You Didn’t Want to Do the Work

A note from a Mary Kay troll…

It seems that those who created this page simply have an ax to grind and can’t stand the idea of any woman having ambition, a positive and uplifting product, or success. Mary Kay is like any other business in so far as it takes a certain personality type to succeed in its structure and sell its products. Mary Kay treats women like thinking adults who are the best judge of their own character and personality, and who can decide for their own selves whether they can succeed in the company. The fact that they do not hold extensive personality tests and interviews to see if there is a personality match is smart on their part because they show that they are not judging a woman and her ability to succeed in the business.

Many people want success, but they don’t want to do the leg work it takes to make it. When they don’t make it, they don’t take responsibility for their decisions and actions [or lack of actions], rather they look to the company as the “dog to kick”. Afterall, it’s easy enough to kick a nameless, faceless company and a lot better on the conscience than examining your own motives, personality, decisions and behavior. That might take WORK too! And it seems this whining crowd is made of life’s losers who are sufficiently content to complain forever about the things they fail to accomplish while blaming everyone around them. How terribly weak and sad.

Before I joined Mary Kay, I asked anyone I knew who had left selling the product why they left. Not one of them told me they didn’t make any money or that it was a pyramid or a scam. In fact, I had two women tell me that the ONLY way to lose with MK was to sit and do nothing! I had two tell me that they left because their husbands had problems with them working. I had one tell me she left because she was overworked at her regular job and her husband would not help her with the baby and she was contemplating divorce. In other words, everyone I knew who ever sold MK and stopped had stopped b/c of personal problems, not b/c of any of the allegations listed in this site.

I started MK with $108 for the basic kit and I have NEVER been given a quota. I have never been told that I wouldn’t make money if I didn’t recruit. I have never been required to spend a lot of money on inventory. And the structure of MK is definitely NOT a pyramid. Your social security is structured in a pyramid and that’s why it is collapsing. But MK is no where near failure.

When the great principles of capitalism, such as laissez faire, are actively in place — such as is practiced in MK, there will always be complainers who simply envy people who have get up and go. I have often told other women, “You want what I have, but are you willing to DO what I have to do to have it?” Sadly, many do not because they simply want something for nothing and would rather complain that work.

Last word: You reap what you sow; don’t blame others or your company if you reap failure while sitting on your wide one.



  1. BestDecision

    My, you must have an enormous nosebleed from sitting so high up there! To assume everyone on here didn’t work is insane. Just like going to Seminar every year and expecting different results. You didn’t mention you have a car, and you didn’t mention having a unit. So, I’m going to use my COLLEGE-EDUCATED mind to deduce that you aren’t in a car or aren’t a Director.

    Since you assumed I didn’t work, let me tell you what I did as a Director:
    Weekly unit meetings at night
    Conference calls at night
    Guest events on weekends
    Business debuts on weekends
    Meeting planning daily
    Unit newsletter editing weekly
    Unit prize selection weekly
    Unit interviews daily
    Unit phone calls daily
    Unit emails daily
    Offspring Director calls weekly
    InTouch report analysis daily
    Customer order deliveries twice weekly
    Customer calls daily
    …and the list goes on and on to add in my own personal business activities.

    To say we didn’t work is the cliche used by everyone in MK to account for people leaving. People leave in every company. Ever heard of Rhonda Shasteen? Tom Whatley? These are people who left MK corporate, just as employees leave every company. The difference with us is that we are labeled “lazy” and “quitters”.

    My career resumed after I left MK on my own accord. I got sick of the hypocrisy among many other things. I once again have BENEFITS. When I’m off, I’m completely off. I don’t worry about checking production or feeling like a loser because I didn’t go to a special luncheon at Seminar.

    My life is better, and that’s why I’m called BestDecision.

    By the way, how many face masks did you sell last week??

    1. MSgt B

      Another lazy hater who can’t read basic English. Read the background on Tracy and others before regurgitating the Kaybot mantra. You are a boring oaf. I notice you and the other bots never, ever say how much you have sold. Those of us with more than two brain cells see right thru you. You wasted valuable time here when you could have been selling several hundred dollars of product! Lol! Go away and sell your product, live in your mansion and drive your pink Caddy. More lol!

