.”

    Except that “prosperity” in MLM is an illusion for 99% of the participants. And the kicker! The other 1% make their money off of selling the illusion of prosperity to the 99%. They are top liars working the con game to its fullest. “Lying for dollars” and even that money isn’t all that great of an amount.

    Keep selling your souls, sisters.

    The desire to move “across the tracks” is not begrudged. It is HOW you do it that matters. Becoming a participant in a pyramid scheme and trying to profit off the backs of other women is not admirable in the slightest. It’s quite disgusting actually. I’d rather see you rob a bank as it would be quicker and you wouldn’t know the victim personally, and the vicitm’s money is insured.

    To each their own I guess. At least your disguise is that of a princess in a skirt with clown makeup instead of a ski mask. Oh, and you get to shack up in a nice hotel.

  5. MSgt K

    How horrible! “Entitled”, “Dont be on the wrong side of the tracks”, “You need to support your leader by staying in this hotel”, etc. How non-Christian can you get????? What a terrible attitude :0

  6. KayNotMary

    I’d rather have a room to myself at a Motel 6 that be stuck with three strangers in a “luxury” hotel. As soon as I’m trapped with other people it’s no longer luxury.

    “…a feel of prosperity” It reminds me of those Jerry Springer knockoff shows that would try to tempt people into being guests with, ” You’ll get to fly on a plane and ride in a limo! ” (I knew someone who was asked to be on a show for a family drama episode. They tried to tempt her with planes, limos, and restaurants. She wisely said, “No thanks.” ) They’re really appealing to greed and being tacky.

    1. ihatemk

      Yeah, what always cracked me up about that was the person would say you brought me on “The Jerry Springer Show” to tell me that and be all upset. Uh, have they ever watched that show? Wise person who refused.

  7. Kinzie

    Their reasoning is all smoke and mirrors. I don’t want to “feel” prosperous; I want to BE prosperous! You don’t become that way by spending money frivolously, only by saving and spending wisely. If the difference between Motel 6 and L’hotel de NSD is $50 or $100/night? It’s a no-brained to opt for the Motel 6. I’ve stayed in both kinds of accommodations and I’ve had perfectly fine experiences in each. Staying in a “motel” rather than a “hotel” didn’t make me feel inferior or self-conscious. No, it made me feel like I had been thrifty or saved some money for something more tangible.

  8. raisinberry

    You know how we always hear that no one held a gun to our heads, or that the lurker would have been smarter than all of us and make better decisions. This scripted manipulation is exactly the kind of thing we’re talking about…the inducement to be loyal and support your upline because we are teaching our teams how they will treat us, by our example. If we did it any other way, we would be guaranteeing our failure, according to the Grand Poobah. If you’ve ever been told, “Listen to your Director”…”put your blinders on”, it is this kind of indoctrination that is precisely a velvet gun to the head, as we trusted our leaders to be teaching us in our best interests, not theirs.

    1. Char

      “Grand Poobah”, LOL. Everything you said, and then add in the materialism. They want you to feel the prosperity. MLM is notorious for exhibiting riches that do, or don’t, belong to them. They take pictures with fancy cars in new car lots, make dream boards, wear every piece of jewelry possible, flaunt their Rolex if they have one, buy Louis Vuitton etc..

      It’s not because they ‘can’ afford it, it’s because they want you to think they can….to rope you in. Barf.

      I remember once during my daughter’s dance class. A parent was sizing me up for Amway talking about a “business trip”. Little did they know that I can smell an MLMer a mile away. They drove a large Mercedes and acted like big shots. Yeah well, the Merc was not new and worth a mere $11,000. I looked it up to prove my own point. Fake it til you make it baby. It’s just like the Jerry Springer guests who are wooed with a free hotel and stupid ride in a limo. “Leaders” try to lure people who don’t know any better and are easily impressed. Don’t let that be you, ladies.

      To think, many women are tricked into acting this way. We all get tripped up occasionally, and I applaud anyone who has corrected the mistake by disowning and exposing Mary Kay. This, in order to warn other women away from this scam – and to stop acting like a pitiful MLMer following their scamming “leader”.

  9. Charles

    I heard a lot about stuff like this with Amway-related multi-day functions as well. Question – are women who are in Mary Kay groups in and around Dallas also expected to stay at the Seminar hotel? I know Amway pulled a lot of crap like this – i.e. if a multi-day function was being held in Miami, and you planned on attending and already lived in the area, you HAD to buy the whole package – both the convention tickets and the hotel room, there was no option to only buy tickets to the convention (all or nothing). Allegedly Amway higher-ups got kickbacks from the hotels if they had a significant number of people under them in the pyramid staying there (I have no proof of this though and it may not have happened at every event). Does the same crap go in Mary Kay – pushing people who already live in Dallas to stay at the “convention headquarters” hotel as well as kickbacks from the hotel for a certain number of guests? I guess the latter does, if the NSD gets her own suite if she gets a certain number of people to stay there.

    In any case, I love the logic that was given for pushing people to stay at a particular hotel –

    “Also, Mary Kay Cosmetics chooses these hotels. If Mary Kay Ash wanted our people to choose from the least expensive hotels in Dallas, we would be using them and be running bus service to them. But that is not Mary Kay’s choice. She wanted our people to experience something quite nice. She knew what she was doing.”

    Uh, okay. I make my lodging decisions based on what a deceased person would want me to experience. Makes perfect sense.

    1. BestDecision

      No, Seminar and hotel registration are separated, but I personally know NSDs that got their penthouse or suites free because they had so many people attending in their block. Years ago, however, Leadership was held in Nashville, and we (Directors) were told off by MK for not staying at one of their selected hotels (I think the Opryland Hotel was their only option for us). Apparently, they guaranteed Opryland and Nashville so many attendees and stays, but people stayed offsite or at other hotels. They’ve not been back to Nashville since.

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