    2. Ruby Slippers

      Best Decision, I feel the same way. When I’m OFF, I am OFF! I was a director also. I have a regular job with benefits now. I worked MK without a JOB for 8 years. I wish I would’ve opened my eyes sooner. I enjoy life so much more. No more being “ON” 24/7!

  2. PeachyNotPink

    “The fact that they do not hold extensive personality tests and interviews to see if there is a personality match is smart on their part because they show that they are not judging a woman and her ability to succeed in the business.”
    They don’t do personality tests etc, because They. Don’t. Care. They don’t care what your personality is. All they want is for you to sign up and place a big order. They don’t want you to “succeed” because once you start recruiting, once you fail they will get your down line. Any company worth it’s salt will make sure that they hire people with the right personality, attitude, etc. That’s because for a real company to succeed, it’s employees have to succeed. Mary Kay only succeeds when you fail.

    “… I have NEVER been given a quota. I have never been told that I wouldn’t make money if I didn’t recruit. I have never been required to spend a lot of money on inventory.”
    Oh, Hun… you have no IDEA all the things your recruiter NEVER told you. It’s all these things you were never told that will eventually be your downfall. You are definitely in for an education.

    1. Ihatepink

      I have no ax to grind. I worked the business the way I was told and didn’t make money, so I dropped out after a few months. This is what any sensible person would have done. I’m not bitter that I failed; I’m bitter because MK lies to and deceives people.

    2. Not a Bot

      MK doesn’t seem to care about the type of personality that would be successful in selling their products. I have seen scripts for recruiting those who object to joining MK because they aren’t sales people or don’t want a time consuming side job. They are told that the products sell themselves and they can make a big profit working a few hours a week. Anything to get them to sign up and place an inventory order. Yet, according to the Kaybots, it is their fault when they fail because they didn’t work hard enough (even if they did work hard and/or they were joined because they were told it was easy). It seems many of the recruiting scripts I have seen are based on getting women worked up with excitement based on lies, and get her to commit and buy inventory quickly while she is still excited and before she’s had time to research and think things through.

    3. Mountaineer95

      “they are not judging a woman and her ability to succeed in the business.”

      If they were incorporating any reasonable on-boarding cost# for new employees, they’d DEFINITELY judge prospective new reps (IBCs) and their ability to succeed because they’d be picking up the tab for training, on boarding, etc. But the only onboarding MK seems to willingly take on is sending whatever opening materials the newbies get for their hundred bucks. ANY LEGIT COMPANY WILL NOT HIRE “JUST ANYONE” and will, instead, carefully vet their prospects to find the best match.

  3. Char


    Yes, it’s dingbat Friday, but I’m going to channel Oprah and Julia Roberts today.

    I’m kinda reminded of when people work at upscale stores and are soooo snobby and judgmental towards certain customers. They ‘assume’ some customers aren’t accomplished or can’t afford to shop there. Here’s the context kicker! Don’t these snobby characters realize they are merely the hired help?!

    Anyway, I have to go shopping now.

    1. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

      I’m a former 2 time DIQ and minority consultant and she does have vastly better grammar; I appreciate that.
      She sounds brainwashed and like she is trying to convince herself of its positive notes. Maybe she should stop projecting.

  4. cindylu

    We didn’t work Bahahaha…More like MK doesn’t work or the company doesn’t care. Where are the television and radio commercials? Where can the thousands of Mk sales force advertise? There are restrictions on every single thing you do. Warm stalking (don’t let the store know you’re soliciting on their paid for business space). Open House Yipee all that hard work setting up, making it look nice and no one shows up. They don’t show up because after 50 years MK is lame. Do a facial oops …you’re not a certified aesthetician so technically you can’t touch them. By the way the customer doesn’t actually enjoy putting on their own skin care or doing their own glamor. They also know you’re about to hound them into buying product they don’t actually want or believe is quality. Soon after I bought a large order, MK changed quite a bit of product. I felt disparaged and demotivated. I went to work though and once again tried to sell. I went to seminar. A brand new Director quit on our ride home. She told me it was all BS. I kept hearing the word cult. I also suspected right away that like Amway, this was an MLM> Also don’t you dare get sick because NO one within MK will care or help out in any way. Rather than have my hard earned money wasted on yellow products I chose to return it because I had no choice. Did I feel badly. Of course I did. I was still brainwashed into believing the dream (the fairy tale, that MK herself cared about us, that there was an opportunity for a car and maybe even NSD). However, those Directors I left behind decades ago are in huge debt, have ruined the lives of hundreds of women and are not even close to being an NSD. Now with the internet women can find out immediately why working hard doesn’t work in MK. Maybe in the 1960’s or 1970’s MK was a viable career. However decades later most women avoid any MK kiosks or sales women because they hate those stupid parties and the over priced products being sold by mlms.

  5. OnelessSD

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This one is hilarious!

    Listen sweetie, you don’t know.. what you don’t know. You honestly have no idea who you’re talking to here. We are an accomplished group of women (inside and outside of MK).. and collectively we have racked up a very long list of achievements. I just have a couple comments for you / things for you to ponder:

    1. No one on this site gets compensation for being here – so what we willingly share with you, is done out of the goodness of our hearts. We’ve seen countless women damaged by the “pink hell-hole” that is Mary Kay. They are damaged financially, emotionally and spiritually. (some even physically – due to how stress can physically damage your body!) so we’ve got nothing to gain- other than perhaps save someone from the ravages of MK.

    2. We worked hard- it goes without saying. ANYONE who becomes a director and can STAY a director for any length of time has worked hard. I honestly wish I could have been paid for every single hour I worked – but that’s not how this scam is structured, so we essentially work hard for way less than minimum wage.

    3. Someone else mentioned this above… but there truly isn’t a personality type that is looked for- that D.I.S.C. personality sheet is only useful to determine how to talk to a potential recruit.. what are her “hot buttons”, etc. It’s used solely for manipulation of a person. To manipulate you into signing your name, and handing over your credit card for your initial inventory. THAT is what they want- your $$. Because once you have that inventory in hand- they now don’t care if you ever sell 1 item. It’s no longer their responsibility- they got their commission. How’s that for manipulation?

    4. Your parting words to us: “Last word: You reap what you sow; don’t blame others or your company if you reap failure while sitting on your wide one.”

    I don’t blame others for my actions in Mary Kay.. I take full responsibility for them. I’ve gone to my former unit members and have asked for forgiveness for the tactics I had used with them over the years. HOWEVER – I won’t take responsibility for the lies, deception and manipulation of those that were above me in the chain of command (my former sister directors, Sr. Director, adopted NSD, MK staff, etc.) for all the abuse over the years. Do I forgive them, yes- but they have to own up to their own actions. So based on your last words to us… just because I left, means I’m lazy and have a wide butt. I want to bring up one of Mary Kay’s favorite quotes “treat others as you want to be treated”… just let that sink in…

    Good luck to you.

  6. Mountaineer95

    Your business insight is fascinating, do you have one of those honorary doctorates a la Gloria Mayfield Banks?

    So, you talked to FIVE people and thus can speak for the success of hundreds of thousands of past and present MK women? Methinks your study sample is too small. This site has probably heard from hundreds of people who indeed DID lose money. Maybe thousands. And some have provided tax documents backing up these claims of losses. Did your five friends offer such documentation showing they didn’t lose?

  7. This is surreal to me. How is it that every Kaybot’s contribution to Pink Truth is the exact same essay? I am probably the person least experienced with Mary Kay on this site (though I’ve been to a fair share of MLM parties for my friends, and have had a couple MK consultants try to recruit me), but I am still taken aback that all PT haters sound the same like it’s a single automated robot.

    I mean how is this real—baffles my mind women are so brainwashed like this when there are sites like Pink Truth and true stories warning them about the scheme.

  8. Mountaineer95

    Apparently we here at PT have problems with:

    …”any woman having ambition, a positive and uplifting product…”
    …interesting how she makes no mention of profit.

    Sure, the buddies she references might have ambition, positivity, and “uplifting products”, but what they don’t have is, seemingly, profit. Because if these ladies she knows are truly making money, she’d have declared that first snd foremost, waving their paychecks from MK all over the PT site.

    Poster, you should either provide specific, corroborated accusations, or take a timeout in the corner for awhile and think about how you might not actually know everything about the world like you seem to think you do.

  9. Lily in NYC

    Ah yes, is there anything as blind as a hunbot who just got her Red Jacket? Because, OP, you are very transparent and it’s obvious you are brand new to Mary Kay. Come back in 6 months and remind us how great you are doing. Oh, wait, you will be too busy working two jobs to pay off all that credit card debt…

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